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14 Reasons Why You Should Stan B1A4

B1A4 has been around in the industry for more than six years now, and if you still haven’t found a reason to get to know them, it’s high time to learn a few things about the five boys. With great music and adorable personalities, they’ve won the heart of their fans, and BANAs could probably list a million reasons to start stanning B1A4. Here are just a few of them! Just be careful, if you are not a fan yet, you might become one by the end of this article!

1. The amazing vocals

Sandeul is undoubtedly one of the greatest vocalists in K-pop with an incredible vocal range, and his high notes could probably clear your skin and cure diseases. He might be the powerhouse of B1A4’s vocals, but the others definitely step up their game, too. Jinyoung’s sweet voice and CNU’s and Gongchan’s solid vocals have made us believe B1A4 is eating CDs for breakfast. Let’s not forget about Baro, either! His smooth rap verses make every B1A4 song perfect!

Listen to one of Sandeul’s best vocal performances below!

2. The great songwriters

Jinyoung is among the most known idol songwriters, as he takes an active part in writing, composing, and producing most B1A4 songs. Apart from his masterpieces for his own group, he has written tracks for I.O.I and Oh My Girl, too. The other members also contributed to the production of some B1A4 tracks, so the group is really full of talented songwriters!

Listen to their latest self-produced single “Rollin'”!

3. The versatility

There is not a single genre B1A4 couldn’t excel at, and they’ve shown so many faces of themselves so far! They were comfortable in their early cute boyfriend concepts, but they were the most charming and sexy when their songs needed that cool chic attitude.

They can be adorable…

and they know how to be elegant as well!

4. The visuals

All of them are serious eye-candy and it’s so easy to love a group with five visuals!

5. The multitalented all-rounders

If being in a successful idol group wasn’t enough, all five boys have some amazing skills to show us. Jinyoung and Baro are well-known idol actors, Gongchan has demonstrated his MC and variety skills many times, and CNU and Sandeul have appeared in famous musicals.

6. The wicked choreos

Some of their choreographies might seem quite simple at first, but their footwork is very impressive! Just look at the intense dance moves in “Tried To Walk”!

7. The countryside-dols

It’s great if your idols can become your real role models! The boys are known as countryside-dols (countryside idols), because all of them came from the countryside to pursue their dreams of becoming an idol. They showed us that nothing is impossible if we work hard enough!

8. The emotional lyrics

If you’ve just gotten your heart broken, the lyrics of some B1A4 tracks will hit home without a doubt. Don’t worry, their calming voices will soothe your soul.

9. The aesthetic music videos

Some of their music videos are exceptionally aesthetically pleasing, and we can’t get enough of the beautiful cinematography.

Watch the captivating music video for “Lonely” below!

10. The extraness

If there’s one thing you need to know about B1A4, it’s that they are extremely loud. And they’re crazy in the best way. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do to make their fans laugh. Take this lovely video of them performing “Solo Day” in high heels as an example.

11. The adorable idol friendships

B1A4 has great relationships with many other idol groups and some members were lucky enough to find their idol BFFs, too. Sandeul and Baro are part of the infamous ’92 line with BTS’s Jin, VIXX’s Ken, EXID’s Hani, and MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, while Gongchan’s friendship with VIXX’s Hongbin is serious BFF goals. The two tease each other a lot, but they seem to be inseparable.

12. The strong bond

The group forms a real team, and their relationships with each other never seemed forced. If anything, they look like brothers for life, and it’s just so good to see their interactions. They support each others’ solo projects with honest enthusiasm, and their friendly banter always makes fans’ days a lot brighter.

13. The perfect dads

B1A4 participated in the reality show “Hello Baby,” where they became the fathers of two countryside kids Eunsol and Hyunwoo. They did an amazing job with the babies, and they took their responsibilities very seriously. Just look at the smiles on their faces when the two children appear!

14. The love for their fans

BANA is a truly spoiled fandom, as the five boys never fail to express the love and gratitude they feel for them. Their interactions with fans are simply the cutest things, and they genuinely appreciate everything about their supporters. Being a BANA is an amazing feeling thanks to the members, and if you want to have a taste of the life of a B1A4 fan, it’s time to do some more research and get to know this adorable idol group better!


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Important B1A4 info for everyone who wants to get to know these amazing men~

Debuted April 23, 2011 with the song O.K, they were the first artist under their company WM, members were introduced to fans via web comic.

Their fans are called Bana. The “BA“ is from B1A4,
and the “NA” is from the Korean word “Banada” which means “we have fallen for each other”.

Nicknames: Blood-dols (group name refers to their blood types), Paper-dols (A4), Sprout-dols (sprout dance), Country-dols (none of them are from Seoul)

All Music Videos (they’re either really cute or really pretty) (YouTube)

Tried To Walk is my personal fav


Sesame Player (videos have been removed)

Hello Baby (watch out Baro is unbelievably cute)

One Fine Day

Weekly Idol [2012 (1/2)(2)], [2013 (1/2/3)], [2014 (1/2)(2)]

Quick Bio:

Jung Jinyoung:  Leader/Lead Vocal/Composer/Actor

Dad of the group, likes to cheat at games, fox-like eyes, writes and composes many of their songs, acted in multiple dramas and a movie

Bday: November 18, 1991 

Blood Type: A

Twitter / Instagram

Shin Dongwoo: Eldest/Vocal/Rap

Mom of the group, slow movements, broad shoulders, has started composing songs for the group, has been in one drama and one musical

Stage name: CNU/Shinwoo

Bday:  June 16, 1991

Blood Type: A


Lee Junghwan: Main Vocal

Really likes food, amazing voice (Immortal Song 1, 2), has been in multiple musicals

Stage name: Sandeul

Bday:  March 20, 1992

Blood Type: A

Twitter / Instagram

Cha Sunwoo: Rap/Actor/Lyricist

Deep voice, lots of energy, has been in multiple dramas, amazing thighs

Stage name: Baro

Bday: September 5, 1992

Blood Type: B


Gong Chanshik: Vocal/Maknae/Visual

Soft and sweet voice, very very cute, can sometimes be evil, was a host on A Song For You, acted in a drama

Stage name: Gongchan

Bday: August 14, 1993

Blood Type: A


Also each member is associated with an animal: Jinyoung/Fox, CNU/Bear, Sandeul/Duck, Baro/Squirrel, Gongchan/Puppy

And finally

this , this , and this

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