are they too ugly


I was just passing through. I said to myself, “I wonder if my brother remembers his brother.” Did I do wrong? It doesn’t matter–I’m very happy.

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The only problem I have with lea dating Henrik is that that means she can't be my gf and that makes me sad. I'm 1000% convinced that there's something in the Norwegian water that they're all drinking to make them all beautiful. Either that or norway actually doesn't exist because how is it possible for a country to have that many beautiful people. Norway is a fake country that doesn't exist 10/10 confirmed.

ok…. BIG MOOD all norwegian girls are beautiful

stop hyping up abusive and unhealthy relationships and saying shit like ‘it’s not love if it doesn’t hurt’ or 'we fight because we love each other’ or 'i lied to them to protect them’. that shit is high key unhealthy and detrimental to one’s mental health. love is not about pain and grief, stop acting like it is and then glamourizing it.