are they holding hands or am i going crazy

Heart on the Line (part 1)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1516
warnings: smutty smut smut and dirty talk (future chapters)

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I’m so fucking tired, honestly.
Shit is getting worse. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me I just don’t know.
It’s like, everything that is good never stays, and that freaks the shit out of me.
It’s crazy how fast good things go away from my life. Everything is temporary, and oh God, I’m so tired of it.
I’ve been realizing how unlovable I am, and that makes me extremly sad. Cus you know what?
I crave affection, I crave the simple things, like holding hands, kissing, cuddling, BEING LOVED. Simple as that.
But I just don’t see myself having that, ever.
Getting attached to people too easily fucks me over. I wish I could control my feelings.
My head is a huge mess, and so is my life.  
I just want to leave everything behind and go somewhere, far away from here, I want find some peace in myself.
I want my emotions to be stable. And above all, I want to be truly loved, having someone who never gives up on me. Just that.
Dinner Party

Summary: After Bucky returns home from a mission all you want to do is stay in bed (naked) all day with him. But you two have to go to a friend’s birthday to make things fun he proposes a little game.

Paring: Bucky x Reader.

Words: 2575

Warnings:  There is a lot in fuffly in this, but also SMUT and loats of teasing.

This is a one-shot

Thank you to @drinkfantasy, for being my beta you are the best.

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You look at yourself in the mirror, felling happy about your appearance. You are wearing one of your favorites dresses, it is navy blue with a modest cleavage in the front and another masive one in the back.

You look cute for your friend’s birthday, your make up it’s done in a very simple away, just some mascara and lip gloss. You turn around and see Bucky who is lying on your bed almost sleeping. You sit by his side and he hides his face on your lap. You start playing with his hair, making him moan at your gentle actions.

“Are you sure you want to come along? You can stay here and sleep a little. I won’t hold against you if you don’t come with me.” You know that he is tired, Bucky came back home around 4 a.m. from a two weeks mission and he only slept a few hours.

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can you do another one were tony is deaged but the other avengers are too? and only tony is a good boy and the rest isnt.. Peter takes care of Tony and loves it


“Fury what do you want?” asks Peter when he gets the call.

Its not uncommon for Fury to call them, because lately the avengers work together with guardians.

Peter isn’t so sure about the avengers. He doesn’t like most of them. They don’t seem like a team and even less like a family.

But he likes Tony.

“We have a situation here.” answers Nick shortly and then ends the call. Peter groans.

“Rocket!” he yells and a moment later Rocket shows up.


“I’m going back to earth. Wait for my call. I think its better if i go first and see whats up.” explains Peter and when Rocket nods, he starts searching for his suit.

He hates jobs on earth.


“You are kidding me.” says Peter when he stands in the communal living room of the stark tower.

“Do i look like i make jokes?” asks Phil Coulson and Peter shakes his head.

On Coulson’s lap is a little child that looks like a mini Barton. Oh god.

“How many are now.. childs?” asks Peter and looks at Romanoff who sits next to Coulson. She can’t be older than three years.

“Agent Barton, Agent Romanoff, Captain Rogers, Sergeant Barnes and Stark.” says Coulson and Peter sighs.

“And what do you want me to do?” asks Peter because they can’t be serious.

Fury coughs.

“You are on babysitting duty. Agent Coulson takes Clint and Natasha in his care. Mr. Wilson already has Rogers and Barnes. And you get the grand prize. Stark.” says Fury and he even turns around.

“Wait. Why should i babysit him?” asks Peter. He isn’t good with kids. He could…kill him.

“Because i just said so. You can all stay here in the Tower. Agent Hill has already some rooms for all of you. In every room are also some things for the … kids.”

And with that Fury is gone.

“Is he kidding me?” asks Peter again and Coulson laughs.

“Have fun. I bet Stark is crazy as kid.” says Coulson and leaves with Clint and Natasha.



“Jarvis where is Tony?” asks Peter and he sighs. Jarvis takes him up to his room where Tony should be.

If he is being honest, he is afraid. What if Tony is really crazy?

Peter opens the door to his and Tonys room for the next days and sees that Tony sits on the ground. He is already dressed in a onesie with little stars on it.

“Tony?” asks Peter and at that the toddler looks up.

“Do you know who i am?” asks Peter than and Tony still looks at him. He doesn’t seem to recognize him.

“Papa!” says Tony then and holds his hands up. Peter shakes his head.

“Oh no I’m not your Papa, I’m Peter.” answers Peter and oh god. He wants to go home.

Tony looks down sadly. He even sniffles.

“Whats wrong?” asks Peter and kneels down beside Tony.

“N-nobody wants Tony.” whispers Tony then and he sniffles again. A few tears drop on the carpet.

“Oh sweetie. Thats not true.” answers Peter and he feels bad for Tony.

“All kids are gone. Everybody got a family but me.” says Tony and Peter sighs.

So Tony can’t remember who he is and he can’t remember that Steve and the others are normally adults, too. Great. But he saw how Sam picked Steve and Bucky and how Coulson took Clint and Natasha. They left Tony here alone.

“No no! I’m here to take care of you!” says Peter and smiles gently. Tony gasps at that.

“Why?” asks Tony and Peters heart breaks.

“Because i really like you.” whispers Peter and Tony looks up with his big brown eyes.

“Oh.” says Tony and Peter smiles.

“So Uncle Peter will take care of you, would you like that?” asks Peter and Tony giggles.

“Yes please.” he says sweetly and Peter coos. God he is so cute. So Peter picks him up and looks around.

“Well where do we start…”


“And how is it, Quill? Bet Stark is the real horror.” says Coulson the next morning when Peter sits in the kitchen.

“Fine.” grumbles Peter back. It makes him angry that they all talk about Tony like that.

“Noooooo.” screams Natasha now when Coulson wants to give her some from her breakfast. Clint is already throwing his food on the ground. Peter laughs.

He deserves that.

Peter finishes his breakfast and stands up. He needs to get Tony so his little one can eat something too.

“Good morning baby.” says Peter when he enters their room. Tony is still laying in bed. Fast asleep.

Peter chuckles and then goes over to him. Carefully he strokes Tonys dark curls and Tonys huffs a bit. He sucks lazily on his pacifier.

“You need to wake up bambino.” says Peter and Tony rubs his eyes sleepily.

“Petey?” asks Tony muffled around his pacifier. Peter chuckles.

“Yes and i have food for you!” says Peter and at that Tony opens his eyes and spits the pacifier out.

“Nanas?” he asks and Peter nods.

“Of course there are bananas.” says Peter and picks Tony up.

“But i need to change you first.” announces Peter and Tony groans.

“No!” he says but its not angry. Peter kisses him on the cheek.

“Oh yes. And you can even pick your outfit.” answers Peter and Tony gasps.

“Wanna be a g-g…. man from the moon like you!” says Tony and he seems really excited.

“A guardian. Of course i see what i can find.” says Peter and Tony smiles at him. He is such a cute child. How could Coulson and Fury only think that he would be horrible.


15 Minutes later Peter carries Tony into the kitchen. Its a mess. He can hear Bucky and Steve screaming. And Natasha is still crying. Wonderful.

“Loud.” says Tony and puts his hands over his ears.

Peter nods.

“I know. Its okay hm? We need to get some food in that little tummy.” says Peter and tickles Tony.

Tony giggles loudly at that. He wears a onesie with a spaceship on it and Peter wrote “Little Guardian” on the front. Tony loved it.

“Hungry Petey.” says Tony and Peter puts him in a highchair. Tony looks a bit confused at that, but he doesn’t say anything.

“And what do we say, sweetie?” asks Peter and takes Tonys little bowl.

“Please.” says Tony sweetly and Peter gives him the bowl. Tony takes the spoon and starts eating. Peter smiles.

“How did you do that?” asks Sam now and Peter grins.

“How did i do what?” asks Peter back and he sees how shyly Tony looks at Sam. He even squirms in his seat.

“He is so polite and….good.” says Sam and Peter glares at him.

“Of course he is! And whats up with your ….boys?” asks Peter and Sam shrugs.

“They don’t sleep. They won’t eat. I don’t know.” says Sam and Peter could help him. But he doesn’t want to.

Tony uses this moment to spill some of his pudding. It falls on his onesie and Tony looks down.

“Oh no.” he whispers and in the next moment he cries. Sam grins a bit. But Peter rushes over to him.

“Hey no. Don’t cry, bambino.” says Peter and Tony struggles not to cry even harder.

“S-sorry. I didn’t mean t-to.” says Tony and his underlip wobbles. Peter shushes him and kisses his curls.

“Don’t worry. Its just a onesie, hm? I will change you. Nothing happened.” whispers Peter and Tony sniffles.

“R-really?” he asks and Peter nods.

“Course. Everything is alright. I’m gonna clean you up and if you want i can feed you?” asks Peter and Tony gasps.

“I’m too big for that!” he says and Peter laughs.

“How old are you exactly?” asks Sam who still stands with them.

“Two and 5 months.” says Tony and he holds up two fingers. Peter coos again. He is so sweet. Peter takes a washcloth and wipes Tony a bit cleaner.

“And you aren’t too big for that. If you want it then i’ll do it.” says Peter and Tony nods shyly.

“Please.” he says again and Sam smiles.

“God he is the cutest baby on the world.” says Sam and Peter nods.

“He really is.” he says and holds the spoon up for Tony. Tony eats from the spoon, rubs at his tummy and smiles again.

Yep. The cutest baby ever.


“Tony i have a surprise for you.” says Peter when they are in their room again. He had found it in one of the cardboards.

“For me?” asks Tony and looks excited.

“Of course. Because you are so good.” says Peter and holds the stuffed animal up. Its a little Raccoon.

Tonys eyes sparkle.

Peter holds the stuffed animal out for him, but Tony doesn’t take it.

“You can have it. You aren’t too big for that either.” says Peter and this time Tony takes it. He cuddles it agains his cheek.

“Its so fluffy!” he gasps and kisses the raccoon on the nose. Peter smiles down at him.

“We could pick a name together, hm?” asks Peter and kneels down beside Tony.

Tony frowns and seems to think really hard about that. Peter strokes his curls again.

“What about Rocket?” asks Peter and laughs. Tony shakes his head.

“ ’s not a good name for a ra-ra-ccon?” Tony tries the word and Peter has to laugh again.

“No you are right what was Uncle Peter thinking.”

“Eddy?” asks Tony then and Peter laughs.

“Thats a very good name.” he says and Tony nods very seriously.

“Hello Eddy. I’m Tony.” says Tony then and shakes the stuffed animals hand. Peter can’t help it he need to film this.

“Do you want to play with the others?” asks Peter a few hours later, when they are all in the living room. Bucky and Steve are playing with some cars. Natasha is sleeping on the couch and Clint is busy playing with some dolls.

Tony shrugs. He sits on Peters lap and cuddles with Eddy.

“I bet it will be fun.” says Peter and carefully sets Tony down.

“Otay.” whispers Tony around his pacifier and he crawls over to Clint..

“Can i play?” he asks Clint and puts Eddy next to him.

“No.” says Clint and he even pushes Eddy away. Before Peter can react to that, Tony nods. His underlip wobbles but he takes Eddy and kisses his nose.

“ ’s okay Eddy.” he whispers and then looks at Bucky and Steve.

“We don’t want to play with you, Baby!” says Steve and this time Tony sits down and cries. Peter is there in a second.

“Wilson! Coulson!” he says angrily and picks Tony up.

“Steve we don’t say something like that!” says Sam and he seems angry at that, too. Coulson takes Clints dolls away.

In exactly ten seconds Clint and Steve start crying. And a moment later Bucky starts crying, too.

Peter groans.

“Hey its okay bambino. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Tony sniffles. It takes Peter half an hour to calm him down.


Later that night he comes with some dinner for him and Tony in their room and sees the little one on the ground with Eddy.

“ ’s okay Eddy. Nobody liked me before.” says Tony and wipes some tears away.

Peter nearly throws the food on the ground.


The next days he spends all his time with Tony. And he always makes sure that Tony feels loved.

Tony giggles the whole week. He is always happy and never says no or breaks something. He is just a cute little boy who needs attention.

The guardians show up on friday and Tony adores them.

“What is that in his hand?” asks Rocket and Tony holds Eddy up.

“Thats baby you!” giggles Tony and Rocket growls.

“A Raccoon stuffed animal? Really?” he asks Peter who only shrugs. Tony giggles.

“Tony what did you told me when i said we should name the raccoon rocket.” asks Peter and grins.

“ ’s not a good name for a raccoon.” giggles Tony and Rocket gasps.

“What did he say?” asks Rocket and Tony taps his nose.

“ but ’s good name for you.” says Tony and Rocket stops for a moment.

“Why are you so cute?” asks Rocket then and Tony shrugs.

“Am i cute?” he asks and Peter nods.

And how cute he is!

scared of the dark - boyfriend!tom

Summary: Your love of horror movies comes back to bite you in the butt.

It was finally October 1st, the start of your favorite month of the year, full of apple picking, bonfires, and, most importantly, Halloween. You loved haunted houses and horror movies, even though they always scared the shit out of you for about 24 hours afterward.

You’d convinced Tom to watch a really scary movie that night “to get in the October spirit.”

“Ready?” you asked, switching the living room lights off and sitting criss cross on your couch next to him with a bowl of popcorn in your lap.

“As I’ll ever be,” he rolled his eyes with a small smile. He wasn’t the biggest fan of horror films, but he’d indulge you on occasion.

You hit play and eerie music began loudly blaring from the television across from you. You turned your head and met his eyes, wiggling your eyebrows at him and bringing a handful of popcorn to your mouth.

Half an hour into the movie, you were both squished into the couch corner, you sitting between his legs with his arms around your middle.

“I’m glad I’m between you and the couch. That way if someone comes for us I can sacrifice you first,” he said.

You smacked his knee jokingly but also pulled his arms tighter around you, as the movie was starting to really get creepy.

A little over an hour later and your hands were covering your face, and Tom had one eye open half hiding his face in your hair as the movie ended and the credits rolled.

“That was horrifying,” you commented, rushing up out of Tom’s lap to stop the scary choral voices in the background of the credits and to hit the light switch on the wall.

“Um, yes. I don’t know how you enjoy that stuff.”

“It’s an adrenaline rush!!” you exclaimed, bouncing on your toes.

You moved back to the couch, climbing back on his lap, but facing him now. “Nothing better than a little adrenaline to get you going,” you spoke slowly, kissing his jaw.

He laughed out loud as he wrapped his arms around you, pressing you into his chest. “You might be right about that,” he chuckled, sliding his hands under your shirt and over your back. You pulled back and kissed him hard on the mouth and squealed as he flipped you over onto your back.

“Shhhh,” he laughed, running his nose along your jaw.. “It’s late. Gene and Lorraine are gonna think someone’s actually come to murder us,” he said, referring to your elderly neighbors who you could always hear from your living room.

“You’re right,” you whispered, “my bad.” After kissing him again, you pulled your tshirt off over your head, exposing your breasts. “We’ll just have to be veryyy quiet,” you spoke.

“Mhmm,” he hummed. “I think some of us,”- he paused to kiss between your breasts - “i.e. you,” - he kissed over your left breast - “might have more trouble with that,” - another kiss - “than others,” - he finished, sucking your nipple into his mouth.

“Hey! I can’t help it,” you laughed.

“I know,” he smiled. “I love it.”

His lips met yours again.

You woke up in bed later, your head on Tom’s chest. His arm rested beneath you with a hand under your tshirt, pressed to your lower back. You rolled away from him to look at the clock, and in his sleep Tom rolled to face away from you. The clock read 3:30 AM.

You were really thirsty. You always brought a glass of water with you to bed, but your mind hadn’t exactly been focused on your nighttime routine when you’d moved to the bedroom earlier. You pulled the covers off of your legs with a sigh, knowing you wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep until you had some water. Just before your feet hit the ground, however, your mind flashed to an image from the movie you’d watched earlier when a demonic presence pulled a character’s ankles from under a bed. Your heart quickened and you pulled your legs back up and under the covers. You knew it was stupid to be afraid to walk to the kitchen, but the mind does crazy things - especially in the middle of the night after watching a horror movie.

After a couple minutes of trying to coach yourself into getting up, you turned to Tom.

“Hey,” you whispered, rubbing his shoulder.

“Hm,” he grunted.

“Will you go get me a glass of water?”

“Nnnn. You’ve legs,” he murmured.

“I know but I’m scared,” you said.

“So am I, you made me watch that stupid movie.”

“Pleeeease?” you whine, sliding your arm around his waist, spooning him.

“Unh-unh,” he said, turning and pulling your hand off of his stomach, holding you by the wrist. “You’re willing to sacrifice me to the demons! No way I’m getting water for you.”

“But it’s your fault I forgot.”

“You initiated.”

“You moved it to the bedroom preemptively.”

“You made us watch the movie in the first place.”

“You agreed to it.”

“You…..suck,” he said, dropping your wrist and turning back over.

You moved back into position to spoon him and he didn’t protest this time.

“Please please please my brave strong boyfriend who I love to the ends of the Earth,” you said, making your last-ditch effort.

“Hmmm, let me think….” he mused as you kissed across his back and shoulder. “Nope.”

He let out an amused chuckle as you gave up with a huff, steeled yourself for a second, and marched to the kitchen, turning on the hallway, living room, and kitchen lights as quickly as you could as you went.

You grabbed a cup from the cabinet and pressed it to the filtered water dispenser on the front of the fridge. You skipped the ice because it would cause too much noise (clearly attracting anything hiding out in your apartment to harm you). “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon,” you muttered as the cup filled with water agonizingly slowly.

You switched each light off and speed walked back to your bedroom, your heart racing. When you closed the door behind you, the bathroom door opened and you were so surprised you screamed, clapping a hand over your mouth the instant you realized it was just Tom after taking a leak.

“I could kill you right now,” you panted as he sleepily laughed at you, reaching for the water in your hands.

“Excuse you,” you chastised as you held the water out of his reach. “You can get your own.”

And with that, you plopped back into bed.


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Cure (2)

Bucky Barnes x reader

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, memory loss, recuperating, fluff, angst and obviously, eventually: smut.

Summary: Bucky comes back from a mission, not remembering who he is or who anyone else is. He doesn’t remember Steve, Natasha or the woman he loves. She does immediately catch his eye, though. He thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, and he’s not afraid to say it in front of people he doesn’t know anyway. What does he have to lose? As far as he knows, he has nothing. On top of being somewhere he doesn’t remember ever being and being stared at by people who seem to know him, but he doesn’t know in return, he hears a voice in his own head. Because, of course, he must be insane.

A/N: This might hurt a little. Just a little. 

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It’s weird, waking up not knowing where you are. It took me a while to remember what happened last night, and it took me even longer to realise that I’m not alone in this bed; even when I’m curled around the warm body next to me, my arms around her waist and my face nuzzled into the back of her neck.

She smells familiar. She smells like.. home.

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chapter 3: I’ll take my chances // Shawn Mendes


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Authors note: What do you guys think? Should Shawn still be a jerk to her or should he start to warm up to her? TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME

Recap: “I’ll see you next time.” He grins at me while I stare indifferently at him. “Y/n.”
I slammed the door. There was no way in hell that the arrogant man who was just in my room was my soulmate. Not unless someone stuffed something up.

“Mum?” I ask, looking up at her from my yogurt and granola breakfast. It was the morning after the visit from my soulmate- who I still didn’t know the name of.

“Yes Sweetie?” She turns to me from where she stands by the sink, washing the dishes.

“Is it possible that a match can be a mistake?” I bite my lip, awaiting her answer.

Her eyebrows scrunch in confusion. “Not at all, Y/n. Why do you ask that?” 

I push the oats around with my spoon, feeling disappointed. “I just saw a match the other day and they’re the complete opposite of each other. In any other world I think they wouldn’t have even spared each other a glance.”

She hums, thinking it over. “Sometimes the soulmate system is like that. We put people together who some may think would never work. Yes we take appearances into consideration, but it’s really about what’s on the inside.” She sends me a small smile. “We don’t just mix and match Y/n, you know that the matching officials spend months picking the perfect pairs. Occasionally we get soulmates where we wonder did we make the right decision or will they even work?”

“So there could be mistakes?” I ask hopefully, and she pauses, scanning my expression curiously.

“I wouldn’t bet on it Honey. We never make errors. The human race depends on the system too much for us to stuff things up.”

I nod absentmindedly. “What if one of them was hell-bent on never having a soulmate?” I ask quietly, feeling a weight on my chest.

“You’re asking a lot of unusual questions today. Are you feeling okay?” Mum asks, wiping the suds off her hands and walking over to me.

“Yeah, I guess I’m just nervous to meet my soulmate. What do I do if he doesn’t want me.” My voice is so quiet now and I fear that if I raise it, I’ll start crying.

“Honey, you can’t think like that. That is the worst case scenario that you’re thinking of.” She leans over the counter top of the breakfast bar to stroke a piece of hair behind my ear.

“If that does happen, here’s what you’re going to do.” She has a determined look in her eyes and I know that I’m in for a good pep talk.

“What am I going to do?” I grin at her and she holds my hands, keeping my gaze.

“You’re going to walk right up to your soulmate and say, “Its too bad that you don’t want me because I am the greatest girl you’re ever going to get! No one’s going to treat you the way I’do treat you and there’s no way in hell that you’d find a girl who would love you the way I’d love you.” I laugh, shaking my head at my Mum’s attempt to cheer me up.

“If that doesn’t work just slap a little sense into him.” She winks at me and I smile, shaking my head.

“You’re crazy Mum,” 

“Hey! We share the same DNA so you’re calling yourself crazy.” She scolds me and I get up, putting my bowl by the sink.

As I’m about to leave I say the one thing I know that will rile her up more than anything. Chucking a grin at her I call “People say I look more like Dad. Your genes are weak!”

I think a plate might have smashed.

A knocking on my door breaks my concentration from the book I was reading. I still, waiting to hear the sound again. More knocking persists and I feel my stomach flip. The sound wasn’t coming from my bedroom door, it was the one leading to my patio.

It was dark outside, my alarm clock reading 9:36.  I peel the covers off my body, goosebumps appearing on my bare legs, my sleep attire only consisting of a large t shirt and some pajama shorts. Creeping over to the door, I peek out of the curtains.

My soulmate stands on the other side of the glass, an unimpressed look on his face. He mouths something and I stare at him, confused. 

“What?” I say, pulling the curtains away. He points at the door and I smirk, finally understanding what he wants.

“You want to come inside?” I say smugly, placing my hands on my hips. He nods once, shoving his hands into his jean pockets and rocking back on his heels. Surprise, surprise, he was wearing all black again.

I wave good bye at him, and a look of shock appears on his face just as the curtain covers him. I grin as I walk back to my bed, feeling triumph as I was the one who got to walk away this time.

My doorknob rattles and I sit back on my bed, confident that in a few minutes he’d be gone. Once again, it looks like I’ve underestimated my soulmate.

The door opens, a chilly air brushing over my legs. My match slides through, his hair a ruffled mess atop his head.

“That wasn’t very nice of you Princess.” He grins, shutting the door behind him.

“I don’t want to know how you got in, again.” I tell him, picking my book back up to read, intent on ignoring his presence.

“I came all this way to see you and you’re just going to ignore me?” He pouts cheekily and I close my novel calmly. Getting back up, I prowl towards my match.

“So you finally come crawling back to your soulmate? Thought you didn’t want me?” I taunt, waiting for his reply of disinterest to hit me. My words seem to roll off him however.

“I don’t.” He states, yet for a second he looked unsure. I stare back at him, my mother’s words filling my mind.

“Listen here Match.” I spit, stepping closer to him. “Its too bad that you don’t want me because I am the greatest girl you will ever get.” He doesn’t say anything, just waits for me to continue. 

“You are missing out on the best thing that could ever happen to you. No one’s going to treat you the way I’d treat you and there’s no way in hell that you’d find a girl who would love you the way I’d love you.” 

It’s silent, and my cheeks heat in embarrassment from my outburst. He grips my chin softly, forcing me to meet his hazel eyes. He’s close enough that I could kiss him if I wanted to. I hold my breath waiting for his response.

Leaning close enough that our noses brush he whispers, “I’ll take my chances”, then he’s gone and I’m left standing there wondering what the heck just happened.

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Comatose-Chapter 8

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

The days had flown by in a haze of color. Days filled with sparring and forced laughter, with trying to be the person you once were. You had forced yourself to feel, to smile, to laugh, and you were slowly making progress. Lately, it had been less about forcing and more about living. You could surprise yourself by laughing without having to think that maybe you should first. The numbness was still there, but it was less. The wall was weaker. Day by day you had gotten better, closer to who you once had been.

Ultimately, you felt ready to go on missions again, which had brought you to your current predicament.

Grabbing your assailant by the hair, you bash his head into the wall twice before dropping him to the floor. Daintily stepping over him, you make your way into the room containing the servers. It was supposed to be a simple recon mission, but, as usual, you had encountered more resistance than you thought there would be. Inserting the flash drive into the USB port, you start the download, while straining your senses for any movement outside. Which is why it takes you a minute to notice the intel that is flashing across the screen, currently being downloaded.

You suck in a sharp breath as you  backtrack through the files. What the hell? Panic mounting, you scan the information as quickly as you can. Your movements are jerky as you detach the flash drive, and make your way back to the jet as quickly as you can. A few stragglers get in your way but are dispatched with a flurry of movement or a flick of power.

Stepping onto the jet, you nod at Logan when he asks if you got what you came for. Plopping down in the seat opposite him, you let out a long defeated sigh.

“You alright kiddo?” he  asks worriedly.

Raising your gaze to his, you swallow down the lump forming in your throat. “No. We have a problem. We need to get back ASAP.” Urgency bleeds into your tone. Logan studies you intently for a moment before nodding once and turning his attention back to flying the jet.

Thirty minutes later, you hurry through the mansion, desperately needing to get to Charles. You spot him speaking with Storm and send out a mental call. He pauses briefly, nods minutely, and excuses himself from Storm. You trail behind him, fear for the people you love setting off every nerve in your body, making you jumpy.

“We have a problem,” you say, once the doors to his office have closed behind you. As you plonk your butt into a chair, the exhaustion you feel is palpable, worming its way into your mind. “I found a classified op outlining an attack on the Mansion, Charles.They intend to kidnap me and morph my power into something dark. They want another phoenix.”

He stares at you for a full ten seconds. “Who does?” he finally asks.

“Hydra. They want to use me to take out the Avengers. They have plans to launch an assault on the compound and recapture the Winter Soldier.” Pinching the bridge of your nose you forge on. “They want to use us against each other, Charles. They want to use me against James.” Breath hitching in your throat, you try your best to quell the tide of tears threatening to stem over. Not now, you think. You’ve been so numb for so long, you don’t need the return of these feelings now. Not now when feeling nothing makes things easier. If you let the fear in, let the emotions return now, you will break. And if you break… will you ever be able to patch yourself back together?

“We must warn them,” Charles replies. “And we must get you to safety.”

“I am not sitting idly by while the people I love are in danger, Charles!” you snap. You need to do something, be in the action, or you’ll go crazy. If you’re too still, you’ll feel and lose what little control you’ve gained these last weeks.

“What do you propose we do, (y/n)?” he inquires.

Steeling yourself for your next words, you breathe deeply before you reply, “I need to go back. I have to help.” He makes to protest but you hold up your hand. “I have to do this, Charlie.”

Though he sighs, Charles nods able to understand your needs, perhaps even better than you can with how he’s been in your head lately chip, chip, chipping away at your walls.. Placing his fingers against his temple he sends out a call for Logan.

The silence stretches between you while you await Logan’s arrival, each deeply absorbed in your own thoughts. You hear the tell-tale shuffle of Logan outside the door, and a small smile plays on your lips. He throws open the door without knocking, cigar dangling from his lips, hair in disarray, and grease stains covering him from the waist up.There isn’t an inch of skin on his forearms which isn’t covered in some kind of black stain, and his once white wife-beater is now a murky, sweat stained grey with patches of black where he’d clearly wiped his hands.

You quirk a brow at him, lips twitching, and playfully quip, “No time for a shower?”  

He cocks a brow and chews on the end of his cigar, the look on his face the one that calls you smartass without needing to voice the word. “Trying to get me outta my clothes already, sweetheart?” he shoots back, a smirk spreading around the mangled cigar. You roll your eyes but Charles clears his throat meaningfully before you get a chance to fire back.

“I have an errand for you and (Y/n),” he says, putting an end to your bickering. The spoilsport.

Logan groans knowing instinctively he’s not going to like whatever this errand will be. Finally removing the cigar from his lips, he mutters, “Ah hell.”

Twenty minutes, and one awkward phonecall to Tony later, you head for your shower as Logan heads for his. Stripping off your soiled combat suit, you step under the spray, allowing the hot water to massage some of the tension out of your tight shoulders. You know that going back to the compound will open wounds not yet healed, hurts not yet dealt with, but you had little choice in the matter.

Staying at the mansion would put the children and your family in danger. Sure they were special children, but they were nowhere near ready to be X-men, and Charles could take care of himself, but that didn’t mean you would let him if leaving made that choice unnecessary. You had to leave, and you had to warn The Avengers. It wasn’t an ideal situation, but you had little choice in the matter. Still, if you spent an extra ten minutes hiding out in your shower, not yet ready to face what was coming, who was going to call you on it?

Stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a towel you make your way into your bedroom. Logan is leaning against the opposite wall, your bags packed at his feet. You wonder if he even washed the grease off, or if it was just hidden under the long sleeved plaid shirt for no one that dirty could get ready that fast without cutting a few corners.

“I’ll be ten minutes,” you inform him. He grunts his understanding, a very Logan thing to do. It helps you feel the tiniest bit better. Like this is all normal and you can get through what comes next. “Thank you for packing for me.”

He arches a brow in your direction. “Are you gonna be alright, kid?” he asks hesitantly. “I don’t know if going back there is the best decision for ya.”

Sighing, you step behind a screen to change. “What choice do I have, Logan? Should I let them burn? Become what everyone is afraid I will become?” Zipping up the fly of you jeans you reach for the bra hanging over the top of the screen. “I will not stay out of this fight. I will protect the people I care for. No matter the cost.” Pulling a shirt over your head, you step out from behind the screen.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Your eyes dart to Logan and immediately lock with his. They’re hard, hot with the anger in them. But you can see the fear living there, the desperation hidden behind layers of gruffness and his ‘I don’t care’ attitude which isn’t fooling anyone. The guy’s got a marshmallow center, soft and gooey, and he’s afraid. Afraid that he’ll be called on to do the unthinkable a second time.

A flash of memory flits through your mind, but instead of Jean standing before him, his claws through her body, it’s you standing on that hill. You shake your head to clear the image. There’s only one problem with his fear. Those claws of his, while painful, can’t kill you.

Nodding slowly, you walk across the room, reminded with every step just what a predator he can be as he straightens up to loom large, seeming to suck the air from the room with his determined scowl. Reaching for his hand, you pass a feather light caress over his knuckles. Over the claws which have taken more lives than either of you care to count. He curls his hand into a fist, pulling it away. A warning growl rises in his chest. An argument is brewing, one you stop by placing your finger against his lips.

When his silence is guaranteed, you shift your fingers to the stubble of his cheek. Coarse hair, rough beneath your fingertips, leads up into his sideburns. Brushing your thumb over his cheekbone, you feel him relax under the soft touch, a wild thing tamed for the moment and willing to listen. “Logan. I’m not Jean. I won’t fail in this. I’m not her. You’re not going to have to make that sacrifice. Not again.”

His eyes search yours, holding you there, looking deep for something that you can’t define. When his piercing gaze darkens, the hard eyes filling with an emotion that isn’t fear or anger, but another that you aren’t sure you wish to name, you freeze before the suddenly hunting Wolverine. It shocks you further when his hand closes around the nape of your neck. The other bands across your back, and he jerks you to him. His mouth is on yours, hot, hard, demanding. Searing through you. Kissing you with an intensity long forgotten. When he lifts his head, you inhale hard, your lungs desperate for air. Heart beating wildly in your chest, you stare up at him in shock and can only think, Fuck…

Logan smirks a wide grin and runs his hand through your hair. “Alright, let’s get moving,” he says, grabbing up your bags and striding purposefully from the room with a nonchalance you envy, as if he hadn’t just kissed you breathless.

He leaves you standing alone, wondering what the hell just happened.

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Silent Treatment

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Language
A/N: So I know not all readers are short, I will be making one specifically for tall readers in the near future so don’t worry if this doesn’t apply to you!!!


“I just don’t get it, Y/N, how did you even see above the wheel to pass the test?” Peter asked, a grin on his lips when you frowned, glaring at him.

You had only been in the car with him for a minute and he was already making a crack on your height. It wasn’t typical, but lately he’d seem to notice how much it pissed you off, and if there was anything Peter loved, it was getting a rise out of you.

Right now you were giving him a ride home from a study session, this being the first time you drove him since you got your license (not that you didn’t do it before, but May and your parents didn’t need to know that).

“I moved the chair up, dumbass,” you snapped back, “At least I can drive now, you’re still stuck with a permit.”

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Crave // Werewolf Shawn // Part Two

Part One 

Part One Recap:

Shawn finally has his fill and moves away from you. He crawls over you, leg between yours, his thigh pressed against you. “Come over if you ever need anything,” he says and kisses your taste into your own mouth before getting off the bed and leaving your apartment.

You run into Shawn in the elevator on your way to the gym two days later. The doors open and he’s standing there in his shorts and a black tank top, just coming back from the gym. Your mouth goes dry. Thoughts of the night before flooding your mind, making you flush hot from head to toe. It’s only been a few seconds since the doors opened but it may as well have been ages. You’re already turned on and he knows. You know he knows.

“Hi,” Shawn grins at you. “Didn’t think I’d see you so soon.”

“I-I’m going to take the stairs,” you mumble, turning to head for the stairwell. It would take much longer than the elevator but it was extra cardio. Perfect. Just what you needed, some heart pounding cardio to distract you from Shawn. Too bad you weren’t going to get it.

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(Single!Chris Pratt because yeah. Also, go easy on me with requests for tomorrow cause I have to write a long part of my Jurassic World/Supernatural crossover!)

“And… action!” the director shouted and both you and Chris got into characters.

You were filming the scene of where your character was pleading with Chris’ character, Owen, to not go out to hunt the I-Rex with the Raptors.

“You are not going to do this. I am not going to let you do this Owen” you spoke in a low and firm voice.

“(Y/n)” he let out a sigh “I know that this is dangerous but I have to do this, it is the only way. There are so many lives at risk here!”

“And what about your life Owen?! What about you?! You can’t do this Owen, please” you took hold of his shoulders as tears started welling up in your eyes “You might die out there" 

Owen let out a sad sigh and wrapped his arms around you "I know, (Y/c/n). I know. But it must be done.” he pulled away from you.

“No, no Owen please. I’m begging you. Please don’t do this” your lower lip trembled “I can’t- I can’t be without you. Please I can’t stand the chance of losing you” you chocked on fake-tears.

“I’m sorry, but I have to. Those people depend on me” his voice was low and rough.

“B-but no, Owen, no. I love you!” you said desperately and suddenly you saw something flash through Chris’ eyes. It was supposed to happen because it was actually the first time your character said that she loved Owen but this- the flash through Chris’ eyes was something completely different.

“I know” he said walking again back close to you, but still leaving space between the two of you.

“And I love you too. More than anything else in this world” he said with a soft smile on his face. A completely unlike Owen smile for that matter. 

“Uh wha-” you didn’t utter more words as Chris kept talking.

“And it is funny cause I never thought I would ever love a woman as much as I love you” he added with a soft chuckle and you visibly frowned more.

“Uh has there been any additions to the script and I didn’t know?” you asked with an awkward laugh as you looked around you at the crew and director, breaking character. This was not how the scene was supposed to go.

Chris as Owen would just say ‘I know’ with a soft smirk and then leave as (Y/c/n) still pleaded with him. Certainly not this. But none of the people on the crew made any move as to stop him so… what the hell was going on?

“And… this may sound crazy but well uh…” he laughed rather nervously and took hold of your hand. He bent down on one knee and your eyes widened.

“Uh Chris… what are you doing?” you asked your boyfriend in disbelief.

“(Y/n)” he said your name rather than your character’s “I know we haven’t been very long together, only two years, but I’ve known you for so long that I think- no, no I am sure that we were meant to be. Even if you had to practically torture me before saying yes to a date with me” he said with a laugh and you chuckled slightly as well “But that does not matter. It wouldn’t be you if I didn’t have to try for months to get you to go out. And honestly… I loved it. I loved it more than I thought I ever would just like I loved you more than I thought I ever would. And I know that… I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So… I am just going to ask you cause the sooner the better-” he said taking in a deep breath and letting go of your hand he searched through his pockets.

He soon found what he was looking for and soon took a small red velvet box out of his pocket and held it in front of you opening it “(Y/n) will you marry me?” he asked with an unsure smile.

Your breath hitched on your throat as you felt your heart lip to your throat. Your eyes widened as you looked around you at everybody else that was looking at you with expecting looks.

You turned your head to look at Chris and a wide smile spread on your lips as the tears that had welled up in your eyes from your previous acting now rolled down. They were happy tears.

“Yes, Chris. Yes” you breathed out and a wide grin spread on his face as he took the ring and put it on your finger, soon wrapping his arms around you, just like you did, and spinning you around.

Everybody clapped and cheered around you. Chris pulled just slightly away to look at you, his own eyes glistening with tears as he bent down to kiss your lips softly.

He pulled completely away as he turned to look at everybody else and taking hold of your hand he lifted it in the air, the huge smile never leaving his face.


Dating Zach Herron Would Include

  1. “How are you going to reach it if we’re the same height?”
  2. Started off as friends but ended up realizing you both had intense feelings
  3. Him spamming you with snaps of him using weird filters
  4. “Zach, stop looking at me like that.”
  5. Holding hands all of the time
  6. Lots of shirtless snaps from him
  7. Karaoke nights
  8. “We’re such goals.”
  9. Him posting pictures of you on his Instagram with the cutest captions
  10. “Can we sleep just a little more?”
  11. Him mocking dancing while he’s performing on stage
  12. Zach would have the cutest morning voice honestly 
  13. And even though he’s tiny, he gives the best bear hugs
  14. Never fails to make you happy even on the worst days.
  15. “Stop making weird faces like that, someones going to think you’re crazy.” “I am crazy, for you.”
  16. “Stop calling me cute, I’m manly.”
  17. Tickle fights that usually end up with him being pinned down under you
  18. He doesn't mind kissing you in front of anyone, he wants people to know he loves you
  19. Bunch of cute nicknames that he calls you but his favorite is baby girl
  20. “I love you always.”
700 Celebration (7/100)

Request: Anonymous: “62 and 66 Steve Rogers!”

62. “Do you ever get tired of being perfect?”

66. “That was ONE time!”

A/N: I’m going to start adding the tag list to these, since they’re definitely not drabbles at this point. I don’t know what this gif is; I couldn’t find a good one for this.

Originally posted by susanneleist

You had been cooped up in your room for the better part of two days. You weren’t sick, injured, exhausted, or grieving. You were avoiding someone.

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Seokjin: Seokjin would be slow. Savoring every little thing about you. The whole thing would start with a small kiss and then a little bigger one. All the way until he told you to lay down and he kissed down your naked form. Seokjin would love you in this state, especially if he was still partly dressed. Be it a shirt or just pants, if you were completely bare under him and he still had something on he’d get off on it. Seokjin would hum and groan a lot to let you know just how good you tasted for him. His fingers would slowly trace around your body and if he used them, lord help you girl. The shape of his fingers would hit you in all the right places and have you whining like nothing else. If you got too needy he might tie you to the bed or make you promise not to move. He would curl his fingers and move them slowly as he hummed into your folds and licked you clean. Seokjin would deny your orgasm constantly. Pulling his fingers out, he’d look at your juices on them as your orgasm slipped away. “Here,” He’d say as he sat up and brought his fingers down to your lips. “Don’t you taste amazing?” Seokjin would groan when you nodded around his fingers. He would let you suck them clean before lowering himself and returning to your heat. Seokjin would suck on you as you came and then lick up your folds as you continue down from your high. He’d look over you smaller frame lick his lips as he readied you for what he wanted in return.

Yoongi: I have a theory. Min Yoongis tongue holds the power of the universe. As soon as his tongue touches your skin, you’ll know exactly what I mean. He’ll have you groaning, gripping, arching your back so high and moaning his name as he worked you. Yoongi would use his hands a lot with his tongue, rather it be by pushing into you when he sucked up your clit or pulling on your perk nipples. He would do anything to get you make those little sounds for him that you would otherwise try to hold in. Yoongi likes a challenge, he’s not going to want it to be easy to get you scream so every little sound you made would boost Yoongis ego and make him really want to continue. At his own pace always. If you begging him to move faster or for more of his fingers he would groan but only let in when he wanted to. Your back would start bending again and Yoongis hand would be on your stomach holding you down and with a simple flex, it would still you. The pressure of him holding you would make you moan and squirm even more, causing another groan to enter your core. Yoongi would lick up your folds once when you came on his tongue and he’d come up to kiss your clit. After a little face holding and a passionate kiss he’d expect for you to start on him.

Hoseok: Hoseok would lay you on he bed really sweetly and then kiss down your body removing unnecessary clothing on the way. When he finally made it to your aching needy core he’d kiss you steadily. Hoseok would do this until you were practically begging him. Your hips would be pushing up and your thighs would be trying to squeeze together but they would never touch because his hands would be holding you open for him. He’d ask you to touch yourself and when he started really groaning at the way you pulled on your own nipples he’d lower his head and start eating you out. He’d start off easy to let your orgasm build slowly. Hoseok would have his hands, palms up on either side of your body so you had something to hold onto if you needed. He would little by little start going faster. His tongue going deeper and deeper as you got louder and louder. Hoseok would groan as you came around him and he would start to kiss back up your body while his fingers pet your heat to get your second orgasm building before he took his clothes off and had you in another way.

Namjoon: Lets see.. Namjoon would talk you up first, so you’d be nice and juicy for him. Namjoon could get carried away and start going really fast but when he realizes it he’ll slow down and lick you slower. Eye contact would be big for Namjoon, he’d want to see your face and reaction to what he was doing to you. Although Namjoon would love eye contact he wouldn’t force if you looked away to groan he’d still take it as a compliment but if you want him going crazy, look at him. His hands would be on your pelvic bones to feel when you bucked into him. He wouldn’t hold you down because he’d really want to feel you shake and when you came he would hum on your folds and lick you with his eyes closed. Namjoon would hold your shaking form and watch you pant, getting off on what he had done to you.

Jimin: Imagine Jimin getting you to strip and lay across the width of the bed with your head hanging over the side. He’d always compliment how good you looked. “Do you have any idea how fucking hot you look right now, Y/N?” he’d say or “You look so sexy for me, Y/N.” Jimin would be hard when he called you into the room and suggested you laying over the bed. His hand would come to your neck as he guides himself into your mouth. Jimin would hold your neck as he moved the way he wanted to. Hard and fast. If you cough or gag he’ll just continue with a groan. Your hands would come to his wrist and the felling of you holding onto him so tightly would cause him to groan and moan even more. After he was done you would be all hot from the things he had said to you so he would go between your legs to see just how wet for him.  He’d kiss your tummy and thighs before starting on you. Jimin would fucking love eye contact. Especially if you were watching him and the he looked up and caught you looking at him. Jimin would smile and giggle into your core and when he wasn’t doing that he’d be all fucking sexy and you’d scratch at his dark shoulders and he’d groan at the slight pain. His hands would be pulling you forward and pushing your hips into the bed as he pulled on your clit. You’d scream his name as you came and he’d groan at the sound before riding you down your high like you had him.

Taehyung: OMG  Taehyung would love to surprise you with oral and I don’t mean like when you guys are already having sex. No, I’m talking about him just watching you walk around through the halls or getting everything ready for tomorrow and then he’s behind you; dragging you to bed or to the sofa. “What’s going on Tae?” you’d ask and then he’d have you in front of the bed or sofa and say “Just lay down, Y/N. I want to take care of you.” AGFGSA His hands would be literally anywhere he could get them. Taehyung would groan into you as he worked you with his tongue and you would moan at the feeling. He’d even try to talk to you but he wouldn’t bring his head up enough and his comments would be lost in your core and it would drive you fucking crazy. Taehyungs hands would hold to your thighs or sides as you pushed up against him. He would love any sound or movement you made. Taehyung would smile when you came around him and he’d kiss up your body before holding you in his arms and kissing your shoulder or collarbones. “How was that, baby?” He’d ask, already knowing the answer.

Jungkook: Girl. Jungkooks curiosity is so on your side when it comes to oral. I am not at all saying he’s inexperienced and shy. I’m saying this boy will be doing his research on what makes you go crazy and he will use all of his studies to have to out of breath and shaking by the time he’s done with you. Jungkook would get off on sitting up and realizing how good of a job he had done. He would curl his fingers and slurp up your wetness (LOUDLY I might as well add) as you arch your back for more. His hands would be holding your ass or the back of your thighs to get him as close to you as he could get. Jungkook would let you push your hips into his face and pull his hair as much as you’d like. He’d invite it even, but don’t think that will help you too much. Jungkook knows just how to keep you orgasm away and he would until he was done having his fun. He probably wouldn’t realize when you came right off but he’d hear your different panting style and look up at you. The image of your hair sticking to your face along with your arms laid out beside you and your heavy breathing would do so much to him. 


Prompt: One day, you accidentally made a symbol to summon a demon on your sandwich and Crowley pops up.

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

A/N: Hey guys! It’s been a while. School is a pain in the ass but I think I’ll survive. I liked the prompt of this and the last bit was a little extra part I decided to add. My requests are open it’ll only take me a billion years to even write it lol

Tag List: @charley1979 @gettinjoyful @roxy-davenport Sorry if I missed someone, tell me and I’ll add you onto the list

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

You just got home from a long day at the office. Your feet ache and you have a giant headache. You just got out of a bath you ran for yourself and now you trudge your way into the kitchen. There’s no problem that a little bit of food can’t fix. 

Moving around in some underwear and an oversized t-shirt, you started pulling things out from the cupboards and the fridge, getting all the ingredients you needed for a quick little sandwich. Assembling it together in record time, you grab some mayo and started smearing it around on your slice of bread. Not minding where you were placing it, you kept smearing it until it was covered. 

“Hello, darling.” A deep voice grumbled from behind you. You let out a yelp and jumped nearly 5 feet into the air. Twirling around, still holding your butter knife in one hand and your piece of bread in the other, you come face to face with a man in a black tailored suit with a red tie.

He was quite taller than you as he stood there with his hands in his pockets. You looked at him with wide eyes as you squeaked, “How did you get in here?” He raised an eyebrow at you and gave you a questioning look.  

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Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 17

Summary: The reader and Jensen fly together back to LA,

Author: sleepywinchester {prev; deanwinchester-af}

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Gen and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader (Nina Dobrev = Faceclaim)

Words: 1.3k+

Warnings: Angst.

Beta: @waywardlullabies


Note: Hope you guys like this one!!!

Title: For Our Daughter’s Sake


Instead of having your mother fly to San Diego with JJ, Jensen traveled back to Los Angeles with you. Having JJ around wasn’t the smartest idea with all the media that was in San Diego.

It felt weird being next to him for the short flight. There was so much history between the two of you, yet neither could form a non-awkward sentence.

“Do you think we can make this co-parenting work?” Jensen broke the silence.

You looked at him, “I mean… We have to. For JJ.”

Jensen’s eyes lit up at the sound of her name. “Yeah,” he smiled slightly. “I miss her.”

“She really misses you,” you said. “She always says da-da all around.”

He smiled, glad his daughter haven’t forget about him. You guys didn’t talked much the rest of the flight. Once in LA, you two drove straight back to your place.

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The Girl Across the Hall // 2

Request: Girl Across the Hall Part 2 (requested multiple times)
Pairing: Peter Parker + Reader
Notes: :-) thanks for enjoying this enough to request a second part!! I honestly didn’t expect it to go over as well as it did!!

Part One

Peter had been routinely going over to your apartment twice a week for a month and half to tutor you in Science. He had grown quite curious as to why you had requested him as a tutor in the first place. So far you had understood everything you had gone over and your quizzes in the class came back almost perfect. He hadn’t questioned it because you enjoyed the small time he had with you. Granted, he never used any of that time to get to know you. He found he was much more confident when he was just talking about science. If you had tried to steer the conversation toward anything else, he’d fumble over his words and his calm persona was gone.

Truthfully, his favorite part was when neither of you spoke a word. He was able to absorb every detail of you through the various personal belongings adorning your bedroom. He took in favor the CD’s sprawled across the small bookshelf above your bed, he admired your DVD collection, seeing a few of his favorites as well, and he caught a glimpse of the doodles in your notebook whenever you were doing homework that he had already finished prior to coming over. He was beginning to fall in love with you all over again.

It was Thursday night – pizza night – and he was on his way to his apartment when he realized that he would be eating pizza alone that night. May had an extra shift tonight that Peter had forgotten about. You took notice when he came to a complete stop at your door. You almost didn’t say anything, already assuming you’d only get silence in return like you always did. But, when you saw the way his shoulders slumped you decided to speak up.

“Something the matter, Peter?”

He turned around to look at you, the questioning face you’d given him made him smile, just the slightest. “Yeah, it’s just- I mean, it’s nothing.”

“Peter,” he turned around to look at you once more, a pleading look taking place now.

“I forgot that my aunt wasn’t going to be home, and it’s usually our pizza night.” He shrugged but you could tell that he was pretty bummed about it. Without a second thought you responded.

“You could have dinner with me tonight. My parents are on a business call so I’m dining alone, too.”

“I wouldn’t want to impose,” Peter tried to ignore the heat rising to his face as he thought of the idea of a casual dinner date between the two of you.

“Oh, please,” you offered him a wide smile. “You’d be saving me! Come on.” Peter ignored the heat rising through his whole body when your hand came into contact with his. He ignored the blush on both of your faces as your fingers intertwined with each others. He ignored the eruption in his stomach as you led him into your living room and sat with him on your couch, leaving nothing but less than an inch between you two. “You can pick out a movie if you want, I’ll order the pizza!”

When you left the room to fetch the phone, Peter repeated a manta in his head. It’s just pizza, stay cool. It’s just pizza, stay cool. He opted out for the first movie he saw, it was a movie called (500) Days of Summer.

“Oh! This one is one of my favorites, have you ever seen it?” He jumped slightly, not hearing you come back. He shook his head to say he hadn’t and that only caused the smile on your face to grow. “You’ll love it.” And you were right. In Peter’s mind, as soon as you had said it was one of your favorites he had already grown to love it. He’d love anything that put a smile as big as the one you were wearing now on your face.

Truthfully, you never needed a tutor. When you asked Peter to be your tutor, you were hesitant. You were worried you wouldn’t sound as convincing enough. You were afraid he wouldn’t want to do it, I mean, the boy hardly ever wanted to talk to you. Which is why when you had started asking him about it in the elevator you stopped short. But, when you found yourself accidentally pinned against the wall with him in front of you, you took it as a sign that he wanted to talk to you but hadn’t gotten around to it.

Peter Parker had always fascinated you. Three years ago when you moved in, you had noticed him sporting a Back to the Future shirt and a red flannel. Just looking at him brought color to your face. When you found out he was in most of your classes that following Monday, you became nervous. He kept to himself, but spoke passionately about every subjected he invested himself in. You found yourself getting lost in the way he spoke during class. Everything in you wished that you could listen to him lecture you about world war II and about the infinite galaxies that painted the sky.

But, you couldn’t even if you had found the courage to do so. Peter always avoided you, even with the fact of you two being neighbors. Your excuse for tutoring was your last resort. But, in your attempt to impress him with your knowledge, you failed to notice that he was catching on on the fact that you didn’t need his help.


You looked down at Peter as you sat down, having just gotten he pizza from the door. “Yes?”

“You don’t really need me as a tutor, do you?”

You froze in place, never in a million years did you ever think Peter would be bold enough o call you out, yet here you both were. Your cheeks burned a little as you tried to give him a small, embarrassed smile. You shook your head slightly, “No, not actually.”

“Then why did you ask me to tutor you? You’re really smart.” At this you both blushed.

“I just wanted a reason to talk to you.” You decided there was no use in lying anymore. You turned to face him on the couch. He hesitated but then turned to mirror you.


“What do you mean?”

Peter sighed, becoming frustrated. His mind went back to the memory of you laughing at him at your doorstep the day he came to give you your mail. “Why do you want to talk to me? Why would you want to?”

Your eyes were a little wide at his small, but sudden, outburst. “Because… well, because we’re neighbors. We go to the same school-.”

“So?” Peter couldn’t grasp the concept of why you had gone out of your way to talk to him. Sure, he had a reason, and this benefitted him. But, what was in it for you?

“So, god, I don’t know Peter. Why is it such a big deal?” You stood up and paced in front of the couch a little bit. “Do you not want me to talk to you? Do you not like me or something?”

“No!” At this Peter stood up, too. “Of course I like you! It’s hard not to. I just – I just don’t understand, I guess.”

“What do you mean, ‘of course I like you’?”

Peter looked down at his shoes, slowly sitting back on the couch. “I mean,” he sighed, shoving his face into his hands, embarrassed. “I like you. I like a lot of things about you. Everything, actually.” He hadn’t even noticed the slight dip in the couch as you sat next to him. “I’ve liked you for three years. God, I’m in love with you. But, that’s crazy right? I mean we hardly know each other.”

He stood up, this time he began to pace, he began thinking out loud, forgetting you were there to begin with. “I mean, but I do know you. Your favorite color is Maroon. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are your most stressful days – I could tell because your smile isn’t as bright and it isn’t as often. I know that you like to come straight home on Wednesday’s because you don’t like missing the Voice – I could hear you singing with the other contestant’s through the wall. You don’t like the freckle on your nose, but god, I love it. I love the way your head falls back when you laugh too hard and I love how smart you are.”

You had stood up to stand in font of him by now. Your hands on his wrist halted his rambling and his pacing. “Peter,” your voice was a whisper.

Peter, having finally realized he had said all of this out loud, retreated his hand from yours. He let his eyes drift to the front door and began walking toward it. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). That was crazy, I’m crazy. God, I’m so-.”

“Peter, shut up and come back.”

“What?” He turned around from where he stood at the door and faced you.

“You can’t tell me you love me and then not kiss me.”

“I – You – What?” You laughed lightly before walking up to him. He looked down at you. His eyes never leaving your face.

“Kiss me.” He leaned down but instead of kissing you on the lips, he hesitated and gave you one on your cheek. You laughed a little as he pulled away, shaking your head. “You missed.”

“I missed?” You nodded, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, you missed.” Your hands came up to hold his face, and you brought him down to you. You breathed out deeply as soon as you felt his lips on yours. You tightened your arms around his neck, bringing him closer to you. His arms finally wrapped themselves around your waist, walking you backwards until your back hit the closed door.

Kissing you was nothing like Peter imagined – it was so much better. He hummed in appreciation as his hands pulled at the ends of his curled hair lightly. He didn’t want to stop, so he waited until you pulled away to regain he breath, not failing to notice the slight dizziness he felt.

“I love you.” You pecked him once more before pulling away completely, your hands coming down to hold his. “I am so in love with you, Peter Parker. If you’re crazy then hell, I am, too.”

Peter smiled down at you before going in for another kiss, picking you up slightly. He couldn’t have been happier knowing that the girl across the hall had loved him, too.

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Is this alright for you babe?- Smut

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Warnings- Smut, swearing

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“Y/N! Cheryl’s here for you darling.”

“Okay Mom, I’ll be right down.” You shouted back, quickly standing from your bed picking up the beg that rested against it. It had been a while since you and Cheryl shared the bed, with her burning down her house, her Mom didn’t want her to live with her anymore, but she caved in eventually, this was actually the first time going round to her new house. 

As you walk down the stairs you were able to see her hair before anything else, a smile was soon apparent. 

You snuck up behind her, noticing how she was paying attention just scrolling on her phone,your hands wrapped around her waist, your hands slightly going underneath her top, feeling her soft skin of her stomach, you rested your chin on top of her shoulder, “Hey babe.” You whispered pressing a small kiss to her neck. She turned around, your hands still around her waist, she’s now face to face, “Hey,” Cheryl said biting her lip while her eyes scanned over my face. Her lips pressed against mine, her red lipstick leaving a trace. 

“Ehm” Your Mom cleared her throat, Cheryl and you broke apart, quickly moving to stand side by side, your face suddenly flushing red, you looked at your Mom to see her smiling, clearly loving the situation that you were in. 

Nice to see you again Mrs Y/L/N,”

“You too Cheryl, I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N be safe love you.” 

“Love you Mom.” You smiled, turning and walking out of the house hand in hand.

Once you got to Cheryl house she told you that her Mom was out of town, so it would just be you two, with a wink being sent in your direction. “You stay here Y/N I’ve got something to show you, make you self comfortable babe, I have a feeling we’ll be in here for a while.” She giggled and walked in the direction of what you assumed was her bedroom.

You sat on her sofa, thinking about all the possibilities as to what Cheryl is showing you, a figure appeared in the door way, “Is this alright for you babe?” She said all innocent like, placing her finger in between her lips, slightly biting on the nail. There she was standing in the door way, her pale skin in contrast to the khaki green lace bra, that left nothing to imagination and a small thong to match, her height exaggerated with the black knee-high boots, her hair thrown up into a messy bun with some strands loose.

Fuck yeah,” You said already slowly taking your jacket off.

She smirked, slowly walking towards you, her hands tangled in your hair, pulling it slightly at the roots, earning a low groan. You broke apart to take your t shirt off leaving the pair of you standing opposite to each other, eyes roaming, both slightly out of breath waiting to see who would make the next move. 

Stuff this,” You said diving forward, your hands reaching between the elastic of her underwear, your fingers moving down to her slit, feeling the wetness turn you on even more, you fingers started to move faster across her clit, little gentle whimpers left her lips, her other hand rested on your shoulder her grip getting tighter, her nails slightly dug in, you leaning in close,

You like that baby? You like it when I rub your clit?” You smirked looking at Cheryl seeing the euphoria that she was experiencing.

Please Y/N let me cum.” She whined clearly quite desperate.

You placed your lips onto her neck, gently sucking on the skin making it to go dark purple, you gently tugged on the clasp of her bra, giving her the sign. She wrapped one of her legs around you trying to get even more friction. Her bra fell loose, you smirked knowing this is the reaction you created.

Baby, I’m nearly there go a little faster Y/N.” Cheryl panted her body moving up and down trying to get more friction.

She started to get tighter around your fingers, you knew it wasn’t long now. You leaned closer to her ear, “Come on Cheryl, cum on my fingers show me what you can do.” 

Oh shit Y/N.” Cheryl moaned her orgasm hit her hard her nails dug into your shoulders leaving small crescents indented to your skin.

Once she came down she smiled at you leaning in and kissed you on the lips, “Thanks baby, now lets go upstairs it’s your turn.” She said biting her lip holding your hand leading the way, your clothes getting discarded along the way, the next few hours were going to be fun.

Hi guys, sorry for how long I’ve been away, some crazy shit has been happening and to the person that requested this I’m so sorry it took a while. I've got a series of requests that I am currently working on so don’t worry if you haven’t seen yours published yet. Feel free to send in more requests and my master list is over on my blog.

Good Girl Ch 31: Weekend Away

“Why do I feel like I’m being sent off to war?” I feel like crying after they all told me their heart felt goodbyes. We’re standing by the door to leave for school and after that Jiyong picks me up for my birthday weekend with him. This whole week I’ve been trying to convince myself that being away from my daddies won’t be that bad, I mean I’ve only known them for three months yet my heart feels like it’s being ripped out.

“I feel like we’re sending her into the lion’s den,” Lay sighs as he holds me closer.

“You guys stop it, you’re going to make me cry,” I wiggle out of his grip and try my best to blink away the tears forming in my eyes.

Kris pats my head, “We just don’t know what we are going to do without you.”

“I suggest going to a club since you haven’t been able to do stuff like that since I’ve been here. Think of this as me going to spend the weekend with my grandparents where nothing to crazy will happen because they are just as protective as you. And as my daddies you have the right to go out and party but don’t have too much fun.” I try and add a little light to the conversation and am able to get them to crack a smile.

“I’ll bring your stuff to the office with me and he’ll come get if for you. He told me he would be waiting for you outside the school,” Suho tells me.

I nod before giving everyone another tight hug and peck. Chanyeol is holding my hand on the way to school, Kai is pouting in the driver’s side of his Mercedes, irritated that he was chosen to drive.  At school Soo escorts me to my first class, he kisses me in the doorway until he is shooed away by Jihyo who drags me into class and sits me down at my desk.

“Those boys think they deserve all of your attention,” She glares at the door waiting for Soo to come back.

“He went to class, now stop glaring at my oppa,” I swat at her.

Hoseok comes into class and sits down on my other side, “So you didn’t die, I was beginning to worry that they had killed you.”

“I can’t believe they can just keep calling you out of school like that, how do they expect you to get into college when you’re constantly gone?” Jihyo huffs.

Namjoon joins our group with a chuckle, “You forget that the people constantly calling her out have so many connections she could drop out now and still get into a better college than you.”

I nod, “From what I hear from my oppas they never went to school, they just turned in all of their work and beyond that, the teachers never questioned them.”

“And all of them, minus the five in school, have all gotten into some of the top colleges in the world,” Joonie finishes for me.

She makes a sour face, “I’m still annoyed. When do I ever get you back?”

“After they cool down about the whole, we got arrested thing,” I remind her.

“Speaking of which,” Her eyes light up, “I think you are having another crazy weekend out, aren’t you?

I nod with a sad sigh, “I’m spending the whole weekend with Jiyong oppa.” Jihyo starts rambling about how she’s happy that I’m going to be getting away from my daddies and I try my best to listen but I’m distracted by the sudden tense aura floating around my friends. “Do you guys know Jiyong’s dongseang Junhoe and his friends?”

They share a look but Joonie answers, “We know them, just as acquaintances.”

“Oh, the tall hotty from the restaurant? He has friends?” Jihyo beams at them.

“They are bad guys, don’t be deceived by their pretty faces,” Hoseok warns me seriously.

I chuckle, “I’m pretty sure they would say the same about you.”

He huffs at me but says nothing against it. Classes fly by and the next thing I know I’m walking out of the building with my friends, they seemed way too demanding about walking me out so I didn’t question it. Jihyo is rambling about one of the teachers shushing her when I spot a familiar car parked right in front of the school.

“Hello Beautiful!” Jiyong beams at me as he gets out of the car and walks around to greet me at the bottom of the stairs. His smile drops at the sight of my friends flanking me, all but Jihyo glare at my oppa. “I told them no guard dogs,” He scrunches his nose in disgust.

“Who you calling a guard dog?” Yoongi growls back, taking a step forward but I put my arm out to stop him. I place my hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

“Thank you guys for walking me out, Jin oppa is probably waiting for you.” They all huff but give me long hugs goodbye before heading off to find Jin in the line of waiting cars, leaving me, Jihyo, and Jiyong alone.

“You need to stop being mean,” I cross my arms over my chest and glare at the pretty faced man.

“I thought it was funny,” Jihyo laughs.

“Good to know I can satisfy one of you,” He smirks at my friend.

“I should be heading out too,” She sighs, annoyed by the buzzing phone in her hand, “I’ll text you later Lovely.” She kisses my cheek and hugs me tight before running after our friends.

Jiyong chuckles, “She is like a young version of me.”

“I told you.”

“She totally wants to fuck me.”

His inappropriate words throw me off for a minute, “Wait what?”

He chuckles, “I’m pretty sure she wants to sleep with you too. May I suggest a threesome?”

“Only if you don’t want me in this car,” I deadpan.

“I’m sorry, I’m done playing around, please get in the car, I already put your stuff in the trunk.” I sigh but get into the car with out much coercion. He waits for me to buckle my seat belt before speeding out of the gates. “How was school?”

I shrug, “It’s school, it was pretty boring.”

“I saw that you had a run in with Junhoe.”

“Yea and some of your other foot soldiers,” I try to slip the term in casually hoping he wouldn’t notice it too much.

“They sent me a picture.”

“The one of me in my party dress?”

“You looked more beautiful than usual.”

“Oppa,” I warn.

He just chuckles, “I’m giving you a compliment, just say thank you like a normal person. You seemed to be close with those delinquents back there, I’m surprised that you were allowed to meet anyone involved in our lives.”

“I knew them first. I met them threw Jihyo and we just kind of hit it off.”

“You tend to do that with bad boys.”

I laugh, “I was talking about that with Kai, I’m constantly being protected by boys from other bad boys, who are trying to protect me from the other bad boys.”

He clicks his tongue. We talk more about school and stuff until we are into the city where he pulls into an under ground garage. There are five other cars there, all top models and glossy black. We climb out of the car and he grabs my duffle from the trunk.

“Is it stupid of me to ask if these are all yours?” I wonder as we pass them to get to the elevator.

“Kind of.”

In the elevator he press PH, of course the penthouse, “I expect nothing less from you.”

He chuckles softly, “Are you nervous?”

I look up at him, his eyes are soft but narrowed on me for any sign of fear, “To be completely honest, kind of. It feels weird being away from my daddies for so long.”

“So you aren’t nervous to be alone with me for a whole weekend?”

I gulp, “Should I be?”

“No Beautiful,” He pats my head affectionately, “you are perfectly safe here, I would never hurt you and the only other people who can get in wouldn’t dare.”

The elevator doors open and we are greeted by two dogs; two massive rottweilers. I step back, afraid they might bark or attack but instead they run right up to me and start nudging my hand for affection. I drop to the floor to give them the attention they so direly need.

“You have puppies!” I giggle as they lick my face.

“I thought I had guard dogs but I guess the mightiest creatures can’t help but fall to their knees for you,” Jiyong sighs before snapping his fingers at them. They snap to attention, their eyes focused on their owner, “Go sit.” Without hesitation the two trot away to sit by the couch. I’m surprised to find two men sitting there waiting, I’m guessing for us. Jiyong groans at the sight of them, “What are you bastards doing here?”

“I brought them,” Seunghyun explains as he comes into the living room from the kitchen. I glance around his apartment for anyone else that could be hiding. I find floor to ceiling windows and that look over the city. The living room is large with three comfortable looking couches, the kitchen is up a few steps and is open to the living room. From what I can see it looks modern and also looks like it’s hardly been used, not that it surprises me. There is a hallway to my right that most likely leads to the bedrooms. Everything looks ultra modern and extremely expensive.

“Why?” Jiyong pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“Because we wanted to meet the beautiful girl who has stolen your heart,” Another one answers with a kind smile. He looks far too nice to be involved in the mafia, but I need to remember looks can be deceiving.

“You must all be the men who gave me the birthday card. Thank you so much for thinking of me but I wasn’t able to open it.” I give them a small bow in gratitude.

“Why not?” One with bleach blond hair wonders.

“My oppa’s took it away thinking it was laced with poison or something.”

“We wouldn’t kill you,” The kind one says.

“I know, Boss’s orders.” I crouch down and call the dogs over. They happily trot over and rub against me for attention.

“That’s impressive, they hate everyone,” The blond clicks his tongue.

“There are supposed to be four of you right?” I look at them, wondering of one of these two could be his head of security but I don’t get that vibe from them. “Is Youngbae missing?”

Jiyong raises his brow at me but Blondie responds before he can, “I feel insulted that you know about Youngbae hyung and not us.”

“Who knows about me?” A shorter tan man that makes up for his height with his muscular build comes into the room. My alarms don’t go off at the sight of him but I still feel unnerved when his eyes focus on me. Our eyes are locked for what feels like forever before Jiyong gets protective and ends it.

“Hyung stop,” Jiyong stands me up and steps in front of me to hide me from all of their eyes. “You are scaring her.” I don’t know if he’s scaring me but he’s definitely trying to steal my soul with that look of his.

“I’m sorry.”

“Hyung,” The blond whines, “You don’t need to get so stressed out.”

“I’m Daesung,” The kind one is standing next to me with his hand out.

“Jooyoung,” I shake his hand and bow slightly.

“And I’m Seungri,” Blondie is right behind his friend.

“What did Jiyong hyung tell you about our other hyung?” Daesung wonders.

“Nothing, I only heard about him from one of my oppas, they said he was head of Jiyong’s security.” I lie, not knowing if it was okay for Junhoe to mention the older man to me.

“So how did you know we weren’t him?”

“You don’t give off that vibe.”

They chuckle, Youngbae cocks his head at me as he stares into my soul again, “And what kind of vibe is that?”

“Dominance, authority, power, any of those would work.”

“She’s good,” Seungri pats my head only to be pushed away by Jiyong.

“No touching,” He growls at the younger who just looks amused by his hyung’s possessiveness.

“What do you think I do?” Daesung asks.

I look to Jiyong, “Are they each in control of one of the three things your group does?” He nods before pulling me on to a couch with him. I scan the two men in front of me, even giving a smirking Seunghyun a glance before deciding. “Daesung-ssi is in charge of money, Seungri-ssi deals with animals, and Seunghyun-ssi is in charge of people.”

Seungri and Seunghyun clap in amazement, “So smart.”

“How did you know?” Youngbae joins us on the couch, sitting on the other side of Jiyong.

“Like I said, it’s your vibes.”

“I give off the vibe that I’m involved in human trafficking?” Seunghyun scoffs.


“Enough talking about stuff like that, let me show you to your room so you can change.” Jiyong grabs my hand and pulls me towards the hallway. There are five doors in this one hall, after the turn Jiyong tells me there are double doors that lead to his room. One of the doors leads to his office, another is a bathroom, the third is a guest bedroom, and the last one that is closest to his room is supposedly mine. He opens the door and steps back to let me look.

I’m in awe at just the view from the floor to ceiling windows that matches the one from the living room. The walls are a deep shade of blue that reminds me of Xiumin’s room and that comforts me a little. Massive paintings of lions and elephants cover one wall while the other is taken up by the large TV and sound system. The massive bed has a beautiful bohemian design of blues, greens, reds, and gold, making me think of a peacock. A sheer canopy hangs over it. Like at home, the bed is covered in pillows and there is even a giant stuffed lion waiting on the bed. I coo at the sight of him, “Is that for me?” I point to the cute stuffy.

Jiyong chuckles as he wanders over to pick it up off the bed and holds it out to me, “Of course. This is all yours.”

“You didn’t have to make a whole room for me, I could have slept in the guest room or even on the couch.”

He shakes his head, “I wanted to give you your own space in case you ever get tired of your daddies and decide to run away, or if you just need to get away for a little while. Plus, I wasn’t using this room anyway.”

“You sure you weren’t using it as a sex dungeon or something?” I tease.

“First, why would you think I have a sex dungeon, second, does Jihyo have one, third, no, no women are allowed into my home.”

“Jihyo does not have one, at least not that I know of. Are women seriously not allowed up here?”

“Nope, you are the first woman to step foot in here.”

I chuckle,  “I feel honored.”

“Hyung?” A familiar voice calls from down the hall.

Jiyong groans, “Not these bastards too. You change into something comfortable, something you could walk around the street in and not get cold. I’ll try and contain these idiots.” With that he is out the door, slamming it hard behind him but after that, I hear nothing. Must be sound proof, I wonder why.

I quickly dig in my bag from something to wear, my daddies had packed it for me so I’m not surprised to find nothing but jeans and sweat pants and my ugliest underwear, that are still really cute. I pull on a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, and my timberlands before grabbing my Chicago snap back and heading out the door. I’m greeted by the sound of chaos and yells. For a moment I debate between going back and waiting or taking the problem head on. Definitely running, or at least I tried but someone catches my hand and drags me into the chaos filled living room.

“What the hell?” I curse at the sight of Seungri climbing across the coffee table to reach the man who had flirted with me in the store earlier this week. The man quickly climbs over the couch and begins the chase all over again. I see the others from the store trying to calm the situation down, Daesung is watching the whole situation amused, while Seunghyun and GD look like they are about to blow.

“He’s going to snap in five seconds, calm him down,” Youngbae instructs before pushing me in Jiyong’s direction.

Just before I reach him, he starts yelling at the men causing all the trouble, “You fucking idiots! Sit down right now!” Without any hesitation all 11 men find their way to a couch and sit down. I can tell he’s not done yelling and I’m afraid what will come out of his mouth, I’ve never seen him angry and the coldness in his eyes actually scares me for a moment.

“Oppa!” I coo at the older man, he sighs giving me a glance only to snap his head back in my direction.

“You look adorable,” He smiles at me, completely forgetting about the slightly shaking men in the room.

“So where are we going?” I ask cutely.

“We are going to get some dinner.” I stare down at my cute but not fancy outfit for a second and turn on my heel to walk back to my room but he catches me, “Where are you going?”

“This is not an appropriate outfit for going to dinner with you oppa.”

He laughs, “We are going to a small local place, nothing fancy.”

“Really?” He nods and I look to the dumbstruck men around the room, “Okay, are you guys coming along?”


“Come on Mr. Boss man,” Seunghyun whines, “We’ll sit at a different table, don’t worry.”

“Why do you guys need to come along?”

“For safety reasons,” Daesung reasons.

“Safety reasons?” I question.

Seungri nods, “Youngbae hyung and the youngers were going to have to tag along anyway, they’re just bringing an extra three along.”

“Ah yes, safety reasons, makes sense to me,” I give Jiyong a smile.

“You know they are going to be little assholes the whole time right?”

I nod.

“Why would you want them to come along?”

“I enjoy seeing you a bit annoyed.”

“Fine, lets go.” Jiyong sighs before grabbing my hand and leading me to the elevator. We step in, the others try to follow but he glares at them. They let the door close and Jiyong lets out a loud groan. “Those fucking idiots.”

I laugh, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you swear this much.”

“Better get used to it tonight.”