are they edible rabbits

Sheith camping trips are basically
- Shiro wanting a nice quiet getaway, do some fishing, enjoy the beauty of nature, maybe have some tunes playing on the radio
- Keith, being the survivalist he is, does his best to try and live off the land and ends up scavenging any edible plants and vegetation he knows are safe. Rabbits are common game and Keith can make a damn good rabbit stew.
- Long nature walks together. Little bit of rock or tree climbing and sussing out caves
-Afternoon skinny dipping
- Taking turns at chopping up fire wood while shirtless because they like to show off to each other doing ‘manly’ things
- bushbashing in the wilderness in the car or motorbikes (or whatever their time’s equivalent is)
- One of them likes their marshmallows lightly toasted, the other burns his to a crisp. The toaster is horrified.
- Obligatory stargazing
- Talking and reminiscing around the campfire. If they’ve had a few drinks and a good song plays on the radio they might dance around the fire together (usually instigated by Shiro)
- Cuddling up together in their tent and slowly drift off in each others arms after full days of different activities 

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whats up bendy, hows shit?

due to an unfortunate turn of events, i am awake

and my quest for food in this house of morons has so far been unsuccessful.

i was hoping to evade the possibility of having to go buy food, but the only technically edible things in this goddamn household are a half eaten chocolate rabbit (and i hate chocolate) and a slowly rotting bottle of orange juice. 

i did find my training sword though. it was in the goddamn kitchen cupboard, along with my roommate’s utility knife

needless to say i am very confused.


In case anyone thought i was joking, i am in fact, not.

The Registry (Part 1)

Author: @joshs-left-earlobe   

Rating: T

Prompt: An Unexpected Letter (Prompt 1)

Summary: Her hands shake and her mouth falls slack as she fumbles to review the envelope once again. There it is, in beautiful cursive handwriting: Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen. Upon further inspection, it’s addressed to his apartment— another mess-up by the mailman.

His address. And her name. Next to his name. Their names together?

A myriad of thoughts fly through her mind. It could be a practical joke, a mistake, but why?

What if…

Author’s Note: Huge thanks to @papofglencoe who not only edited, but was such a great motivator for me! Her comments throughout the draft gave me life and lots of laughs!!

“Go on home, Katniss. There’ll be more waitin’ for you tomorrow.” Sae chuckles through her raspy words. Years of smoking are evident in the old woman’s voice, but she’s a hardy soul in spite of it. “C’mon now. Get!” she cough-laughs as her dish towel whips Katniss in the rear.

As much as Katniss would like to give Sae her hard scowl, she knows it’s all in fun, and she whips her right back. “Be careful, woman. You taught me all of your tricks.”

With a hard pat on Katniss’ shoulder, Sae relents. “That I did. That I did. See you tomorrow, young thing.”

Once Katniss removes her soiled apron and washes her hands, she grabs her satchel from the back office and exits the door to begin her walk home. Although her apartment building is only four blocks east and three blocks north of Greasy Sae’s Deli, Katniss prefers to take a longer route home when she’s lucky enough to have some daylight left after work.

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The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy

This ficlet is part of the Claire returns early with Bree AU which begins with A Ringing Phone and a Folder.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Coded Words

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as The Nature of Choice.

This Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet alludes to information/events that appear in Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager.

As always, let me know what you think.

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What kind of survivor are you? DnA style~

So, one day you find yourself stranded in an unknown island. There’s only an empty beach, vast endless ocean, and a huge jungle/forest in front of you. You can see a huge mountain or hill located somewhere deeper in the forest even from where you’re standing. Your friends slowly came to and they’re equally confused as you were. You have nothing with you, your belongings most likely washed away to who-knows-where in the ocean, and your friends shared the same fate.

What would you do?

Q1. First thing first, let’s…

  • Discuss and think of a plan to do. Maybe create a priority list -> go to Q3
  • Not overthink things and look around first. It’s an unknown place after all, so we’ll just came up with a plan later after we look around for a bit -> go to Q2

Q2. The island is huge and seemingly endless. And you don’t even know what island you are at! The only clue is that it looks like in tropical area. The forest seems thick and dark too…

  • Move on inside the forest because otherwise you’ll stuck at where you are until dark with no result -> go to Q6
  • Maybe sticking to the beach is safer… -> go to Q9

Q3. One thing to prevent dying is making sure you have all your body needs! So, what will you seek first?

  • Food, so you won’t starve to death -> go to Q4
  • Water, because it’s even more vital than food -> go to Q10
  • Shelter, that function as a protection and meeting point -> go to Q5

Q4. Okay, you’re off to find food. But where?

  • Forest -> go to Q7
  • Beach -> go to Q9

Q5. After finding a shelter, you immediately thought of making an S.O.S. sign! What will you make?

  • Fire! Smoke can be a good SOS sign -> go to Q8
  • Write big letters on the beach/sand with logs, etc you can find. A rescue party should be able to see it air-view. Besides, it’s much easier and faster to accomplish -> go to Q12

Q6. In preparation for the worst, you decided to make a weapon. Which one’s better?

  • A knife or other close-range weapons -> go to Q11
  • A spear or other longer weapons -> go to Q7

Q7. You find no fruits or plants that look edible, but then you spotted a rabbit! You’re so hungry you could die and you’re sure that you can capture the rabbit easily.

  • Hunt for the rabbit, otherwise you’re the one who’ll die… -> go to Q11
  • Leave; there must be other edible things around… -> go to Q9

Q8. After making the fire, indeed you hear sounds! You can’t see the source but it sounded like whispers/hisses. What would you do?

  • Suspicious… It may be a good sign, but on the other hand it could be a disastrous mistake -> go to Q12
  • Who cares?! There are actually other people!! -> go to Q11

Q9. Now you see a funny-looking mushroom! You see a small animal eating it normally so it’s safe to assume it’s not poisonous right?

  • You never know for sure… better safe than sorry, so you leave for another find -> go to Q13
  • Of course you’ll eat it! It looks delicious too! -> go to Q12

Q10. After a long walk you finally found a river. But the funny thing is that the water’s color is a bit weird!

  • Take it anyway. If it’s poisonous, then where did the animals got their drinks? -> go to Q12
  • Leave to find another source of water. It can’t be the only one there -> go to Q5

Q11. Suddenly you spotted a tiger! Thankfully it’s not too big and it’s alone! It may or may not have noticed your presence. You have a log (and maybe a weapon) with you, so you…

  • Back away. It’s not worth the risk -> RESULT NO. 6
  • Go for it! You’ve got your friends with you and it’ll erase one thing to worry about when you sleep later -> go to Q13

Q12. You and some of your friends seems to be overwhelmed by the new and unfamiliar atmosphere and started to feel very ill. You…

  • Give up. What’s the point anyway? It’s better than die being attacked by the animals or worse things anyway -> RESULT NO. 7
  • Do everything that comes to mind; water, food, sleep–anything it takes to survive! -> go to Q13

Q13. Luckily everything sorted out and you return to your friends. However, one of your friend seems to have enough and start acting threateningly. What should you do?

  • Better leave him/her behind. It’s his/her choice and it’s not worth it to sacrifice the whole group for one person. We’re talking about life or death here! -> RESULT NO. 1
  • No way we’re leaving him/her behind! No matter what happen we’ll stay together until the end! -> RESULT NO. 2
  • Since this matter involves the whole group, all of you should solve it fairly with voting and will do the choice with most votes -> go to Q14

Q14. Now that it boils down to this and you don’t know how many days left before help comes, your group decided to divide tasks. You prefer:

  • Hunt. There are people besides you so it might be safe -> RESULT NO. 4
  • Look/venture to the areas no one has entered before to look for help or clues -> RESULT NO. 3
  • Nurse your friend who’s stressed and act violently to make sure he/she didn’t do anything reckless or dangerous -> RESULT NO. 5

Result under read more

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bury the stockings for spring

the road is bare / nothing to get lost in,
chimneys pant smoke, mend
into clouds that are stamped onto the sky -
my daughter has a cloud shaped stamp.

kicking up a paper-thin mantle of snow
- i know it is edible.

[there are no foxes, rabbits and birds close]
we: the only visible animals,
while it is an animal that i wipe snot off - a string
out the nose; a reminder: the poles are melting,
as rusty cheekbones sting cold.

and the walnut she holds in her fist,
does it all fit in?
this valley, the almost thawing soil; an apparition of spring, budding
into the static noon - the painting of a minimalist.
the smell of new origins 
stuck below a spread of european winds
stuttering change.
maybe the purpose of spring,  
is to make us bury our winter stockings
under the first green we see.

Best Calls

Got a call today from a local butcher who said he had about 12 rabbit hides leftover from his morning’s processing work. Since he only lives a half-hour away, I drove right out and picked up the hides, met the owner  (we’d only talked via phone previously), and discussed the possibility of enrolling his kids in a private hide tanning course here at my shop. I was glad to know that he was getting his kids involved in sustainable meat farming, and even more glad to know that he wanted them to learn tanning so as to make use of more of the animal than just the edible bits. 

Now I just have to process all 12 rabbits, one GIANT cow, two coyotes, 8 fancy rats, and about 12 raccoons. 


These super cute little animals were made using shells for their bodies. The rabbit is from Brighton and is made from an edible snail shell sitting on a clam, whilst the cat is from Surrey and made from a sea shell. Both were collected by Edward Lovett and accessioned into the museum in the 1920s. At the time they were collected in the mid-nineteenth century, toy shops did not yet exist and so toys would have been made from found objects such as shells, bones and seeds. We think they have much more character than modern factory made toys! .