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hi ! i read through all your fic recs and i was hoping you might have some more ? i don't read smut myself, so i really like the ones you rec ^^

omg hi, sweetpea!! but yes, i do have some new recs in my likes that i haven’t been able to add to my recs page! also, thank you for giving me another reason to procrastinate from midterm studying, much love ♡

♣︎ blazing arrows by @daddychiminie

[ jimin x reader feat. jungkook | fluff, angst, future smut | supernatural au ]

part one. part two. part three. to be continued.

it’s a cupid au, and i really enjoy it so far. jimin is cupid and made a mistake by hitting you with an arrow, so he comes down to fix it, and i just really enjoy the playful bantering between the reader and jimin, and it’s so cute. the grocery scene is really adorable in part two, and i laughed way too hard at the magazine incident and the cart scene, oh god, i just really want a boyfriend to do that with me after reading that. AND I DIDN’T REALIZE YOU POSTED PART THREE SO BE RIGHT BACK, GOING TO READ THAT NOW.

edit: okay i have finished reading part three, and i’m on the floor from all the feels. i have never felt anything for jimin before, but gosh darn it, this is desperately making me want a hug from him. 

♣︎ the thing about love by @zephyoongist

[ taehyung x reader feat. jungkook | fluff, angst | college au ]


I’M STILL SO SALTY OVER THIS, PABLO. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS. but anyway, it’s still so very beautifully written and i cry, why do you do this to me and my poor, nonexistent heart?? taehyung is such a angelic and godly human being, he doesn’t deserve this.

♣︎ why people fall in love by @zephyoongist

[ jungkook x reader | fluff | friends with benefits / fake dating au ]


because anything and everything fae writes is magical and wonderful even though she does annoy me about jungcocky all the time. i remember reading this a long time ago, and i said she wasn’t going to love him back, and then you yelled at me. good times.

♣︎ love in colors by @lushguk

[ taehyung x reader | angst, fluff | soulmate / reincarnation au ]


gosh, i love mel so much, and her writing is so so breath taking. this is one of my absolute favorites because art and taehyung? my two passions lmao. i remember throwing my bunny plushie in frustration and then apologizing to it after i read the airport scene.

♣︎ the first and last of us by @lushguk

[ yoongi x reader | fluff, implied smut, angst | childhood bestfriends au ]


let me just lay here and die from the overwhelming amount of emotions i felt after reading this. mel has completely wrecked me with this, and her writing gives such a nostalgic and melancholic feeling that left me wanting to cry a waterfall. i’m pretty sure i screamed about this scenario to her too much.

♣︎ the pistol star by @kairoseok

[ jungkook x reader feat. hoseok | angst, fluff | supernatural au ]


this is a combination of astrology and beautiful beings, and i’m so in awe over this. just the way it was written and how every detail was crafted so intricately had me reading and rereading this scenario over and over again. her writing is really quite phenomenal and unique.

♣︎ 2 assholes play cards against humanity by @cosykims

[ yoongi x reader | fluff | youtuber au ]


because i love cards against humanity and because this is hilarious and cute and i love it. and also because her photoshopping skills for yoongi’s channel is incredible. and i rec her hogwarts!bts bulletpoint scenarios too!! i think i recced them before, but i gotta do it again because they’re amazing and i’m still in love with them.

♣︎ caffeine, crimson cheeks, and cashiers by @cinnaminsvga

[ taehyung x reader | fluff | college au ]


because i love fluff and happy endings, and tae is the cutest, and i can relate to this scenario on so many levels right now. “to noodle or not to noodle, that is the question” is too real. i’m questioning myself that at this very moment. where can i shop to get a cute cashier!tae to ring me up with a date??

 ♣︎ i want to kiss you (i know it’s 2 am) by @1rapmon

[ yoongi x reader | fluff | slice of life au ]


i honestly lost track of how many times i read this scenario because it’s so amazing and shows the dynamics of their relationship so wonderfully. gosh, the dialogue is so great, and i found myself smiling the entire time whilst reading this. del my soft and radiant goddess, ily to the moon and back.

♣︎ the countdown by @dreamscript

[ taehyung x reader feat. yoongi | fluff | slice of life au ]


taehyung is overdramatic, you’re amused, and yoongi is just so done with everything. oh, and throw in a dying confession. this scenario holds such a special place in my heart, and ily, rys, the other half of #rat and all hail rysism. rys writes my favoritest scenarios that have the best mix between fluff and comedy.

♣︎ in watercolor by @annyeongs

[ yoongi x reader | fluff, implied smut | photographer au ]


i love love loooove mia, the prettiest babe in the universe!! i also love love loooove her writing and how everything she types is so poetic and lovely and makes me feel happy. in this scenario, the reader is called art by yoongi, and yoongi is actual art, but mia is the true masterpiece here.

What went down in Guitar Villain
  • Jagged Stone: *plays a hauntingly relaxing bass line*
  • Bob: that wasn't haunting, relaxing, or a bass line
  • Jagged Stone: who the f**k asked you
  • Bob: you did
  • Jagged Stone: remind me who you are
  • Penny: he's your producer, remember?
  • Jagged Stone: what about you?
  • Penny: I'm your assistant
  • Jagged Stone: why am I hanging out with minor characters
  • Bob: because your career is dependent on us
  • Jagged Stone: oh yeah you're right
  • Bob: and your career also depends on you changing your style
  • Jagged Stone: yeah f**k that
  • Penny: remember, you can't say f**k on a kids' show
  • Jagged Stone: why would kids be watching right now
  • Jagged Stone: kids watch this show for the superheroes, not the business meetings
  • Jagged Stone: and none of the characters they care about are even on screen
  • Bob: but if you'd just listen to me, I have a killer plan to make them care about you
  • Jagged Stone: really? because I'm not seeing how I could be any more cool than this
  • Bob: ok, so here's my plan
  • Bob: you watch the interview with XY, he insults you, you get mad, you get akumatized, BAM, people care about you
  • Jagged Stone: I'm not sure about that
  • Jagged Stone: here's an idea
  • Jagged Stone: I get a middle schooler to design new album artwork for me
  • Bob: okay, and...
  • Jagged Stone: that's it
  • Jagged Stone: pretty good plan, huh?
  • Bob: not much of a plan
  • Penny: that's just why it might work!
  • Bob: no, that's the opposite of how plans work
  • Penny: oh
  • Jagged Stone: hey Marinette, come design my album artwork in one day for free
  • Marinette: ok so imma photoshop your face onto the Mona Lisa
  • Jagged Stone: I was hoping for something a bit cooler
  • Marinette: then pay me and give me two weeks
  • Jagged Stone: ok screw this, let's go with Bob's plan
  • Jagged Stone: Hawkmoth, spots on!
  • Hawkmoth: that's not the command
  • Jagged Stone: Hawkmoth, claws out?
  • Hawkmoth: no it's "dark wings, rise"
  • Jagged Stone: that's stupid
  • Hawkmoth: I know, I tried to get Nooroo to change it but he wouldn't
  • Jagged Stone: just give me my superpowers already
  • Hawkmoth: ok here you go
  • Guitar Villain: aww I wanted to be that cool fire guitar guy from Mad Max
  • Hawkmoth: ok can do
  • Hawkmoth: pay me and give me two weeks
  • Guitar Villain: ...fine, this transformation is satisfactory
  • Hawkmoth: oh and you've got a dragon
  • Guitar Villain: F**K YES
  • Penny: pls don't say f**k
  • Guitar Villain: oops sorry
  • Ladybug: ok Chat Noir let's fight the dragon
  • Chat Noir: OMG IT'S SO FLUFFY
  • Ladybug: it is decidedly not fluffy
  • Chat Noir: I WANNA PET IT
  • Ladybug: but it's trying to kill you!
  • Chat Noir: I DON'T CARE
  • Fang: *wrecks him into a traffic light*
  • Chat Noir: ...ok now I care
  • Ladybug: let's go protect XY
  • XY: see the thing about music is that it's just a tool to get people to fall in love with you
  • XY: I don't care about music, I just like knowing that there are legions of teenagers dedicating their lives to following me without even the satisfaction of my acknowledgement of their existence
  • Ladybug: *picks up XY and holds him in the air*
  • Chat Noir: I thought we were supposed to be protecting him
  • Ladybug: and now we're protecting the rest of the world from him
  • Guitar Villain: thanks Ladybug!
  • Ladybug: no problem!
  • Guitar Villain: wanna help me throw this guy off the Eiffel Tower
  • Ladybug: let's not get ahead of ourselves
  • Ladybug: let's just take over his concert and show his fans some actual music
  • Guitar Villain: sounds like a plan
  • Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Guitar Villain: *rock out until the credits roll*
the boyfriend who has everything

(music) I’m just a Southern boy, and there are two things I love more than anything: skating and baking! (title screen) This is OMG Check Please!

Well, hi, y’all! I’m back with a new vlog. This one’s titled: “What Do You Get the Boyfriend Who Has Everything?”

Because my boyfriend – and I know, I know, y’all, I haven’t talked much about him, like I said, he’s a private kind of guy – well, he’s kind of, I don’t wanna say well off, but, he’s comfortable, right? There’s not a whole lot that’s missing in his life. Which means I’m having kind of a problem with the whole holiday gift shopping business.

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High school teachers AU

I have alot of feelings about this–

i was talking to @hakunayourmutatas and i just

Please consider mystic messenger high school teachers au, with mc being a student or something– (yes, fucked up, but idk them being a teacher seems odd)

That aside, Zen would totally be a literature teacher, and the teacher in charge of the drama club. He would be so passionate about acting, and when the students ask, he said that it’s impossible to be an actor– probably imposed by his parents, and hes just so passionate and amazing at acting, plus he probably has a fanclub that just constantly screaming at his looks and he’s just so pure…

Yoosung would be the adorable relief teacher, the pure one and when those dirty sinner students call him an ’M’ he probably wouldn’t understand. (The students would 100% bully him–) his students probably tease him to no end though, and this 30 year old man looks like a college student and doesn’t know how to read sarcasm

Jaehee would be the teachers that’s complETELY done with everyone’s shit– she’d be that teacher that’s just sick of work, and wants her (shitty) class to be better. she’d be the sarcastic, strict teacher that doesn’t care if you don’t want to learn, but treats her well performing students with utmost respect. that aside, everyone kinda ships her with Zen, since they always hang out together during break and shes also so passionate about literature and acting, and wants Zen to pursue acting, though he would never do it.

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Hiii I’m here with another Maddie does the highlights, this time for the fabulous Broken #3 w/Cry c: Cry comes in at 39:56 for the record; however, there’s some good Pewdiecry even before that!

Under a read more because LONG AS ALL HELL but I hope you enjoy anyway! 

Also~ Thank you guys so much for 200 followers! Means the world to me that you guys enjoy my blog. Anyway, here we go~

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noreallytellmeaboutyourlife  asked:

Hi, I really, really, really love your drawing style and I would like to learn that kind of style as well! Could you please give me some insights to things that you used to help you learn how to draw (Especially the style in the Soulmates comic!)???

ASDFGDhjskhfkjdl omg thankyouthankyouu I’m glad you do!

Well, here are some things that I’m sure you’ve heard and read maannyy times before: Study, Reference, Practice, and Experiment. I myself am still learning to better improve, but I can show you what I’ve learned so far over the years :) here we go!

Study: I learned a hella lot about anatomy from having other more experienced artists teaching me the ropes. But listening to them is not enough. I encourage studying the actual human body yourself before any cartooning or styles or whatever. If you know where something is placed, then you’ll know where to draw and how to shade it. For example, there are shadows on the back that represent the shoulder blades. Why is that? Because that’s where the scapula bones are. These bones connects the humerus (upper arm bone) to the clavicle. This leads us to the next point.


The top photo was my main reference for my male characters’ backs. Another I used was vishstudio (a safe haven of beautiful photography of bara muscled men, and occasionally women). There’s some great stock reference images on Deviantart, Tumblr, and Pintrest…all you gotta do is search! Again, I’m still learning, and I probably shaded some things wrong here lmao. Sometimes, when I’m really stuck on a pose, for example, Oxana’s hands (the girl in the green page), I either take a picture of myself doing a pose or find one on the internet, put it on photoshop, put a new white layer on a low opacity, and trace over the image in a way that will help me personally with my own guidelines. Then, I redraw that exact pose with the muscle memory engrained into my hand right next to the image without tracing over it. It’s ok to trace! As long as it’s for personal use, such as studying, but don’t trace over an image that isn’t yours and then claim it as your own.

Practice: Now that you have studied and used reference, DRAW DRAW DRAW DRAWWWW!! Use your knowledge and put it to the test. Drawing is like driving a car. You sure as hell won’t learn all the tricks and loopholes overnight, unless you’re some super genius. Take your time every day, and eventually you’ll learn things on your own from experience.

Observational drawing is GREAT way to practice. These are portraits of my friends I did on the bus ride home during my senior year of high school (omg old artwork Imma cry lmfaooo OTL). I still do this today, being that creepy artist on the transit bus drawing people when they’re not looking eheheheh. Drawing from life is a good way to keep mental notes of how shadows work, and in this case, facial variation. I could keep going on facial reference omg but I’ll let Phobs do that for me here. And finally (jeez, zaku you type too much), THE LAST POINT!

Experiment: Once you feel more comfortable with your understanding of drawing people, animals, backgrounds, or whatever it is you wanted to learn to draw, experiment! You can’t break the rules without first understanding them…usually (LOL I’m sure there’s exceptions, but let’s stick with this for now). This is where you can experiment with all sorts of styles and techniques. Play around with as many styles and techniques as you find. This will give you a large range of skill sets that will definitely help you in the long run.

Some last few pointers you should never forget: 

1. IT’S OK TO MAKE A MISTAKE. Many failures lead to success. There will be times when your art will look like shit. There will be many times that you will have artblock that leads to more shit drawing. Even so, KEEP DRAWING. It’s like what my creative writing teacher taught me: sometimes you need to write out all the crap to let in the good stuff. 

2. ACCEPT THAT THERE ARE OTHER ARTISTS ARE BETTER THAN YOU. Let’s face it. There will always be other artists that are better than you. BUT THAT’S OK! That doesn’t mean they’re better than you at everything. You have your strengths, and they have theirs. They just may happen to be a quicker learner, or have more experience! That doesn’t mean you can’t catch up to them. ARTIST ARE CONSTANTLY IMPROVING. Even if they’re old and considered the best in the world, as long as they are alive, they’ll always have room to learn more. Don’t compare yourself to other artists in a negative way. Make it motivational!

3. HAVE FUN! Don’t make studying art into work. Make it something you truly want to learn about. So don’t stress out about it! :)

I am so sorry I DIDN’T THINK I’D TYPE THIS FRICKEN MUCH LOL but I hope this helps because I just love to learn about art, and I love to spread the knowledge. Good luck with your studies! :D


emeraldawn, my bestie, my buddy, my friend-o till the end-o, my hands down favorite person in the world, the high to my five and the wind beneath my hooves (I’m a thestral if I’m gonna be a flying thing, obvs.) - as you well know: today is the day of your birth.  Your birthday, one might say (feel free to steal that.  It’s good, I know), so here’s some homework a gift.  [IT’S NOT SUPER SELFISH AT ALL BECAUSE I DID NOT JUST READ ALL OF THESE AND NOW HAVE NO ONE TO SQUEE TO ABOUT THEM AND AM HOPING TO EITHER REFRESH YOUR MEMORY OR GET YOU TO EMBARK UPON THESE JOURNEYS FOR THE FIRST TIME.  THAT’S NOT WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE AT ALL.  God, why do you have to doubt my good intentions always?  You’re welcome for your present, I guess, you combative butthole.]

1. Slightly Damaged, Still Good by Trelkez / trelkez​  |  2k

Believe me, boo, there is no better Failwolf Derek out there.  Also, um, enjoy this purely fluffsters fic, it might, um, it might be rare on this list here.  CORRAL YOUR SHOCK, WOMAN.

2. Sugar and Spice by standinginanicedress  |  40k

Oh my God, this is such a unique take on Spark-ness.  And I freaking love Derek in this, which deffo means you will too.

3. On Anchors and Rudders by Unloyal_Olio / unloyal-olio  |  15k

Yes, yes, a Sentinel AU.  And one I actually understood and enjoyed (MEGA-LY) and can blab at your face about so, here, enjoy your thing with your show that I never watched because I am not a thousand years old.  [coughs] Unlike some people.  [coughs]  I mean, what?  Happy birthday, tiger!  Rawr and such.

4. A Little Pick-me-up by kellifer_fic / kellifer-k  |  2k

Another straight-up adorbs one where OMG, THEY BOTH LIKE EACH OTHER THOUGH!  But–but they totally don’t know it for a little bit.  Can you read that enough???  I submit that you cannot!  Seriously, go read this now.  It’s short, dooooo it.

5. I Am Your Liege by relenafanel / relenafanel  |  2k

No, no, no, no, no, but MEDIEVAL AU, EM.  You are so fucking welcome, sis.  It is so fucking good but I need 100k more, at least.

6. Grounded on Living Skin (Incantation Ink series) by otter / thewinterotter  |  9k (30k for the series)

If you didn’t have a tattoo kink?  You do now.  But also WHY DID YOU NOT HAVE A TATTOO KINK???

7. Chasing the Horizon by stilinski / obroech  |  34k

Okay, but Hellhound Derek.  I’m fairly certain I’ve already made you read this.  BUT LET’S READ IT AGAIN IN A FORT THIS TIME BECAUSE IT IS THAT GOOD.

8. To Have Outlived the Night by stillane / stillaneforserious  |  23k

Oh, oh, but it’s so good.  Derek is so Derek and bad at communicating and Stiles is amazing.  Like, he has the best fucking lines in this and they make me LEGIT CHEER when I read them.  ENJOY YOUR FACE OFF HERE, DOLL.

9. Yours was a Good Heart for Me by stilinskisparkles / felicitysmock  |  3k


10. Abominable by Revenant / revenant-scribe  |  20k

So much credit to this though because every single fic I’ve read with Abominable-creature Stiles, I have not enjoyed and this one is aces!

11. The Butt You Rutt™ by eeyore9990 / eeyore9990  |  4k

Well, first of all, it’s eey’s so, one, you already know it’s good and, two, that’s also a pretty good indication that it’s super hot-heavy breathing-sexy sexytimes.  And it is.  Even if it’s not your kink, eey will make it your kink because that’s what eey does.  (FYI, this had better already be a kink with you though because RUTTING, my va-gine bro, RUTTING.)

12. This is Ridiculous by zosofi / zosofi  |  36k

Unicorns.  But unicorns in a way where you can still 100% see Derek and Stiles in all the Derek and Stiles.  BASICALLY, WITCHCRAFT AT ITS FINEST.

13. Beauty and the Ex by aggybird / aggybird  |  26k

You know how I love me some jealous Derek.  You know that.  Don’t even try and act like you don’t know that right now.

14. Derek Hale’s No Good, Very Bad Day by Mackem  |  2k

Okay this is 5,000% ridiculous but I 10,000% love it so suspend your disbelief for a hot minute and enjoy the crap out of this.  (Also, you’ve gotta love that handle, baby bird: MACK EM.  THE HANDLE COMMANDS ME.  [smacks kiss at your face])

15. The Time Travelling Werewolf’s Confused Spirit Guide by The Feels Whale / thefeelswhale  |  5k

TIME TRAVEL!!! And you know I love the ones that are all wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.  (Also, really getting into this author.  JOIN ME, WON’T YOU?)

16. Whatever You Want (but You’re Gonna Have to Ask Me) by HalfFizzbin / halffizzbin |  3k

I could just so see this scenario playing out between Derek and Stiles.  It’s so perfect!

17. Balloon Animals are Awesome by DiscontentedWinter   |  22k


18. One Day I’ll Accept Normalcy (but that Day is Not Today) by jettiebettie / jettiebettie  |  16k

This has such a natural flow to it and deals with both the realistic and fantastical consequences of Stiles and Derek dating.  NOT TO MENTION THE SHERIFF IS A-MAZING.

19. Fate and Other Clichéd Terms by day  | 6k


20. Stumble, Tumble, Fall by keskasi / wutheringwolf  |  7k

Yeahhhh, you know how I feel about Parrish.  Here’s the refresher course on why he’s sixteen thousand kinds of amazing though.

21. With Metal on Our Tongues (We’ll be Dressed in Rags) by Rena / soldieronbarnes  |  19k

007, Em.  BOND, EM.  Q, EM.  DO THE THING, EM.

22. Come with Me and Walk the Longest Mile by DevilDoll / devildoll  |  39k

Zombies.  BECAUSE ZOMBIES, EMERALD.  Making me use your full, Christian name with you.  I don’t want it to have to be like that but if it’s gotta be, it’s gotta be, okay.

23. The Well of Living Waters by kalpurna / kalpurna  |  30k


24. Released (From behind These Lines) by weathervaanes / weathervaanes  |  16k

Shut up, I know this is more my thing but GHOST!STILES, GHOOOOOOOST.  You know I love the dead ones.  YOU KNOW THAT.  And I promise you need no AHS knowledge because I know NOTHING about that show.

25. Gonna Write a Classic and jezziejay  |  6k

Mistaken identity and pining and miscommunication and all the cutest tropes to ever cute!  YOU SEE, I ENDED IT ON A HAPPY NOTE BECAUSE PEOPLE SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND NOT DEPRESSED UNPROTECTED PARENTAL SEX ANNIVERSARY.

Submitted to me......Maksyl thoughts today.....

This has been an excellent week in the Maksyl kingdom!  I am so appreciative of the updates, gifs and pics.  Since last Wednesday, two things stand out in my mind.  Let’s discuss, shall we?

1) Monday night’s dress 2) When did the relationship change?

Ok the comment about the two snaps on the dress made me think that since last week, I don’t just have AD thoughts about these two.  I have DTD (during the day) thoughts and AA (anytime, anywhere) thoughts.  Yes, I’m crazy, a little embarrassed cuz I’m older but I certainly remember what it feels like to be young, in love and, I’ll admit horny!  All I’ll say is this - the two snaps don’t matter cuz that dress had easy access from the top and bottom!  SEE WHAT THIS HAS DONE TO ME!  Tricia, I also love the goatee.  It must tickle in all the right places!  I AM A MESS!

When did the relationship change?  I also agree with you in that it was after Italy.  I believe that it was Mary who stated that it would have been a PR nightmare had they come out together right after DWTS.  They had to keep it quiet and despite their feelings, had to be aware that it might not last the summer what with their schedules. Yes, he gushed about her continually over the summer and now the roles are reversed.  But, the turning point was after the debacle that was Italy and he knew what he wanted now!  Like my dad used to say, “Shit or get off the pot.”  Well, I think he might have said the same thing but much nicer….”look, Mer, I love you and always will. I want to be with you but we have to be on the same page and we will put ourselves out there slowly.  Yes or no?  Italy was a week before the premiere and post-premiere was glorious.  Yes, I am speculating about the change but take a look at it from both perspectives.

The Maks Perspective - this is a man with strong family beliefs who has stated what his future looks like in his mind.  He is kind, he is caring, he is nurturing but the outside persona is the bad boy who is a chick magnet.  (Not that I am a Bethenny Frankel fan, but some of the interviews on her show are great, especially the one with Hank - Kendra’s husband).  So his PR decisions for this year were based on what could give him the most exposure.  He decides to do DWTS for his grandma (watch the red carpet interview on week 8) and his life changes within a matter of minutes.  I don’t think he quite realized the full extent prior to and in week #1, he had loads of fun with the ass on week #2, realized there could be romance week #3, missed her week #4, was falling in love with her and happy to be reunited in week #5 and something happened in week #6 that changed everything.  Besides holding his hand, maybe a kiss that wasn’t supposed to happen?  We’ll never know.  After that, I think he had to re-think what he had planned for himself.  So, they spent the summer in secret.  Meeting up in LA, FL, MI, NY and HI.  And he spent the summer squashing rumors and changing the attitude of how he was perceived - slowly but surely.  Italy was a nightmare, plainly written on his face even though planned well in advance.  Your avatar was proof of that.  Dealing with bad publicity was what he has done for many years but after Italy (it wasn’t publicized), he got the People article downplayed, he has been working on his own dance studio and stage production and jewelry, supported charities and monitored what pics have been posted about him.  How quick did Alina go by the wayside? And, Meryl may have put her little foot down and stressed how important his image was to their relationship.  His foot may be bigger but how long can you publicly gush with no one reciprocating.  Besides, he knew Val was a loose cannon.

The Meryl Perspective - this is a woman kind and good, strong but shy, confident yet closed off due to her sport.  Cheryl was interviewed a few months ago and stated that she was worried about Meryl being out in the world due to the bubble she had lived under when skating competitively.  My kids were involved in sports from the age of 4, not at Meryl’s level, but still they went to school, went to sports, did homework and went to bed.  Their friends were their sports friends. I get it.  And, Meryl had just gotten out of a terrible relationship.  Unfortunately, with someone in her world of skating.  She agrees to go on DWTS for a new journey and gets the sexy bad boy Russian.  I’ll admit, when I first saw their pairing I thought he was going to eat her alive.  I kept visualizing episodes where she was in tears.  Boy was I wrong.  Her entire world flipped upside down which included new friends, a new venue of opportunity and love.  Her life had been working toward a goal which surrounded an image of America’s OGM, America’s sweetheart.  She really is a sweetheart, but that image did not include a man with a reputation.  She is known to be calm but must have been completely overwhelmed with emotion over this man whom she knew was not as he was perceived.  Deep down she could have been afraid.  It says so much for her that she secretly supported him even during the rumors and bad publicity.  I agree, it was her holding back until his arrival from Italy.  After Monday’s skybox cam, I think Val may have played a big part in coming out slowly.  Listen, Meryl I just can’t keep my mouth shut!

Theirs is an all-consuming love.  Honestly, I do not know how they are away from each other.  If you are talking every day a couple of times a day you are establishing more than just a sexual relationship.  If you are touching the way they did on DWTS, you are already closer than most relationships are.  Once the kissing starts, you know how close you want to be.  The ultimate goal of making love is becoming one person wrapped in and sharing emotions.  I believe they have achieved that.  I have said this before - I have not seen a love like this in a long time. It is absolutely amazing!

A comment regarding the Midwest Perspective…..I often hear from anons and others that they really want Meryl to move to LA or NY.  No disrespect to the East or West Coast and I understand that she does want to explore new opportunities but I know she will always be a Michigander. We are a different breed in the Midwest and are proud of it.  Michigan has taken so many hits over the last decade.  We are a hard-working people and we are resilient.  Meryl gets her work ethic from that very basis.  We spot our celebrities and are very appreciative.  That is why where Meryl is is highly documented.  Once I was in the casino in Detroit and it was right after the Tigers won the pennant in 2006, Jim Leland the manager was in the casino and as he walked through we all started cheering for him.  He was touched and very humble.  He started clapping back for us.  It was a great moment! I remember when comments were made over how Charlie dresses.  A polo, a pair of cargo shorts and dockers or flip-flops is the way we roll in Michigan.  If anyone has a question about Michigan or the Midwest please feel free to ask - with Tricia’s permission - I will try my best to answer.     

Final notes:

Meryl has to follow these blogs, she found that DWTS All Access video complete with description way too quick!

DWTS are jerks….they haven’t even said anything about Karina! 

I am beginning to love Val more than I should - from his love of Meryl to his violin video.  Wow! You have a great boyfriend!  The hidden gem is Nicole, she is the voice of reason for those brothers.

Finally, a shoutout to the wonderful fanfic by pinkcupcake.  Loved the 14 chapters.  And, I can’t remember who is writing New York, New York but it is great!  Also whoever did the photoshop of Maks in a tux and Meryl in the white dress….OMG!

Thank you for letting me babble.  The USS Maksyl and its Chmertinis (priceless) are soooo much fun!  Love you all, Anon Sue