are they making a new game yet

p.s. everyone should totally go download the escape from plastic beach game

it’s a treasure of an app (though @murdocisgod and i have yet to finish it…. shit’s hard!) with music and lore and gags and silly little snippets!!

i’m pretty certain it’s only for ios, however, and unfortunately it’s also about to be cleared off the app store come next iphone update! apps that haven’t been updated in years are being taken down by apple, so get it while you still can!

and tell me if you finish it haha i still can’t get past that last level!! i need to know how it ends!

I really do wanna try RPing on Wildstar, and its a really cool game thats really my aesthetic! Just that I’m still pretty new, my highest leveled character is only 24 (Jaz) and I’m not sure if anybody would be up to showing me around, becuz thats how i got used to WoW, and even then I’m still making newbie mistakes >w<’’. Plus I’ve heard some mixed reviews about RPing on WoW, so I’m not sure if I’m comfortable yet with Walkups…

Idk, I guess I’m kind of asking for a closer opinino from ppl I know on this site??

Phil’s Liveshow// 3.9.17

He’s wearing the blue hoodie we told him to keep from last week

Username ideas that are just words animals: softraccoon explosiveemu ridiculousotter 

He got his friend burger socks, pusheen handwarmers, and planet lollipops

“Uranus is a blackberry. Your anus is a blackberry.”

He hasn’t listened to Ed’s new album yet smh

The Ed Scar Story

Green Light has grown on him

The + and - on the Nintendo Switch was confusing him

He wishes there were more games for the Switch

“I’m generally quite giant as a person”

Slime train

He liked the bomb diffusion video but it was really stressful 

Blue is His Color

He doesn’t suit brown or beige

Dan suits brown more than he does

Wearing black makes him feel vampire ish

He likes living in London because it’s close to everything 

He put on Crufts (if he got the first dog we saw it’d be a cocker spaniel)

“You and your friend. Or friends if you’re lucky enough to have more than one.”

He likes to play the adverts game where you guess the product before it’s revealed

He’s watching Bates Motel , Firefly, Walking Dead, Broadchurch, Steven Universe, Homeland, and Riverdale

He got sweet potato fries with Hazel

Him and Dan signed some new posters

Miracle Berry makes everything weird 

“Looked like a happy doggo”

Timezone research

Top fans won dogs (and one cat)

Tour made him want to see more of the world

AmazingPhil video probably tomorrow or this weekend

He had yogurt with granola and berries for breakfast today because he’s trying to be a bit healthier 


He sang a lullaby 

He still uses the galaxy backpack

Phil doesn’t know geometry 

If he doesn’t upload tweet him some disappointed cat gifs



Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||

A Resolution for You

If you haven’t set New Year’s Resolutions yet, here’s a suggestion for one: write more Amazon reviews.

As an author, I can tell you that Amazon reviews are worth gold to authors. Literally, they make a huge difference to how a book sells.

It probably doesn’t matter if we’re talking about something like Game of Thrones, which currently has 3609 reviews on the UK Amazon. But the amazing On the Edge of Gone by @corinneduyvis (probably the best book I read in 2016) only has 9.

7 of those 9 reviews are 5 stars, the other 2 are 4 stars, but here’s the thing: Amazon doesn’t start including books in their “recommended” lists until it has more than 10 positive reviews (positive meaning 4 or 5 stars). So this fantastic book isn’t being suggested to new readers because it doesn’t have enough reviews.

Another book with an autistic protagonist, Viral Nation, has 8 reviews on the UK Amazon.

One of my own books, Omega Rising, has 5 reviews. They’re all 5 stars, but that’s not enough to tip it over Amazon’s threshold.

Well-written reviews can help people decide whether or not to buy a book, but any review at all can count towards the total reviews and determine whether the book shows up in the “also purchased” lists and “recommended for you” sections. It’s also worth noting that reviews are counted separately on the different regional sites - so  On the Edge of Gone mentioned above actually has 28 reviews on the US version of Amazon, but those don’t count towards its UK total.

So if you’ve enjoyed a book, especially a book by a new or independent author, leave a review. If you buy a book and notice that it has less than 10 reviews, make a note to come back when you’ve finished reading and give your opinion. You don’t have to write a lengthy essay. A detailed review is fantastic, but for some things, it’s quantity rather than quality that matters, so ticking 4 stars and writing “good book” is still going to be a massive help to an author. It will help get the book in front of new potential readers and mean that the authors can spend more time writing and less time wondering how they’re going to pay the rent next month.

In 2017, when you go to browse Amazon for new books, take a minute to go through your old purchases and leave a few, short reviews. Your favourite authors will love you for it.


I am playing Dewey in the new Ducktales TV show! DUCKTALES IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE TV SHOWS OF ALL TIME! I grew up on these characters. In elementary school, I would race home after school every day, make mac and cheese (I wasn’t lactose intolerant yet) and watch the Disney Afternoon at David and Jose Fernandez’s house in Riverdale. We watched the show, played the Nintendo game, re-watched the movie, all of it. My ringtone a few years ago was the Moon theme from the Ducktales video game which maybe one person ever got. So, I am incredibly excited to be a part of this show. A few hours ago, they announced the main cast and it’s magic. Scrooge McDuck- David Tennant, Huey- Danny Pudi, Dewey- Me, Louie- Bobby Moynihan, Webby Vanderquack- Kate Micucci, Launchpad McQuack- Beck Bennett, Mrs. Beakley- Toks Olagundoye and you will be pumped to find out who is playing the amazing guest cast for Donald Duck, Flintheart Glomgold, Gyro Gearloose, Duckworth, Gizmoduck, Magica DeSpell, Gladstone Gander, and Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys. I can’t wait for this thing to come out. Frank Angones and Matthew Youngberg are gonna make you smile. For now you can watch us all sing the theme song above. Woo-oo!

nicky forces neil to get a new phone and eventually neil makes an instagram and as he starts getting more followers he gets more comfortable with having social media and does 60 second Q&A’s with the team at the fans request

  • the first one he does is with kevin because of popular demand
  • neil does it on the court after night practice with kevin and he reads a few questions that exy fans have commented on his previous posts
  • ‘kevin, what are you a queen of besides exy? no I’ll answer this, the answer is nothing, kevin sucks”
  • “fuck off neil” kevin gets serious and the rest of the video is kevin extensively and aggressively talking about exy until the timer cuts off
  • he does dan next and it’s the cutest 60 second video out there okay dan is sitting next to matt on the couch while neil is filming
  • he asks her how it feels to be “the best female exy captain in the NCAA” dan gets the biggest smile on her face and scrunches up her nose before she answers
  • ‘oh that’s sweet, who wants to know? I like this person. It feels great! but it’s stressful at times, there is a lot of sexism in the world but I usually ignore it in favor of focusing on how lucky I am to have such a great team.”
  • matt’s looking at her while she’s talking and u can literally see the love and admiration in his eyes, fans are crying in the comments about how cute they are, so am I
  • when he does renee, most of the comments are asking about her hair so she explains how she dilutes the bright colors by mixing them with conditioner to make them more pastel
  • “but that’s the easy part, root upkeep is the worst tho, I hate touch ups.”
  • neil vaguely knows what she’s talking about cause he’ll sit in the room when andrew helps her with her hair
  • nicky manages to tell half his life story in 60 seconds
  • neil uploads a second video of nicky giving advice to queer kids afraid to come out because of strict and religious parents or unsafe home lives
  • aaron walks away when neil tries to do his so instead neil uploads a five second video that’s just him zooming in on aaron sitting in a beanbag chair playing video games “aaron’s a dick.”
  • matt gets asked about his boxing background and he beams at the chance to talk about his mom
  • “she’s so badass, she taught me everything I know, she could kick anyone’s ass” he points at the camera “she’ll kick your ass. better watch out”
  • allison gives fashion tips, she also roasts neil for how he dressed when he first joined the team “god u guys should have seen him, fucking awful. nicky and I fixed him up tho, but it took a lot of work cause neil likes to make things difficult” 
  • when neil gets to andrew nobody expects him to actually upload anything but when he does the results are hilarious
  • neil sits next to andrew with the camera frontfaced so half of neil’s face is in the frame, andrew is curled up on the couch with a pint of ice cream and his glasses on “it’s time for your interview andrew”
  • andrew just stares at him
  • “why didn’t you sign with the rav- wait that’s a stupid fucking question, we’re not doing that one. alright. how many times have you and aaron been mistaken for one another?” 
  • andrew stares at the camera in silence
  • “tragic. next question. how are you so good at blocking goals?
  • silence
  • “incredible. what is your honest opinion about kevin day?”
  • andrew stares for a couple seconds before rolling his eyes and getting up to walk away, neil laughs and nods “I agree” 
  • BONUS: andrew has neil’s phone while they’re on the roof, neil is holding his cigarette and andrew starts filming, pointing the camera so you can only see neil
  • “hey junkie, it’s your turn to be interviewed” “alright” 
  • “how does it feel to finally have a real home?” 
  • neil smiles softly, but he’s looking at andrew not the camera “like I’m finally living, like I’ve got everything I could ever want”
  • there’s a short pause before you can faintly hear “285%” and the video cuts off

I did a quick remaster of my most famous piece from 8 years of making webcomics: a ridiculous Dr. Seuss/Mario Kart mash-up. So proud of this piece and the song that came out of it.

If you haven’t yet, check out the new Kickstarter! We’re 100% funded! :D

Rin's Undertale Battle Theme
Rin's Undertale Battle Theme

//OOC one last time but adding some art…. and something some of you might have only heard on stream. I haven’t posted this anywhere yet, and


I hope someday I can teach myself enough about GameMaker studio to recreat a little battle for Rin in Undertale. I was so inspired at one point I just started making mock ups… but fell flat when I had to prep for conventions and continue with my commission work to keep paying my bills.

But boy do I want to do it still someday. And yes, I’d have to make a full new mock up of the game to do this since there’s certain elements I can’t do with just a battle simulator such as Unitale or so.


PS: DO NOT USE THIS MUSIC FOR ANYTHING. I COMMISSIONED this from Neku for my game, and it is owned to him and I alone. PLEASE. Thank you <3 I have it here for listening pleasure cause it’s just so damn good.

Danganronpa V3 isn’t even out yet, yet we already have a robot who’s name is a pun on the word “hope”, a feminine-sounding detective who’s been theorized to be a girl dressed in drag, an astronaut who makes nightmare faces, a guy who’s sprites are eerily similar to Nagito’s but “isn’t a suspicious guy”, a dictator who loves Fanta, a God-loving hippie who always looks high, and a toddler-sized tennis player with the deepest voice in the game.

Strap yourselves in, folks. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

HAHA oh japan. you got me with this one. i really thought he was a girl until I started connecting the dots…

ilima because i know my 15 y/o self would’ve really liked this guy. well, i still think he is very pretty, but i’m not far enough into the game to know who my favorites are yet…

also i am extremely rusty at painting holy shit. i pretty much pulled all my “cover the bullshit” tricks to make this look passable.


Things Nintendo can do to not fuck over the Nintendo Switch like the Wii U
  • Not give it the Wii or DS branding (so far so good)
  • Release a good game for it at launch
    • Release a game for it at launch
  • State clearly what it is
  • Advertise it; don’t just expect people to buy it blindly
  • Make a Super Smash Bros. game for it
    • Better yet, make it exclusive to the Switch so people have to buy it
    • Also don’t make the DLC overpriced to shit
  • Make a Mario Kart game for it (maybe they are? maybe it’s an MK8 port)
  • Don’t just port all the system’s good games to the 3DS
  • Make the eShop (or whatever) simple.
    • Support the eShop with Virtual Console
    • Support the eShop with good downloadable games
  • Give the Switch enough storage to download at least three games as opposed to the Wii U’s one.
  • Price it cheaply (supposedly they will)
  • Put your most popular franchises on it. The Wii U lacked Animal Crossing, Kirby, a Pokemon spin-off like XD or Battle Revolution, Fire Emblem
    • Kid Icarus Uprising sequel please
  • More collaborative titles like Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Hyrule Warriors, and Pokken
  • Take advantage of your gimmick, but don’t put it front-and-centre. The Wii U either didn’t use the second screen at all, or focused the entire game around it and 9/10 times it didn’t work.

why are people being so negative about andromeda tho i mean making jokes is one thing but people saying its 100% shit when its not even out yet/have only played a little of the game sounds more like people unable to let go of the trilogy and comparing the two than actually trying to enjoy a new game. The whole point of this game is that Ryder isnt Shepard. They’re young and stupid and inexperienced and put into a position of extreme responsibility for the first time. Even if they were like Shepard, y’all would just complain that they’re a clone and bioware cant write new characters.

its also kind of unfair to compare a bioware game to something like uncharted or horizon zero dawn. they spend so much more time recording voice lines, writing different conversation/story paths, allowing you to make a custom character, lore writing, building multiple huge areas ect. in nearly every game they make. 

dont kid yourself and say you played DA:O for the groundbreaking combat system and beautiful character models, or loved Mass effect 2 because the animations were amazing. We all played these for the story.

and for people saying they should still improve? yeah, they should, there’s a lot bioware as a company needs to work on. but at the same time, they have improved. very slowly, but they’re getting there. remember that they started working on this game at around the time me3 came out. if they were to start it today, it would probably be very different. probably even better.

Id also like to remind people that mass effect is a video game, not an animated movie. When you actually play and watch the cutscenes in context you will barley notice. Its easy to pick something apart when you're just looking at a gif of it. bioware is also just a company, they cant track and grant everyones wishes, and they aren’t anywhere near being perfect but, what other game is????? is there a game that has all the diversity and representation and amazing gameplay and animations that you want?? link me if it exists 

Im not excusing their mistakes, representation is beyond important in media and we should fight to have it. But listen guys i bought a fucking ps4 for this and dropped $70 on a pre-order i have to be optimistic.


New ‘Overwatch’ comic reveals the backstory between Bastion and Torbjörn

  • Blizzard really, really wants Overwatch players to like Bastion.
  • First, it released an animated short about his sad robot feelings, and then it buffed the hell out of his abilities to make him more viable.
  • The latter backfired and made him way too overpowered, prompting the Overwatch team to reel him in a bit.
  • In what seems to be some kind of PR move to generate goodwill towards Bastion yet again, Blizzard released a new digital comic, “Binary,” that sheds light on Bastion’s relationship with the defense character Torbjörn. Read more (3/9/17 11:25 AM)

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I just finished watching the new DAPG video and I’m still not entirely grasping the concept that Dan and Phil just made yet another video about them raising a child together and spent the entire video talking about what kind of parents they’ll be. 

It’s like they’re sitting there thinking what are the most obvious games we can play to make sure people know we are not going to no-homo anything from this point on. yes, lets do all of those.

Discover New Music: Tropical House

Summer might be coming to an end, but the hottest songs of the year are still booming out of the radio. A lot of the songs have a distinct ‘island-vibe’ mixed with sweet beats. But what makes songs special? How are they called? But the the real question is - “Where can I find more of them?” We’ve got all your answers!

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nerdyburd  asked:

ive heard things about botw but theyre all mixed,,,,is it good or??

It gets a definite reccomendation from me. Honestly, at the end of the day, it’s probably one of my favorite games of all time, next to Fallout: New Vegas.

Without spoiling too much, the game’s absolutely massive in scope, yet at the same time it’s an adventure and it doesn’t try to be anything more than that. All you have to do is defeat this one guy, and the game leaves it up to you to determine how. You can prepare as much or as little as you want, and do anything in practically any order you want.  

The world’s absolutely massive and packed with details that make the world come alive, but most important imo is the fact that literally anything you can see in the distance is somewhere you can go and explore.

Essentially it took everything that made me enjoy Dark Souls over previous Zelda titles and did it better than Dark Souls.

…that is, except for charcter customization.

Please Nintendo for the love of god, if you’re going to make another game like this it’s time to ditch Link and let play as a purple-haired buff trans lesbian if i choose to.

Scott made a New Year post on the SL Steam page and says he’s going to take a break and check out the fandom’s artwork and videos and content and stuff.

I hope he has a good break and enjoys the fan stuff, and I look forward and will support him when and if he gets the sudden need to make Wonderful Yet Confusing Game #7.

Mostly what this baby box thing shows is how party politics inevitably seems to turn into a game of trying to somehow make anything your oponents do look bad.

It’s estimated it’ll cost £6 million a year - pretty negligible in terms of government spending - and is essentially just a nice gift of a few useful items for new parents like a blanket, a thermometer, a changing mat, etc.
And yet politicians are falling over themselves to come up with reasons why it’s the worst thing that could possibly happen to Scotland.