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the top 10 gayest lines in the lord of the rings, ranked

10. “the last pages are for you, sam”

alright this one is objectively incredibly gay but i put it at the top of the list bc it makes me sad & i resent that

9. “you can’t leave”

simple but powerful. sam is understandably upset that his boyfriend is leaving him forever. as before, at the top of the list bc it makes me cry

8. “sam…i’m glad you’re with me”

again, simple but powerful. this one is said under much happier circumstances, and there’s just so much feeling behind it. the love that frodo has for sam is palpable here, which is important to me bc sam is usually the more outwardly affectionate one between the two

7. “you left out one of the chief characters–samwise the brave. i want to hear more about sam…frodo wouldn’t have got far without sam”

this whole exchange is extremely gay, but the way that frodo pauses & looks at sam when he says this needs some special recognition

6. “now mr frodo, you shouldn’t make fun. i was being serious” “so was i”

i know that 7 & 6 are part of the same exchange but it’s so incredibly gay that i felt it needed to be split apart into two. again, the way that frodo looks at sam & smiles when he says “so was i” is very important

5. “‘don’t you lose him, samwise gamgee.’ and i don’t intend to”

it is important to note that sam says this after almost drowning in his attempt to prevent frodo from leaving without him. if that’s not true love, i don’t know what is

4. “i can’t carry it for you, but i can carry you”

one of the most iconic lines in lord of the rings regardless of your interpretation of their relationship, which is why it’s ranked so well on this list. sam finds it in himself to physically carry his boyfriend up the volcano, which shows some serious love & dedication on his part

3. “oh mr frodo, don’t go where i can’t follow”

this really brings home the fact that sam would go with frodo literally anywhere except in death. again this highlights his unwavering dedication, also his use of the formal “mr frodo” to the very end really kills me

2. “i’m glad to be with you, samwise gamgee, here at the end of all things”

this is very very close to being #1, and for good reason. the use of sam’s full name. the sentiment expressed here. the feeling with which he says it. need i say more

1. “it’s me, it’s your sam. don’t you know your sam?”


honorable mention: “you’re late.”

this didn’t go on the list bc neither frodo nor sam says it to the other, but i couldn’t make this post without acknowledging it. this line is literally so iconic & the smile that legolas & aragorn share here is painfully gay

“Here’s looking at you, Keith.”

Because I somehow got “he’s looking at Keith" and the “Here’s looking at you, kid” line from Casablanca mixed up and this AU wouldn’t leave my mind so I just HAD to draw it or else I couldn’t sleep…

Also, this thought is now the reason I finally drew something after TWO YEARS OF NOT WANTING TO EVEN LOOK AT A PEN AND PAPER WOOOOH

Little cross-stitch project this weekend since a combo of sad family news, impending sickness, and continued mild insomnia has limited my (non-obligation) energy/motivation levels to only cross-stitch + Elementary.

Gonna hang this in my office once it’s washed and framed.

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ARE YOU THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE "RAGNAROK: A LOVE STORY" ON LETTERBOXD FSGKAKSJHSJSBD p.s. thank u for doing the lord's work and love-roasting tiekka whyteeter every day of the week and advancing the superior Larry agenda bless u #Jemaika4Lyf #LongLiveTaimaine #Bravery

i had no idea what that is so i went to look it up on letterboxd, and,

i’m flatlining whom did this 

and you’re welcome it’s not like i’m doing it out of altruism anyway kwekwkqwkqkw also i agree! hemsworth n goldblum n ruffalo n whomever tf else may sleep w him or fake-makeout w him or hug him or whatever but they’re still not the one my dad met in his first year of uni! they sure as hell ain’t the one he has known for longer than i’ve been alive!


24 / 100 days of productivity

23.07.2017 // Semester two starts tomorrow so I spent today preparing, gaming and painting.

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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Festival of Snails!
I’m so glad people had fun, I really did, and I’m keen to do it again sometime!
If anyone’s interested, you can pop your name on a self-edit pinglist over here.

Some statistics, if anyone’s interested!

  • 14 days of festivities
  • 110 participants
  • 3330 snails collected
  • 5484 geodes collected
  • 9740g worth of prizes donated by the community
  • 12700g worth of prizes hosted by Clan Snastle
  • 1016g worth of ticket purchases from the raffle
  • 19065 raffle tickets in total
  • 4 Snailiths happily off to new homes
  • and one very happy Giant Snail!

Thank you everyone, I’ll be posting little bits of lore and stuff as I have time, but the Festival is over. The baby Snailiths have gone off with their partner clans, and the marketplace has been packed away. A trail of damp earth with a shimmery sheen of slime leads off into the distance, and Snastle is off to roam once more.

to undress and redress

Dazatsu Week 2017 Day 7: Eternal, Epilogue

A short, quiet ending to this week. Thank you for sticking with me til the end, everyone! It was lots of fun. And thank you to all those who shared their pieces and support too! Here’s to more Dazatsu~

  • dazai/atsushi
  • fluff, introspective

Atsushi changes Dazai’s bandages.

Atsushi traces the lines on Dazai’s palms, grips the hand that has reached out for him again and again.

The light is odd in this early morning—it’s too fragile, too still. Atsushi holds his breath and the city beyond them disappears out of mind.

He looks up. Dazai’s gaze meets his own. He smiles, a light quirk of the lips, and then leans forward. His body is stiff, starkly pale against the dullness of the room. And the bandages wrapped around him are bone-white, a collection of the past that he always carries.

(How much more of this past Atsushi has to unveil, he doesn’t know. Dazai sometimes feels endless, his soul like a bottomless pit, and Atsushi is no stranger to wanting to forget his own history)

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