are they even bears

So it’s Thanksgiving Day. I just want to say I’m thankful (in no particular order) for…

@goat-s0n , who’s just such a wonderful person and leaves a big dumb smile on my face every time we interact.

@saxinpjs , who’s just a great friend. I don’t have anything clever to say, she’s just awesome.

@xennariel , who’s been an inspiration to me and my writing.

@perhaps-mr-collins-has-a-cousin , who’s always been in the notes of my NoNo posts and is just generally a wonderful person.

@icameheretowinry , who’s just always a human ray of sunshine.

@hawkeyedflame , who’s always been a role model, and generally an awesome friend.

@soli-bear , who treats me like a friend even though we barely talk.

@thedeepseaprisoner , who kinda came out of nowhere to be a cool mutual.

@ladywiltshire , who always keeps the mood light and fun.

@jouissezduprintemps , who runs an awesome jewelry store and is generally encouraging and kind.

@snow-wolf13 , who never fails to make ask games fun.

…and so many others that make coming to this blue hellsite worth it. I love you guys.

Happy Thanksgiving.

anonymous asked:

im not sure i fully understand the whole DIY decentralized internet thing, if i were to set all of that up, would i still have access to the broader internet (reddit, youtube, steam, etc.) or would it just be things directly linked to the network?

You’d have direct access to servers hosted on the network; to get to the wider internet, you’d still need a regular broadband connection at some point. However, even bearing that in mind, the community network still has advantages. As with all things, buying bulk is the most efficient and cost-effective use of money; easier and probably cheaper for one apartment building to get a single 50mbps connection than for the ten people to each individually get a 5mpbs connection (plus, off peak hours, you get way faster connection than you’d ever get individually).

As these networks grow, and especially when they connect onto servers for major web services, the ISPs control less and less of the share of access, giving us more and more leverage, and eventually they could be large enough to completely supplant commercial ISPs. They’re already well developed in Central and Southern Europe, as well as in hard-to-reach areas like rural Africa and South America; the development of community networks there would be a good model to work from.

just-another-fangirl42  asked:

Can I get some werewolf Speedwagon with a kindhearted vampire s/o? It would melt my frozen heart if you could.

- There’s always been a disconnect between vampires and werewolves. Vampires tend to think werewolves are stupid and filthy, driven by their animal brains and not much else - and werewolves tend to think that vampires and cold and snobbish and disconnected from the world and nature as a whole. 
- Speedwagon’s relationship, then, is something of a scandal to both werewolf and vampire circles. Even without going into something more - vampires tend to be in high society positions. They steal and lie and pull of the aristocratic bearing more than anything else. Even without knowing about the two of them being creatures of the night, people whisper that an aristocrat and a street rat ought not to be seen anywhere near each other. 
- Kind-hearted is the right word to use. Not heeding whatever their fellows and friends are saying, they know that they love Speedwagon, and they know that they don’t need to know anything else. All of their brood’s angry looks are worth how it feels to be in his embrace. 
- Speedwagon’s status as king of Ogre Street is not threatened - people whisper that there’s something inhuman about him, a glint in his eye that makes them afraid to get on the wrong side. He steals his money and he does whatever else he needs to to get by - he does not need his s/o’s charity, despite what gossips whisper. Both of them are capable of surviving alone. 
- But they’re better together. Speedwagon wants to protect his s/o, will go out and hunt with them, will ensure they have somewhere to hide from the harsh light of the sun - and s/o wants to run their fingers through Speedwagon’s hair, walk the night with a wolf at their side. 
- Despite cultures and tradition saying they’re wrong for one another, they know that they’re right for each other, and that’s what’s important. 

Lost stuffie can’t be trusted

Princess *hides journal and stuffie then cries several minutes later*

Daddy: What is wrong princess?

Princess: Daddy I lost my stuffie and journal!

Daddy: Oh no worry Princess use your finder stuffie he will help us!

Princess *whines more* But Daddy it’s my finding bear that’s lost! Even if I find him I can’t trust him because a finding bear who lost himself can’t be trusted no mores!

Daddy cracks up laughing. “You’ve been waiting a while to use that one huh?”

Princess hugs daddy and giggles.

I just realized that I grew up during a time where the crazy frog was a thing. Like that was an actual thing that happened, that blue fucking piece of shit frog took the world by storm and it even had a tiny dick and all it did was sing annoying songs while racing around sci-fi towns in a distant future on an invisible motorbike. I can’t believe this. How did that happen. Who LET that happen.


Captain America: Civil War storyboards were drawn up in 2012 apparently.

A-Babies VS. X-Babies (2012) knows what’s up. 

It hurts, ya know. Because you were my best friend, you were my favorite part of every day, for three years. You were my sun and my moon, you were every star in my stupid dipped pink sky. And it just doesn’t matter now. Isn’t that bizarre? You put your heart and soul into someone else’s hands and then it just ends and you have to take everything back. But you can’t take everything back. But you want to. But you don’t. And you can’t. That’s the worst part, you can’t. You make them the air that you breathe and then they’re gone and you have to keep breathing whatever toxicity is left behind, and it hurts. But no one is going to save you, because they can’t. And that’s the worst part too. You just want someone to take the hurt away for a minute, just a second, but they can’t. You have to keep living until the pain gets dull. You don’t want to because they were the best part of this life and now they aren’t here anymore and they don’t even care and you can hardly bear it. But you have to keep living anyways. And it hurts. Ya know? It hurts.

It hurts. It hurts it hurts it hurts.

My dear, some people (yes, even if they bear the name family) will do nothing but try to ruin you,
and you deserve to take back with fire and blood what’s rightfully yours.
Or else they will keep destroying the garden of your heart that you painstakingly grew,
eating your own rage should not be yet another one of your daily chores.
Let no one tell you that girls can only be kind and courage is not angry nor shrewd
that girls can only be silently gentle and have no right to stand up for themselves and roar.
—  Nikita Gill, To The Cinderella Who Fought Back With Blood