are they in love

ask yourself. how does the dude you’re talking to/dating make you feel? if the only things that come to mind are “bad” “frustrated” or “i don’t know” then why are you still holding onto him and keeping him in your life? cause if he makes you feel like that: he don’t want you girl. take a hint. somebody that truly wants you and wants to be with you will make you feel good, secure and wanted. they will not play games. they will not ignore you. they will not make you feel like a second choice. they will not make you cry. they will not leave you sitting up at night over analyzing the things they say. stop making excuses for him. stop trying to change yourself so that he’ll “like you more.” stop waiting for him to act right because if he isn’t now he won’t later. it’s that simple. cut your losses and find someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.