are they even real


Arrogant, diva monster Cristiano Ronaldo attempts to pet a goalkeeper to death in new scheme to score goals at any cost.


stop tagging your otp shit with their actual names. its creepy as hell and theres a reason why people have names for the ship.

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>tfw bioshock infinite is just a shitty on rails shooter in a nice looking environment and captivating story. too bad people who play shooters are too stupid to understand the story. also it lore breaks so much. in original bioshock plasmids ruined everyone, but why did they not have the same effect on columbia??? doesnt make much sense to me

"people who play shooters are too stupid to understand the story"

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what would you do if the inquisitor dies tomorrow in the season finale?

"goodbye my sweet trash prince"

no matter what i think of the youtuber, unless i think they’re literal trash, im always going to get excited when i see their face/name in public like fuck yeah, team internet!



Where did the last two years go? I’ve been looking at pictures and videos from her from the past two years and I’m just blown away at how much she has grown. Each picture feels like just yesterday. She wasn’t even walking last birthday!
Even when I’m having the worst day, its really not ever as bad as it ever was before she was born. She always puts a smile on my face even if it is after an epic meltdown. She’s stubborn, goofy, and likes to do things her way (a little me). Her mannerisms are so funny because they’re so much like John. She loves all things carbs: rice, pasta, and tortillas are among her favorite foods.

I think they need to create a word thats even greater than love because thats what it is. All encompassing. Obsession maybe. I’m obsessively in love with her lolll