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Set immediately after the hatching.

Warnings: Virgil is self-deprecating.
Word Count: 2100

“There ya’ go, lad, that should get them started.” A cheerful, gruff-voiced man clapped Virgil on the shoulder and set down a large bowl filled with chunks of meat. “But don’t let ‘em eat too fast, they’ll stuff themselves silly given half a chance!”

He didn’t wait for Virgil’s response, but left again, carrying another large bowl across the cavern toward another new rider. There were seven of them all together, each focused on the hatchling in front of them even as others from the Den moved around them, delivering meat or speaking softly.

The dragon hatchling in front of Virgil nudged his hand hopefully, drawing him back from his thoughts. (I’m hungry!) Caru reminded him, a desperate whine coloring the voice in his mind. (Very hungry.)

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Patrick and 10

10. Physical appearance headcanons 

  • Master of resting bitch face
  • His favorite colors to wear are navy, forest green, gray, and black
  • He refuses to wear anything brown
  • This boy never brushes his hair
  • It’s always scruffy, but that’s the way he likes it anyway
  • He doesn’t own any shoes, only boots
  • He thinks boots make him look more intimidating (plus they make his kicks and stomps hurt even more)
  • Sometimes he has trouble finding pants that fit right because he’s so damn lanky
  • Which means he only has a few pairs of pants that he wears for a couple days without washing
  • They’re all ripped in one way or another, but that just makes him look more intimidating, right?
  • He wears a black beanie in the winter
  • He has a very odd collection of t-shirts he’s stolen from thrift stores and the school’s locker room
  • He wears flannels like he gets paid to (there’s a blue and green one that he’s particularly fond of)
  • If there was ever a grunge culture in Derry, Patrick definitely started it (you can thank him later)
  • He never wears a backpack, just shoves everything in his pockets
  • Let’s not forget about those long johns (they really put his look together) 

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Hi! I know you've talked before about how Orisha were carried to Haiti during the middle passage and are served in distinctly Haitian ways/different from Yoruba/Cuban practices. Are all Orisha commonly served in vodou? Did they all make the middle passage to Haiti?

Hi there!

That’s a great question.

Yes, Orisha landed in Haiti during the transport of kidnapped and enslaved Africans, along with enslaved Africans from up and down the slave coast. In vodou, these spirits live in the Nago rite, and many carry the family name of Ogou, even Yoruba and Cuban practitioners would identify them as disinct divinities in their tradition. Ogou Osanyin/Osanj, Ogou Batala, Ogou Yansan (who is a male spirit in vodou), and Ogou Chango are the most visible right off.

You’re right that they are served in a distinctly Haitian way–we don’t utilize a lot of the same things that Yoruba or Cuban practitioners do. Colors the spirits take are different, things they eat are different, we don’t do eleke/necklaces, spirits are not received as they are in Cuban or Yoruba practice, and other things.

Not all Orisha are seen in our Nago rite. Esu/Eleggua is not in our practice, and neither is Ochosi, Babaluaye/Asojano, Oshun, and a vast number of others (there are a LOT of Orisha, like there are a lot of lwa). I am not sure why beyond what Yoruba practitioners landed here and that we have spirits that have areas of affinity that Orisha not in vodou watch over–we have numerous spirits who oversee relationships, illness/disease/healing, who guard the gate and the crossroads, and even who hunt, even though hunting is not the same in Haiti.

Similarities are often mistaken for being the same, which is not the case: Marassa are not Ibeji, Ezili Freda is not Oshun, Damballah is not Osumare, Legba is not Esu, etc. Lwa who have roots in Africa and are not in the Nago rite have different geographic histories.

Conversely, there are lwa in the Nago rite who have histories they may not match up with Orisha origins, either, or are not named in ways that are easily recognized as Orisha. Ogou Batagi/Badagris is a prominent Ogou in Haiti who is sometimes seen as a particular part of the larger root of Ogun as he appears in Africa, and there are Ogou who are said to be born on the island itself, like Feray who sprang up during the revolution. There are Ogou who came otherwise–Sen Jak’s name translates to Saint James, and many folks feel he is the actual saint, and Panama arrived when Haitians began to leave the island by plane, as he is often described as a pilot.

So…lots of different stuff in the Nago rite! I hope this answers your question. Let me know if I can help more.

I saw a depressed man in McDonald’s in dark brown clothes leaning on the table, he was shaking. I felt so bad for him, his reality really shook me up, especially how everything was cheerful around him with bright colors and happy music. So, when I got home I had this big urge to draw what I saw and felt. My mentor at college was pleased with my sketch and right now I’m trying to make a painting of him.

I thought of sharing it here. I’ve been painting a lot at college, I started with landscapes first, but right now I’m struggling a bit with this piece. I’ve done a few sketches for different compositions and colors. I might even not choose one composition, but make a diptych or triptych out of this idea. We’ll see though!

I only have hair references done right now!!!! I promise i’ll actually get around to actual references soon aidjhaoeifhea I meant to do quick color references for them too but I couldn’t ;-; I even forgot Florence and had to add him last second I’m such a horrible mother………….. @shakethatbacon

I hate when people say “POC can’t be racist, they can only be prejudice”.

Prejudice is discrimination against others, generally on the grounds of things they cannot control (in this context race). Just assuming for a moment that prejudice and racism don’t go hand in hand and that POC are actually incapable of being racist…what then? The logical next step would be to condemn their actions even if the action cannot be classed as racist due to the offender’s skin color because prejudice is still wrong, right? It’s not okay to discriminate against others just because of their skin color, correct? We’ve already concluded that even if they are not racist they are, in fact, prejudice so why does that phrase “prejudice, not racist” always come off sounding like a defense of their actions? If POC can be prejudice, even if it’s not racism, then I want to see you call them out as you would any other prejudice person. If not, then it’s very clear to me and everyone else that you don’t care about prejudice at all unless it’s happening to your own race. You know who else doesn’t care about inequality unless it’s effecting their own race? Racists.


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“There’s a place I know that’s tucked away, a place where you & I can stay ~ ♪ “

viktor nikiforov

f r a g i l e  a s  g l a s s

Sugar has confirmed that the gems we know as fusions have single-gem equivalents on Homeworld...

And you know what? 



Smoky Quartz - A homeworld version of Smoky would look nothing like the one we know. Steven looks like a human (duh), and Amethyst is defective. So a Homeworld version? The only thing in common would be the color, probably. A regular Rose Quartz and Amethyst would make a giant, beefy powerhouse… not the round, cute, (somewhat) short and fun-loving Smoky we know.

Opal - Again, Amethyst is defective. So, right off the bat, you loose a lot of the size and shape that a “normal” Amethyst has. Pearl? I sincerely doubt Pearls are even allowed to fuse on Homeworld.

Garnet - Two gems from different classes fusing together is a big homeworld NO-NO, so a Homeworld Garnet would, again, look nothing like the one we know.

So basically, no matter what fusion you take, they’re all incredibly unique compared to their Homeworld counterparts… because each Crystal Gem is incredibly unique compared to the rest of Homeworld.

Also, this means your OCs are canon until proven otherwise. lolz

Since some people wanna whine “disrespect!1!!” at the kneeling football players:

The trump administration has disrespected women, people of color, poor people immigrants, Muslims, and trans people, all within the past 10 months. God forbid a bunch of football players use their 1st amendment right to protest against racial inequality. Racism has plagued this country since the dawn of its civilization. The REAL disrespect lies within an administration that dedicates its work to stripping rights away from anyone who isn’t rich, white, straight, cis, and male. Stop correlating peaceful protests (since ya’ll wanna whine about the violent ones) with lack of respect. And even if some of those players don’t respect America, who tf cares? This country never respected black people in the first place. Ty, that’s all. 

Massive Shell Expelling Star G79 29 0 46 : Stars this volatile are quite rare. Captured in the midst of dust clouds and visible to the right and above center is massive G79.29+0.46, one of less than 100 luminous blue variable stars currently known in our Galaxy. LBVs expel shells of gas and may lose even the mass of Jupiter over 100 years. The star, itself bright and blue, is shrouded in dust and so not seen in visible light. The dying star appears green and surrounded by red shells, though, in this mapped-color infrared picture combining images from NASAs Spitzer Space Observatory and NASAs Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer. G79.29+0.46 is located in the star-forming Cygnus X region of our Galaxy. Why G79.29+0.46 is so volatile, how long it will remain in the LBV phase, and when it will explode in a supernova is not known. via NASA