are they doing the same thing or copying each other

Teacher picked on me for being autistic, I got her fired.

When I was in 4th grade, i had a teacher named Mrs. Seeles (Like Seals). She was regarded as one of the kindest teachers in our school, to everyone. Everyone but me. I had quite a few learning disabilities that made much of her class confusing and hard to keep up with, especially with the way she taught. She would go over one thing and then have a test on it the next day to see if we learned it, which i always did bad on. 

Now, I was no means a perfect student. But I did my work without complaining, I did homework like i should. My best friend at the time, Jack, would attest to this, as he liked to copy things off my work because he was a sneaky kid. We sat next to each other so it wasnt very hard to get answers from one another. We were both boys so it got a little excitable sometimes and rowdy (not to mention we like-liked each other)

Mrs. Seeles didnt like our friendship in the least, and would always snap at us, more specifically me because i was seen as an easy target. I would never speak up against it or try to do anything, unlike Jack who would demand that we werent doing anything wrong. So she decided to focus in on me instead.

Whenever I passed in class work or homework, she wouldnt grade it. I would get bad reports home saying how I wasnt doing what I was supposed to be doing. All in all, my parents believed her more over me because they never trusted me to begin with. So Jack and I plotted. 

Being only in 4th grade, it wasnt the best plan, but it worked. I would do my work, then Jack would write the exact same things as I did. We did this for months. I would recieve bad grades while Jack excelled in his. We got the papers back. We stored them away.

Near the halfway part of the semesters, We both brought this up to our parents. We called each other on the home phones and explained what had been going on. How Jack would copy my work and Pass it in just like I did, but I never got the credit. We showed them the papers, which were exactly identical. Mine were marked wrong, Jacks were marked right.

My parents were furious. Because of that teacher their child was failing the 4th grade. They threw a fit over at the school board council, gave them complete hell. Within the week, Mrs. Seeles was packed up and leaving the school.

The new teacher that replaced her was wonderful. I went from failing to As in weeks. 

Fun Fact: I actually stopped doing a lot of my homework because of Mrs. Seeles because why do it if it wont be graded? That problem developed heavily into my mind and its been a problem ever since. hope your happy. Graduating from High School this year, going into Theatrical Arts College.

The Signs as Reminders/Important Things
  • Aries: Don’t take yourself seriously, you are a piece of dust floating in the vast empty expanse of space.
  • Taurus: Don’t take other people too seriously; no matter who they are; be they a celebrity, the most accomplished person you know, a sibling you’ve had a long-standing rivalry with - It doesn’t matter; they too are a piece of space dust.
  • Gemini: You know what? It’s nice to be nice. You never really regret being nice to someone. Plus we evolved from another species of space dust called monkeys, who really like to copy each other, and guess what? So do we. When we see a person being nice to another person (or animal, or plant, or any form of perceivable space dust really), we will likely do the same.
  • Cancer: Be patient. Not all pieces of space dust have had positive examples set for them by other pieces of space dust. We all express and communicate emotions differently and all need to be dealt with in different ways. We don’t always know how deal with everyone else, but one thing that tends to work best is to be patient.
  • Leo: We are terrible at communicating. We have created technology and languages to try to help us with the communication of ideas and emotions, but neither technology nor language is very good at helping us. Again, it comes down to patience. We have no logically perfect language, no way of properly expressing ourselves, which can be maddening to many. When it comes right down to it, we are all trying our best given the circumstances.
  • Virgo: One great thing about human art is that it takes so many forms: painting, poetry, sculpture, writing, dance, the arrangement of flowers in a bouquet, photography, cooking, music, and the list goes on. If your usual form of communication isn’t working for you, whether it be language or technology that is failing you (whether it be language or electronic communication), try reaching people through art. Write someone a haiku, draw something on a napkin, make someone a meal, play a song, pick people some wildflowers.
  • Libra: Attention is something we all crave internally; again we are descendants of monkeys, making us pretty social bits of space dust. Remembering that everyone wants attention is crucial when trying to understand some people’s behavior. There are different types of attention, broken down simply into: bad attention and good attention. Certain people have not had positive role models in their lives, or people who would only pay attention to them when they did something outlandish, leading people to form a positive connotation between the outlandish behaviors and being on the receiving end of attention. Try to be patient with everyone.
  • Sagittarius: Don’t forget that the world is, if you think about it, a pretty horrible place. Humanity is extremely flawed in its overall design. People do horrible things to each other, to animals, to plants and to the planet they live on. Thinking about this for long periods of time can cause people to become overwhelmed and depressed. Instead, why not try being glad? If you think that world is an inherently horrible place then everything nice that goes on is merely a bonus, a diamond in the rough if you will. This will make you enjoy the small nice things in your existence a great deal more. You were lucky enough to see a small child smile at you in the department store today, you saw a deer wandering your local cemetery, you got your tax returns today and got to buy the box of tea you’ve wanted for a month. The moth sitting in your closet, though it may be eating your clothes, is still very beautiful is you look at it closely – intricate patterns detailed on its delicate wings.
  • Scorpio: Try making the conscious effort to be happy. This is not easy for everyone, some people are predisposed to being sad based on a neurochemical imbalance, which is completely unfair, but by making very deliberate actions in your life to make yourself happy, you will notice a big difference. Try reading children’s picture books, listening to music you love, eating small tasty treats, spending alone time in nature, imagining best-case scenarios, picking flowers, doing something nice for someone else, creating something, spending time to re-read a book you love.
  • Capricorn: Beauty is another thing humans love and avidly search out in their lives. Unfortunately certain people believe this is a very shallow pursuit – which it is most definitely not! Look for beauty in the things you would normally consider mundane! Study a single flower, gaze at a spider’s dew covered web, relish the sight of a sunset, stare into someone’s eyes, look up into the night sky! Breathe in the familiar scent of your mother’s laundry detergent, the smell of a freshly cut lawn in summer, of thanksgiving pumpkin pie, of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day, of an old book slowly decomposing! Beauty is all around you, look closely!
  • Aquarius: Something we should do more often is contemplate our existence and remember how tiny and insignificant everything and everyone is in compared to the vastness of our universe. Start sticking your tongue out at things that are important or respected. Have a carpe diem moment. Listen to music loudly, dress in bizarre clothes – a generation or two from now no one will remember! As long as you don’t disturb other people’s way of life, try to improve your own! Listen to other people’s opinions even if you don’t agree, try listening to music you don’t like to figure out why, spend time with people you wouldn’t normally spend time with, teach yourself something new! Learn about outer space or philosophy or literature or art!
  • Pisces: Be mature (the definition of maturity is doing whatever you want, whenever you want, even if your parents think it’s a good idea) but also be childish! Scribble on pieces of paper, imagine things, cry, scream, have big big emotions!
  • Basically; do what makes you happy, but doesn’t make those around you unhappy. Search out beauty. Be patient with people. Create art. Listen to what people have to say. Try communicating ideas. Spend time doing things that make you happy. Imagine things. Contemplate your existence. Learn things! Give yourself attention and give it to others (in a positive way). Don’t forget we are all pieces of dust in a massive universe that isn’t slowing down for us.
psa for college freshman

hey, whats up, hello! so you’re gonna be a freshman and you’re probably moving in real soon, and you might be excited but also nervous, not to worry i got you! here are some tips and tricks and general advice based on my own experience. 

okay so step by step:


okay so this is easily the most stressful thing about the first week of school. you gotta get all of your stuff into a tiny dorm if it’s a big room i am literally so jealous my dorm was like a prison so don’t freak out, stay cool and pack efficiently!

  • try not to overpack, it’s really easy to believe you’ll need everything you’re bringing but trust me you won’t even look at half of it
    • a good tip for this is, if you don’t use it at home, don’t bring it to school! (plus it’s really easy to just buy stuff you need on amazon so don’t forget that that’s an option too)
  • if you’re going to a school that deals in snow, DON’T bring that stuff (jackets/hats/boots/etc) with you when you move in. if you know you’re going to go home for a weekend before the snow sets in, definitely leave it at home and bring it with you later!
  • let your parents/guardians/friends/family help you move in. it might not seem like a big deal, but letting them help you will make them feel better. and if you don’t like how they arrange things, let it be! you have all semester to rearrange and settle in, they only have this one day, so just let them have it! also don’t forget to thank them when they leave!


ah yes, the wonderful concepts of roommates. i was lucky my freshman year, but some people aren’t

  • try and connect with them via facebook/school emails/phone, settling things like are you gonna share a mini fridge, microwave, coffeemaker and how you’re gonna decorate (if you’re into that) will help when you finally settle into your room
  • definitely go over ground rules once you’re all unpacked and settled in. my dorm had us go over a list of questions, come to an agreement, and sign it in case there were any future conflicts. cover things like: 
    • is it okay to have my friends sit at your desk or on your bed when you aren’t there?
    • how should we handle overnight guests?
    • do you want me to give you a heads up if i have friends coming over?
    • 100% agree to give each other a heads up on parents coming to your room
    • sharing food?
    • cleaning responsibilities
    • definitely definitely give each other a copy of your class schedule, and if you have classes at the same time maybe you can agree to make sure you’re both awake at the right time!
  • you don’t have to be bff’s with your roommate, sometimes it turns out that way and sometimes it doesn’t. what you do need to be is open and honest with your roommate. your year will be miserable (especially if you can’t switch roommates) if you don’t communicate with each other. don’t be afraid to tell them if something is bothering you. if you’re to nervous to do that or don’t like confrontation, talk to your RA or RD

so now that we got all that out of the way, here are some general tips about social things:

  • that whole keep your door open and people will come talk to you think is a load of bs. me and my roommate did that for weeks and no one came in. everyone is just waiting for someone else to take that chance. so go into peoples rooms and ask them if they wanna grab lunch/dinner! walk around and poke your head in their room! it might be awkward as hell but at least you’re trying :)
  • go to all (or as many) dorm activities as you can! this allows you to meet more people too even if the event is really dumb, at least show up. you always have the option to leave!
  • go to club meetings! even if you aren’t sure you want to stay in the club. it’s much harder or maybe just more awkward to join when you’re an upperclassmen, so try and get those roots down as soon as you can
  • that being said, you can always leave a group without any hard feelings. people do it all the time, so don’t be scared that once you go to one meeting you’re stuck in the group forever
  • don’t let anyone tell you that as a freshman you can’t get involved. if you want to, you can. there is absolutely nothing stopping you. you might have to work a bit harder but i know you can do it!
  • sometimes freshman year can suck, or at least have it’s moments. don’t give up. everything gets infinitely better as time goes one, i promise. if you’re having a tough time or feel isolated or overwhelmed, reach out to someone, a parent, friends from home, an old teacher, anyone really! don’t give up, things might get tough, but you ARE strong and you WILL get through it

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Can I get romantic Highschool headcannons for Richie, Stan, and Bill?

Richie answered


  • he carries all of your books until you reach class
  • opens the door for you
  • you joined the photography club and Stan likes seeing your work
  • he always tries to keep your school work organized
  • one time you accidentally grabbed each other’s note book, he got to see all the cute notes you make about him
  • “you think my smile is handsome y/n?” “OMG HUSH”
  • he asks you homecoming if you say yes he will be a nervous mess when you appear with your dress as he takes your hand
  • his parents are really cool with the idea of you being understanding of Stan
  • he likes helping you find things to photograph, its like mini dates
  • you and the losers hang out after school and tease you guys when you kiss each other
  • often helping him with English homework when he gets stuck
  • in exchange he helps you in math since it’s not your strong suit
  • if you have the same class, he looks out for you if you fall asleep, he also split the homework with you, you do one half and he does the other and copy of each other
  • movie dates, he asks his parents for the car so you guys and see the film in the drive-in
  • he’s still like comics so you buy him some you enjoy and his favorite ones to read during break
  • you guys do this cute thing of instead of holding hands you guys interlock pinkies
  • when he asked you to prom he gave you a little ring he saved up for to compliment you dress


  • you guys walk to school in the morning, he sometimes brings coffee with him so you can properly wake up
  • his hand is always by yours

  • his stuttering has improved enough that he went ahead and joined the speech class

  • the teacher who sponsors the club there is very happy the Bill challenges himself with you by his side, making you the secretary of the speech club

  • both of you spend most of the time donating your times by doing community service and the local daycare 
  • when some of the jocks try to cat call you he tells them to back off, showing that he won’t let anyone push you
  • study dates often happen, be it your house or his, he likes it when you help him get a presentation ready
  • if you feel stressed he hugs you and sings you some of the songs you like
  • on one of the anniversaries he gave you a promise ring to express his love for you
  • he quoted Shakespeare’ romeo and juliet late one night by your bedroom window and held a boom box with you guy’s first song
  • the losers often tease that’s he’s whipped, he just tells them to quiet down there’s nothing wrong with doing things with you
  • you wear his hoodies on winter days
  • “y/n why don’t you wear your hoodie?” “Bill yours are more comfier and warmer”
  • the school has this competition on who can have the most ugly christmas sweater, you and Bill win every year
  • applying to the same college
  • he mentors younger kids you have speech problems like him to give them encouragement 
Some “Last Game” thoughts

So Akashi represents the GoM as he speaks the moment they hear about Kagami leaving Japan

And no one really tries to deny it, hell I’m sure they’re proud of him since Akashi says “our” and “we” (even tho someone sounds a lil bit upset and ya know who am I talking about and what’s coming next)

Because Kagami worked hard enough to achieve his goals, improve himself and inspire others. His passion made someone else love playing basketball again…

So I’ll be honest, at this point I waited for Aomine to snap and refuse calling Kagami his friend, because he has a hard time being honest with himself when he’s usually like ‘jeez, I have to help this idiot’ or ‘you didn’t beat me in one-on-one but I’ll give ya these shoes anyway, better make a good use of them’. No, for once Aomine is silent

This fucking dumbass only averts his gaze, clearly being upset and not liking the idea of admitting how he truly feels. Just a moment ago he called Kagami out for runing away and maybe he inteded to sound annoyed, but for me it only showed that he cares. He’s about to lose someone he had the biggest fun playing basketball with, but can you imagine Aomine talking clearly about his feelings? Yeah me too. Even Midorima shut him up by saying “it’s not about you”. Aomine’s words are selfish, but his small outrage intends to show how he doesn’t like the idea of Kagami leaving, while his silence during Akashi’s speach proves he respects Kagami. He is the greatest rival and a great friend also for him

Plus his decision to play in the NBA has a big darn meaning. When his friends talk about not being able to play with Kagami anymore, he chooses this moment to say he’s going to America too. “Not to see Kagami, but to join NBA as soon as possible”. Do I have to point out that he must be aware of the fact that “seeing Kagami” and “playing in the NBA” means same thing? Not like he’s copying Kagami, they’re both passionate and serious about basketball (that’s why I’m a sucker for their relationship for years lol), though I love the idea of them chasing each other in order to improve (and to have lots of fun). Aomine also wants to become the best basketball player, but he also doesn’t want to lose to Kagami in any way. That’s why I said Kagami can inspire others. And that’s what I find beautiful - their compatibility on the court that lets them grow as characters

as rivals and friends

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do a bullet point imagine for Tom dating an America girl?

here we goooo

  • first off, he’d definitely mimic your accent all the time
  • not everything, just little words that you say particularly differently 
  • like mirror, or water, or garage
  • so obviously you’d imitate his accent too and copy things he says

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Being Lily Evans' younger sister? I absolutely adore your work and can't wait for more imagines xxx

A/N: This is ridiculously long, I don’t know what happened. I’m going with Lily’s sister is two years younger. So when the reader starts at Hogwarts, Lily will be in her third year.

  • You’ve gotta have a flower name: Daisy, Rose, Jasmine, Iris, etc. Take your pick

If you’re a Muggle:

  • When Lily shows you her magical abilities, you try hopelessly to copy her
  • She comforts you when you realise you can’t do the same things she can, and promises she’ll always be there to do magic for you
  • Like Petunia, you’re jealous of her magic
  • Unlike Petunia, your love is greater than your envy and you don’t let it ruin your relationship with your sister 
  • Lily’s friendship with Snape creeps you out, and you hate when he hangs around. Either he looks through you like you don’t even exist, or he ridicules you for not having magic
  • You write letters to each other every week. You worry yours are a little dull in comparison to hers, but she never complains.
  • The house seems so quiet when Lily’s away at school
  • You can’t wait for her to come home during the holidays. It’s like she brings the sun back with her
  • Lily tells you about some arrogant sod called James Potter. Not even two years later, and she’s introducing him to you as her boyfriend. It’s confusing and makes it glaringly obvious how much of your sister’s life you’re missing when she’s away
  • You try and keep the peace between your sisters, but it’s not easy
  • You’re the maid of honour at her wedding, and do your best to make up for Petunia not being there. You barely know anyone else there, but they all do their best to make you comfortable. It’s still a little awkward and overwhelming, and you’re happy when it’s over
  • Lily never tells you about the danger she’s in, and you only find out after her death
  • You go to the funeral alone; your parents are already dead and Petunia wouldn’t attend. You don’t talk to anyone and go home to cry alone
  • Dumbledore leaves Harry with you. You’re hopelessly unprepared to raise a child, being less than 21 years old and completely inexperienced. The only reason you agree instead of trying to find someone who could raise Harry the way he needs to be raised is because of the blood protection spell. There’s no way in hell you’d let Petunia raise him, knowing how she, her awful husband and spoilt child would treat him
    • Well, that’s the main reason. The other is his eyes, it’s just like looking into Lily’s. They remind you that he’s all that’s left of your sister and knowing that she sacrificed herself to keep him safe, you’ll do everything in your power to protect him too
  • Things are hard at first, but Harry is a fundamentally good kid and you adore him. He grows up strong and happy, knowing he’s loved. 
  • Maybe you get married to a Muggle, maybe you get married to a wizard/witch. Maybe you don’t get married at all. The one thing that never changes is that Harry is 100% your priority, 100% of the time, and he’s always going to be the most important person in your life
  • You cry when he first goes to Hogwarts, and spend the next 7 years constantly worried about him. He sure gives you enough reasons to be
  • Making sure Harry always knows how proud his mother would be of him

If you’re a witch: 

  • Lily’s so excited when you show her that you can do the same things she does 
  • Petunia’s jealousy is even worse. You try not to, but sometimes you and Lily end up accidentally excluding her. 
  • When Lily first goes to Hogwarts, you start counting down the days until you get to go too
  • It’s the greatest day when you finally get to board the train as well. Lily’s incredibly excited to show you around the castle and to introduce you to all the people she’s being telling you about 
  • She’s so proud watching you be sorted, she doesn’t care what house you’re in
  • Lily is the only thing that makes your homesickness better. You miss your parents and old friends. You even miss Petunia, even though she’s horrid to you most of the time
  • All of the Professors know you are ‘Miss Evans’ sister’ at first. It’s a little intimidating because they expect so much of you. Slughorn, in particular, is interested to see if you’re anything like your sister. 
  • You do manage to make your own reputation and step out of Lily’s shadow soon enough.
    • Even if James and Sirius insist on calling you ‘Baby-Evans’, ‘Evans Jr.’ or the like
  • Lily’s always there to help you if you’re struggling with a spell, a potion, or anything at all
  • You always make time for each other, and the two of you are closer than you’ve been in years now that you’re both going to Hogwarts
  • Snape creeps you out. He just barely tolerates you when Lily is around, ignores you when she’s not. He says nothing when his friends call you a Mudblood. You hate him for it.
    • You hate him even more after he calls Lily a Mudblood, and though you’d never tell her, you’re happy that it’s the end of their friendship
  • You maybe have a little crush on one of the Marauders. 
    • You do agree with your sister that sometimes they go too far, but they are actually quite funny and you’d kill for a friendship like theirs.
  • Watching her fall in love with James is honestly the most entertaining thing. Teasing her about it is so easy and you almost feel bad for taking advantage of the obvious target. Almost. 
    • Watching her introduce James to Petunia and Vernon is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You never bring it up again and pretend it never happened at all
  • You’re the maid of honour at her wedding. The whole day is filled with so much love and magic, and you have the greatest time.
    • You tease both James and Lily, cementing your future role as annoying little sister to the both of them.
    • Sirius teases you, cementing his future role as the annoying big brother you never asked for. He does let you graduate from ‘Evans Jr.’ to just plain ‘Evans’ though
  • It’s the oddest feeling getting on the Hogwarts Express the year after Lily graduates, knowing she isn’t somewhere nearby on the train
  • You still have all your friends at Hogwarts, but it’s lonely being the only Evans in the castle
  • Whenever something interesting happens you make a mental note to tell Lily about it at dinner, forgetting she won’t be there
  • You’re so happy to see her during the holidays that you practically launch yourself at her
  • You’re really worried when she tells you she’s joined the Order
    • Obviously, you agree with the goals of the Order, but you really don’t want Lily to get hurt
    • James talks to you privately and assures you he’d never let anything happen to Lily. Then Remus does the same thing. And so does Sirius. You’ve kind of gotten the point by the time Peter talks to you. 
    • You still worry, but you trust the Marauders will do anything they can to keep her (and each other) safe.
  • You’re one of the first people she tells about the pregnancy
  • Lily goes into hiding during your last year at Hogwarts. 
  • You join the Order as soon as you graduate to try and protect her, James and your unborn nephew 
    • It’s Lily’s turn to worry about you. The worst thing is that she can never come with you on missions, she has to trust Sirius, Remus and Peter to look after you. The three try their best, but you still come back injured more often than Lily can stand
  • Meeting baby Harry for the first time is incredibly emotional and you love him the second you hold him
  • You and Sirius are the only guests at Harry’s christening. In your opinion, Sirius is the perfect choice to be his godfather. If there’s anything the last few years have shown you it’s that there’s nothing Sirius won’t do for James and Lily
  • It makes perfect sense to you that Peter actually becomes the Secret Keeper, while you and Sirius, the more obvious choices, act as red herrings. 
  • A week later, Lily and James are dead and you’ve never regretted anything more
  • When you arrive at Godric’s Hollow you find Sirius and Hagrid arguing about Harry
    • “Give Harry to me, Hagrid, I’m his godfather, I’ll look after him.’
    • “Dumbledore said I’m ter take Harry to his aunt.”
    • “Well, it’s a good thing that she’s already here then.”
  • You persuade Hagrid to give Harry to you, instead of taking him to Petunia’s as Dumbledore requested. Dumbledore has no right to decide what’s best for your nephew
  • You stop Sirius going after Peter alone, convincing him you’ll need his and Remus’ help with Harry.
  • The four of you go to Lily and James’ funeral together. It’s still a horrible, horrible day, but it’s easier having each other to lean on for comfort
  • (I’ll save raising Harry with Sirius and Remus for another involve; this is already too long)
  • You are constantly worried about Harry. If he ever needs anything, you’re only an owl away
  • You die during the Battle of Hogwarts (as a parental figure of Harry, it is your duty)
  • Before you even have time to process your death your sister is crushing you in a hug, thanking you for everything you’ve done for Harry
  • Even thought it’s been 16 years since you last talked to her, you fall back into the role of little sister like you no time has passed at all

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Involves Masterlist: (x)


Beyoncé Knowles: 20 times Grammy Award winner, the second most honored female artist by the Grammys and the most nominated woman in Grammy Award history with 52 nominations. She has sold over 100 million records as a solo artist, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. RIAA recognized her as the Top Certified Artist of the 2000s decade. As of December 2015, Beyoncé has sold 16 million albums and over 47 million digital songs in the United States as a solo artist. Critics hail her as one of the best entertainers in contemporary popular music. Forbes magazine listed her as the most powerful female musician of 2015.

Taylor Swift: 10 time Grammy Award winner, at 20 she became the youngest person ever to win Album of the Year at the Grammys with Fearless, a country album and at 26 she became the only female solo act in history to receive that award twice with 1989, a pop album. She has sold 27.67 million albums (March 2015) in the United States, making her the seventh-largest-selling female artist. She has written every single song of every album she has ever released. She’s the only artist in history to have three consecutive albums sold more than 1 million copies in its first week. Swift owns the most awarded country album in music history (Fearless) and the most awarded pop album in music history (1989). This year, BMI will present Taylor Swift with an award bearing her name in recognition of her incomparable creative and artistic talent and influence on music lovers throughout the world. (This is only the second time in BMI’s 76-year history that the company has presented an award in someone’s name. The first was to Michael Jackson in 1990).

Adele: Academy Award Winner for best original song in a motion picture with Skyfall (2013) and 10 time Grammy Award Winner. She and Beyoncé hold the record of most Grammys won by a female artist in one night with six each. With 21 non-consecutive weeks at number 1 in the US, Adele broke the record for the longest number-1 album by a woman in Billboard history, beating the record formerly held by Whitney Houston’s soundtrack The Bodyguard.21 spent its 23rd week at number one in March 2012, making it the longest-running album at number one since 1985 and it became the fourth best-selling album of the past 10 years in the United States. 25 is the first album to sell more than 3 million copies in a week in Nielsen history, and only the second to surpass 2 million sold in a single frame. Adele is easily the best voice in music industry nowadays.

Beyoncé, Taylor, Adele, Gaga, Rihanna… You know one thing they all have in common? They make art maintaining true to themselves, they are unique in what they do, and that’s the key to their success. All these women can be successful at the same time in the same universe, crazy huh? Stop pitting women against each other.

library prompts
  • You’re making way too much noise. Is that an airhorn in your bag? Oh, God, no, please don’t blow it.
  • You’re surrounded by books, binders, highlighters, and papers. When I asked what you were studying, you glanced back up at me with bloodshot eyes and said, “I’m not sure anymore.”
  • You can’t have a pizza be delivered to the school library! … Can you?
  • The types of books you’re checking out have me really concerned.
  • You’re asking me to help you find books on a topic you’re researching, and the library is huge, so I’m trying, but it’s difficult. Who researches the most popular lunch foods in Italy specifically from December 17th, 1982 to June 16th, 1990?
  • Listen, you seem like you’re really busy, so I’ll let you stay after hours, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to worry about your state of wellbeing.
  • There’s a beanbag over there. Please take a nap.
  • You fell asleep and now you’re drooling over all the books. Should I intervene, or…?
  • Thanks for the donations, but it would be a little crowded if we accepted 52 copies of the same book. You can take some back.
  • You asked me to read over your essay. I don’t have the heart to tell you it’s awful.
  • I know an after-hours library date isn’t the most romantic thing in existence, but it was all I could do. Please forgive me.
  • We were sitting across from each other and I spilled coffee all over your rented textbooks, your important notes, and your paper that was due in three hours.
  • You basically just brought an entire buffet to the library. Food here isn’t permitted, but I promise not to kick you out if you let me have some.

anonymous asked:

Sorry to ask on anonymous, but how do you do chromatic aberration on clip studio? I have EX and I've been trying to figure out how for such a long time. X_X

Let this post be the help for anyone wondering how to do this effect in Clip Studio Paint (I use Pro, it should work in any other version too), as I don’t know if there are any tutorials about it in the internet~

For those who want to see it, I made a video tutorial: click here to watch it
The video contains some hardcore chromatic aberration which may make you feel worse (seriously) so watch it at your own risk and don’t bash me for showing such things~ (and even after watching, see the 8th point of the written tutorial below)

For those who don’t want to risk, I’m writing a tutorial:
1. Flatten your finished image (or some parts that you want to use the effect on)
2. Copy the image three times on three layers
3. for each layer, go to Edit -> Tonal correction(D) -> Level correction and click “RGB” to change it for other channel
4. on the bottom layer, choose “Red” and in “Output” slider move the white arrow to the left (black) as far as it can go. Do not move anything else. Doing this, you’ve removed red channel from this layer. Do the same thing with “Blue” so only green is left. Do not change anything in “Green” and click “OK”
5. on two layers above this one (changed to green), remove “red” and “green” in one and “blue” and “green” in the other. Once you’ve done it, you should have three layers that use only one channel each - red, blue and green (on the bottom).
6. set red and blue layers to “Lighten” in layer options, leaving green as “Normal” and on the bottom. The picture should change to its original colors.
7. Move red to one side, and blue to the other, and voila~ you should have chromatic aberration~
8. for a nicer and less eyestraining effect, on blue and red layers go to Filter -> Blur -> Radiation blur and choose the same point on each layer, but choose “Front” on one and “Back” on the other. By doing this, chromatic aberration will appear only on the sides of your picture - far from the point you chose in blur options. With this you can leave part of your picture looking sharp, while the aberration will make other parts blurry~ for the even less eyestraining effect, put the 4th layer with the picture (without any aberration) above all layers and just change its opacity. It’ll make the aberration look subtle~

I hope it’s understandable~ have fun with your chromatic aberration and remember to keep it safe for your eyes~

Come Out, Come Out, Come Play With The Rest.


He’d toyed with the word for months before he came out. Occasionally bisexual sat on the tip of his tongue, but it never quite fit right. Like trying to shove a square block into a round space. It made sense for a while, when gay was too restricting and he loved soft curves as much he loved the weight of someone else’s dick in his hands. But people were too beautiful and his heart was a weak thing that fell for eyes and words and the sound of laughter.

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Undeniably Important Chapter 8: Logan’s Notepad

Hey everyone! Got some exams out of the way. I’m doing alright, but glad to be done with the brunt of it all. SUPER stoked for new Sander’s Sides video, but Thought I might write while I’m waiting. Part 3 of Surgery should be coming out within two days. And then After all the prewritten chapters of UI (Name curteous of @remmythepegasis) have been posted on tumblr, I’ll start continuing on this fanfic. Love you guys and I hope you enjoy! Btw, this is a HUGE chapter and might take a little over 10 minutes to read. Lol.

Hint: Time is important in this story…

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6 – Chapter 7

“Well, theres not much to tell.” Princey looked down at the ground with all the eyes on him. “We were, acting civilized for the first three minutes. We both had different ideas so we didn’t really fight over clothing. That is, until we grabbed a hold of that grey shirt.” Roman motioned upstairs. “It was an accident on Anxiety’s part, *cough* I beg to differ *cough* but it was unintentionally tossed on top of your tall dresser Thomas.”

Thomas nodded letting him know he was still listening.

“I climbed up the dresser to grab it, but the dresser couldn’t stand upright with me holding onto the side of it. Thus, I fell backwards. If Anxiety hadn’t…saved me. I might have been squashed.”

Gasps were heard in the room, mainly from Patton.

“Anxiety you saved Roman!? I’m so proud of you kiddo!” Patton had finished his potatoes and there were literal stars in his eyes from pride.

“Ugh.” Anxiety rolled his eyes. “Look, I only pulled him out of harms way.”

“Another reason deduced that you are more than just Anxiety.” Logan looked Anxiety’s way who only avoided eye contact with the Logical trait.

“Well. I’m so glad that the Outfit War went mostly okay. It’s alright Roman. I’m sure Anxiety won’t make you wear anything too embarassing. Right Anxiety?” Thomas gritted the last question through his teeth.

“Psh. We’ll see. He shouldn’t be concerned, remember? I do have fashion.” Anxiety smiled victoriously.

“That’s still worrying.” Roman growled.

“Now Anxiety, don’t go choosing an outfit thats inappropriate.” Patton advised. “Make sure all privates are CLOTHESed off.”

“Oh my god Patton! Pffff!!”

“Patton your not helping my nervousness!”

All Logan did was sigh.

“Hahaha!! Alright you guys. Always a pleasure to talk with myself. Joan and the others are coming to pick me up at 4:30 pm. What time is it now?”

Logan checked the stopwatch. “11:16 am.”

“Great! We all got some time to kill. I guess-”

“Oh wait!” Logan interjected. “This is yours.” Logic held up the stopwatch so Princey could see it.

“Hm? What? Oh yes!” Logan’s interjection startled Princey from his humbling daydream and he caught the stopwatch in mid air as the Logical trait passed it to him. Roman snapped and the stopwatch dematerialized in his hands.

“Oh and don’t forget the coat rack, tape, and sharpie I brought up.” Logan reminded him.

Roman irritatedly glared at Logan and snapped. A small light illuminated from Thomas’s room, confirming the leave of the items used for the Outfit war. “Your welcome.” Prince slightly sneered at Logic.

Thomas looked at the other traits. “Ca-can I talk now? Because I’m really tired of people cutting me off.” He glanced at Logan who looked at the ground guiltily. The other traits looked at each other and didn’t interject. “I can? Great! Again thank you and I really have nothing else for you guys. So, I guess be ready by 5:00 or however you guys come with me to dinner. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this.”

“Do not fret over it too much, Thomas.” Roman assumed a fanciful pose. “It’s nothing for you to be concerned about, but I must go, because I need to remove all my clothes from my living quarters and dump them in Anxiety’s room. So…toodles.” He wasn’t very enthusiastic about this at all and began to sink down.

“Wait Princey, I’m coming too. To make sure you don’t hide anything.” Anxiety began to sink down with Roman.

“Hide anything?! Are you suggesting that I would cheat?”

“No, but I am going to help carry your clothes so you don’t ‘accidently’ cheat.”

“Excuse me count dracula! But I am a knight and and a noble and I always play fair!”

“Sure you do. Thats what you said when you snuck $10,000 behind my back the last time we played Monopoly.”

“Okay! Okay. You’re right. Ugh, can I at least keep my underwear in my room?

"What would happen if I said no?”

“Oh come on!!”

“I’m just kidding…Sorta.”

Their banter faded as they sunk out of Thomas’s apartment.

“Well, this was fun! I just hope Anxiety doesn’t do anything too horrible to Roman. Anyways I’ll see you all later. Oh, Logan you might want to check your desk. Bye kiddos!”

“Bye Patton!” Thomas waved to him.

“Desk?” Logan was confused for a second. Then it hit him. “Oh no…” His gaze shifted to the right at the bottom of the banister. His notepad was no longer there. He reached his hand over and felt around the area where it was. No luck. Then he checked his pockets. No luck there either. His first deduction was that Patton had took it. At this thought, the shade of white Logan’s face went was almost equal to that of Anxiety’s foundation.

“You alright Logan?” Thomas worriedly asked.

“Ahem. Yes Thomas I am quite alright. Well its time for me to go. I will see you tonight. Byeeeee!” Logan tried to regain his composure as he left in a hurry.

“Goodbye?” Thomas was genuinely confused.

As soon as Logan materialized in the mind palace he ran to his room and closed the door behind him. He was going to scower his desk for his missing item when he noticed it was cleaner than he had left it this morning. Someone had definitely been in his room.

On top of his now clean desk was a card with Patton’s hand writing on it and series of small giftboxes. To the right of these was his notepad he was missing. Logan sighed in relief seeing that he was now in possession of it again. But, it still troubled him to think that Patton might have looked through it. He pushed the thought aside and returned his attention to Patton’s series of gifts.

Logan couldn’t help but give a small smile at the elder aspect’s generosity. Even when Patton knew Logan could never actually understand or give something back in return, he was still willing to give. It was one of the few times that Logan wondered what it would be like to have emotions. If he did have feelings, would he be able to give something heartfelt back that meant something to Patton? These series of thoughts were troubling his mind, so he began to open Morality’s presents to further avoid more absurd assumptions from entering his brain.

3 minutes earlier

“…Oh come on!!”

“I’m just kidding…sorta.”

Roman and Anxiety teleported inside of the mind palace. Princey faced his room with a reluctant look on his face. “Well. If you can believe it I’m actually glad you came to help me, because we have a lot of loads to carry.”

“How much clothes do you have?”

“All the clothes. I have all the clothes.”


“Alright well you better help me. I’ll just place it outside your room and then you can figure out what to do with it from there.” Roman half strutted half sulked to his room from the hallway leaving Anxiety only a small amount of time to put his plan into action.

If there was another thing besides his name that Anxiety had been keeping from his fellow sides for a long time, it would be his area of control over the mindscape. One of these areas is duplication, where he takes one item and duplicates it making two of that same item.  Anxiety had not had enough practice with this power to tell if there was a difference between the real and the fake, but he figured it wouldnt matter much because no one would be suspicious. Or that Logan wouldn’t be supicious, to be exact.

Anxiety quickly took out Logan’s notepad, made sure no one was looking, and duplicated it by using both hands to pull the copy out of the original. Both notepads were still the same size, had the same marks, and were wrinkled in the same places.

“Perfect…” Anxiety muttered under his breath as he put the real notepad back into his pocket. He turned around to go put the copy in Logan’s room when he was met face to face with Patton who had his hands full of presents and a card. Both traits were equally surprised to see each other and the states that they were in.

“Jason Toddler! Are you coming?” Roman called out from his room.

“Yeah. I’ll be right there. Patton wanted to say something.”

Roman audibly sighed. “Okay.”

Both Morality and Anxiety broke eye contact and ran into Logan’s unlocked room. Their next conversation was full of whisper shouts.

“Patton what are you doing here!?”

“I could ask you the same thing kiddo.”

“I’m returning Logan’s notepad. He dropped it.”

“Thats funny considering the fact, that you were just holding two notepads in your hand. Did you steal it from Logan? Thats not very nice.”

“Patton! I-er-ugh fine! I did, but don’t tell anyone else about this, especially Logan.”

“But, Anxiety its not right. How would you like it if somebody took something of yours?”

“Look. Here it is!” Anxiety winced slightly as he held up the fake notepad. He hated that he was lying to Patton, but he had already gone great lengths to take it out of Logan’s possession. He couldn’t stop now. “I’m just putting it back.” Anxiety set the notepad on the far right of Logan’s desk confirming his words.

“But what about the-” Whoosh. Logan had just materialized in the mind palace cutting Morality short. The increasing thumps of footsteps confirmed Logan’s approach. The two intruding aspects shot each other panicked looks as Anxiety teleported out of Logan’s room and back into the hallway, leaving Morality to arrange his presents on his own and escape in the nick of time.

Anxiety and Morality stood out in the hallway as naturally as possible as Logan ran into his room and shut the door.

Anxiety sighed and looked Morality. “Don’t tell anyone about this.” He glared sternly and walked off towards Roman’s room, but stopped suddenly. “Please. Please don’t tell anyone.”

Morality sighed sadly. “Okay.”

Anxiety kept walking. “Coming Princey.”

“Finally! Here’s my clothes since you were so keen on making sure I didn’t cheat.” All of Roman’s clothes began flying from outside of his room and bouncing off Anxiety’s room door. Had Morality been in a better mood, he might have laughed. He tried to focus on what Logan’s reactions to his presents might be as he tried to get his mind off of his edgy son. His thoughts weren’t enough.

2:15 pm.

Anxiety had been in the comfort of his room for a whole hour without getting interrupted. He was changing and making himself and his makeup look more presentable especially after everything he had been through today. This included the Outfit War and moving all of Princey’s clothing to his room. Speaking of clothes, the pile stacked almost as tall as the ceiling itself. And all the colors just seemed out of place in the dimly lit, dark room. They almost hurt Anxiety’s eyes just to look at them.

After he was finished with getting ready, he plopped on his bed and scrolled through tumblr for the umpteenth time. He put his free hand in his pocket lazily when he felt something rectangular. Logan’s notepad! He had completely forgotten about it. With his curiosity rekindling again, Anxiety put his phone down and pulled out the real version of Logan’s notebook and began to flip through it.

Most of the pages had been taken up, and it seemed as if there were different sections of the notepad set aside for different purposes. The first section held a ton of random facts and trivia. Typical of Logan. The second section was filled with questions that when answered they were scratched out. Anxiety spent some extra time in this section looking for questions pertaining to him. He spotted one.

What is Anxiety’s real name?

It wasn’t crossed out, thankfully. But no where else in that section could he find a question that pertained to his role in the mind palace so, he moved on.

The third section was full of Tic-Tac-Toe, connect the dots, and other strategic pen games. These were apparently all of Logan’s attempts to defeat himself. Anxiety was more freaked out by this than impressed, so, he moved on again.

The fourth section were doodles. Doodles of mostly dogs. Just page after page of dog doodles. So many dog doodles that Anxiety had began to wonder if Patton had stolen it from Logan himself. Anxiety checked Logan’s handwriting to clarify and sure enough, Logan was the owner of all these dog doodles, not Patton. He flipped through each page carefully until he got to something that stunned him. It was a doodle of Patton playing with a dog. It wasn’t a bad drawing either. It looked just like him.

Anxiety turned the second page. Another doodle of Patton playing with a dog. And a third. And a fourth. Each one better than the last. Until he got to the 17th page. There was a picture of just Patton and it looked so realistic. Anxiety had no idea Logan could draw that good. He was speechless.

He carefully turned the next page to see another page full of doodles, but these doodles were hearts. Anxiety could tell it took Logan a very long time before he was able to draw a heart right, but once he did, he drew them everywhere. The last page of the section was another doodle of Patton, sitting inside a heart with a big smile on his face. This slightly melted Anxiety’s dark heart, as it made him think of the Fatherly aspect and how good he had been to all of them.

He turned the page and found himself in the next section…except…it was very repetitive. And humorous.

“The prince is stupid.”

“El principe es estupido.”

“Prinsen er dum.”

“Princeps stultus.”

Just the same phrase in a multitude of languages for about six sheets of paper front of back. Anxiety laughed and took a picture of each page on his phone. Maybe he’d use one or two.

The next section was vocab words. They were devised into categories of Learned and Needs Learning. Most of the words on Logan’s lists made Anxiety laugh so hard that he was having trouble keeping himself quiet. Just imagining Logan trying to pronounce and use all these slang words drove him into a fit of giggles. He finally decided to move onto the final section of the notepad: THEORIES.

This is what Anxiety was initially aiming for. He began to flip through the pages looking for what exactly Logic thought about him. Let’s just say…Anxiety got more than he bargained for.

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Okay gather round mermaids and mermen, lets have a little chat. Nothing pisses me off more when I’m working on something and someone runs to go make it, cause then I feel like I’m wasting my damn time. Which leads to me most likely just not finishing it all together. It’s one of the reasons I don’t like showing wips. I also don’t like showing images of unfinished work, but I do it because I know you guys want to see something, and I do like getting constructive feedback. Constructive criticism, the key word “constructive” helps to make better quality content.


Like let me finish my shit dammit, this ain’t a mother fucking race my dude. This is not Americas Next top CC Creator, we ain’t competing. I like to take time on my stuff, so it can be good. I’m about that quality over quantity life. There are a million ideas in the universe, go snatch another one, or at least wait till I’m done with the one I’m working on. Cause you know damn well you wasn’t thinking bout making the shit till you saw someone making it. stop lying.

Also, before somebody try to twist my words, I have no problem with people creating similar things. I completely understand seeing something you like, and wanting to create it, that is not what I am talking about. Being inspired by something is not what I’m ranting about. I’m talking about those of you who are only making something because you want to be the first, or the most popular, most unique…whatever, you will run a make something just because you want to fill those roles so bad. By doing that you are completely disregarding other creators time and effort.

Sometimes there are instances where creators will be making something popular, and both people will make it, that is also not what I am talking about. Everybody knows where those ideas are coming from, so we know they are not “copying” each other, its obvious they are drawing their inspiration from the same subject. Ya’ll be getting on leahlillith about this and I’m like you do know that second life creators usually get their ideas from real life items right ??? Like I can find so many receipts, because I have so many inspo folders that usually have those items from real life in them lmao. Ya’ll be putting sl on a pedestal so damn high, they high-fiving with God. Same thing for imvu, most of their stuff is inspired from things in real life. Guess what? With those real life people, they were probably inspired by something as well. So whoop there it is, its a big ole’ creative loop 

Again, make what you like and want. What I don’t like is people trying to act brand new off someone else’s “idea.” I put idea in quotes, because most ideas are inspired by something else any ways, its just how the creative process works. You know 100% what I am talking about. But being Inspired and copying something is a very thin line that I think a lot of people in this community have a hard time distinguishing between and I’m just calling it to attention. 

And since I’m on a rant roll. Can we talk about naming conventions for cc?

(we just gonna get this all out the way)

When you name your files, please consider putting things in the file name that will help people distinguish what the fuck it is. Let me use my trash jeans for an example:

Ripped Jeans 01

Trash Jeans


Those are unacceptable naming conventions…


YOU as the person who created it, will know what that cc item is. ME as downloader has 0 idea what the hell those file names are alluding to other than some jeans (except the last one, I have no idea what that is????) If I’m doing a lookbook or simply just looking for who created the item, I wouldn’t be able to find it, and will most likely just delete it. Ultimately it hurts you as a creator, because its just hard to find and distinguish your items for other creators things.

Please put your

creator name

item name

cc type (jeans, skirt, top, dresser, bed etc…)

version number (if you have one)

This will make everybody lives easier and help people find your stuff, which I know you want that !

Okay rant over. Ive been holding that in for year now lmao, clearly my tolerance level is deteriorating. I ain’t calling any names, because you know your own shoe size. These are just somethings that I personally want to let ya’ll know, take it or leave it, it up to you.

Anyways, so how was your day? Doing good today??

mikamona  asked:

Hey! Could I request how the RFA+V+Saeran would react to an MC who was learning Korean as their third language and is still pretty choppy/needs them to talk a bit slowly? Like I've known Japanese and English since birth pretty much, and I might learn Korean in the future, so maybe something like that if it makes sense? You don't have to use those languages btw! Sorry if that's too specific! I love your work so far, and I hope I see more from you soon, have a nice day!

Hell’s yeah I can! Don’t apologize either, sweet person, you have done no wrong. Also, don’t worry about how specific it is; it helps me understand what you’d like to read! I think it’s pretty rad that you’re learning another language, too! Thank you for supporting what I write and enjoying it. I hope you have a nice day, too; much love!


  • He had to take a couple English classes to gradate highschool and get into uni, so he completely understood if you weren’t 100% fluent!
  • If you were pretty good at reading it, he’d lend you some random books so you could get practice
  • Wouldn’t pressure you to speak Korean in public either
  • that shit’s scary sometimes
  • He was really excited that you could speak Japanese, too
  • languages are really scary sometimes, okay?
  • Yoosung would brag to people on and off campus about your ability to speak multiple languages
  • He’s just really hyped that you’re really smart
  • He’d want to learn really cheesy phrases in Japanese and English
  • Extra excited if you wanted to learn Korean ones
  • Would be really nice to correct you if your grammar or pronunciation was off
  • 8/8 would try to learn another language with you
  • “Yoosung, I’m already trying to figure out one right now” “But it’d be fun!” “You’ll probably stop practicing after a couple of weeks” “Well you’re not wrong, but-” “Yoosung, no” “Watch me”
  • Now he would say random things in Italian because sOMEONE missed the opportunity to when he signed up for a class


  • You knew that Jumin probably had her be somewhat proficient in a couple of languages for business affairs
  • She might’ve only dealt with that for less than three years, but Jaehee wanted to enrich herself anyways
  • Then she found out that your Chinese was really good on top of your Tamil
  • Jaehee was happy that you were fluent in some of the languages of the countries she dealt with the most (no, I totally didn’t google what countries south korea imported and exported with the most)
  • You two became the couple that spoke different languages at home than in public
  • However, your Korean wasn’t as close to fluent as you’d like
  • I mean, she could tell from phone calls early on by your accent that Korean wasn’t your native
  • She really liked to sit by you while you were translating something aloud and she was working
  • Those were her favorite nights
  • Especially since you usually got her to pause working to help you work out a sentence or two
  • Then it turned into encouraging cheek kisses
  • Then she couldn’t completely focus
  • oH WELL
  • guess you both just have to….be….cute..what..a….tragedy
  • She would also buy you cute-looking books that were in Korean
  • It may or may not have been so she could get more of those nights 


  • He’s probably had some scripts that weren’t completely in Korean, so he’s familiar with some language patterns and can say “je suis un pomme”
  • Okay, so you were just slightly offended, because he thought he was saying he’s a prince
  • You’ll admit that knowing English and French then deciding to move to Korea was a bit odd
  • But c’mon, man
  • “…you do realize you just said you were an apple, yeah?” “No, I called myself a prince’ “We’re speaking in English right now” “That’s correct” “It’s literally prince in French” “Well, how was I supposed to know” “Dumbass”
  • You wouldn’t let him live that down for weeks
  • Zen then tried to get you to speak a bit more Korean when you were on set rather than confusing people
  • oh shit
  • my cover’s blown
  • Well, now you were the one getting made fun of
  • “You called me a table” “That may be true” “A tABLE, MC” “At least I said you were a pretty table?” “You called me a moist table, MC” “Okay, okay, you see-” “Mhm” “Shut up, pretty boy” “I thought I was a table?” “That wasn’t even funny” “…” “You’re still a dumbass”
  • Nobody in the rfa chats knew what you meant by calling him an apple
  • Then Zen just had to talk about The Table Incident
  • MC has left the chat
  • cue him running into the living room
  • “but, bAAAABE” “Leave, you apple” “MC, love meeee” “I already do” “Can I at least get a hug” “Nope”
  • MC has entered the chat
  • He then tried to get take the phone while you were typing out The Apple Prince Incident
  • You got Seven in on it to change his name in the messenger to je suis un pomme for a week

Seven: (slight route spoilers, but I changed it a bit anyways)

  • blah, blah, taxes, blah, author of several books in Arabic, blah, likes cat
  • w a i t  j u s t   a   d i d d l y d a r n   s e c o n d
  • Arabic? And Portuguese?
  • aww yisss
  • This was probably when he approved you and went straight to V
  • Plus cats?? That was a bonus
  • He really liked talking to you with the messenger even if your grammar was a teensy bit off
  • may or may not have recorded a few phone calls to hear your accent
  • Once you had gotten to meet him at the apartment
  • whoo, boy
  • He was getting on your nerves just a bit
  • You snapped just a bit and kinda sorta went off on him in Arabic and he just sat there
  • “You done?” “Yes, was there an issue?” “Yeah, it was kinda hot”
  • *narrator voice* He realized he had Fucked Up right Then And There
  • “You didn’t hear that” “Sev-” “Good day”
  • This time he wasn’t staying away to protect you, he just didn’t want to turn as read as his hair next time he had to see you
  • He finally had been able to hold a conversation after staying stonefaced in an attempt to forget
  • You didn’t tho
  • After everything had gotten sorted out and you had understood why he was acting like that, it was pretty okay
  • Neither of your dumbasses realized that you were both speaking Portuguese during the Incident, so the only time he heard your Korean was on the phone
  • He’d take breaks from working whenever you wanted to practice the language
  • I mean, if he could be fluent in seventeen, so could you
  • Seven regarded your ability to speak Arabic as something “holy” and was ecstatic that you were one of the few that didn’t need his help to get home


  • Once he found out that you could read and listen to Korean, but not speak it all that well, he immediately found a tutor
  • He’d like when you’d hold short converstaions with him in his native
  • However, Jumin just didn’t know that you were fluent in Russian and German
  • It took him a couple of weeks until you greeted him as “dorogoy” (my dear) when he came home from work one night
  • Jumin knew a fair bit of other languages, so you both spoke to each other in this odd Franken-language (lmao but that’s German already)
  • He really loved it when you’d forget a word in Korean and looked confused for a second before saying it in German
  • Would always help you with a word or slang phrases
  • just because he had to look them up does not invalidate this
  • Definitely would buy you so many books
  • You’d probably end up with the same book as multiple copies in other languages
  • He just wanted the best access to literature for “mein liebling“ (my beloved)
  • Would be the Softest if you had a question or wanted to carry longer conversations in Korean


  • So! Supportive!
  • Since he’s traveled so much, he knows how to ask and follow directions, ask how someone’s doing, and general things like that in a variety of languages
  • Once he found out you spoke Dutch and Hebrew, he wanted to learn more about the languages
  • You’d lean against each other on the couch at night and ask questions about each others languages
  • “How do I call you my moon?” “Mijn maan” “I like that; it suits you” “How do I call you my star?” “Naui byeol” “I think that suits you, too”
  • If he ever went to a country where many people spoke either languages, he’d ask you to come
  • Definitely took photos of you interacting with people and reading plaques at exhibits
  • Was kind of an excuse to take you on a vacation
  • V would also would carry both a Dutch to Korean and a Hebrew to Korean dictionary for you if you couldn’t remember the word to say something to him
  • Started having you write descriptions of his work for exhibitions so he could broaden his market
  • Would 784282/8 continuously help you if your speaking was a bit choppy and lessen any anxiety you had about it


  • “Just buy some dictionaries” “Yeah, well, what if I don’t want to?” “Then google translate” “But then I’d end up saying something stupid” “You always say stupid things, though, MC” “Don’t be an asshat” “Suggestion taken” (haha, what? me? use google translate for the languages I don’t speak for this post? pssh)
  • He’d be the ones to leave passive aggressive sticky notes in other languages if you weren’t paying attention
  • Also the one to label things if he didn’t understand the yelling in Haitian Creole
  • he’s trying, okay?
  • Saeran may speak multiple languages but not whatever that spewing was
  • “Saeran, that was Korean” “Yeah, and I’m a cat” “Hey, at least I tried” “You asked me if the parakeet gave a prophecy, MC” “…That’s besides the point”
  • Would correct you bluntly
  • Would continue with the sticky notes on everything
  • started learning Greek and Haitian Creole so he could add proper translations to things
  • One morning, he woke up with a sticky note on his forehead that labeled him as “내 사랑, αγάπη μου, doudou mwen”
  • He ended up keeping that in a drawer on his nightstand

I’m sorry that I write this at several different times. I’d be glad to fix any of these if you don’t like them. Especially Seven’s. I did horribly with his. I hope that they were semi-decent, though, and that you enjoy a few of them!

Please correct any mistakes I made with the languages. I can only vouch for the ones I speak, the rest were google translate. If there’s any other issues, I’d be glad to fix them as well!

Bookstore AU Prompts

because I woke up early with a few ideas…

  • Person A and B are the only customers in the shop, but both refuse to leave and get their books ruined from the rainstorm that started. The last worker leaves so they both sit on a couch and read until they simultaneously realize they are in a people-free bookstore. They then proceed to browse through all of the books, pick out their favorites, and share them with each other, forgetting that it stopped raining almost an hour ago
  • Person A is sprinting towards a display for the next book in their favorite series. Person B is unknowingly doing the same thing from a different angle. When they finally notice each other, they can’t stop in time and collide together, knocking over the whole display in the process
  • Person A has searched in 5 bookstores already to find a limited-edition copy of their all-time favorite book. Everywhere has been sold out, but when they reach this store they watches as B grabs the last copy, right before their eyes
  • It’s 3 am, raining, and 40 degrees outside. They are waiting in a super long line for the bookstore to open so they could get a copy of the final book in the series. Person A has been trying to sleep for over an hour but Person B’s teeth-chattering is making that impossible. Finally A gives in and offers to share their one-person tent with B. They find out that it is definitely a one-person tent
  • Person A is crying in the corner and B hears and comes to see if they are okay. B asks if they are hurt and A’s reply is “OF COURSE I’M HURT, HE’S DEADDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!” B tries to awkwardly comfort A even though they just spoiled the book B was about to buy
  • A and B get into a debate about their rival OTPs while in line to checkout. When it’s finally A’s turn they whisper “it’s not over” with a glare. B uses this as a way to finally get this feisty, passionate, pretty girl’s number, that he’s been trying to flirt with for the past ten minutes, to “continue the debate”
  • Person A is trying to grab a book that they hate off of the top shelf for a school project. B comes to help A and “hey that’s my favorite book! Hope you enjoy it!” A nods awkwardly then points to their favorite book in B’s arms. Before A can say something B says “Oh that’s for a school project” while grimacing. A remembers that B sits 2 rows behind them in the class that they need their least favorite book for…

lovelynights54  asked:

"This is to cliche" + soulmate!Bae Jinyoung🌼

37. “This is too cliche” + soulmate!au + Bae Jinyoung

In the world full of soulmates you’ve always wondered how you were going to meet yours. The words ‘if you were a triangle you’d be a an acute one’ were engraved on your arm. What made you wonder about this soulmate of yours was, couldn’t they have thought of a better pickup line.

Having to feel hungry on a certain gloomy Saturday morning you stepped outside and ran to the nearest convenience store to buy to snacks before you could make it outside to walk back to your house, the sky started to pour and you were stuck at the convenience store. Hey, it could have been worst.

Sitting down at a table, you started to eat your snacks and look at your phone while waiting for the rain to go away. What you didn’t notice was that a boy sat next to you and started doing the same thing. When you both turned and made eye contact, your heart skipped a beat. Damn he was cute. His face was small and he his fashion sense wasn’t bad either. Just then he blurted out the first words that came to his mind.

“If you were a triangle you would be an acute one”

“This is too cliche”

The both of you seemed to have made the connection by now as you both gasp simultaneously and pointed to each other.

“You’re my soulmate!”


“Stop copying me”

2k Drabble Game

DWTS24 Cast Announcement and why Simone Biles won’t win.

Do you feel it? The anticipation, the desire, the lust for shirtless foreign men mixed with the scent of sweat dripping on hardwood?



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Why would you ever like/want to read age gap where a grown adult is with a teenager!?

Maybe because it’s the only way to write about someone inexperienced with someone experienced without being mocked or told you’re writing “Born Sexy Yesterday” (and then being mocked and condemned for that particular offense).

I feel like the second you write anyone over 20 as sexually inexperienced, people either start laughing at how pathetic it is or start wondering what’s wrong with the character. The older the characters get, the more intense it gets

If you’re single at 30, most people assume it’s because you have a few failed relationships under your belt (or are widowed). Being 30 and inexperienced (or never have dated/married) is almost a crime to some people.

They literally can not wrap their heads around it.

Hell, that whole “Born Sexy Yesterday” video pretty much embodies this! The entire video is basically screaming: “How dare you write about a grown woman who has no sexual experience!? The only way they’d be that ignorant is if they’re a teenager or a child!!!”

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