are they recording


Récord Guinness al cosplay con mayor cantidad de gadgets funcionales.

A mí me han dado el record al cosplay más mierder.


Late night sketch from yesterday, recording all the process (about 15min)! If you’d like me to post more or less records or other kinds of records please tell me! 🤗 // Art ㏄ Doria Plume

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Thank you!!! 💖 I was tagged by lovely @miroir-fille to post 4 albums I’ve been listening to recently, but I’ll just do my top 10 because I have so many!!! 😕

 🎵 1. Frank Ocean - Blond
🎵 2. Japanese Breakfast - Psychopomp
🎵 3. Noname - Telefone
🎵 4. Talking Heads - Remain in Light

 🎵 5. Ka - Honor Killed the Samurai
🎵 6. Whiteny - Light Upon the Lake
🎵 7. Mitski - Puberty 2
🎵 8. Clams Casino - 32 Levels
🎵 9. New Order - Low-Life

 🎵 10. Elliott Smith - XO

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Legendary Recording Engineer Rudy Van Gelder: RIP

Vicki Hyman wrote an excellent, well researched article for on Rudy Van Gelder’s passing on August 25. Rudy literally redefined the way we hear recorded jazz, and he wil be sorely missed by the dozens of producers and hundreds of musicians with whom he worked on a regular basis. Ms.Hyman was kind enough to include the DVD of an extended interview I did with Rudy at his studio in the early 2000s. It will bring you closer to knowing the person behind the sound.

-Michael Cuscuna

Read and watch…

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titanic-shoe  asked:

People are trying to pin the whole Jones hacking thing on angry male fans who were still bitter over the Ghostbusters reboot and not that it was a planned hacking much like the twitter attack that Milo got swept up in.

What I want to know is WHY.  Why her?  She’s not responsible for everything that people hated about the movie: Paul Feig and Amy Pascal are.  What’s the point?  The only guess I can hazard is that whomever’s responsible is looking for a reaction from someone known to overreact dramatically, especially when they’re fully aware of how much the media will fan the flames.

However, I find it odd that–as another user just pointed out to me–her driver’s license and passport were accessed via hacking her website.  There is no legitimate reason why either of those–in any form–would have been present anywhere on or within that site.  And why bother doing this AFTER the movie turned out to be a major flop?  Sony’s poor marketing choices already hurt it more than anything else could have. 

Something’s just off about this whole thing.  It doesn’t make any sense.