are they made of the moon

We walk through life in search of pieces that were never missing
Constantly weaving a road made from gold strands in our minds 
Plucking the glitter from minds of those who watch 
They wish to save your soul
You blaze fire through the forest and ashes fall through your hands in mourning 
Days and days you search desperately 
As the sun chases the moon 
Winter comes enticing with its silent snow 
But as the cold haunts your bones
You stop 
And turn around to find your gold was made of fools 
And those who followed had long since departed you
Panicked you send a flare into the sky
Praying they will see you as they did before
You have gone too far
And the wise trees have died in your wake
You are alone 
The journey back will be full of missteps 
Haunting and unforgiving 
For fools gold is made for fools 
And fools often lose
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #92 //

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Lycanthropy | Remus Lupin

Request: Could you do a younger Remus Lupin x reader where the reader is a werewolf also but she doesn’t tell him because she doesn’t want to scare him off, because SHE doesn’t know that HE is a werewolf either? 

*Gifs not mine, credits to whoever made it*

Originally posted by enjoyingbeingme

Once a month I turn into a monster. Once a month I have to hide from everyone I care to protect them. Once a month the beast awakes.

Two nights before the full moon, I was sitting by the fireplace with my boyfriend Remus. It was a cold evening in the early winter months, so we decided to stay in the common room just relaxing because I was getting a “cold”. Of course what I was starting to feel was nothing compared to a cold. The beast was starting to awake so I had to disappear, or as Remus knows “going to visit my forgetful aunt that lives near Hogsmeade to help her and see if she’s okay.” This whole aunt thing is a complete lie, I have no aunt to help but that was a lie Remus have to believe in order for me to protect him.

I hate keeping secret and lying to someone I care about and has shown me nothing but love and acceptance of who I am. But I was terrified that I could scare him or even worse, hurt him.

“Sweetheart?” Remus sweet voice brought me back to reality. I looked at him treasuring his beautiful face. He had a tired expression and his eyes looked sunken in almost sickly, but still beautiful.

“Sorry, what were you saying?” I said a little embarrassed by not paying him attention. He just smiled at me and repeated himself. “I said if you would like a cup of hot chocolate or some tea. For you to feel better and keep yourself warm.” 

I smiled and gave him a little nod, “I’ll go”  I say as I stand up putting on my shoes. Remus stood up confused “No darling, you’re sick. Let me go. I don’t want you to get cold and getting more sick.” He said worriedly.

“Rems, you are actually looking more sick than what I do. It looks like you haven’t slept in days. Please, I go. Besides, you’ve been taking care of me all day. Now it’s my turn to take care of you.”  He protested at first but finally let me got.

On my way to the kitchen, I made a stop to the hospital wing, to talk to madame Pomfrey about the upcoming day. 

Back from the kitchen, I got into the common room with two cups of hot chocolate in my hand. I gave one to Remus and sat down next to him, handing him his and getting once again comfortable by his side.

The day was finally here, I left in the early morning hours into the forbidden forest.

The transformation was hurtful as always, I started to wander around the forest making sure to say hidden from everything.

On my final night, when the sun started to appear behind the castle I could feel I was starting to become myself again. As I started to emerge from the woods, I walked to the castle feeling weak but knowing I was going to be seeing the man I love soon I a couple of hours.  I spotted four figures in the distance near the Whomping Willow.  I keep walking getting near to them when I spot him. Remus was between those figures leading me to the conclusion that the other three around him would be Sirius, James, and Peter. 

Remus and his friends, as well as me, stood there frozen, looking at each other. It suddenly hit me what was going on. Remus was like me and he got that idea as well because without a word he walked at me and hugged me. The other decided to give us our space going there walking to the castle. 

With tears rolling down my cheeks, Remus held my face between his wand and made me look into his eyes. He wipes my tears with his thumb and says “You are very strong, but you don’t have to do this alone. Why didn’t you told me?” He said sadly.

Words were getting stuck in my thought but I answered him still crying. 

“I was trying to protect you, and I was afraid that  you could fear me because of what I am.“ 

He stares into my eyes and understood why I didn’t tell him before because he did the same for the exact same reason.

He hugged me again kissing me on the top of the head, after a few moment like that, as the sky became clear, we both walked into the Gryffindor’s tower up into his room to sleep. all the way through the corridors, and up into his room, neither of us said a word. We both were able to realize that the love we felt for each other honest and true. with those thoughts in mind, we laid down on his bed and fell asleep together getting actual rest in a very long time.


“Taylor Moon” - A Compilation of Eliza Taylor Fangirling Over Sailor Moon


Aṣṭa Lakṣmī Stotram

॥ aṣṭalakṣmīstotram ॥

1. Ādi-Lakṣmī [Supreme Lakshmi]:

॥ ādilakṣmī ॥

sumanasavandita sundari mādhavi
candra sahodari hemamaye ।
munigaṇamaṇḍita mokṣapradāyini
mañjuḻabhāṣiṇi vedanute ॥

paṅkajavāsini devasupūjita
sadguṇavarṣiṇi śāntiyute ।
jayajaya he madhusūdana kāmini
ādilakṣmi sadā pālaya mām ॥ 1॥

Victory and victory to Ādi Lakṣmī
Oh, darling of the killer of Madhu,
Who is worshipped by all good people,
Who is pretty and sister of the moon,,
Who looks as if she is made of gold,
Who is saluted by all groups of sages,
Who grants salvation,
Who talks sweet words,
Who is praised by Vedas,
Who lives on the Lotus flower,
Who is worshipped by all devas,
Who showers good qualities on people,
And who is the personification of peace,
Please protect me always.

Trying to explain to the fashion week person that I’m confident I’ll get my shit done and it’s like…listen. Listen to me. This ain’t my first rodeo. I got five days to get this done bro. And like I’m already almost done? I just got to hem some shit, add some buttons, finsiha few seams. On what? Fucking basic ass clothes. Please! Like I made my entire evil queen Regina cosplay in like a day! 3 suits of Paladin armor in a week. Made inuyasha in a night. Made basically every cosplay I’ve ever done the night before the con homie. This is how I do. Don’t swear it.

anonymous asked:

What are some good things about being a Capricorn moon? I only ever see bad things.

I made a post about moon in Capricorn here:

Capricorn is a really reliable, mature, dependable place for the moon to be in. You have a lot of endurance and patience for the most part. There’s an innate skill to manage, prepare and organize things in order to meet deadlines. You’re able to see how all the details apply to the rest of the picture, and how to see the future consequences of not just your actions, but the actions of everyone/everything else