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don’t feel pressured to watch the mv or listen to the album. everyone grieves differently, so take all the time you need. 

don’t force yourself. don’t do anything you don’t feel you’re ready to do. 

he’ll always, always be shinin’ for you.

I restarted my blog on August 12, 2017.  My old blog, @94wnd , was a sideblog and I didn’t feel like I could adequeately connect with the communities I wanted to be a part of and participate in.  So, I remade, making my current hobbies my main blog.  Never did I imagine that so many of my old followers would follow me on this blog as well, nor could I imagine how fast it would grow!  Even though the banner says 500+, in the short couple weeks this got delayed in uploading, I’m almost at 600 followers.  I’m forever thankful for my audience in all areas—from graphics to writing to coding and things in between.  I’ve made wonderful friends and grown in so many ways, and in such a small period of time.  2017 had ups and downs but it will be a year I’ll never forget.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this year memorable for me as well as helped make this blog what it is ! Here’s to a wonderful and spectacular 2018! ♡

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PAGE 4 GOT FINISHED REEEEEAALLY EARLY!!! So im posting early as a reward to myself and others!!

This is Deimos and he is Phobos’ really outgoing and sweet big brother!!! they aren’t related by blood tho (its a really long explanation on why they are brothers and if you want to know more please tell me!! i might make a comic on it :3c or just a random post on it) BUT ANYWAY he is super supportive of Phobos in everything he does even if Deimos himself isn’t as driven as Phobos is!!

btw at this point they are both still really young (phobos is about 13 and deimos is 15)

I’m reading HP fic again and this is an otherwise well-written and interesting fic that seems to just…. have entirely forgotten that the final book ends (not incl. epilogue, obvs) in 1998.

fun facts about the late 90s: the verb ‘to google’ was not in common use (because google itself had just been invented that year) and wouldn’t be for at least another 3-4 years, and neither was owning a cellphone and/or laptop (unless you were either a tech addict, rich, a Business Person, or all of the above).

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I have seen it ages ago when it first came out - I’m afraid not much of the plot stuck with me bUT BY ALL MEANS GO AHEAD I LOVE AUS JUST GO FOR IT!!!!

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Could you please help me? I started drawing digital art and everytime I start a drawing with either gimp or sai, lines are good, but when I save it and open again to continue my work, all the lines are pixelated? What’s wrong? What canvas preferences you use, like what size and ppi? Why this keeps happening? No matter what software I use..

I’ve only ever used Photoshop to digital paint, so I’m not sure why this is happening for you! I doubt it has to do with your canvas preferences, since those should be maintained when you save and re-open the file. For reference, though, I generally paint on a somewhat large canvas (anywhere from the high 1000′s to the mid 3000′s, it varies depending on what aspect ratio I’m going for and whether I plan to print it), and 300 ppi. 

I will say that if for some reason you’re saving as a .jpg instead of a working file (like a .psd for Photoshop), make sure that you aren’t accidentally saving at a low quality. When you’re saving a jpg with Photoshop, it gives you this little pop-up, and I always save at maximum quality, and ignore everything else (mostly because I have no idea what it does):

Hope this helps in some way!