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[Mob Psycho 100 Theory! Contains Spoilers. Don’t read if you haven’t read the latest raw chapter!!!]

You know when I first saw the raw of chapter 99.4 I was pretty shocked for a few minutes, but then I was like “naah, he won’t die. This must be one of those stupid fake outs writers do when they make you think a character is dying but he ends up being fine at the end. After all, Mob is the main character of the story. Main characters don’t die. Unless the story is ending and that would be a really crappy ending, so, no.”

Now, more than 24 hs later I’m thinking: no, he could definitely die! This story is filled with spirits and espers, if there’s a manga where the main character CAN die is this one.

I was talking with my sis @heroredriot ​ and we agreed that there could be an scenario where Mob is dead and comes back as a spirit. He would have a reason to stay in this world: he was going to confess to Tsubomi, the same thing that he started the manga wanting to do, the thing that made him want to be popular and join the Body Improvement Club. His main goal as the protagonist of the story, the thing that leads him to become a better person. That’s a good enough reason to not want to leave this world!!

He could talk to Teru and Ritsu as a spirit, they could help him. And even, this development could be a good excuse to have Mogami back into the storyline somehow (I don’t really know how, I just want him back!), and… also Dimple* could be back. They could meet as spirits, he could help him get used to his new “life”.

The sad part would be that, well, Mob would be dead, and we would have to see all his friends reacting to that. And I don’t think I can handle Reigen crying, so please don’t do that, One. 

So, in conclusion: I was in denial about Mob actually dying for real, but now I’m not anymore. I can totally see that happening, but it’s really just another possibility. Other possible scenarios I can think of are: Mob gets into a coma, and eventually his spirit gets back to his body; or he just gets unconscious and that leads to ???% showing up again.

Either way I can’t wait for the next update!!!

(*About Dimple coming back, he disappeared twice in the story. If you read the omake in chapter 43 you can see how he came back that second time! I don’t think is impossible for him to come back AGAIN. But this is not really a theory, is more like wishful thinking).

anonymous asked:

Dad, I need an art of yours that is perhap more lazy, or less detailed? Because I want to use your style of drawing hair, but I am in no means at your high level of art.

Well first of all, thanks a lot, I’m very flattered to read that you like my art so much that you’re basing part of yours on my style hah ★

Then I’ll keep that request in mind and try to remember to post more sketches, unpolished stuff and all (I got like a shitton so I guess I just have to remind myself to not just let it sleep in a folder or smth ★ )


If you want to use my way to draw hair, then I guess shawing a step by step could help !!!!

so yeah <3 

I always draw the hair fully (or partially fully like the approx shape) before doing the hair, that way im sure i don’t get a flat looking head becausse i didn’t put enough hair on top or something haha !

The hair is drawn following the shape of the head and the hairline.

Curly hair takes much more space than straight hair, but it can still be pretty thick !! 

For straight hair I like to think water for the way it slides along the head/face/shoulders etc… and the curlier I go, the more I make it light and fluffy. 

You can also think of fabric, straight hair would fall like heavy ones like velvet or silk while curly hair would be more like tulle or georgette

This is the part that can easely make a difference in the hair, add more volume, more depth etc… It’ll take a bit more time and thought as to where the hair would separate, flow etc… but I find the result way worth the effort. 

I also used this step to refine some parts like the end of the hair for Straight, making it less pointy to give the “freshly and neatly cut” effect.

It works especially well afterwards, when you colour, and when you can easely pick lighter/darker parts. 

Addind stray hair is a super fast way to add interrest imo. You just put a few free hair there and there and BOOM it looks more real. I tend to put them on the borders, but also putting some in the inside really gives a messy look which can be really interesting. 

When I colour fully (with shadows and all that bs) I also put some white hair where the light hits the hardest, in the same way. 

(goodbye jojo I didn’t have the faith to flat colour his mess of a hair)

This also is really up to you, but colouring the line can change how the drawing feels.(it feels all shiny and pastel and light when recoloured i think) If you draw in traditional media tho it’ll be harder to do it ofc. (though you can still own many inking markers of different colours, but yeah) 

When I recolour the hair, for simple colouring I take three shades (one darker, and two lighter -a lighter and a VERY MUCH lighter) so I can play and play with depth. Though if I’m lazy I’ll just block one colour and it looks just fine. It’s really all up to you, I’d say experiment and find what suits you best <3 

(I’ll probably post a bunch of sketches still soon enough so you get so many little heads full of hair that’s you’ll have all the reference you need :* )

 (also I’m sure your art is very good already haha we always tend to have a negative view of our own things. 

If you want to come in PV to show it or somethingI’d be more than happy, and I’d even be glad to give reviews IF YOU WISH. Like I’m no expert and still have a lot to learn but I can still give an opinion I guess)


They went their separate ways in college and met back one day on a train back home. Iwaizumi realizes they lead their separate lives now.