are there even cliffs here

Lull Before the Storm (1944) - the English Lion and the American eagle crouch side by side on the cliffs of Dover, preparing for D-Day.

Hey, Neighbor [Newt x Reader]

Author’s Note: My first AU ever! The premise of this story is an idea I had for a while so I’m glad I finally got to write it out, and then I just kept writing since I never really planned past that and now you’ve got… this. I’m hoping it’s all right though! Just something fluffy and simple. I haven’t really had the time or brainpower to write any imagines in general anymore complex than this, but I’m just glad to be writing stuff at all and keeping consistent. Hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 2,078

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Dirt and pebbles shifted beneath her, causing Kayt’s left sneaker to skid towards the edge. She wasn’t supposed to be out here. The fence was behind her and the cliff face just a few inches from her toes. A Pacific breeze caught her hair and she leaned forward, pushing it out of her eyes. 

In front of her were Seal Rocks and to the north, over her right shoulder she could see the Golden Gate Bridge—a rare occurrence on a June morning. Fog would have been more likely, especially after last night. Surely the weather would coincide with her mood. 

Last night was awful. Her pillow was a demon-fly buzzing about, horrific whisperings in her ear—supply of coffee beans depleted, nagging mother and an angry boyfriend—nightmares, storms. Everything felt slippery and all were truths. The edge of chaos was an encroaching fog.

Confidence had swept out with last night’s squall and everything was shaking. And for the added bonus of keeping her off balance, the Bay Area had a little seismic activity today just for her benefit. 

Being here, near the statues at Sutro at least made her feel different. She couldn’t explain the difference, just that she wasn’t as scared as yesterday. She was still alone, even more so up here on the cliff. But the sound of sand being sifted and shifted by a force great enough to sink steel ships gave her a semblance of hope. 

Gulls flew overhead, cacophonous and disordered. A car swerved on Point Lobos Avenue. The ground rolled beneath her feet and a boulder loosened its hold on the cliff. Kayt sat. Not because she wanted to—because her legs buckled as the Earth’s teeth gnashed for sustenance. 

No. Wait.

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