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happy lesbian visibility day everyone!! so far this year i’ve grown to accept and be much more open about my sexuality and i’d like to thank all my lovely friends (both online and irl) for being so accepting and amazing as i’ve become more open about my identity <3 <3

special shoutout to the @skamwlwnet for giving me a community of amazing wlw that i can always go to for support, i love you guys so much!!

celestialvertigo  asked:

what's the best part about having a cast that represents so many cultural backgrounds, gender identities, and sexual orientations?

I think you can learn from different cultures and you become surprised at how something in your culture is surprising to others, therefore you get to better understand rather than judging. You learn that judging in a first place is very cheap because you don’t have the real knowledge to do so. 





Medi tag (kind of)

We’ve been struggling with the idea of having any kind of medi tag for a couple of years and have finally made a compromise.

Despite normally being with our carer in public and carrying a PODS DID emergency card with us at all times, we had this bracelet engraved. Obviously because of a character limit we couldn’t fit dissociative identity disorder on it and I’ve crossed our my partner/our carer’s number but what do you think? 

Sorry it’s a crap photo 🙄

  • Random people: There's just no scientific proof of non-binary genders!
  • National Geographic: *does a while issue on gender identity that has non-binary, talks about the science behind it*
  • Bill Nye: *does a whole episode on gender and sexuality which covers non-binary genders and the science behind it*
  • Same random people: THaT'ss nOtt sci enCE!!1 The y are jsut saying... what LiBERalZ Want 2 here!!! Nnnott Science!!!!

Just because you like feminine things or act feminine doesn’t mean you are a girl.

Just because you are masculine or like masculine things doesn’t mean you are a boy.

Femininity and masculinity does not have to correspond with your gender.

bowlerhatwearer  asked:

In hope my ask makes sense so..Bendy and Boris, before you came to live you well where part of some old Cartoons. Do you remember these times when you both came to live. Like do you both remember how you "acted" in this Cartoons, being part of it?

“What’s crap? It’s the truth.”

“Well I don’t know about you Boris, but I got a show to do. Fans to please. If I lose those memories I’m gonna lose that charming character who stole the hearts of viewers everywhere so many years ago! The little devil darlin’ that the audience wants, deserves to see! I can’t just go changin’ who I am!”

“But… This is the real world, ya know? Those memories don’t have any use here anymore. So why not just let yourself change? What’s the harm?”

“Why should I?! Ain’t I lovable the way I am?”

“Of course you are. But that doesn’t mean-”

“Well then you can see why I wanna stick by those old cartoons! I mean, I wanna go places, you know I do. But I don’t wanna change. If the people want Bendy the Dancing Demon, they’re gonna get him! We can’t let them down, Boris. Maybe you should start thinkin’ about that yourself! I can’t lose my foil any more than I can forget my dance steps.”

“I’ll think about it, Bendy.”

“Those memories slip away easy. So think fast.”

Dear Evan Hansen Fighting Headcannons:

  • Evan always wants to be alone after a fight because he feels like being with the other person will only just make it worse. When alone, Evan either thinks about how to fix the problem or just sleeps it away.
  • Zoe is a yeller when fighting. She yells about anything, even if it is irrelevant, just so that she can get attention. In the end, she is always exhausted from yelling so much and needs a nap.
  • Connor is a combination of Zoe and Evan. He usually gets his yelling out and then leaves the house and disappears. He always returns but there are usually a few hours where the Murphy household is quiet without him.
  • Jared tries to make a joke out of everything in a fight. He has a lot going on in his life that he hides from everyone through his comedy. Because of this, he is always cracks jokes, but that is not the best idea during an intense fight.
  • Alana is very determined during fights. She will not give up until the problem is solved and brings her logical brain into the scene so that there is a reasonable resolution. Alana is usually the best to fight with because the fight is actually worth it.

How about a shout out to the aros that have experienced romantic attraction in the past and are having a difficult time.

To the ones that wish they could feel it again because they don’t want to accept their aromanticism.

To the ones that miss that feeling.

To the ones that that can remember what it felt like.

To the ones that don’t remember and that upsets them.

To the ones that have just discovered they’re aro and feel horrible about it.

To the ones that have known they’re aro for awhile and still feel like a monster.

To the ones that have their prideful, happy days and then come crashing down again.

It’s okay. Accepting your identity can be painfully, desperately hard. It’s difficult to believe that what you are is okay in this kind of world, with this kind of society, but I promise, there is nothing wrong or disgusting or shameful with you. Being aro is beautiful and outstanding and excellent.

Take your time. Let yourself get all those negative feelings out, however long it takes. Whether it’s a week or years. You’ll be alright.