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a list of some of my favorite stories so far in “We Who Are Alive and Remain”
  • Shifty told a story about an incident of him and some other guys playing poker in a barn in Mourmelon and while they were concentrating on the game super hard, a guy took his hand grenade, poured the powder out, put it back together, came into the barn, worked the pin so the grenade came off his chest and fell to the floor, and screamed “live grenade!” and everyone dove to the floor as cards and money went everywhere
  • Ed Pepping said, “You’ve probably never heard this from a paratrooper, but when Pearl Harbor happened, I was recording the Metropolitan Opera”
  • Shifty and Popeye signed up for the paratroopers together

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Second Life Edits

Hello my name is Lee and i love editing photos.
Since i just started SL i don’t have a job or any money yet so i thought i could edit a few photos to get some nice stuff.
So the photo is a quick example of what i can do with a photo- of course i can do more than that depending on your photo.

My ingame name is: Norchadens if you want to contact me. or here in the comments section.

The price is 15L each edit. Heavy edits cost 30L each.

I hope we can work together. For more info just ask a question!

Does Shawn Mendes know I exist yet?

Day 55 & 56: No


the dregs meme: [1/5] details - Inej’s daggers

Sankt Petyr, renowned for his bravery, on the right; the slender, bone-handled blade she’d named for Sankta Alina on the left. She recited the names of her other knives, too. Sankta Marya and Sankta Anastasia strapped to her thighs. Sankt Vladimir hidden in her boot, and Sankta Lizabeta snug at her belt, the blade etched in a pattern of roses. Protect me, protect me. She had to believe her Saints saw and understood the things she did to survive.