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God bless these additional takes. The intimacy between them from the "I love you" scene and on. Laura's hands constantly finding their way beneath Carmilla's jacket, caressing her sides, resting on her legs beneath the desk, sliding down her inner thigh in the "if the whole world burns" outtake. I know we joke about thirsty Laura a lot but their onscreen chemistry is everything.

I’m just honestly in awe that they “go there” and are comfortable doing that together.  Like no virgin looking kisses, their hands actually roam, their bodies move and gravitate towards each other, the casual touches, and they don’t look disgusted doing stuff like that (you know there’s people like that lmao).  It all makes it more believable so I thank them and their chemistry for playing Hollstein so realistically and without shame.  I’ll never find anything like this again tbh d:

The Official Samwell Men’s Hockey Team Workout Video

  • they do it for an lgbtq+ sports related charity 
  • Ransom and Holster are the lead instructors and the rest of the team are the people working out in the background
  • Lardo films it
  • Shitty is that one in the back always smiling and looking too enthused to be working out 
  • Chowder is that one that is trying really hard but is like half a step behind but he looks like he’s having the time of his life
  • Bitty is that one that never seems to sweat?? everyone else is drenched? how?? its because he’s used to the georgia heat 
  • Jack looks unenthused the whole time but he’s secretly so happy to be doing it for such a great cause (he brings the idea to the Falconers later on)
  • Dex and Nursey try to outdo each other the whole time and both end up drenched in sweat
  • at one point they do squats and Lardo casually pans to Jack’s ass that’s a good part of the reason the video does so well
  • Bitty posts outtakes on his youtube channel and the video goes viral and even more people buy the video 
  • they raise so much money ransom and holster cry 

Gillian Anderson has never been busier - so why go back to the role that made her famous.

By Tim Martin The Daily Telegraph February 13th 2016

Excerpts (full article below the cut)

On memory and learning lines:“Gibson has a lot to say this year,” says Anderson wearily as she folds herself into a seat by the window, “Hundreds and hundreds of lines of dialogue.  By Friday I was not speaking sense.  Real words were not coming out of my mouth.  And I have another week like that.” She must have got used to it by now, I say, “Well, I don’t necessarily feel like my brain’s very good at it,” she replies.  “I wish it were better.  If I had three wishes that’d be one of them.  I’ll have lines [memorised] in the morning and later they won’t be there.”  A vaguely wistful look crosses her face as her strong coffee arrives.  “It would be nice to be able to concentrate on other things and not worry about words.”

On rumours about her and Duchovny’s closeness: People who want to read more into that closeness, however should “know there’s nothing to it” says Anderson.  “It’s a game.”  She shifts in her seat, and fixes me with a cool gaze. Does she really think people believe that? Plenty, as a quick Google search reveals, seem absolutely convinced that there’s more to it.  “Does he live in London?” she snaps back.  “Does David live in London?” Not to my knowledge I say, but were they ever romantically involved? “Nope,” she replies crisply.  “Is that going to be the headline of this interview?”

On rumours that her and Duchovny couldn’t stand each other: Anderson has little time for this narrative.  A few days ago Fox sent her a compilation of outtakes and bloopers from the X-Files, she says, “and there’s such a lovely, supportive, really genuinely caring feeling” about the relationship between her and Duchovny.  “From a bird’s eye view now it looks quite sweet.  I was moved by it.  We’ve always had an element of that.  That was there , I think from the very beginning.” There’s no doubt, however that the pair’s closeness brought with it a degree of friction.  “I think the grind of working every single f——– day, 17 hours a day, with each other, in those circumstances, just took its toll.  “I think when we did the last film, we got closer, as time had passed and we’d I don’t know, matured, grown up, gotten a different perspective on life and work.”

On her message for Duchovny’s Star ceremony: “They asked me to write something, that was exactly what came to mind, and I pressed send, I mean, it’s such a weird thing anyway, that whole idea of a star on Hollywood Boulevard.” She laughs again.  “It is akin to a gravestone!”

On the salary she was initially offered for the revival: As Anderson recently revealed, during negotiations for the reboot she was offered a salary half that of Duchonvy’s.  “I don’t think infuriated is the right word,” she says evenly, “but I think, probably all of us who heard what figure they came in at were gobsmacked.  I think my agent may have just put the phone down.  We knew what he was being offered, and we knew what I was being offered.”It must have been tempting to walk away altogether, “Well, yeah.  And I would have.  So then it just became: don’t talk to us until it’s parity.  We worked really hard at parity many years ago” - it took three years of the original series before her agents were able to negotiate an equal salary for her - “so it’s not even a conversation until we can get it there.  I think this happens everywhere, in every workplace around the world.”

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Reasons why Troyler's Face Painting collab may be my favourite...

Times they call each other ‘babe’/a nickname: 5

Times they look at each other in a cute way: 26

Moments of sexual tension: 11

How many times they touch each other: a million

Suspicious cuts: 8 (I WISH we could see the outtakes…)

Times they make each other smile: too many to count


(Can people reblog and do Troyler counts on other cute videos…? Or make more categories..? I dont know could be fun….)

A Brief History of Jennifer Lawrence and Woody Harrelson’s Love for Each Other

Jennifer Lawrence likes her Hunger Games co-star Woody Harrelson so much that, in this month’s Vanity Fair cover story, she tells V.F. contributing editor Sam Kashner that she does not even care that Harrelson is a raw vegan—high praise coming from a Cool Ranch Doritos carb fiend who dismisses gluten-free diets as “the new cool eating disorder.” Harrelson so appreciates Lawrence that he spent an hour talking to Kashner about his Hunger Games co-star for the piece. We’ve compiled the pair’s latest round of compliments for each other (many of which did not make the cover story), with their past praises for a compendium of their on-the-record love fests.

Woody Harrelson: [On the first time they met] I have this hippy bus that I call “The Mother Ship.” And I was in there—I can’t remember what I was doing, but, anyway, I was in there, and I hear someone coming up the steps. And I hear her voice before I see her … [V.F. outtake]

Jennifer Lawrence: I was so nervous [to meet Woody]. I had been practicing what I was going to say in my trailer because I couldn’t decide if I was going to go with “Hey, how are ya, I’m Jen!” or “Hi Woody, it’s such an honor to meet you, I’m Jennifer.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Harrelson: And she says, “Hi, Woody. It’s Jen Lawrence. I just wanted to say”—and then she comes into view, you know, and she sees immediately that I have a yoga swing in there. She goes, “Is that a sex swing?” [Laughter] I said, “Well, I guess it could be.” … It’s like she doesn’t have a censor. I really love that in people—I guess some people I don’t love it in, but in her it’s wonderful. [V.F. outtake]

Lawrence: [Woody’s Hunger Games character] Haymitch is this drunk, seemingly I-don’t-care guy, but then Woody’s got the sweetest, kindest eyes. When he looks at you and when you see him on camera you just see love and tenderness and caring. He has that rough look and that rough Haymitch way of talking, but all of it is betrayed by his eyes. [Entertainment Weekly]

Harrelson: She’s a deep gal … she feels things really deeply. And as soon as she feels it, she reacts immediately and, you know, almost like a child would react immediately, as opposed to an adult who sometimes takes in something and, you know, there’s a delay… . She’s so true, it’s staggering. [V.F. outtake]

Lawrence: Woody Harrelson is one of my closest friends in the entire world. [V.F. outtake]

Harrelson: She’s one of my favorite people on the planet, and I can’t imagine my life without her… . When I think about the fact that I did turn down The Hunger Games [at first] and had to be [talked into it by director Gary Ross], I think to myself the thing that I would miss more than anything—you know, certainly, I’d want to be a part of The Hunger Games just generally in the other aspects, but not getting to know Jen is just, like, inconceivable. [V.F. outtake]

Lawrence: The two of them [Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz] are so weird because normally when you’re in famous people’s presence, the last thing you are is relaxed, but they both have this calming vibe about them. [Den of Geek]

Harrelson: I am, sometimes, I’ve got to admit, a bit of a butthole this way, but I will try to make people laugh sometimes during a scene, you know. And so—but you can’t, you just can’t make her laugh, she’s so in it. And, actually, the times I have tried to, it just shamed me because she was so just completely in the scene; it just shamed me for being outside of the scene, you know. [V.F. outtake]

Lawrence: Woody and I have never really spoken about acting. We’re very similar. Francis [Lawrence] always makes fun of me, because I show up on set and I have no idea what we’re doing or even if I have a line. So he’ll text me in the morning: “Do you have any idea what we’re doing? No? O.K., let me tell you.” And last year Woody goes, “Man! I’ve never worked with somebody who makes me feel like I’m workin’ too hard!” [Vanity Fair]

Harrelson: I watched her grow into amazingly the biggest female star in the world, you know. And it’s staggering to me how much she’s been able to just hold onto her basic decency and just her amazing marvelous spirit, you know, which is always nurturing other people. And like, she’s always involved all the time with—she helps people, she does things. She’s very maternal, in a way. I think she’ll make a great mother. [V.F. outtake]

Lawrence: Woody is perfection. [Entertainment Weekly]

Harrelson: I take my hat off to her because, you know, it’s easy for someone to become an asshole when they get that much attention and you get that many people telling you you’re great. You know, it’s not terrible, the people telling you you’re great; what’s a terrible thing is when you start believing it. [V.F. outtake]

Lawrence: Woody Harrelson in a cropped top was my favorite … He got really hot [at a party] and wanted to borrow a shirt of mine because he wore a thermal and the only thing he could fit in was a baggy crop top. And the best part is nobody mentioned it! The whole party, like nobody said anything. They’re just like, “Yeah, Woody’s in a crop top.” [People]

Harrelson: Jennifer doesn’t have a trace of arrogance … She’s not trying to put on any airs or be anyone she’s not. She’s the real deal. She’s just this frickin’ amazing gal from Kentucky who hit it big. [Rolling Stone]

Lawrence: [At a party she and Woody] started a thing called Sanchez, which is where you snap your finger and swipe it across somebody’s face. We were licking our fingers and swiping it. So somebody invited his wife over, and she came in with a friend, and they were both in dresses and high heels. When they walked in, I was chasing Woody over a couch. We flipped the couch over and he was shoving a sock down my throat. So we had fun. And then we went to this amazing mansion and started doing cartwheels.” [Vanity Fair]

Harrelson: She is one-of-a-kind, man. She is so herself. [Vogue]

Lawrence: Woody. I love Woody. [Vanity Fair]



Broke and Bespoke Turns 2!

Wow. I can hardly believe the idea for this blog hatched on NYE in 2011. I’d had an archive of Blackberry photos of daily outfits that my friends convinced me to put up on tumblr, which I did the next day, and the rest is, as they say, history. Or at least the history of a chunk of my life for the last two years.

It’s been quite fun and rewarding, and I enjoy it so much that I haven’t missed a single day of posting. Some days are, of course, filled with better content than others, but I’m driven to meet the imagined expectations of my viewers who have come to know Broke and Bespoke, in part, through the fact that it has new content each day.

The growth and popularity of the blog over the last two years has surprised me most. To be honest, when I started I couldn’t really see anyone outside of friends and family tuning in, but I think my best-go at putting together outfits that were menswear-a-la-mode on a budget struck a chord, as we weren’t then (and still aren’t) yet out of the woods of the economic crisis. I like to think I provided a different kind of aspirational model for some; one where your outfit could be had for $30 instead of $3000. The small community of people who I’ve met and interacted with through the blog have been nothing but friendly, and the i-haters have been extraordinarily few.

I’m currently sitting in bed in my sleepwear and am too ‘tired’ to take any new pictures for today’s post, so in the spirit of the end-of-year lists I so despise, I thought I’d share a few outtakes from 2013 that I just pulled out of Lightroom.

Though I’ve become more busy with other things, and have not had as much time or energy to pound the pavement outside of my local thrifts as much as I’d like, I promise more of what you’ve come to expect from Broke and Bespoke in 2014, and perhaps some new things as well.
James May 'will not return to Top Gear' without Clarkson - BBC News

“Me and Hammond with a surrogate Jeremy is a non-starter. It has to be the three of us,” he told the Guardian.

a) JAMES I FREAKING LOVE YOU.  It makes me so happy that the other two, especially James, are sticking to their guns and supporting Jeremy through all of this.

But May has said there “might be an opportunity for three of us to get back together on the BBC to do Top Gear or a car show of some sort”.

“The BBC haven’t completely closed the door on Jeremy’s return,” he told the Guardian.

“They’ve not banned him or fired him, only just not renewed his contract for the moment. It’s a subtle difference, but an important one.”

b) Much as I want to see them back together and doing a car show, and much as I’d love for TG to just go back to how it was…I think the BBC would get a lot of flack if they took Jeremy back on any kind of extended basis (i.e. not a one-off like HIGNFY or something) any time in the near future.  A lot of people already felt he’d been cut way too much slack and given too many breaks even before all this.

I don’t agree with that, mostly because I think 90% of the ‘controversies’ were totally idiotic, though I think they did handle the ‘fracas’ as fairly as they could. But I’d just as soon the BBC didn’t bother reinstating Jeremy and/or TG unless they’re prepared to stand behind him properly and not treat him like a ticking time bomb like they have for the past couple of years, scrutinizing everything he does and waiting for him to mutter the wrong word under his breath in an unaired outtake so they can get all up in arms about it and make him apologize. 

I’d rather see the three of them on a network that will give them their creative freedom (which is what made TG a hit to begin with) and let them enjoy doing what they do (brilliantly) without subjecting them to far more scrutiny than they give any other show and making their lives miserable with all the pressure not to put a toe out of line.

Mostly I want the boys to be happy and to make the sort of fun show that results from people who are enjoying what they do, and I don’t think that’s been the case at the BBC for a while now.