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Talking about wives, what do you think about alleged Uru's wife being stalked? I mean if she really posted everything on internet then it is her fault. But I personally thing THAT KIND OF STALKING and being proud of that is mental.

Oh boy. I guess I couldn’t stay out of this topic for long. Get ready for a very long response. NOTE that my response is towards everyone and the Uruha rumors in general. If anyone wants to personally get offended by it then by all means, I don’t care. But I’ll be saying some harsh but truthful stuff. Sorry anon, but you’re asking me about a rumor that gets me heated and I’m not going to come off so nice lol let’s go.

First of all, this rumor has been around literally for YEARS, so I pray it dies already and everyone gives it a rest. For fucks sake drop it already. Please. Secondly, it isn’t her fault. That’s how I feel. >>Stalking is never okay<< By saying it’s her fault for posting everything online, it’s like saying she should have never been allowed to post anything in the first place just by being rumored to be the wife of a bandmen. She’s sharing photos of her dogs, her life, and whatever else she wants to on HER blog and from what I have seen, she crosses out the faces of anyone in it to keep the privacy. She isn’t full on saying who she is with. Don’t say it’s her fault. >>It’s the people who can’t mind their own business fault.<< And I don’t like hearing about the BLACK MORAL merch as evidence, that’s honestly one of the worst excuses cause there are male fans too. And don’t even start on the moles.

We have to stop blaming people for why they’re getting stalked, it’s ridiculous. That type of blaming happens with so many situations too. And no one should be proud of stalking another person. Then bringing more people into the issue? Leave Aya alone. Get a damn life. Reality check to fans: you aren’t going to marry a GazettE member and whether or not they’re married isn’t your issue. Just pray for their happiness.

***Uruha’s personal private life has NOTHING to do with me, you, and all fans. It is not our place to invade his PRIVATE life. Yes, being seen as single makes him more appealing and more marketable in the industry but his life isn’t OURS. It’s only a concern if he quits his job and stops giving us music. It’s totally okay to wonder about it, but not in a creepy, insane way. Rather, a caring “i hope he’s doing well’ way.***

He’s in a band. He’s a guitarist. We should focus on the music. All I want for him is to be happy. If that lady really is his wife then I really hope that he’s happy at the moment and they’re living a good life. These guys are getting fucking old. They need marriages with a loving and trusting person.

Please everyone, calm the heck down.

And that is how I feel about the stalking and the rumors. Stop stalking. And don’t be proud of staking.

15 minutes warm up sketch on the old phone tablet thing (because Hana was playing word games on my computer). Things I miss: drawing directly on where I’m looking. Things I don’t miss: no pressure sensitivity. Things I miss terribly: This blue bastard on TV. 

Season 3 of Rebels won’t be airing for another year over here, probably, so I am left with scrapings on Youtube:(

This was actually an experiment with facial features, to see how would those Disney animated ones look like on a real person. I’m taking votes on who should play Thrawn if we ever get him on theatre screen. 

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directions: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. put your mp3 player, itunes, spoitify, etc. on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people! no skipping!

  1. Life on Mars: David Bowie
  2. Moonage Daydrem: David Bowie
  3. Not Your Kind of People: Garbage
  4. Untitled Self Portrait: The LEGO Movie Soundtrack
  5. The Man Who Sold the World: Midge Ure
  6. I’ll Keep Coming: Low Roar
  7. Come and Get Your Love: Redbone
  8. Dragon Slayer: Ninja Sex Party
  9. Cherry Bomb: The Runaways
  10. Cool Patrol: Ninja Sex Party

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lord……………….give me streNGTH !! i am highkey thinking of taking on negan since i’ll be getting rid of one of my other blogs (3 is my max, i couldn’t handle any more). would you guys like to see another negan around ?? do you think i’d do a good job ??

  • Guang-Hong: I am dating Leo.
  • Phichit: Dammit G!
  • Guang-Hong: What? I-
  • Phichit: Couldn't you just wait a year? We were betting when this would happen and now I've lost.

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you can be in seattle where is 9am aND IN MIAMI ITS FUCKING 12PM?? it would literally take you 48 HOURS, (THATS TWO FULL DAYS) to travel the 2,735 miles between those two states. an d youRe in the sSAME fUCking coUNtrY what tEh fCUk



but they’re not even coUntrY tIme zoNEs??? m8 u can be in omaha ne and in columbus ne its fucking 1 hour ahead of you THEY’RE BOTH IN THE SAME STATE???WH AT?/? 


‘we were unable to calculate the route and time by road’ you know fucking why? bECAUsE tHERE ISNTT A FUCKING ROAD. HAWAII IS LITERALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN WHAT TH E FU CK AMERICA WHAT THE FUKC

Me: *aggressively goes through entire YOI tag and likes everything*

Me at Me: You have a problem.

And I don’t want a never ending life
I just wanna be alive while I’m here

I have this au that I love deeply where Mikleo is a litteral seraphin (aka a little baby angel because come on, look at this face ! ) He lives in a forest near a village (called Camlann B3 ) and has to hide from the human because humans are bad and bring calamity with them, then taint or hurt angels.

Then one day he meets this little human kid called Sorey. They’re quick to become friends and Sorey come see him secretly almost every day. They grow up together and become closer and closer as the time pass by.

Adding the rest under a read more because I basically wrote the whole plot of a story XD

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