are these still

Ugh remember that time harry was sitting on the edge of the stage at a show during Little Things and spotted this fan in the crowd and silently mouthed “you’re pretty” to them but they didn’t hear him so then he whispered “pretty” really softly into his mic and afterwards he ducked his head and smiled and nodded like “yeah, you” and blushed and it was one of the sweetest purest moments in concert history

just a head’s up that I’m sick so I won’t be able to make much of anything new- I’ll try really hard to update TPoH on time but please forgive me if it’s late ;__;

anyway here’s a concept sketch from the Sorceress’s Apprentice when I was brain storming- in this version Magica had a secret library carved out of the volcano underneath her hut which she shows Gladstone when he finishes tidying/shows an interest in studying. Cut the idea because it was derailing the story and felt like I was toying with the canon too much :S