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This Is War

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3077

Author’s Note: I’m kinda cruel in this fic, but it’ll all work out in the end! This is for @mf-despair-queen since I skipped classes today, so here you go babe! She also proofread this for me. She’s great. Salt of the earth!

Lydia was shoving me into my car, throwing my bag into the backseat as I attempted to get out of the driver’s seat when she slammed the door. “Lydia, I’m not following. Why are you trying to make me leave?” I asked and she sighed, running a hand through her strawberry blonde hair. I rolled down the car window so she could speak to me clearly, since I can’t exactly get out of the car.

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The hiring of Remus Lupin was the first decision of the Hogwarts administration (read: Dumbledore) that Minerva had agreed with in nearly three years. 

She was so excited to have him teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts that she even sent him a briefcase and professional robes engraved with his name, with the word professor like she’d told him she’d love in their career meeting before the war. 

So this happened to me tonight because of the witch Fox News interviewed. By “63 million praying for him”, she meant 63 million praying for Trump. Which is not even part of the higher discussion. I’m sure she’s replying but I’m done. (Names are crossed out.) Disclaimer: I don’t view bigots like this as real Christian people. Please don’t think that. Also, I’m sure I spelled things wrong in my haste but I didn’t want to spend too much time on this nonsense. I thought about explaining the difference between Wicca being a religion and witchcraft being a spiritual lifestyle, in so many words, but I decided not to waste time on it. Bigots are so fun.

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make me choosedonna noble or martha jones for @cybermn and @dragcnstcne

I travelled across the world, from the ruins of New York to the fusion mills of China. Right across the radiation pits of Europe. And everywhere I went, I saw people just like you living as slaves. But if Martha Jones became a legend, then that’s wrong because my name isn’t important. There’s someone else. The man who sent me out there, the man who told me to walk the earth. And his name is The Doctor. He has saved your lives so many times and you never even knew he was there. He never stops, he never stays, he never asks to be thanked. But I’ve seen him, I know him. I love him. And I know what he can do.

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So I've recently moved to a new school, and all my teachers are using the right name and pronouns, but the kids aren't. I've tried correcting them, but not all of them are listening. One was even really problematic. I tried telling her that I'm trans and she said "You shouldn't ever get top surgery" and "you should be happy with who you are. You're gonna ruin your body if you do that" and the other kid at our table was like "dude, shut up, let him do what he wants" And. it's been bothering me

I think maybe the best thing you can do is ignore people using the wrong name and pronouns (and if they ask why, say you didn’t realise they were talking to you because they weren’t using your name) and maybe that’ll work?

Can followers suggest anything else? -Matt

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"The conversation about it is giving me a headache" THANK YOU! it hasn't even aired yet. promos are edited all the time in a way that they aren't actually what we see on TV. Could it be as people are talking about, sure. But, it may be completely different. WE DON"T KNOW. wait and see mode over here.

I’m a big wait and see, but I applaud the blogs that want to discuss and share thoughts. It’s hard to put out an opinion that might not be accepted and to put your name on it. I hope that no one feels like they can’t speak up with their concerns or grievances.

Seoul City

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A/N: This is my first time working with an au so i hope it intrigues you! There will be more to come!

You always heard the stories in school. The one about the group of boys who took over the city at night. It never made sense how they came to be yet, they blended greatly. A force of nature that could strike fear into even the coldest of hearts and only few lived to tell the tale. And all you knew were the names people shrunk at: BTS, Bangtan, Deadly Sins, Code Bulletproof. That was all you could obtain, no one knew what a member looked like. Residents would claim that they had ink and stood at a ghostly height. Of course, you never believed such a ridiculous thing but you did grow curious. You were certain that they appeared as ordinary people and that is what made you shudder. This group could be anywhere yet everywhere and most certainly near you. The boys that shouted their arrival in the dark, the streets faded by the lights, eager to battle with other gangs, taunt their victims, and to take what they sought for.  It was frightening to fathom how they could execute many within the blink of an eye. They were draped in weaponry and driven by blood money; But, you suppose that was what had made them bulletproof.

box-a3166 replied to your postI just saw a post from a st*dia fan complaining…

We don’t exactly see him trying to keep in touch with her either. And the fact that she seeks other romances means after he put her through a load of shit he then broke up with her/they both decided to call it quits/etc. I don’t mean to be an asshole dude, but you can’t get mad for getting a bunch of shit for being upset about a minor thing like the bridal carry and then shit on someone else for being upset about a hug when, to the viewers, it probs felt like abandonment.

Ok, first off… yes, I absolutely can get upset for getting shit about my feelings for several reasons. First off, I didn’t go to this person’s inbox or add onto their post, or call them out by name or even specifically quote them or in any way involve them, direct people against them, or tell them to not be upset. I let them be upset in their space, and then vented my own frustration about the ship haters in a separate space. That’s a very different thing than anons coming to my inbox and calling me a whiny bitch, thanks.

I’m not getting into all the details on the bridal carry thing again now, dude, but I had my reasons to be upset and I listed them out –– I didn’t even list all of them out because Jeff’s pre-season taunt is still living in my head and… I’m not getting into this again. *sighs*

And, you know what, if people wanted to come to me and have a calm discussion about their feelings then I would have welcomed it; it probably would have helped tbh, because I love discussions and headcanoning. Instead I, for the most part, just got mass unfollows and hateful anons not giving me coherent points, just telling me how stupid I was for giving a shit. When the rare person did come to me to have a rational discussion (ex: saying Stiles’ toe probably couldn’t be blown off because he doesn’t seem to be limping) then I wholeheartedly welcomed that, and those few instances helped a lot.

Likewise, if someone wants to have a conversation about why Lydia being excited about seeing Jackson is a bad thing, I’d be cool with that. I might not agree, or maybe they’d convince me, and either way it would be interesting. But Jackson moving to London isn’t an actual reason why Lydia should hate him. It makes no sense, because he literally had no say in the matter. That’s why the comment was ridiculous, because they’re trying to find some reason why the hug is awful and out of character and a generally bad moment for Lydia, and that Jackson was a horrible person, but the reason they use is just completely nonsensical. And… canonically, the last time we see Jydia together is Lydia rushing into Jackson’s arms after confessions of love, and then he’s forced to leave, and now we’re seeing them running into a hug in a parallel moment. How does that not line up?

I know they were broken up in between. I never tried to say they weren’t…? And I know perfectly well that Lydia was upset when Jackson left. But being upset about a situation and being mad at a person are two different things, and it wouldn’t make any sense for Lydia to be upset at him or hold any resentment for that.

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Name: Tereza
Nicknames: not really, more like shortened versions of my name (most people go with Teri)
Zodiac sign: libra
Height: 171-172 cm ?? I guess.
Orientation: homoromantic asexual/ 0,1% chances of being demi
Nationality: Czech
Favourite fruit: apricots
Favourite season: summer
Favourite book: Captive Prince trilogy
Favourite flower: lavender
Favourite scent: fresh paint, summer evenings
Favourite colour: blue
Favourite animals: seagulls, whales
Coffee| tea | hot cocoa: OH BUGGER OFF!! ALL THREE
Average hours of sleep: ranging from 6 to 8
Dream trip: San Francisco
Cat or dog person: both. What do you mean it is against the rules? no it isn’t
Favourite fictional character: Diana Prince
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 - I get hot way too quickly
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Name: L. (unrelated to any fictional characters)
Nickname: L, Bro, Babe, Dude and some people have specific ones they call me according to their mood of the day
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Height: 5’6 /168cm
Sexual Orientation:  Most days, asexual and on not-so-good days, lesbian (what does this even mean?)
Favourite Fruit: Several – Watermelon, Banana, Blueberries & Green Grapes
Favourite Season: Autumn/Fall
Favourite Book Series: None
Favourite Fictional Character: Chandler Bing, Sheldon Cooper and Jessica Fletcher
Favourite Flower: Orchids and Tulips
Favourite Scent: Freshly brewed coffee, smell of the after-rain, mixed post-showers scents, freshly baked bread, clinique happy for men (i use this often)
Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite Animal: I am a cat person, who also thinks sloths and turtles are cute and wolves are mysterious.
Favourite Band: None. I listen to a range of different music so my current favourite changes along the way
Coffee, Tea, or Hot chocolate: Coffee for work, hot chocolate for comfort, tea for health/detox
Average Hours of Sleep: 3-4 hours. I need more sleep. seriously.
Number of Blankets: 1
Dream Trip: I am thankful for all the travels I did/will be doing and any destination is a dream come true. BUT if I have to answer this, my dream trip is a round-the-world trip that I do not have to pay for at all – one can dream, right?
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  • Phil: You so-called "drunks" want something to feel shitty about? I got something for you. My name is Phil.
  • People at an AA meeting: Hi, Phil.
  • Phil: Oh, like you didn't know. Anyway, there's this woman you've probably seen around town today. My associate producer, Rita, Rita Hanson. And that's her real name, you can look her up, I don't care. And first, I tried to sleep with her. But she always said "no". So then I systematically learned all her likes and dislikes without her knowledge to make myself more desirable to her so she would sleep with me. And I've been doing that probably for years, which isn't even mentioning all the hundreds of women I've successfully duped into having sex with me. And the worst part is I don't even know what happened after I was done with them! Did I ruin families? Did I scar anyone for life? I don't know! I'll never know, because no one ever remembers anything the next day! I could commit mass homicide tonight and wake up tomorrow with everyone acting like it's all hunky-dory! There is literally nothing I can't get away with! And that's just like one of a billion things that I have going through my head all the time! So anyone got a better story than that? ... Didn't think so, bitches. Where's my trophy or chip or whatever?

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honestly armys so worried abut the black artist that were being nice to bts but let ever mediocre white come in and use them up for fame then kiss they ass after I cant even be surprised they pulled this shit

LITERALLY, there were people scared black artists were gonna idk?? curb stomp them?? while hyping up the fact that pewpewdiee whatever the fuck his name is and literally any other mediocre white person even looked in bts’ direction which just SHOWS how racist some of these stans are 

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just wanted to ask what you think about all 'bad joke' situation? because even tho she apologised i'm like why the fuck did it come to your mind in the first place???

i think what she said was really REALLY weird and messed up but she has apologized and acknowledged that it was a really stupid thing to say. nobody’s perfect we all make mistakes and say the wrong things sometimes and im not mad at her but i also understand people who are!

Why my following even exists

I’d like to address my following, however small, and why it exists. It’s because of you, rwby fandom, you toxic ones lgbt community, and others. My name causes you to mostly ignore me, and insult me, and believe none of my opinions are valid, but you’re also the very reason even the smallest amount of people come and follow me. With every insult towards heterosexual people, with every hypocritical generalization you’d hate to have, with every time you shoot us down with calls of homophobia and other ignorance to your surroundings, you cause another person to go more extreme, and you push people away from your cause. It’s why white supremacists are showing up again, it’s why people become actually homophobic, (and not your definition of homophobic) and it’s why people always will bite back. When you attack people, especially when they’re trying their damndest to treat you well? You bet we’re, and even people who are supposed to be with you, are gonna be pissed.

i had the most baffling encounter at work today.

apparently someone left their iphone in our store. the phone was found by a woman, henceforth known as “Terrible Lady,” when Phone Owner set off the “find my iphone” alarm. the alarm is accompanied by a “please contact this # if found” message. Terrible Lady utilizes this number to text Phone Owner, demanding $100 in return for the phone. Phone Owner says they can’t afford it, there’s some back and forth, etc. etc., and eventually Phone Owner threatens to call the cops.

Terrible Lady brings the phone (which is still making the obnoxious “find my iphone” noise, and continues to do for the duration of the encounter) to my register, complaining about the audacity of Phone Owner, as if refusing to pay the $100 is an egregious personal insult. i “mhm” a lot, silently judging her, but relieved she has sensibly decided to release the phone into the store’s custody so we can return it to Phone Owner without further drama.


fifteen minutes later, after she has checked out, she comes by my register just long enough to say “make sure she pays the $100, i’ll call to see when i need to come pick it up!” and is out the door before i can even process the fact that this women genuinely thinks that the burlington fucking coat factory is going to be the middleman for her definitely unethical and most likely illegal lost iphone extortion scheme. (side note: i looked this up once i got home from work, and it turns out that, yeah, it’s totally illegal in our state)

sure enough, an hour later, Terrible Lady calls: “hi, is this cashier #5? [that’s not my name but thanks] has she brought the $100 yet??”

there are like 2 cashiers on duty and 20 people in line. i beg my manager to take the call, which: smart move. because my manager ends up on the phone with Terrible Lady for 20 minutes, telling her that we will, under no circumstances, require Phone Owner to pay $100 before we give them the phone. eventually, Terrible Lady realizes we mean business, and SHE threatens to call the cops on US because we took the phone from her “under false pretenses”

manager hangs up on Terrible Lady /end

Concept: a Morty Smith meets a Mabel and a Dipper Pines because his Rick knows their Ford.

 The three kids become friends and Morty is  

H A P P Y . 

you’re allowed to make mistakes with your gender.
you’re allowed to identify one way one day and then decide you were wrong, that you didn’t feel that way.

you’re allowed to change your label as you discover more terms.

you’re allowed to change your pronouns,

you’re allowed to change your name,

as many times as you need to to be happy with them.

you’re allowed to let people know that you want to make that change, even if it seems like everyone is going to judge you for it.

it doesn’t mean that you were pretending or that you were faking it.

it doesn’t make you any less valid.

it doesn’t make you a bad person.

just remember: you’re working things out, that takes time.