are they already dating or whut

1946 (Rosie and I)

A groan and a gasp, I bolted up, searching around the room for a solid minute, my hand reaching towards the gunk kept in a drawer. I looked around again, attempting to spot things I knew, the bathroom door, half open with the toilet seat down, the window with the curtains, not bars. Rose. I sighed softly, looking at my watch. 2AM. I laid back down and snuggled closer to her, breathing her in quietly, my arms wrapped around her chest carefully, a hug from behind. Wosie..? I whispered it to her, blushing deeply for a moment. Whuts da date? This episode, like some, was easier for me to handle. Unlike so many I had, this one I could manage to get out of myself, with rather minimal damage. The smell of her perfume was comforting and I smiled, feeling safe already. How long have I missed? I let my eyes slipped close, sniffling.