are they even real

if you ever feel bad about your eyebrow game just remember that mads mikkelsen is hotter than the inside of a freshly baked hot pocket in the deepest lava pit of hell and his eyebrow game is weak as as fuck


COKE IS LARRY AF AGAIN OMG I’M SCREAMING I literally just saw this commercial on tv, the girl holding the pepsi goes “Hey at least your names on the bottle!” The other girl holds up her Coke bottle. “Do I look like a Larry to you?” THE BOTTLE SAYS FUCKING LARRY OUT OF ALL THE GODDAMN NAMES IN THE GODDAMN WORLD COKE HAS TO PICK LARRY?!?!?!?!! I need a goddamn drink.

Kids, find someone that rambles on about the things they love about you the way Glaiza de Castro does about Rhian Ramos
*insert Lily and Marshall’s that’s love bitch gif here*

City of Penix vs Mad Dog

In our last episode, your ol’ pal Mad Dog was freaking out over nothing, as usual. I didn’t know what to expect. Don’t believe the hype, I actually don’t get into trouble very often. When I do, it’s usually more major. 

For example, ten years ago I was an idiot and drove drunk, resulting in a DUI. Seven years ago I was charged with littering, aka throwing a cigarette butt out my car window. Now, it was a speeding ticket. You can kind of understand my anxiety over having to go to the courthouse.

Luckily, it really didn’t take as long as I thought it would. The judge was actually a pretty cool old dude, and I opted to take defensive driving school. I think I took that class ten years ago, but back then you had to actually go to a class. Now you can just take it online. PROGRESS! 


TRBinLA Rambling/Fanaccount

okay lets do this I am all warm and showered and comfy now with hot milk tea that I got cause I found out one of the residents in the complex I am renting an apartment from was at the concert and was like: “do you need a drink? Do you want tea? Here have some tea packets, a tiny little bottle of milk and honey packets from KFC.” when I had wandered down to the floor level to search for vending machines LMAO. This is going to be long. Like… very long. Just a warning! o u o

First off I got to the venue around noon and the line was already no joke. I kinda stood awkwardly as last person in line until this sweetheart of a girl and her grandma came by and after that conversations kinda just flowed and involved a good number of the people all around us throughout the 5 ½ to 6 hours I was waiting in line to even get INTO the venue. (Honestly this was the fastest line waiting experience I’ve ever had for concerts in any case.)

Shout out and mad respect to the girl who danced most of the title/promoted songs while in line around the middle of the plaza. She was wearing SWEATS and a black shirt and man, I was in sheer tights, shorts, and a flowy top and I was cringing from the heat, I couldn’t even imagine how hot she had to be. So again. Mad respect.

I’m going to skip right to the concert now cause holy fUCK. The concert was bomb as hell holy crappp. This crowd was no joke seriously. I ended up in the section just above the VIP+/ pit, closer to the back when I first got in, but by about four or five songs in had made my way pretty much almost to the divider. I am pretty tall myself, but I was stuck behind a trio of very tall girls in front of me, but I ended up letting a few really sweet girls stand in front of my since. Well. I literally had to tip my head down to look at them. LOL. That distance also helped since I was able to look through gaps between the taller girls in front of me too now! 

ARMYS are no fucking joke though. Those of you who were there along with me know how on point the fanchants and overall singing along was. (SHHH LETS NOT TALK ABOUT THE MISS RIGHT THING. I AM STILL LAUGHING.) Seriously I don’t even know if I can call it fanchants, we were legitimately just SINGING ALONG TO EVERYTHING. Honestly, the entire venue continued to sing I Need U even after the members left the stage and the music was cut off. We didn’t need no backing track. I am a huge mess of emotions still just recalling it. Just thinking about it again is giving me chills and fEELINGS.

I am going to dedicate an entire separate paragraph for Cypher Part 3. Again, those who were there can attest to how FAST the entire place went CRAZY as soon as the backing track began playing. Man, Cypher PT. 3 is seriously no fucking joke. I felt the ground shaking from when pretty much every single person in the place began jumping. After the concert and Hi-Touch event I was talking to a girl who had seen one of the security guards literally STARTLE and just stare with wide eyes as the crowd went absolutely FUCKING WILD in like 0.00123275 seconds. Again, I’ve got to ive props to the ARMYS because omfg it was clear how Rapmon, Suga, and J-Hope were energized by the crowd reaction. In short, Cypher Pt. 3 was epic as hell- and it was mainly due to the CROWD.

The entire set list was fantastic. Finally seeing Tomorrow performed live just about killed me. Honestly, the entire concert was astounding. I can ramble on forever but I’ll just smash a bunch of the shit I remember atm here since I am finally winding down and it’s like 2:33am now and I have an early ish morning. But Taehyung needs to sTOP WITH HIS TONGUE. OMFG SRSLY. Tae “crying”. Enough Said. HOSEOK KISSED TAE ON THE FORHEAD. Jin got so much love from the crowd tonight I feel like a proud mother hen. Seriously the screams during his parts were DEAFENING. I may have been contributing to that. Sorry not sorry. JIN ALSO BROKE THIS POOR GIRL’S BANGTAN BOMB LIGHT STICK OMFG. THE FANSERVICE FROM BANGTAN WAS SO GREASY. They also spoke in English pretty much the entire time! They did a good job too. 

The concert ended on a really high note. The crowd was so hyped up, and even with my uncomfortable shoes, I honestly was jumping and screaming/singing/ect to notice my pain until after I got to my car and sat down after everything ended. They ended their set list with  쩔어 (DOPE), 홍탄소년단 (Fun Boys), and finally 진격의 방탄 (Rise of Bangtan). The very end, after Jin had left (he stayed onstage the longest waving and singing/dancing to his part of I Need U that was used for the track while they said their goodbyes), THE CROWD SANG LIKE PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING. Even when the music was cut, the entire venue continued to sing. Like- PSH WE DON’T NEED NO BACKING TRACK WE KNOW THIS ALREADY. 

Now for the hi-touch. I lingered near the bar after the concert was over, but was unsure about the hi-touch event. I ended up asking one of the security people and they told me that we were meeting by the pit, so off I went. I arrived in time for one of the staff to begin directions for the line, and I ended up really close to the beginning of the line! We lingered a bit while they cleaned up a bunch of the confetti and set up The Red Bullet banner…. thing, along with two tables. I’ll just get right into this.

Hi Touch ruined me. I’m a wreck.
Literally this was so much more eventful than anything I could have anticipated or expected. 

Jimin is precious. I thanked him for coming and he gave me this giant eyesmile.

Yoongi was so cool and collected- until I blurted out that I consider him an inspiration and role model and he got aLL FLUSTERED AND SQUEEZED MY HAND TIGHT HE WAS SO CUTE. 

Namjoon fumbled and missed shaking my hand. Wow. (in his defense I made a point to make eye contact with each of them so I wasn’t looking either and we both kinda…. floundered and COMPLETELY MISSED EACH OTHER’S HANDS.)
He tried again AND MISSED AGAIN WHEN I TRIED TO COMPENSATE. THIS BOY. I only managed to shake his hand (and by that I mean he took both hands and ENVELOPED MINE AND I SWEAR MY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT HIS HANDS ARE HUGE) and briefly thank him because-

Seokjin was laughing at Namjoon the entire time cause the girl ahead of me had moved on while Namjoon and I were trying to successfully high five/shake hands but were FAILING HARDCORE so Jin was like “???” and glanced over right when Namjoon missed my hand for the SECOND TIME. Jin literally took my hand the second Namjoon released it AND PULLED ME AWAY FROM NAMJOON who at this point was laughing almost as hard as I was. 

Jin is much more…. built? than I expected from pictures. Like, I know he has broad shoulders but seeing him in PERSON. He’s so handsome I am aNGRY.

I DONT REMEMBER MUCH OF JEONGGUK IM SORRY I WAS STILL GIGGLING FROM THE NAMJOON AND JIN THING- but he was cute and thanked me for coming in english and smiled adorably.

JUNG fucking HOSEOK WAS SO ENERGETIC. He grabbed my hand and first off. Guys. GuySS. So if you don’t know I’m a J-Hope stan. and he was precious and he gave me one of those winning smiles and I JUST BLANKED OUT AND STOOD STARING AND HOLDING ONTO HIS HAND FOR A GOOD TWO TO THREE SECONDS. AND THIS SQUISHY RAY OF SUNSHINE GRINNED EVEN WIDER AND SQUEEZED MY HAND BEFORE I LET GO. I came to my senses though and blurted out, “You’re my favorite!” Hoseok was beginning to extend his hand for the girl behind me, but he glanced at me again and just. Beamed. I was literally staring into the sun. 



My brain kinda just. Short. Circuited. and I don’t even remember reacting to Taehyung and then it was done and I was walking out and I LEGIT TEARED UP OUTSIDE THE VENUE AND BEGAN SHAKING OMFG. I NEVER GET THIS EMOTIONAL OVER SHIT LIKE THIS BUT- but fuck I didn’t even get to say anything to Taehyung after that. The staff was ushering us along really fast. I WANTED TO AT LEAST SAY THANK YOU FOR COMING BUT I GOT SO FLUSTERED AND THE GIRL BEHIND ME WAS A TAEHYUNG FAN AND SHE CAME OVER AS I WAS STANDING JUST ROOTED TO THE GROUND OUTSIDE OF THE VENUE LIKE SOME TALL ASIAN HUMANOID TREE AND WAS SUPER WORRIED LIKE: “GURL YOU OKAY OR????” and then freaked out when I did turn around and she thought I was going to start crying. I didn’t. But still omfg. 

Oh and off note, the natural skin tone of all the boys is BEAUTIFUL. It’s amazing getting to see them live and not through images that clearly white washed and lightened their skin tone. Hoseok and Taehyung especially had beautiful complexions like HOLY CRAP. THE ENVY IS STRONG.

I met a lot of lovely people today, and this experience was probably by far the best Kpop concert experience I’ve had. I am going to go sleep now omg.