are these captions too cheesy

“Don’t cry about dreams that don’t come true today. Sometimes ya needs ta try another way” ☀

                                                                                                         - Kapp’n

d-0 to seventeen’s anniversary

a love letter to seventeen:

thank you for always making me laugh and for being my healing when life gets difficult. with you fantastic 13 balls of sunshine, these past two years have been much more than just very nice. i’m so proud that i’ve been able to see all of you grow, and just thinking about it causes tears to well up. but, i’ll try to hold these tears in because i don’t wanna cry

seventeen, i’m glad we’ve made it this far, and i’ll continue to adore u for years to come. let’s keep on walking on this flower path.

happy 2nd year anniversary!

dating alex (actress)

i couldn’t help myself

- living with him in his apartment in dublin

- carpooling with the guys to the set everyday

- snuggling up to each other during break times

- using each other as a pillow

- heads on the others shoulder, arms wrapped around their torso

- marco has pictures of you and alex in the cuddling position all around the set

- in the trailers, in tents, in the car on the way home, even in the boats

- struggling to stay serious

-everyone else getting sick of how cute you two are

- alex ruining a take by looking at you with his ‘bedroom eyes’ when he shouldn’t be

- you really not minding at all

- having been caught making out on set more than once

- acting in scenes opposite each other and trying to ‘hate’ each other but it being too hard

- he’s just to cute and so are you

- going out for brunch on days off and spending time in the city together

- going shopping and making alex buy ridiculous outfits (that he will still look good in)

- him dragging you to stores excitedly

- being stopped by fans and gladly taking photos and signing autographs

- people gushing about how cute you are together

- when you’ve spent all day at set you come home and order take out and snuggle under the covers

- alex getting touchy feely

- you getting touchy feely back

- usually early mornings, but making time every morning to spend a peaceful moment together

- usually ending up making out

- sex, a lot of it

- back appreciation

- arm appreciation

- alex being super body positive no matter what you looked like

- just an overall good vibe apartment

- cute dates to fun little cafes and bowling, mini golf, etc

- joining in on group paintball

- winning

- being part of the girl squad aka sophie, ida, you

- group dates with jordan and sophie

- marco being your full time third wheel

- not really minding most of the time

- until he’s there when you want to spend alone time ;) with alex and he’s quickly dismissed

- cute videos on set of the two of you pranking marco

- you and marco pranking alex

- alex and marco pranking you

- taking each others instagram photos

- helping with captions

- “too cheesy?” “yes” “emoji?” “no”

- playing with his hair

- fingers just running through it all the time

- it’s so soft and lush

- “you have better hair than me”

- hot travel photos

- beach photos of the two of you

- think arms around your waist, tilted head, looking back kisses, adoring expression

- amazing resorts with amazing views

- making out in the pool

- and the ocean and the room and the beach

- never turning down an opportunity to compliment you

- alex teaching you danish

- speaking danish in bed (very sexy)

- aesthetic apartment

- he likes things to look nice and pretty

- inpromptu photography on the streets

- “ah babe look at that wall! just stand there and pose and the light will hit you!”

- encouraging each others passions

- his instagram mainly being you and vice versa

- fights

- resolving your issues and talking them out, making the relationship work

- being the ultimate ship

- the cast teasing you

- but actually loving you and would die if you broke up

- either playing siblings on the show or love interests

- either way being hella cute

- alex loving you so much and you loving him more than you thought you could

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Il est entré dans mon cœur

Une part de bonheur

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Astray -Part 20-

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Jimin convinced you to come out tonight, promising to buy you meat and you happily slipped into your cute blue dress and stepped out with him.

“There’s this place not too far from your apartment, Taehyung recommended it to me.”

“As long as you’re buying me meat. It’ll go towards the betrayal.”

“Are you seriously still on the fact I gave Tae your leftovers? I made you dinner.”

“I’m kidding, Jiminie. You’re kinda cute when you whine.”

“I’m kinda cute, huh?” He pulled you closer to him by your waist and you looked at him in his sudden change in attitude. He winked at you while biting his lip and you shoved him over.

“I take it back.”

“Y/N.” He whined and moved back to your side, his fingers slipping between yours. You paid no mind to it, you held hands with him before but you almost stopped in your tracks.

“Y/N..” Jimin whispered to you, there he was. Gone for two weeks without even a word, he reappears with someone else by his side. What happened to when he said he loved you? That silly attitude he had but those intimate moments he shared with you when he held you like you were his world.

What happened to us?

“Oh, Y/N, I didn’t see you there. How have you been?” He turned around; looking at you and you couldn’t bring yourself to look back at him.

“Hey, Jeongguk.” Saying his name was similar to twisting a knife through your heart. You couldn’t answer her, knowing that if you spoke again, there would be words that can’t be taken back.

“Y/N, I um…”

“It’s good that you’re not dead, Guk. Y/N’s been worried about you but I see your girlfriend is what’s keeping you busy.”

“I just can’t get enough of him,” you felt another knife stabbing you, seeing her arm linked with his and their hands intertwined. That’s how he used to hold your hand.


“You should take her home, Jeongguk. Jimin and I have dinner to eat.” He didn’t say anything, just taking the girl along with him and you walked in with Jimin. You stumbled into your seat, Jimin being gentle with you and you looked down.

“Y/N, you’re not okay, are you?”

“Let’s just eat our meal.”


“Yes?” His hand reached out to wipe your cheeks, unaware of your tears running down them. You silently thanked him, a waiter coming to your table and you two decided on a set.

“Remember our second year? When Mingyu invited the whole grade to a restaurant.”

“Of course, you left me for him and those other girls.”

“It wasn’t because of the girls.”


“He was my best friend.”

“I’m offended.”

“Well I liked you then, so you were more than just my best friend.”


“Would I lie to you?”



“The truth hurts.”

“How could you be so heartless?” He clenched his chest, pretending to be in pain while you rolled your eyes.

“Bad acting and you’re quoting Kanye lyrics. This is an all-time low.” He pouted, making you laugh a bit. He looked so cute, batting his eyelashes at you while pouting and pinched at his cheeks.

“Aww, look at our cute little Jiminie.”

“I’m not cute.”

“Yes, you are.” He grabbed your hand, pulling off his cheek and staring at you.

“Cute is that puppy you see walking down the street, a baby in a stroller, a little kid begging for toys at the grocery store. I want to be handsome to you. Someone that you see as a man.”


“I was too late, wasn’t I? Now, all you can think about is him? I know, I can see it in the way you look at me.”


“But he has her. He’s with her.”

“Jimin. Tonight, it’s about us. I just want to think about us and nothing else. Agreed?”

“Agreed.” He smiled at you, making you return the gesture and your food arrived. You cooked the meat, knowing Jimin wasn’t that great at cooking it.

“Just let me..”

“Oh, now you’re paying so it’s fair if I cook it for you.”

“It’s because I’m paying, huh.”

“You should know this by now, I’m disappointed.” You placed the first cooked piece on his plate and he had his mouth open.

“Are you trying to catch flies?”

“Feed me.” He can’t be serious. He stared at you and you sighed, using chopsticks to stick it in his mouth.

“Thank you.” You took turns cooking and feeding each other, chatting in between. You didn’t actually let him pay the whole thing, paying a portion after 15 minutes of intense debating.

“I could have paid for it, Y/N.” He held bottles of soju and some cups he bought from a convenience store.

“Jimin, I felt bad, okay?”


“What are we taking a taxi for?”

“We’re going somewhere special.” He showed the address to the driver, him nodding and you trying to get a peek at the piece of paper.

“Not another surprise.”

“Oh, come on. You liked the last one, didn’t you?”



“Only for you.”

“Oh, I think you need this.” He held up a blindfold, you wonder when he fell in love with surprising you. You let him blindfold you, his fingers slipping between yours and squeezing your hand.

“How long until we’re there?”

“Just a bit. I think you’ll like this surprise.”

“I better or I’m taking a taxi home without you.” You could hear him gulp and shuffle in his seat, making you smile. You weren’t serious about leaving him wherever you were going; still, this secret location has to be worth the blindfold and his refusal to tell you.

“We’re here.”

“Finally.” He helped you out the car, paying the driver before untying your blindfold. This is what he was so secretive about?

“Our high school?”

“It’s been a year since we were here.” He pulled a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door, you following him inside and the halls brought you back.

You could remember the mornings when you were running late with Jimin, fixing your tie before Ms Jung saw you.


“Come on.” You took his hand, walking with him to your old classroom and stood at the podium. You could remember the boring morning announcements, your class president lecturing your class.

“I can hear Mr Choi, telling Hani and Mingyu to quit making out in the back.”

“Did they ever come up for air?”

“He couldn’t live without her.”

“Do you know if they’re still together? They broke up a few weeks before graduation.”

“He’s still with her, he’s always posting Instagram photos of her as his woman crush Wednesday with a cheesy caption.”

“I used to think that was cute.”

“Too bad it’s Friday.”

“Wait, we have to go to our spot.”

“Why did you think I bought soju, Y/N?”


You have a thing for rooftops; you liked looking out to the city. The rooftop of your old school was gorgeous, seeing mountains near your school. The fence blocked the view a bit but you didn’t mind, the school placing some flowers to give it less of a trapping feeling.

“It looks so much better at night.”

“It does, all the lights make it look so picturesque.”

“I really do like this surprise.”

“Sorry, what was that? I didn’t catch that.”

“Don’t push it, Jimin.”

“Yes, ma’am.” You pushed him a little and he opened the first bottle, pouring some for you. You drank simultaneously, taking shot after shot and you stopped when you begin to lose count.

“I’m so fucking angry.”

“You know, you should scream from here. It helps.”


“I’ll start. Fuck you, Ms Jung and your fake nose!”

“Seulgi, I know you have hair implants you fake bitch!”

“Ki Joon, you bastard! You still owe me money!”

“Jeongguk, you asshole! How dare you find a girl prettier than me! You two-faced bastard!”

“How the fuck does my hair look like squid ink, you sly jerk! How dare you make Y/N worry about your sorry ass!”

“How could you make me like you, Jeongguk!”

“Fuck you, Jeongguk!” You two went silent, catching your breath after all that screaming and Jimin opened his mouth to say one more thing.

“I love you, Y/N!” He pulled you by your hips, catching you off guard and pressing his lips against yours.

Maybe drunken words were just sober thoughts.

I want to know who you think she should end up with?

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