are they even real doctor

there’s a rule about taking Doctor Who seriously and it’s that to take it seriously you need to not take it too seriously 

this show doesn’t take itself seriously, no matter how dark it might get at times

this isn’t some fucking gritty Edgelord show, this is a show watched by millions of children about hope and belief and trying to help people even when it seems hopeless and even when it doesn’t work, we should never hope that anyone in it stays dead, especially not anyone that represents so much for so many

above all we should never as older fans want anything for it that would take away from the enjoyment of the younger fans

you can’t treat it the same way you would a lot of other shows. its demographic is anyone who is willing to believe in it, anyone of any age. 

this is a show about an idiot in a magical box who fixes things with a screwdriver and a belief in the goodness of people

an idiot who gets into ridiculous situations that are often also dire, who saves the day always but only uses violence as a last resort, who tries to win with words and cleverness first 

over the last few years it’s been one of the only shows on television still trying to tell a hopeful story in a world obsessed with Edgy Cynical Realism, while never shying away from how harsh the universe can be

it is a show about possibility where almost any thing or person or story that can be imagined could be plausible (hello, people being killed by plastic inflatable chairs, a small box being infinitely huge on the inside, a lesbian being saved by her magical star girlfriend)

it is a show created by lifelong fans, it is a constant love letter to itself with stupid little in jokes and nostalgic trips, and above all it is a message and lesson of hope and kindness

take it or leave it but that is what it will or at least should always be

Something I low-key want to see in the Good Doctor : If the show gives Dr. Shaun Murphy a romantic subplot, I would love to see his love interest doing the romantic pursuing rather then Shaun.

I’ve seen shows where a character with autism pursues someone romantically (usually the feelings are unrequited, if not they seem to have to “prove” themselves more than their neurotypical counterparts). Or on the other hand, a character with autism is portrayed as asexual/aromantic. But I’ve never one where a character with autism is romantically pursued themselves. It would be cool to see a character develop feelings for Shaun to the point his autism is essentially an afterthought (like being bad at math). Plus, it could lead to some funny moments where flirting goes over Shaun’s head.

I think it would send the message that people with autism can and are capable of being desirable which I think is a message kids and teens with autism need to hear.


Request ⇾ can i get a richie x reader fic where the reader is gossiping with bev about her huge crush on richie, and hes eavesdropping on them & hears about it? basically it gets all fluffy and stuff

Warnings ⇾ swearing

A/N ⇾ just realised it’s nearly my birthday, how fun lmao?


“I don’t know, Bev! I really don’t know why I like him so much!” Y/N said as she buried her, embarrassed, head in her hands. “I know he can be kind of awful sometimes but for the most part, he’s cool and funny and he’s nice to me. God this is so embarrassing!”

Bev burst into giggles at her friends flustered state, “You know you could always just tell him, it’s not that hard!”

“Easy for you to say! You didn’t tell Bill how you felt, you just kissed him! And you weren’t crushing on Richie, i.e. the most obnoxious person ever!”

Richie zoned out after that. All he could see were Bev and Y/N’s mouths moving, but he heard nothing. He was still in awe. Had Y/N just admitted she had a crush on him? He’d never felt this way for anyone before, so was this why he was feeling dizzy all of a sudden? Why he felt like he was going to pass out any moment? Richie knew eavesdropping on the two gossiping girls probably wouldn’t end well, but he assumed it’d be because Bev would spot him, hit him and tell him to go away like usual. He didn’t expect to hear what he heard. And he certainly didn’t expect to hear it from Y/N’s mouth.

“Hey, Richie!” He faintly heard Eddie call as he ran towards his pale friend. “You okay, dude?”

“Oh, my god! He’s awake!” Eddie said calling over all of the losers, Y/N included.

“What the shit happened to you, Tozier?” Bev chimed in as Richie began gaining his vision back.

“Fuck off, I’m fine.” He shooed everyone away, “Just a migraine, or something, why are you all shitting your pants? Not like I’m dead or anything.” Richie added, with an over exaggerated roll of his eyes.

“Oh! Migraines are the absolute worst! I have some paracetamol if you want some? It’ll get rid of the–”

“Of course you do.” Richie said while widening his eyes and sighing in fake surprise. “No, I’m fine. Who are you? Dr Seuss?”

“You know Dr Seuss wasn’t a doctor, right?” Eddie finally had the one up on Richie. A huge grin spread across his face. Richie’s face fell in embarrassment and turned red.

“Well, of course I do. I’m not that stupid.” He defended himself.

“Okaaaay.” Eddie replied as the rest of the losers spread back out, giving him some space.

He sat on the concrete putting his glasses back on, sighing, while Y/N walked over and sat next to him.

“You know, I didn’t even know he wasn’t a real doctor either.” Of course she did, but she could see he was embarrassed and just wanted to make him feel a little better. “I mean, he’s called Dr Seuss, why wouldn’t he be a doctor?” She added, in an attempt to make her lie more believable. This just made Richie laugh and agree with her.

“You feeling any better?” Their silence wasn’t uncomfortable, but she felt it best to break it.

“Yeah, I’m feeling much better.”

Y/N smiled before leaning over and placing a small kiss on his cheek. Looks like she didn’t have to tell him her feelings after all, he already knew.


       I was secretly on your side all along, you silly sausage.


Here’s the truth: friendships between women are often the deepest and most profound love stories, but they are often discussed as if they are ancillary, “bonus” relationships to the truly important ones. Women’s friendships outlast jobs, parents, husbands, boyfriends, lovers, and sometimes children…it’s possible to transcend the limits of your skin in a friendship…This kind of friendship is not a frivolous connection, a supplementary relationship to the ones we’re taught and told are primary – spouses, children, parents. 

It is love.

tbh im a sucker for schoolstuck aus i love them idc if its basic, but like, why is doc scratch always the teacher in them like yall know hes a pedophile right he shouldnt be teaching kids use ms paint or something instead im begging u

five times bill ran into the queen of evil 1/?

sorry couldn’t resist
have some really shitty PG, wholesome drabble:

‘Who’s she, then?’ Bill asks, gesturing down the corridor with her head.

The Doctor frowns at her. To be fair, though, his face is sort of permanently a frown. 'Who’s who?’

Bill sighs. 'That woman! Y'know, the one with the…weird, old-timey clothes. I dunno. Like Phantom of the Opera or something. Where you been keeping her, then?’

Okay. The Doctor’s face darkens so far beyond a frown, Bill doesn’t even know what to call it.

The Doctor grabs her arm - not at all gently. 'Bill. I need you to answer this very, very carefully. What did you see?’

She wants to shove him off her, but something in his expression makes her think twice. She thinks she can smell danger. ‘Um, okay. I was looking for the laundry, trying to do my clothes. I walked past – I dunno, sort of like a trophy room, I guess – and there she was. What, is she an alien or something?’

The Doctor glances around, and pulls her further into the console room. ‘No. Well, yes, but – oh, forget it. Did she talk to you? Threaten you?’

‘What? No, course not, she said hello – I just assumed she was some friend of yours, I mean, she knows you,’ Bill says, thoroughly convinced he’s overreacting. ‘Actually,’ she adds, dropping her voice to a whisper, ‘She’s kind of fit. Always liked the Scottish thing.’

The Doctor’s eyes bug so far out of his skull, Bill starts to worry he’s having an aneurysm.

‘What? What is it? She some kind of ex-wife?’ Bill prods, prising his hand off her elbow.

‘Stop it, be quiet, and listen,’ he snaps. She reflexively takes a step back. ‘She’s a Time Lord, like me – well, Time Lady. She likes to be called the Master.’

Bill’s eyebrows hit the ceiling. ‘Are you all Scottish, then? Do you all have weird names, like is one of you called the Bachelor?’

‘Please, Bill,’ the Doctor begs, crouching down and grabbing her hand. ‘You have no idea what she’s capable of. We are talking about the most dangerous person in the Universe,’ and he pauses, scowling again, ‘and she’s on my bloody TARDIS!’

Bill absorbs this information. ‘Right. What do we do?’

‘And no,’ the Doctor adds, ‘She just really likes copying me.’

They grin at each other.

Some more ‘What if Tex and Church were Max’s parents?’ stuff:
  • Max’s full name is Maxwell Epsilon Church. Tex regrets letting Leonard Lee-Alpha Church name their child. Leonard points out how HER full name is Bethany Texas Church and that shuts her up. This is a family full of terrible names.
  • Max cursing and the two of them immediately going ‘Watch your fucking mouth’ in PERFECT unison.
  • Max hating David at first because GOD, he reminds him so much of his ‘uncle’ Caboose. Max DREADS to imagine the two of them actually meeting one day. That is a cursed thought.
  • Max ESPECIALLY hating Cameron because he’s one red outfit and an over-the-top Southern accent away from being like that asshole from next door who won’t leave their family alone. SERIOUSLY, DAD, WHY DO THE SHITHEADS FROM NEXT DOOR KEEP COMING OVER? (Because despite Sarge’s supposed neighbor rivally, everyone in both houses are actually friends with one another.)
  • Grif’s sister is constantly over at their house for reasons he doesn’t want to think about because he’s a child and fuck that. Hell, she’s probably the reason he wants to know what boobs look like since she’s CONSTANTLY talking about hers and Tucker is just talking about them in general (Guys, come on, there’s a child present, stop talking about boobs and dicks and shit like that). It’d definitely explain his vocabulary, even without taking his parents’ own cursing into account.
  • Speaking of cursing and stuff, it also doesn’t help that Tucker’s kid (Junior) lives in the house, too, and is probably as dirty-minded as his father. But again, he never goes too far with it when Max is around. He’s is a CHILD for fuck’s sake! Max is just bitter that Junior won’t let him look at boobs on his computer, but he does see Junior as an older brother figure and he’s one of Max’s best friends at the end of the day.
  • Max not being afraid of anything because…with a family like his, what on EARTH could possibly scare him? He’s spent holidays with these fuckers, he has NO FEAR (except the obvious stuff in the Spooky Island episode but y’know, can you blame him?).
  • The cobalt-blue sweater is a family thing, especially with the Church men. Church has his own sweater, his father has one, and Max has one. It’s a nice color, okay?
  • Whenever someone says that Max and Leonard look and act so much alike, they both go ‘Don’t insult me’.
  • As overwhelming as his family gets at times, Max actually REALLY likes spending time with his Aunt Carolina. She’s fun, even if she tries to sing along with songs on the radio constantly and is TERRIBLE at it (I…love her……). Uncle Wash is cool too, sometimes, though he used to be such a stick in the mud. And he always seems nervous about spending time with Max, as if he’s worried that he’s going to like…break the kid or something. Calm your tits, Wash, he’s not five anymore! He’s a tough kid!
  • Don’t even ask about his relationship with Grandpa Leonard. Fuck Grandpa Leonard, he sucks.
  • Him and his parents constantly insult one another (calling each other shithead and fuckface and the like), but it’s always more playful than malicious, and at the end of the day, Church and Tex (okay, mostly Tex because Church is a weak-ass bitch) would fucking murder someone who tried to hurt their kid. Thank God Daniel never met Tex, or heard the horror stories involving her accidentally shattering Grif’s nuts with her foot (though Tex is still apologizing for that because she does feel bad for it. But apologies won’t fix them, TEX, and there’s nothing stopping her from doing it again to someone who actually deserves it. Like Daniel. Please kick him, Tex).
  • Sometimes there’s this guy in purple over at the house but he’s often never acknowledged. Hey….hey, does anyone else see this guy? Is he some kind of cryptid? When they do see him, they just call him Doc but he’s not a doctor and that’s not even his real name? Hello? Who is he?
  • His family is loud and obnoxious and ridiculous and full of idiots, but he can’t help but love them. Especially since he’s constantly spoiled by all of them, being the youngest kid and all.

Can you believe that the Doctor is now a woman and that Moffat is leaving Doctor Who?? 


Dr who just hasn’t been as good since they got rid of the REAL doctor, William Hartnell. Innes Lloyd and all his followers have tried to get us to accept these false “doctors” like Patrick Troughton, Matt Smith, and even Tom Baker (just to name a few). We TRUE doctor who fans know that these aren’t the real doctor! They don’t even look like him! #BRINGBACKTHEREALDOCTOR or I’m quitting the show!!