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The worst part about this whole thing with pewds is that when he falls (and it's looking more and more like a "when") he's going to take good honest men like Mark and Jack with him. And every good decent lets player will forever have the taint of anti-semitism flowing around them because of this idiot (just watch moviebob and any time he mentions lets players these days). After all, when the king falls, what hope does his court have?

Depends on whether or not the court steps up to help topple him or not.

I’m not familiar enough with the youtubers in question, I stopped following along with a lot of youtube channels in the last few years simply because it felt like a growing clique of all the toxic people you hope you left behind in high school. So I can’t comment on their current behavior or how they respond to Kjellberg , but I will say that if they are not taking active steps to distance themselves and call out his racist bigoted views and his violent rhetoric, they are complicit with what he is doing. 

Silence is not neutrality when it comes to this. Silence is not a moral option in this instance. If you have a podium that enables you to speak out against the wrong doings of others in this world and you do nothing in favor of not rocking the boat, you deserve to go down with the ship when it is rightfully sunk. I have no sympathy for “I decline to comment” when there is a very definite hard fast line between what is Right and what is Wrong. And right now there is a whole lot Wrong with the culture that has sprung up around certain aspects of the YouTube community.

And in this instance if the big name youtubers decide that money and their dwindling fame is more important than speaking out for those who are being actively silenced? Then they’ll get what they deserve too.

As for everyone being tarred by the taint of antisemitism as a result? Shit and mud slides free with time and enough scrubbing. If they want to rebuild the community into something worth having, they’ll do it. But it starts with digging a shallow grave for Kjellberg’s mediocre talentless hack career, and burying him in his own shit. 

Blameless part 1

((Hey here I come with a new fanfic YAY!😁but this is a litter different this fanfic is a….collaboration? Idk how to call it with @watsonthebox I will highly suggest to go and check her blog is so amazing it has a ton of good fanfics and if you like langst klangst and suddenly fluff watsonthebox is your place now let’s go))
The castle of lions was flying around this solar system so find any specie to save or any new allies “Guys there’s a lot of smoke in coming out of that planet” Hunk said “Team to your lions” Shiro said and so everyone did “should we form Voltron?” Pidge ask “wait a tick that place is totally destroy” Lance said before shiro could answer “Lance is right the whole place is down” Keith reply “alright team we’ll investigate land your lions” shiro said, after everyone land and get out of their lions they saw the place was just beat there where some dead soldiers from the blade of marmora “looks like they where here” Keith say “…Ok split up collect everything you think it would be useful” shiro said and everyone split up, Lance was walking around but he didn’t say anything more than rubbish and blood “oh god this place is really creepy” Lance almost got a heart attack when he hearted a baby crying on the distance “HOLY QUIZNAK!!” Lance heard the crying it wasn’t really far so he run to it, when he got at the place where the crying was coming from he look around but he didn’t saw anything until he look down he saw a women cover in rubbish dead but in the dog position, Lance look under her and he saw a baby galra, his brother instinct kick in and he pick up the baby and just a tick after he did the women collapse the baby kept crying with one hand Lance took his helmet off so the baby will see him “h-hey there” Lance was still shook he just save a baby galra the baby look at Lance staring at him with those big yellow eyes “I’m Lance” Lance said and all his stress and fear got away when the baby stared to laugh “heh there you go” Even tho Lance saw the baby’s mother dead he look around to see if anyone else was coming maybe the baby’s dad? Lance wait there with an empty hope for an hour just rocking the baby and sometimes making silly faces “Lance? Lance are you there is time to go there’s nothing useful here” pidge voice sound from the helmet “y-yeah I’m here pidge I’ll be there in just a tick” Lance said “….just a tick” Lance analice the situation at this point he had two options take the baby with him or leave the baby there and hope someone find it.
“We’ve been waiting for an hour where is he?!” Keith say really impatient “Lance do you hear me?” Shiro said talking on his helmet “wait there he is!” Hunk said pointing at Lance, Allura and Coran came out of the castle they all wait until Lance was close enough “LANCE WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?!” Allura yelled when she saw the baby “wow low the volume Allura it took me an hour to get her to sleep” The team walk close to Lance “Lance is that?” Pidge said “Yep…is a baby” Lance answer “A galra baby Lance” Allura said “so? Is still being a baby and it looks like it’s only months old” Lance said a little mad “Lance…are you planing to keep it?” Shiro ask “ummm I….c'mom guys would you leave it?” Everyone remains silence “would you really leave a baby? a creature who hasn’t done anything bad?” Lance ask “Lance is a galra” pidge say “so what? Keith is a galra and he’s not bad the blade of marmora are galras and they’re not bad” Lance said to pidge “like my father use to say a baby is like a clean canvas you can decide if what you paint and create it at your will, this baby hasn’t done anything bad and is not gonna do it” Lance say staring at his team “I’m with Lance” hunk say “it’s just a baby” hunk say “alright” Allura say “you can keep it…but! You take care of it” Allura say “thanks princess” Lance knew everything he need to knew about taking care of babies the only problem was this was a galra baby.
They got into the castle and launch out of the planet Lance was sitting far away from everyone rocking again the galra baby that wake up “so…” pidge say walking close to Lance “is it a boy or a girl” pidge was really curious about the baby they’ve never seen a galra baby before “Its a girl I…already check” Lance said “and are you planing to name it or it’s gonna be call the baby for the rest of her life” hunk say sitting next to Lance “I don’t know I’ve never named a baby before” Lance kept thinking and suddenly “Liara” Keith say “huh?” Lance look at Keith “how about Liara?” Keith say looking away “hey! For the first time you say something I like mullet” Lance say and turn at the baby “so do you like it Liara” Liara answered with a giggle “I’ll take that as a yes” some hours later the team was in the dinning room except Lance “Is Lance not eating?” Coran ask “he’s taking care of the baby” Shiro said “Liara” Keith reply “the baby’s name is Liara” he looked up “oh so Lance already name it” Allura said she really dislike the idea of having a full blood galra on her castle but in some point Lance was right it was only a baby, the team look at the door and they saw Lance walking to the ships, they all stand up and went to the hangar where Lance was “Lance where are you going?” Shiro ask “oh to the space mall” Lance answered “why?” Coran ask “well I need to buy some stuffs” Lance answer again “with what money” pidge say “I have my own money pidge” Lance said to pidge “what stuffs you need” hunk ask Lance “well I need a crib, some baby powder, diapers, baby clothes, some formula milk, also a baby bottle, some toys, I need a lot of stuffs and I’m pretty sure I can get those in the space mall” Lance answers the team quick notice everything Lance was buying was for Liara “well I’ll be back in while” Lance said “wow wow Lance hold on wait just a second” Hunk leave the room they wait for 15 minutes and then hunk came back with a baby sit “here for Liara and don’t buy the crib I’ll make one” Hunk said breathless “oh man thanks hunk” Lance knew he could count on hunk “ok I’ll be back in while” and so Lance leave to buy all the stuffs he need after three hours he was back.
Lance was trying to get all the stuffs he bought and Liara out but they where just too many “here let me help” Keith said coming out of nowhere “wow! Damn it Keith ok 1 thanks for your help and 2 don’t scare me like that ever again” Lance grab the bag that have the formula and head to the kitchen leaving Keith with the other bags “ok ok ok” Lance was making the milk because he knew Liara was hungry she’s been crying the hold trip “Lance you got a phone number here” Keith said as he walk with the stuffs to the kitchen with the rest of the team “oh is probably from that really nice lady who hold Liara when I was buying the diapers” Lance said making the formula, once the formula was done he feed Liara who ate like a little monster, the days past and the team start to notice Lance big energy corny jokes and stupid flirt was no longer there he was still being a good paladin but Liara was draining Lance energy slowly she had a lot of energy she was awake the whole night and slept little naps on the day.
“Guys” Lance said with a voice like he just wake up “Good morning La-AHHHH! What happen to you?!” Hunk said and everyone turn at Lance, he had huge eye bags keith was sure Lance had use the same shirt for 5 days on a row and no one remember when was the last time they saw Lance with his face mask “has anyone seen Liara bunny is a tow like this big and she loves it” Lance said showing how big the toy was with his hands “i think I saw it in the kitchen” pidge said “great thanks” Lance say walking to the kitchen while yawning, the team stop everything they were doing and walk to Lance “Lance have you done your face mask recently” Shiro ask “Shiro I haven’t shower in like four days do you think I have time for a face mask” Lance say “there you are” Lance pick up the bunny “have you been getting enough sleep?” Keith ask “well taking in count Liara don’t know what’s the concept of sleep no I haven’t” Lance answers as he walk to his room his door open and the team was surprise Lance was someone really neat he always kept everything clean including himself but now Lance room was a total disaster there where toys everywhere the bed had spilt milk on top and Liara was in the crib hunk and pidge made crying extending her arms to be pick up by Lance, “hey there Liara look what I found” Lance hand Liara the bunny and pick her up to lay down with her in the bed, he lay down not caring if there was milk on his sheets he also lay Liara beside him and let her play with her toy next him as he slowly close his eyes to take a deserve small nap

To be continue

(I’m gonna draw Liara and single dad Lance looking like a mess this is gonna be so fun))

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maybe there's a war going on and Harry has been on the search for Y/N for weeks and starts to get angry by throwing things everywhere and accusing people for killing her and then he hears a sobs close by and it's Y/N in a ball of tears and Harry gets all emotional when he sees her and literally breaks down at the sight of her?????

Yeah, yeah — like maybe this is kind of a dystopian universe where Y/N had waited months for him to come back. Harry had promised to return, and Harry never broke his promises, right?

But maybe amidst the chaos and the death, a service list was shipped back home to where Y/N was listing all of the soldiers who had died in action. There was so, so many names on the list but none of them could’ve been Harry. No, he promised to come ba—.

But there… was his name.

His name with his soldier I.D number, printed messily and smudged from the type writer used across the continent he had been deployed to. Just another name among the hundreds who had failed and also promised.

She had become completely numb from the world; ripped from her senses and thoughts as he had been from his life. Y/N was left to fend for herself against the enemy but at this point, she didn’t care for life anymore. All she wanted was to be back in his embrace and to feel him heart beat against hers. In her dreams he came running back, searching the streets only to find her crouched alone on the asphalt. Harry had scooped her up in his arms — her own miracle breathing and living around her.

That had been a few decades ago.

Y/N was older, now. Not a day passed where she didn’t think of her love and not a night passed where she didn’t dream of that moment that happened years ago — the moment where his name hadn’t been on that list — that one lifetime where he had come to her.

Blatant Vaguing!

I can’t believe I lived to see the day Wukong gets bashed for ripping apart a ship in a show he has nothing to do with nor is he in because a character happens to share a name with a him. I knew I was right for not touching that show with a 10 foot pole. 

I said nothing when they whitewashed him, I said nothing when they filled the #sun wukong tag, I said nothing when they made him act literally nothing like his namesake- because I knew this had nothing to do with Chinese classic Journey to the West, and I was happy staying in my lane.

But then they had to drag the Monkey King into their shipping drama and I cannot believe I had to see someone hate on him in order to hate on the guy based on him in order to justify their ship hate. With my very own eyes. THIS REACH THO. So for that, I have to say: fuck off.  This ignorance of Chinese literary culture is absolutely disgusting and racist and just plain stupid. Leave Sun Wukong out of your petty arguments and keep your gross thoughts in your own lane- we get it, you think JTTW is worth less than your shallow, badly animated show with generic anime teens who can’t even pronounce “wukong” correctly; y’all out there calling him “wuKANG.”


Honestly Bakugou would be the best sparring partner for Uraraka since he won’t hold back at all and recognizes her strength anyways! Also my excuse for wanting to drawing those pants cause I love doing that in my own pair … Ehehe

Also bonus!