are there people that hate him

I dreamt last night that you came back. You layed there, holding onto me, the words dripping off your tongue like honey as you apologized for leaving and when you kissed me you tasted of it too. We kissed and kissed, pouring every apology, every tear, every ounce of love into each other.
I awoke screaming, not because I hated it, not because it was a nightmare, but because it was everything I had been wishing for.

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You've already stated that Weed hates his parents for naming him Weed, but what would compel parents to name their child after a nutrient sucking plant/ invasive species?

His real name is Neem, a useful plant.  However, when found out it’s considered a beneficial weed, people just started calling him that, and only that.

He doesn’t bother trying to correct anyone anymore.

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Is it just me or are there hardly any jinyoung biases anymore? They all left for youngjae and jaebum (not hating on either jaebums my bias wrecker) but jinyoung is my ultimate bias and it just kinda sucks seeing that not a lot of people feel the same way

idk personally i’ve seen tons of people who stan jinyoung so????? maybe it’s just the people i’ve interacted with but he has tons of loyal stans who love him so very much i promise so don’t worry :)

antis: we care about louis and don’t have any negative feelings towards him as he struggles with dealing with being a single father, dealing with his grief and his mother’s illness, and his career. we understand that people are human and sometimes louis might make mistakes, but we support him for who he has said he is. we support the relationships he puts forward to the public, his son, and his career all at the same time!

larries: louis is a shitty person if larry doesn’t exist

larries: if the baby is real, louis is exploiting his child and using him for PR

larries: louis does not care that his so called son is being abused by the jungwirths

larries: boycott his television appearances, attack people who interview him, and attack anyone who works with him that they don’t think plays into their “narrative” 

larries: no matter what louis does, larry is his only redeemable quality and his charity work means nothing

also larries: lol antis hate louis!! it’s so obvious they do not care about him!! we’re the only ones that love louis!! 

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Okay so ... I don't understand. I liked the episode. I started to get really angry with people who started the hate ... And I still am ... But I want to understand what this is all about. Please, what exactly is the problem with the episode?

The problem is that it was ridiculous and didn’t seem a Sherlock episode at all. Like, Eurus is supposed to be locked in Sherrinford but in TST and TLD she could go out anytime she wanted and pretended to be attracted to John (why? It was never explained), then she had her fun night around London with her brother, and then she was John’s therapist and she shot him? But hey, it wasn’t a real shot, despite the fact the noise suggested that it was. Anyway, she was suddenly back in Sherrinford in TFP, with no explanation whatsoever. Moftiss referenced to ACD’s The Three Garridebs story -   the one where Watson get slightly injured and Holmes worries and panics and finally Watson realises how much Holmes cares about him, and the fandom always wished to see that story adapted in BBC Sherlock) and turned it into a cheap joke. Do you remember the three men hanging above the ocean? Those were the Garridebs, apparently. How hilarious.

And that’s not the end: how could Sherlock Holmes, the most clever man in the world, a DETECTIVE,not notice that there was no glass in Eurus’cell? How could he forgive her after she raped her guard and killed his childhood best friend? By the way, this kid got missing and no one looked for him? Eurus said “drowned redbeard” and no one thought about checking the wells? Eurus gave Moriarty the Redbeard story and he never used it against Sherlock?

Ad the whole ‘I love you’ scene with Molly? This is a grown woman who’s still pining for a man who will never return her feelings, and they destroyed all the progresses she had made so far? That’s just humiliating.

Oh, and when Sherlock was pointing the gun on himself, John didn’t seem to care? And when John told him ”Vatican Cameos”, Sherlock dismissed him? Since when? They used to make the other the top priority in each other’s life,and now they’re just ‘meh’? John got in a well and it was chained at the feet,and he got out using a rope? A rope. And he was chained. And when he saw the bones, he didn’t even know what kind of bones those were? HE’S A DOCTOR. In TAB he even said “I can break your bones while naming them”. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised,because there was also the deal with with the grenade in 221b and John, a military man, didn’t even recognize it. And then, the whole explosion? Like, John and Sherlock jumped off the window and they didn’t even get injured in the least? The flat exploded but the furniture remained intact?

And the cherry on top was Mary’s video. Like, she died but she keeps sending videos? How? Who sends them? How could she know what was going to happen? And the whole message was just horrible? “I know who you really are… but who you really are doesn’t matter”? What kind of message is that? WHO YOU ARE DOES MATTER, FOR GOD’S SAKE. And then she went on about saying things like “he things that matter are the adventures and the legend”?? When Moftiss always claimed that this was not a detective story but a story about a detective??Like, what??

And then we should be happy because of the montage of Sherlock with the baby and John? Alright, first of all: we don’t know if John went back to 221b permanently. They left it ambiguous and that makes me sick. Especially because they ended TLD saying how romantic entanglement would fulfill Sherlock’s life, how John cheated on Mary because he wanted more and he still did, and then they ended TFP without addressing their romantic aspect at all? And that’s not queerbaiting? What the hell was that? And can someone please explain who will care for Rosie when John and Sherlock go out solving crimes?

Why was the episode called the final problem, when Moriarty in the first seasons always implied that the final problem was burning the heart ouf of Sherlock (in TGG he strapped John in semtext, for god’s sake. And in TRF threatened to kill his friends if Sherlock didn’t jump off the roof) but TFP was suddenly all about a Third Holmes no one knew about until TLD? WHAT? WHY? I guess we’ll never know.

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Ugh that People Magazine article! Antis are laughing because they think we're bitching about Freddie and Jay being mentioned because we hate Freddie and Jay, it's like wtf no! We're mad they were talked about because now we have pop culture websites discussing Jay's passing and Louis's desire for future children instead of his amazing song and his talent as an artist/singer and his partnership with Steve and Steve's ridiculous beat! I wouldn't want him to be discussing Harry, either. - Mal 💚💙

I stopped listening to antis a long long time ago. I’m not sure what’s difficult to understand about hoping the privacy of a person’s loss (who clearly stated they weren’t comfortable discussing said loss) would be handled with decency and respect.

TBH, I know we get wrapped up in the Fred issue. At this point, I don’t really care what is said about that. But what I don’t understand is why they wouldn’t see the Jay subject the same way I, and other people, seem to. If Louis is their fave, which apparently now he is, wouldn’t you want his grief handled the way he wanted it handled? Not used for public spectacle or promo? Because to me, that’s just the decent and respectful thing. But. Then again these are the same people who attack us day in and day out with such anger, hate, and vitriol, it’s no wonder they don’t understand things like decency and compassion.

Anyway. I digress.

i wish people stopped treating keith like he’s a massive jerk just for the fun of it and put him down in favor of others characters. and i’m speaking as someone who doesn’t have keith as a favourite character. but like… god it’s so annoying?? some people do and some people may be projecting onto him because they might find him relatable (and frankly personality wise i do too) and it’s just… idk it’s starting to irritate me. i’ve always hated unnecessary comparisons. i’ll literally fight for the keith mischaracterization i s2g

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I meant the Chocobros for the "What do they hate about themselves" ask. Sorry!

Insecurities (Chocobros)

No, worries anon! I’m at my limit for today so here’s ¾ of them. I’ll do Ignis’ tomorrow, hope that’s alright.

He’s extremely dependent on other people. He absolutely hates that about himself. On top of that he’s so used to being looked after, he hates the prospect of looking out for himself. Thinking about it makes him feel like an ungrateful, spoilt child. It’s not even laziness, there’s a hint of entitlement here and he knows that. Which honestly makes him feel worse about it. As a way of combating this, he tries his hardest to do whatever little things he can for himself. As a way of weaning himself off the constant spoon feeding.

Struggles a lot with self esteem. With him, the question becomes what does he actually like about himself. On a bad day there’s a lot of going back and forth with himself over whether he’s good enough. Photography is one of his coping mechanisms. If he’s too busy looking for what would make a good picture, his thoughts won’t venture towards that territory. Spending more time with Noctis (or more generally with friends) is another way he deals with it. The company of those who do think he’s good enough.

Though he doesn’t really let on his feelings, he’s uncomfortable with his size. It’s not something he thinks about on most days, but if he goes shopping and everything is too small, it stings him. There’s a lot of awkward staring and occasional pointing that he has to put up with regularly. It’s something he really hated about living in Insomnia. The city felt cramped as is, and a big guy like him really stands out among all that. He doesn’t really have a way of dealing with it, beyond distracting himself.

The Judge

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Tony stark imagine where (like at the end in CA civil war when he’s hurt) you find him and help him and he’s really hurt?
For Anon
Words: 2,246

Tony Stark had been raised in the spot light and luckily fame suited him. When life forced his hand to make the suit to ensure his survival, he thrived and his fame grew more. With reluctance on Fury’s part, Tony was eventually allowed to join the Avengers where he met you. Initially, to Tony, you had just been someone to prove wrong, you were an agent and a close friend of both Romanov and Barton and to put it plainly, you simply couldn’t be bothered to deal with the super-ego that was Tony Stark. Dealing with a rich boy playing superhero held no appeal for you, no matter the origin or original need for the suit.

And he hated it.

People either loved him or loathed him but nobody just ignored Tony Stark and so what started as stubborn attention seeking on his part slowly developed into a need for your approval. After a while you grew warmer to his presence and when he and Pepper called things a day, amicably for the most part, he showered you with affection.

Thankfully, as you were wondering why your new friend had become so needy, Barton took pity on you and explained that Tony was ‘pursing you’ and after a girl’s night with Natasha and Clint’s wife, you decided you weren’t completely against the idea.

By the time the pair of you had gotten your heads together and decided to try going on a date the Avengers were a household name and Tony Stark was a name on everybody’s lips, his fame had peaked and he was about to realise how deadly fame could be.

When Tony was first called out over a network broadcast by a guy calling himself The Judge, Tony had laughed during the press conference.
“I don’t know which court he thinks that he’s ruling the guy is clearly a whack job.” Tony laughed to the cameras.
You stood to the back of the room with Clint, Nat and Steve. Steve nudged you and leaned down to whisper in your ear, “Jarvis is trying to find an address for the broadcast.”
“Let’s hope that we can keep Tony behaving himself until then.” Nat mused.
“This is Stark that we’re talking about.” Clint sniggered.
“Hey that’s Y/N’s almost boyfriend that you’re badmouthing.” Nat argued.
“Hard to deny it though.” You smirked as did your friends.

You focused back into the conference as Tony laughed and leaned down into a reports mic.
“The guy couldn’t even choose a decent name. You can tell him from me: anytime, anyplace.” He boasted as the sea of reported erupted in flashes of photography.
You sighed and leaned back against the wall, “So much for keeping him out of trouble.”
Steve patted your shoulder and Clint gave you a fake sympathetic smile, “Come on, the attitude problem is at least 40% of why you like him.”
Crossing your arms you watched Tony lapping up the attention and moulding the reporter’s opinions in the way that only he could, “About 30%.” You answered Clint who laughed.

The laughing stopped soon.

The Judge was a lot more resourceful then any of you could have guessed and he had twice now had Tony attacked in public by hired assassins. Luckily Tony always had a version of his suit on him since its systems helped him breath through his panic attacks and the second time you had been on your way to meet Tony when you had seen Iron Man throwing people around in the middle of the road and hit two of the assailants with your truck.

He’d given you a high-five mid battle for that one.

But that was the last straw and you decided to it was time for Tony to go into lockdown and after a blinding row where you threatened to run him over too, he agreed to go along with it – for now.

And he did really mean too, he spent three whole days in doors and spending them in bed with you or downstairs in his lab with Bruce helped him take his mind off of the fact that he was basically grounded and that he was sure Steve, with his perfect fucking face, was rubbing it in.

But then the letters came.

They were unassuming normal envelopes and usually he’d ignore all post and have it sent through to Pepper’s assistants to open but these didn’t have the company address on, they simply had ‘Tony Stark’ scrawled across them.
Out of sheer boredom he stuck his finger under the lip of the envelope and ripped it open and pulled out the contents. There was no letter only a photograph of you carrying a stack of pizzas down the street that was carrying a stack of other boxes full of side dishes.

Tony’s brow furrowed and he leaned forward in his chair to study the photo because dropping it on the desk and opening another envelop.
It was a photo of you and Nat at the coffee shop down the street.

He opened another.
A photo of you and Tony hiding out on the balcony during one of his fancy business parties.

You fixing Tony’s tie.

You doing the grocery shopping with Clint.

Tony swallowed hard, his heart already thumping. The last photo was from today, you’d come down to the lab in that outfit to ask if he needed anything because you were going to shop with Clint.
He opened the last envelope and pulled out a crumbled notepad page with a cell phone number scrawled across it.
He felt so dizzy that he could barely punch the numbers into his phone. He held his ear to his phone, he knew that he was about to get his time and place. The phone clicked as though someone had answered and his breath hitched but when no one spoke Tony was overcome with rage, “Listen Judge or whatever bullshit name you decided to call yourself, your problem is with me not her. You got that? You leave her out of this.” He snarled.

“I’m watching her right now as a matter of fact,” The male voice answering was steady and unaffected by Tony’s outburst, “I can see why you were jealous of her and Clint’s friendship but I’m sorry to say she seems to be smitten with you. Can’t see why for the life of me, the poor girl.”
“Leave her out of this, it’s me you have a problem with.” Tony pleaded.
The voice on the other side let out a humoured breath, “You don’t get to make that call and unless you follow what I say to the letter then it will be her problem, Mr. Stark.”

Pissed, mad, furious, livid.

None of them came close to describing just how fucked off you were with Tony right now. Okay so you hadn’t expected him to go along with the whole ‘grounded’ thing for as long as he had but flying off on his own to go fight some super villain.

Well, you were gonna kick his ass.

He hadn’t left you a note or anything, you’d simply come down to the lab to bring him his damn blueberries and found creepy photographs of yourself hidden under his trash. Looking in weird places for clues was a shield thing. Bruce tried to access JAVIS for you for any indication of what could have happened and, after some probing, it seemed that JAVIS must have been busy being used within Tony’s suit and Bruce was able to get you security footage of Tony’s phone call.

You wanted to punch the stupid man in his stupid beautiful face but you knew that if you’d been presented with the same situation then you probably could have took off on your own to try and fix it as well.
Why this Judge guy would have chosen a mountain for a showdown was beyond you but if you had to guess it would have been because of the difficultly that it gave Clint and Nat when trying to land the carrier.
Steve and Thor jumped out before you’d even landed and just as it touched down you were skidding down the ramp and towards the sign of battle. You made it to the fight just as Thor caught an injured Iron Man mid-flight and Steve punched his assailant off into the trees. He was a monster of man, even the giant forms of Thor and Steve were dwarfed by this man.

He couldn’t be human.

But you didn’t care right now, Thor set Tony down as you skidded to kneel next to him before leaving to help Steve, God knows that he’d need it. Your hands found the back of his helmet instantly and lifted the release switch.
The mask withdrew and you could see his face. His eyes stayed close and you leaned down to his face and waited, terrified, until a soft breath escaped his lips and tickled your cheek. Your relief came out as a loud groan as you leaned down and kissed his nose, his cheeks and his forehead in pure happiness.
“JARVIS, can you give me a run down?” You asked loudly hoping that somehow Tony’s programming would have allowed for something like this.
Thankfully, he had.
“Mr Stark’s breathing is laboured and he’s suffered an abdominal wound that’s caused an internal haemorrhage.” The words made you pale and you pressed your headset, “Did you guys hear that? Clint, Nat we have to get him out of here now.”
Gunfire answered you in your ear before Clint’s shouting, “Try to get him comfy Y/N, we can’t leave Thor and Steve with this guy. He’s kicking our asses.”
You hissed in anger and focused back on Tony, his eyes where still closed but he tried to move his hand. You caught it and whispered down, “Shh, don’t move Tony. Don’t panic, I’m here.”
“Y/N.” He croaked out and it looked as though he was trying to open his eyes but was too fatigued, “You gotta get out of here, he’s gonna-”

“I don’t give a shit,” You hissed, your hands on his cheeks, “I’m not going anywhere until you’re okay.”

With JARVIS’ help you navigated Tony into a position that would be more comfortable for him but your head snapped up at the sound of engines and an almighty roar. The Hulk slammed down with both feet right before you with War Machine landing beside him.

“Cavalry’s here. Someone help Y/N get Tony outta here.” Rhodes ordered.
“Clint go with Y/N, we’ll need Nat to help settle down the big guy.” Steve told you and then Rhodes and The Hulk where gone soon to be replaced by Clint who helped you move Tony and his ridiculously heavy suit back to the carrier with Clint joking all the while about how he always had to come and save Tony’s ass. He was trying to cheer you up but right now all you wanted to do was get Tony somewhere safe and to a decent doctor.
He came around slightly on the flight back, his hand finding yours and he breathed harshly, “Don’t want surgery.”
You gave him a soft smile, “Tony you need it, I’m sorry.”
“No.” He spat out, his dark eyes opening and focusing on you. Pleading for you to understand and you did.

You put your hand on his cheek, held his gaze and gave him a lovely smile before leaning down to whisper, “I know you’re scared but you’re safe. You’re not back in the cave and they won’t touch the Arc reactor. They’re going to help you. I promise you that you’re safe, I’m not going to ever let anyone hurt you like that I promise.”
His eyes welled but he stared at you and you whispered your promise again.


Tony freaked out when he woke up but you’d seen it coming so you were sat beside the bed and caught him before he could hurt himself or the doctors. You held him to you and his arms clamped around your body, he pushed his face into the crook of your neck and breathed through his panic.
“You’re safe.” You whispered and moved your hands up slowly to run them through his hair and hmm’d lowly.
“He was going to hurt you. He was goin-” He started to you sshh’d him and hummed lowly to calm him again.
“He’s been apprehended, don’t worry.” You pulled backed to look into his eyes, “Tony you’re on your own any more so you shouldn’t act like it. You could have gotten yourself killed.”
“I’m sorry.” He said simply and though you’d not expected the readiness of his apology you didn’t push it any further and instead helped guide him to lie back down and lay next to him.
“You’re gonna call the doctor in a minute aren’t you?” Tony asked after moment and you didn’t need to look up at him to know that he was pouting.
“Yes and you’re going to be good and take their advice.” You cuddled up to his side, “Because then when you’re better I can kick your ass for being so stupid.”
He let out a breathy laugh and kissed the top of your head, “Sounds fair.”

So much panic or “panic” or fear or “fear” or “hate” or “hate” or racism or “racism”. On the eve of inauguration, confusion rules the day.

There are the Trump enemies, who see him as, at worst, a dangerous racist and, at best, a dangerous clown. They hate him.

There are the Trump supporters, who see him as a victim, attacked by the left and the media. They hate all who hate Trump.

Some wring their hands and say the problem is with Trump supporters for believing Trump when he said they should be afraid and angry.

At the same time, these very people are afraid and angry; of the Trump supporters.

One thing is for certain. The country is more divided than it has ever been.

There are many, many reasons Hillary did not win, but I think the chief problem was that the Democratic party coronated her.

Hillary should never have been the nominee. She became the nominee due to the type of Tammany Hall politics the democratic voter could see.

Using political chits, first-lady status, Obama ties, Michelle Obama-quotes and the grimy olicharchic use of “super delegates”.

The country was ready for a change, both Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans chose an agent of change, the Democrats were blocked.

The Democrats knew who they wanted, knew the party with the best agent of change had the best chance, and they had the perfect man.

Bernie Sanders.

But Bernie was not the nominee foe two reasons. Interested Billionaires wanted Hillary. Bernie wouldn’t mention the e-mails until too late.

It takes a lot to lose an election when your opponent is Donald Trump. But Hillary managed it.

One reason was for that very reason. That once he won the nomination, she won the Presidency. This was her thinking.

And so she was silent, waited out the clock, salivating whenever Trump made another gaffe which she witnessed from an undisclosed location.

And then she made the worst comment in political history, when she described Trump supporters as deplorable and irredeemable.

Irredeemable is a concept not embraced by many Americans and certainly not Liberal ones.

People on Death Row are not considered irredeemable, nor should they be.

Hillary lost. She should never been coronated and no one ever explained to the Democrats why they were given no choice as to their nominee.

Trump beat 17 opponents. I believe Bernie Sanders would have beaten 17 opponents.

Trump began in two full poker tables, where he played one off the other, collecting more and more of chips each time a rival busted out.

Hillary was in a game of heads-up, with a massive chip lead from the beginning and all the fellow pros cheering her on from the rail.

America wanted their next President to be an outsider. Trump vs. Sanders would have electrified all voters, not half of them.

But now it is over and the President will soon be Donald Trump.

Many people think Donald Trump is legally unfit to be President. if this is true, articles of impeachment should directly be drawn up.

Most reasonable people do not believe this.Many reasonable people hope that something from the President’s past or immediate future stop him

It is hard to know how many Democratic voters would prefer if Trump was a successful President good for the country and how many would not.

What really seems to disappoint the left is the vast amount of their fellow Americans who they feel were either duped by a mountebank or…

who share his “hatred” and “misogyny” and “cruelty” and so on.

Most, i feel, think the latter is the case. that desperate people bought snake-oil.

The people who believe the former, hat half the country are irredeemable racists,truly hate their neighbors,but I think this is a myopic few

So, then, they are profoundly disappointed that tens of millions of their fellow Americans were duped into scapegoating and worse.

“Wait until Trump’s base realize he will not do what he promised”, they warn.

This makes you wonder if they want Trump to act on his more outrageous rhetoric or not. Which would make them more unhappy.

They are convinced that they must be unhappy with a Trump Presidency. They simply have too much invested in its failure.

To put it another way, Trump is too big to succeed.

Obama faced the same dilemma. Some would rather see him fail than the country succeed.

Many on the left are shocked that America is still a racist country.They are not racist.So for the country to be racist, all else just be.

Of course half the country do not like to be condescended to by the other half and do not feel like they need to be told why they voted.

To be called deplorable is obscene but to be called irredeemable is profane.

No one knows what the next four years will bring.

But the losers in this cycle worry about hate becoming the prevailing emotion.

The answer is not to hate those who voted for a different candidate.

The answer, and it is the only answer that ever has been or ever will be, is not to hate but to love. And the greatest love is of your enemy.

—  Norm MacDonald

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I finally get jihan after looking at all of the ISAC photos and realised that everyone is all over jeonghan whether they're from seventeen or not. there's always someone touching/hugging him. showing him so much affection. coming to him. but it's different with joshua. he always stands at the sidelines quietly and it's always jeonghan coming to him showing him so much affection. and then i die happily because things escalate. lol.

Yoon jeonghan is like the center of the gravity. He attract people and having them talks to him. With jeonghan natural easy-going vibe, everyone love to hang around him. Even if he’s sleeping, at least two people will walk to hi and sleep with him. HE’S THE QUEEN BEE AND EVERYONE LOVES QUEEN BEE. In the other hand, joshua isnt a very socialize person, a quiet person to a stranger eyes indeed. Not that he hate making new friends but, he love to stay in his comfort zone. Joshua had a few friends and ofcourse one of his few best friend is the popular mr. queen bee yoon. After having fun and travel around, when queen bee is tired, lonely, or sad. At the end of the day, queen bee will flew his way home to his bee hive and that hive called Hong Jisoo. <3

I’m reading Yelp reviews of the morbid anatomy museum in Brooklyn that just closed down and I’m ctfu I’m so happy it did this is all white hipsters wet dream… totally decontextualized “morbidity” that makes you go “ooooh…” like a sensational TLC show. Someone said it was like if you gave a 14yo boy a thousand dollars and told him to buy everything “creepy” he could find at the flea market. It’s basically a scam for smug pseudo-intellectuals to indulge a perceived quirk of theirs without any actual draw for anyone who isn’t into posturing. Even the museum of death in LA which is really a disrespectful concept to me has a really interesting history and people behind it as well as literal wall to wall info about all the serial killer and freak murder artifacts they have packed inside there. Like it made me uncomfortable and sick and hate white Demons for being so enamored of this stuff but it actually does succeed as a curio with a purpose and competence which this morbidly obese museum apparently didn’t even try. That’s because it’s run by 20s-30s hipsters into looking cool for their put-on/immature interest in the macabre compared to the literal scary ass old white people who run the museum of death in LA and are the real macabre ass deal obsessed with the dark side of Hollywood and write books about it and do their research.

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Congrats on 400!! So for my ship - 5'4", curvy, blonde hair. I love road trips, anything paranormal, urban and paranormal exploration, reading, wine, and my cat. I hate liars and I'm a very loyal "ride or die" kinda person.

Thanks, doll! <3
So at first you gave me Dean vibes, but reading, wine and cats? Nope, no Dean. You’re a difficult one, you could go well with several people. Butttttt I might have to go with Lucifer! Not because I know you love him, but because:

- You’d go all out to get his attention, and despite his hatred for mankind, your determination gets him curious.
- He’s not a liar, so he can sense that you aren’t either.
- When you finally enter a sort of relationship with him, you beg him to come with you on JUST ONE ROAD TRIP! He finally agrees, and ends up… loving it. You watch the stars together, and when you bring out the EMF, he rolls his eyes and calls you a nerd, but deep down he thinks it’s adorable how into it you are.
- He’ll read to you in your car when you’re done watching the stars (and done fucking on the hood of the car, and in the backseat, and by the lake, and in the woods, and in the lake…). You’ll rest your head against his chest with a bottle of your favourite wine, which Lucifer will not admit smells good.
- He would secretly love to have a cat.

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Erik as a Father

-Doesn’t think he is a good father but still tries
-Is terrified of babies, he likes it better when they are older and not so fragile
-Sometimes refers to his kids as “my progeny” or “my offspring” and Christine hates it
-Does not appreciate his children touching his piano/organ without supervision
-Delights in every accomplishment, major or minor
-Keeps and treasures every drawing and silly gift given to him
-Teaches his children several languages
-Laughs at people with his children in said languages
-Scaring and/or pranking Daroga is always allowed (and encouraged)
-Music lessons of some sort are mandatory
-Wants his children to have every opportunity he never had
-Is deeply devoted to his family and in a lot of ways tries to freeze his children in time. He has a hard time when they grow up and want to leave home
-Aggressively threatens would-be suitors to scare them away from his daughter(s)
-Ensures all his children have the means to attend university
-His family is his absolute greatest joy because they are the symbol and the fulfillment of the normality that he has craved for his entire life

Money man(Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Hey Hun :3 are requests still open? If so, can I request a Damian x Reader where they’re both in school (where all the girls are crazy for Damian and he’ll notice some of them but they annoy him) and the reader hates his guts so far and only sees him as a play boy (like his dad Bruce)
Summary: The beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Word count: 556
Warning(s): none

Damian was the new kid in school, but sadly not just any new kid. He’s the Wayne boy, with all the luxuries money can buy and doesn’t seem to have a single worry in the world. His grades were excellent, he had the looks, the money and everything most people in Gotham wanted.  

You hated him with a burning passion. You were someone you’d call a nobody, while classes worth of girls would be all over him, they would swoon even if he coughed. It was absolutely ridiculous.

Of course Damian didn’t care for any of them, not even a little, he actually was completely annoyed with all of them, but decided to keep his temper in check. By decided I mean both Bruce and Alfred gave him a hour long speech on how he better behave or there will be consequences. 

As if the world was mocking you, of course you got paired up with that sad excuse of a male for a science project, so you decided to power through it. 

You decided that it was best if you did it at the manor, more room and all that.

When you first got there you just couldn’t believe the size of the place, it was bigger then you could have ever imagine. You had kind of a disney moment looking at it. But you were quickly pulled back into reality when you remembered what you were here to actually do. 

Before you could even knock on the large wooden door a butler opened the door, were they really that lazy that they needed a slave to do their bidding? Nevertheless, the man looked well groomed and quite friendly. “Ah, you must be miss. (y/l/n), I’m Alfred. Master Wayne is waiting for you in the study, it’s right down the hall to the right.” He says, taking my jacket and showing me where to go.

Stepping into the large, well furnished room, your eyes immediately stop on the rather unimpressed Damian. “Let’s get it over with,” You roll your eyes moving to one of the chairs. “TT, I don’t get it.” he says not moving from where he was.

“What don’t you get now? I thought you were the smartest kid in school?” You fume, not bothering to look at him.

“I don’t understand what I’ve ever done to earn your great distaste.” He answers.

“Well mister money man, you act like a complete playboy prick, just like your old man.” You boil.

“WHAT?! When have I ever acted as a ‘Playboy’ as you say, that’s simply outrageous!” He says furiously.

“Don’t tell me you don’t enjoy all the attention you get from the female crowd!” You fume back.

I absolutely despise those girls, they’re only out for money and fame. They have no depth what so ever and furthermore most of them are hanging in the school  by a thread considering their brain capacity!” He raises his voice.

A malicious smile creeps onto your face, you couldn’t hold back your laughter. “What is funny ?” He demands.

It seems as if we have something in common, I hate those girls too.” You answer. He takes a second to think, before an evil smile takes over his features much like what happened to you before. 

Well this seems like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”


With love,

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Do you have headcanons for being comforted by Rex, Wolffe, (+ any other clones) after a hard day? Thank you!

  •  Rex would want to do something for you, but since he probably wouldn’t be able to would settle on giving you a massage and saying comforting words. He’d encourage you to cheer up, and that tomorrow would be better. He’d give you lots of physical reassurance too if you wanted it. 
  • Wolffe wouldn’t be sure what to do at first, he never understood why people got stressed out so easily, but he would try to make an effort for his your sake. He would recall things that you liked, whether it was your favorite movie, food, or music they liked, and set it up for you. 
  • Echo would feel so bad for you, he hates seeing you upset, so he would do almost anything you wanted him too. He would also probably think about the situation and choose his words carefully. He’d probably spoil you on those nights. 
  • Fives wouldn’t stand for it, he’d want to know exactly why you had a bad day. If it was because of a person he would spend the rest of the night roasting them and trying to make you laugh. If not, he’d do his best to take your mind off of it, by any means necessary. 
  • Cody might not notice at first, but when he does he would take it upon himself to make you feel better. If he was able too, he’d take you out to eat, anywhere you wanted to go. If not he would cook for you himself, he can’t guarantee it would be the best, but he would try. While you were eating he’d listen to every detail of your day, and would give you advice and comforting words when needed. 

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I'm not here for this hate towards barry at all, Iris/west family are the most important people in his life, why shouldn't he put them first, they are his family, joe and Iris took him in while he was going a horrible stage in his life, of course they have to come first, he's known the star labs team for like 3 years now, compared to a 14-15 years of history, it makes sense that Iris will be top priority. I just hate seeing him been hated on when his actions are realistic.

Listen, Barry didn’t put her or his family first. He literally ignores his friends’ problems most of the time, not just when Iris is at risk? And I’m not just talking about Caitlin, but Cisco too, and don’t get me started on Wally. It’s not hate, it’s the truth of how a character is written :/ ? It doesn’t mean we hate Barry, it means we wish they would write him better.

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Hello. Look, I read the FAQ and also saw the reciepts. I love playing yandere simulator and I am well aware that Dev isn't a good person, and it seems there are many proofs. However, I do not post or send him hate, because I simply enjoy playing his game and appreciate his work. So, I have a question. Why do you keep hate on him and always trying to show the world the bad person he is? If you wanted him to say sorry you should have told him so by emailng him. Whats the point of all this?

people have the right to know how yanderedev acts before they support him. yandev hates us, so if we emailed him “hey can you say sorry” he’d probably just call us shitheads and block us or something


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I feel like you treat ouma like your little brother? I MEAN, Thats still cute either way~

Do I???? I just care about Ouma a lot; i hate how people are demonizing him so much. Tumblr always has something to demonize and its just kind of irritating, yknow?