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hi puerto rico is dead

IRMA JUST LEFT AND NOW MARIA IS ON HER WAY AND SHES GOING TO SLICE RIGHT THROUGH THE CENTER OF THE ISLAND AS A CAT3/4. We haven’t even gotten over the damages with irma yet and some people STILL dont have water or power and now we’re getting hit with something thats going to be even worse for us PLEASE PLEASE pray for puerto rico and the caribbean because this shit is serious

Why are women expected to dilute and tone down their personalities to be more appealing to men. Men are never told that they might struggle to get married because they are ‘too much’. They are never too opinionated, too confident, too educated, too passionate, too strong willed… it’s always women who must chip away at their selves to become more soft and easy to stomach and pliable.


Niall Horan - Too Much To Ask (Official)

Tom Holland wonders why a T-Rex wasn’t pink or furry. - A compilation.

I’ve never related to anything more than this in my life.