are they talk secrets

There’s something mysterious about you.
Something about your gentle fingertips and perceptive eyes,
calming words that are still always digging deeper.
Talking to you is easy,
too easy- and I’m shocked by how much
you manage to pry out of my heart.
Sitting in your car holding a cup of hot chocolate
on a Friday afternoon doesn’t seem like a place I’d spill my soul,
but somehow you guided me from topic to topic
until I was doing just that- and not even realizing it.
How does that work?
How can I, the most closed-book kind of person I know,
be manipulated so easily- and so willingly-
into handing over the key to parts of me
I wanted to keep locked up forever?
I can’t even say I’m upset about it, and there’s the other thing:
you make talking feel good.
You make talking feel normal and natural and
like something I should do all the time.
So at the end of the day when I think back and remember
all the secrets I unwittingly told you,
I’m not angry or horrified or even scared.
I just wonder about those mysterious powers of yours,
pulling me in and opening me up,
and about the next time we talk-
and if I even want to try keep things hidden anymore.
—  open // c.r.h.
“I’m not cute!” -Jungkook Drabble

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“Everything you do is cute”

Jungkook giggled as he stared happily at the phone screen. He was live in the dorms with you behind the camera. It was no secret that Jungkook loved talking to and answering the fans questions, he honestly would do anything for them. For you it was blessing just to watch him in his aura.

He had done a lot of requests that the armies had asked him and they just kept coming, piling up in the chat. Each close to the same as the one previous. While he talked and fulfilled the requests of many armies his eyes would flick upwards to you with a small smile.

Of course he was happy to be talking with the people that supports him but the fact that the person he loved was watching him and helping him made the young boys heart swell. Life for him was definitely perfect at this moment.

“Rap Suga’s part of Cypher” Jungkook read out making you release a quiet giggle. Jungkook raised his eyebrow at you obviously mentally challenging you, there was no part of his mind which doubted that he could do it being the cocky boy he is. Your relationship was no secret to anyone watching in fact you had both gone public quite sometime ago and he is so grateful for that day now he could show you off to the world. 

Whilst keeping a steady hand you moved to turn on the music which was just loud enough to hear him over. You skipped ahead to the chorus before Yoongi’s part had started and waited patiently with Jungkook for it to start. A couple seconds into the rap and Jungkook had already stumbled into the word clearly being defeated by the speed of his hyung

Finally once Yoongi’s part had ended Jungkook had finished as well hanging his head low just listening to your mockery. Gathering his pride he sat silently battling with the embarrassment but not after long he had joined in with your never ending laughter. “That was cute”  You observe while gathering your breath. “Y/N It wasn’t meant to be cute!” Jungkook defends trying to bite back his laughter. “Kookie, everything you do is cute”.

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Magic Madness

Steven, Connie and the Crystal Gems all take a trip to Beach City’s local mall and come across a magic show. Peridot is cynical about the experience at first, but after seeing the show she is filled with wonder and runs backstage to talk to the magicians. However, the magicians refuse to share the secrets of their tricks with Peridot, leaving her determined to put on her own magic show. While Peridot the Magnetic Magnificent dazzles everyone, her audience soon gets bored with the same metal manipulation tricks over and over again. Can Peridot win everyone back over in the grand finale – and will Lapis agree to be sawed in half?

“I just didn’t think you liked me like that. I felt I was out of your leauge….” Reader in disbelief from Tyler’s confession. - @bbella85

Title: Leagues Are For Baseball, Not Love

Tyler x Reader

It was kind of an ominous question; “Can we talk?”. You couldn’t remember a time where that phrase ever meant a good thing, so it really worried you when Tyler asked you that out of the blue. Everyone was out to lunch except you and Tyler. You both were busy working on one of Mark’s infamous secret projects. 

Can we talk? The question bounced around in your head as you turned in your swivel chair to face Tyler. “Uh, sure. What’s up?” You hoped you sounded casual. You stood as he started walking toward you. Had you done something wrong?

He rubbed the back of his neck, “I have something to tell you and I don’t know how to say it other than bluntly.”

You nodded slowly “Oh. Okay, go ahead.” Was he going to throw you off teamiplier? Was that why everyone else was out? Did he find out about your silly crush on him? Were you too obvious?

You fidgeted with your hands, waiting for him to say something.

“I have feelings for you.” Tyler confessed. Your whole face felt hot as you processed his words. You didn’t expect him to keep going but he did. “I hope that doesn’t make things between us weird. Like, if you just want to be friends I totally understand or if you never want to talk to me again I get it. Or maybe I should just stop talking-”

“I just didn’t think you liked me like that.” Your stomach flipped as you spoke. “I thought I was out of your league.” This couldn’t be real, this had to be a dream. 

Tyler’s eyebrows rose, “Out of my league? I don’t have a league.”

“Oh come on, you’re smart and kind and inspiring and handsome and I’m just me.” You rambled. You kept your gaze down towards your shoes, too shy to look him in the eyes. 

He stepped closer to you, his fingers brushed under your chin to tilt your head up. The way those blue eyes looked at you, how didn’t you notice it before? “I like you because you’re you. You make me smile like no one else can. I like you because your eyes light up when you get excited and I could listen to you talk for hours and-”

You leaned forward and kissed him. His lips were surprisingly soft against yours. His hands rested gently on your hips as you tangled your fingers in his hair.

“So am I safe to assume you like me too?” He asked, smiling at you.

You kissed him again. “What do you think?”

“Perhaps you should take some leave. Back east, where I was. It’s a nice place. None of the big city noise. And lots of beautiful women.”

I want to believe this is a thickly veiled ghost of a hint that Ross has been moved East.

Especially because the doctor just called Ross beautiful, too.

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen these two communicate secret meanings through frank talk about unrelated subjects.

OUAT Super Secret Spoiler Spec

I’ve been getting a lot anonymous asks talking about the secret spoiler that was seen on the set tour and have therefore compiled a lot of info on what exactly the spoiler might be.  DISCLAIMER: all this info is coming from anonymous sources who may or may not actually know anything about the set.  Therefore, I am claiming all of this as total speculation until a valid source can provide confirmation.  So, here’s a list of all the info I’ve gotten.

  • The spoiler “would be hard to keep in [Captain Swan’s] house.”
  • Someone at the convention apparently said that the spoiler had something to do with CS (but backpedaled when they realized that they’d said too much).
  • I got two very vague anons following an anon that wished people would just tell us the spoiler.  They said the following: “It has to do with a boy named Jack *whistles*” and “A tale of a boy named Jack and a….”  I guessed that what they’re referring to is the beanstalk, but got no further confirmation.
  • The beanstalk would align with whatever the spoiler is being hard to keep in the CS house, and it would also be related to CS.
  • There was apparently a tweet where someone said the secret spoiler was in a green screen room, which they would need in order to recreate the beanstalk set.
  • I literally just got the same anon who hinted that it was the beanstalk confirming that the spoiler is in fact the beanstalk.  

Obviously there is no way for me to 100% confirm any of this, but I thought I would organize all the info I’ve collected, whether it’s true or not, so that you all can be the judge.  If you want to see any of the asks I’ve gotten in relation to any of these pieces of info, you can either message me or find them at

anonymous asked:

Would the Chocobros be accepting of their gay daughter ??? Can u write a little scenario for me pweaze?

lol this has been asked like 80000 times. tbh i cant see any of them not accepting their child so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Noctis is accepting, of course. He wants his children to be happy, but he’s wary about how the public might react. Being in the royal family is a tough job and keeping up appearances is important. He might suggest keeping any relationship they might have on the down low from the public eye for a little bit.

Prompto is actually so happy. He’s well aware of how awful carrying around a secret of who you are can be, so he immediately apologizes if he has ever said anything to make them think he wouldn’t accept them and then promptly tries to talk about if they have any crushes, a secret girlfriend, etc. He’s embarrassing but it’s endearing.

Gladiolus looks upset when he’s first told but it’s not for what one might think. He’s more upset about the fact that his own child thought they had to keep something like a secret from him rather than tell him openly. He jokingly offers to give some advice on picking up chicks before his partner smacks him upside the head.

Ignis doesn’t care. That sounds awful but he just doesn’t see why there was a need to confess something like this. He understands that outside influences might have had his child worried over what he might think but he’s well aware that he’s shown them he doesn’t care about anything other than a persons character. 

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Name: Effie
Nicknames: ‘winner winnerson’ and ‘fancy hat’ are two of my messenger nicknames friends have given me
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius Sun, Aries Moon, Pisces Asc
Height: 171cm
Orientation: I can be aesthetically attracted to all genders but I don’t want to have sex with any of them…for the moment. It’s all very fluid, always, y’know?
Nationality: Greek.
Favourite fruit: …I really like mangoes, and pears, and oranges, and bananas, and pineapples, and and and–
Favourite season: Winter and early spring. I basically HATE hot sunny days. (I’m allergic to the sun. No joke. I’m talking actual allergic reaction, some days.)
Favourite book: Frankenstein, 1984, The Secret History,and and and–
Favourite flower: I love hyacinths because they remind me of spring; I hate lilies because they remind me of death.
Favourite scent: Said hyacinths, pine, grilled meat, ψαροταβέρνες, ice, cheese.
Favourite colour: Burgundy, gold, shades of blue.
Favourite animal: Cats (small cats, big cats, all cats) and sssssssserpents.
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Right now? A painkiller with whipped cream on top. 
Average sleep hours: 6-ish? I think. It varies.
Cat or dog person: I love both. Mostly cats.
Favorite fictional character: Literature: Henry Winter, Viktor Frankenstein, Jaime Lannister. Television: Richie Gecko (and Jaime Lannister? I guess? Though tv!Jaime is a little…well. Hum. uh.). Anime: Yato, Chuuya Nakahara, William T. Spears, Ginoza Nobuchika.
Number of blankets you sleep with: One. It’s not that cold at the moment.
Dream trip: All of Scandinavia. And Northwest Europe in general.
Blog created: …2012? Too lazy to check.
Number of followers: What does it matter, it’s not like tHEY TALK TO ME

Drinking Game for my Blog

So, since my “Secret” Admirer and I are talking she admitted to me that she made a drinking game to go with my blog, so if you are interested with, this is what she came up with!! 

When to Drink: 
-Every time I make a typo 
-Mention I am drunk
-Say Something Gay
-Every time I get an ask 
-When I reblog myself. 

Its simple so I hope that everyone has fun!! 


Remember how you were the first girl I ever danced with? Or how I had a crush on you freshman year. Sophomore year? Junior year? Remember how you saved my life? You saved my life too.

for @forgottenstilinski; happy holidays sweetie!


Quick Witch Tip! 🎃🕯 If you are a witch, but can’t practice freely for whatever reason, here is a way to add sigils to your Jack-o-lantern- by writing them discreetly in the tea light base! I’ve written a sigil for protection and comfort in mine. And to make sure no one finds it, melted the bottom of the tea light just for a quick second to seal it to its base. When the light is burned up by the end of the night, toss them away and no one will be the wiser! Be safe the Samhain and have fun!

Why do fics always portray iwaizumi as super oblivious? Like hes been friends with oikawa for years he KNOWS when shits going on like hey makki and mattsun are dating? Good for them im not gonna make a big deal out of it. Hey that person probably has a crush on me? Thats nice but i wouldnt want to embarrass them about it like,,, where is my iwachan that KNOWS all the shit that goes down in seijou but stAYS IN HIS OWN LANE