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Have you ever encountered an apex monster? Also, how do corrupted(frenzy and/or apex) monsters see you as?

Concerning the unfortunate mons who got afflicted with the Frenzy, it would probably have been great if they somehow showed signs of reverence towards us Magalas…

…But then this is the real world, and diseases respect nobody, especially if it has taken over their hosts’ body and mind. 

*sigh* This is one of the reasons, if not the main one, why I live a nomadic lifestyle, going from place to place.

But yes, about meeting an apex mon? Well… I met a Rajang once. I heard stories about them being reeeeally strong, and with him being in an empowered Apex state? (Yes, I was able to tell because of the sheer amounts of frenzy he emits, and not every corrupted mon can do that. I can’t believe my luck at that time.) 


I lived. Parts still intact too.

Bi/pan/poly Hufflepuff girl aesthetics 🌻
(Aka Sophie, this one’s for you, love you)

- Nico


More adventures on NG+ Chaos in Berseria (waiting for a video to process and I’ll even have a fun boss fight video post coming).  I’m pretty sure that’s in the running for highest amount of Grade I’ve managed to get in Berseria, and definitely a record given I’m not even level 10 yetTo be fair, I did turn on double Grade for this one in case I felt like doing another run not so much for plot as much as running around and murdering things.  This is the Lord of Calamity we’re talking about here, no need to hold back on the murdering.

Yes, you read that right.  I ran into that amorphous-type Dire Foe that lurks in this area, took it on, and won with no deaths.  Even if I was personally cutting it a bit close there with Velvet, lol.  But hey, it’s Velvet, so of course living dangerously is the name of the game.  It’s all about timing that Break Soul and keeping those tasty souls coming.


because of the palette you wished for I went for a kinda 90′s look. Bokuto the motorbike-riding nightowl tho.

thank you :-o

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Hate to admit it but honestly I'm very slow, for the therapy session, is there a way to dumb down what the therapist said to Rick?

Hey, don’t be ashamed about not understanding something, especially with a show like Rick and Morty that is so complex and fast. It’s pretty difficult to keep up with everything in it. I find myself discovering new things every time I rewatch an episode, no matter how many times I’ve seen it before. (Which is always many, many times.) Honestly, I’ve started watching things with subtitles when I can, because I miss so much. 
To be honest, I’m really nervous to answer this. Mostly because I’m afraid I’ll misinterpret something, or miss something really obvious. Or just not be that helpful. So, followers - please, feel free to add!

(I’ll literally analyse Wong’s speech word-for-word, so I apologise for any delay in replying. Thanks to @freedricksanchez for typing up the whole thing.)

Rick: Because I don’t respect therapy, Because I’m a scientist. Because I invent, transform and destroy for a living and when I don’t like something about the world, I change it. And I don’t think going to a rented office in a strip mall to listen to an agent of average-ness explain which words mean which feelings has ever helped anyone do anything. I think it’s helped a lot of people get comfortable and stop panicking, which is a state of mind [burp] we value in the animals we eat, but not something I want for myself. I’m not a cow. I’m a pickle – when I feel like it. So… you asked.

Wong: Rick, the only connection between your unquestionable intelligence and the sickness destroying your family is that everyone in your family, you included, use intelligence to justify sickness.

[Rick and Beth justify the dysfunction in their family and Rick’s poor mental health (which is the initial cause of the dysfunction) because Rick is a genius. Typically, smart people get away with things just because they’re smart. I suppose it’s natural to assume that they know what’s best in every aspect of life, since they definitely know best in at least one aspect to be called a genius. 
Higher intelligence is also linked with a higher chance of depression (IRL) - hence the saying “ignorance is bliss.” People - especially Beth - tend to brush aside flaws when they’re caused by or are in conjunction with a strength. 
Dr. Wong is pointing out that Rick’s genius shouldn’t be used to excuse his sickness, and the sickness it inflicts on the family as a whole.]

You seem to alternate between viewing your own mind as an unstoppable force and as an inescapable curse. And I think it’s because the only truly unapproachable concept for you is that it’s your mind within your control.

[Here, Dr. Wong theorises that Rick can’t have a constant opinion on his own intelligence and whether it is a hindrance or a strength, because he refuses to believe he is responsible for it. Rick’s apathy for everything, including the Beth he abandoned in the Cronenberg world and almost everyone he ever meets, is essentially caused by his intelligence. His intelligence allows him to travel across universes, which allows him to see people as completely dispensable, since there’s an infinite amount of them. What Rick doesn’t acknowledge, or doesn’t want to acknowledge, is that his intelligence and ability is entirely controllable by him.]

You chose to come here, you chose to talk to belittle my vocation, just as you chose to become a pickle. You are the master of your universe, and yet you are dripping with rat blood and faeces. Your enormous mind literally vegetating [haha, that’s a good pun] by your own hands.

[Rick chooses to occupy himself in ridiculous and destructive ways. There’s an infinite amount of safe, yet entertaining ways to occupy oneself, but Rick wouldn’t be captivated by any of them (for long). He chooses to throw himself into disgusting, life-threatening situations, because those situations are the only things that can truly entertain him, despite the fact that he is, essentially, a god.]

I have no doubt that you would be bored senseless by therapy, the same way I’m bored when I brush my teeth and wipe my ass. Because the thing about repairing, maintaining, and cleaning is it’s not an adventure. There is no way to do it so wrong you might die. It’s just work. And the bottom line is, some people are okay going to work, and some people… well, some people would rather die. Each of us gets to choose.

[This part hit me hard, because I relate to it waaaay too closely for comfort. Dr. Wong describes therapy for Rick as how brushing teeth is for anyone else. It’s simply looking after the body, no matter how tedious it is. Not many people like brushing their teeth. It feels like a waste of time, and the payoff isn’t something you gain. It’s just to keep the teeth you have from rotting. Wong describes therapy as the same thing. It feels wasteful and boring, but it is necessary for some people to keep their mind healthy. It’s not fun, it’s not an adventure, and there’s no reward aside from staying healthy.
Dr. Wong also describes how Rick would rather die than be bored. This ties into the previous point - Rick needs a constant stream of activity to keep him from wanting to die. 
And that’s apparently not normal, but I wouldn’t really know????]

Anyway, it’s 2:39AM, so this is probably terribly written, and I apologise for that. I hope it helped, though??
(Again, please don’t feel embarrassed about not understanding all of it immediately! I didn’t either (aside from the last part), and I basically just got all of that by reading it just then!!) :) <3

“Listen - I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to be with you at all. So if you wanted to tell the world about us, I’d be right behind you. But there’s a selfish part of me that wants you all to myself…” - Asami to Korra

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“Mr. Stark, will you carry me?”


“ok. :^)”

“Kid, what the f– hell??”

Tony: @whiskeyteacosplay

Peter/Spidey: @yacchins

bonus: someone yelled “do crunches!!” and an attempt was made

oh my god look at them

diana is the only one who manages to look even remotely competent in getting out of this cup

look at bruce

ACTION BAT here to swing dramatically off your cup

but do you know what is even more on-brand