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The skam girls as troubled birds






Some thoughts about Sana and the Girl Squad.

Ok, so, I don’t think the girls are “ignoring” Sana and I mean, “ignoring” her in a negative way. I think that the girls just don’t notice which change is going on. From the moment they know Sana (as she always told them) isn’t interested in having a boyfriend/having a love interest/having sex/talking about guys they just don’t think that much about it, as it is almost a well-founded thing. What I mean is basically that they don’t notice Sana isolating herself from the group or, if one of them would, this one would think it’s “okay” because Sana is just not interested in those kind of things. They would think it’s normal. That that is just Sana being herself. But there’s clearly a miscommunication. They don’t know what Sana is going through. They don’t know that Sana started feeling something for a boy or whatever it is. They just don’t ask themselves “could Sana be interested in one of those boys? Why is Sana not joining?”, because they always saw her so proud, so strict, so serious and so steady on her arguments. I’m not saying the girls are behaving well towards Sana because they could pay more attention on what is going on around them so they could notice that actually Sana is excluding herself, or at least, they could notice the expression on her face. It’s just they are wont acting that way and thinking Sana is okay with all of that. They think she’s the same as always. Maybe Sana started being interested in Yousef not a long time ago. I am 100% sure that if Sana told the girls about her interest they would HELP HER IN ANY KIND OF WAY. Also they would be shocked (in a positive way) and happy at the same time because now they can try to let Sana anywhere near Yousef, they can help her and talk all together about the most common things girls of their age talk about, ALWAYS respecting Sana’s boundaries and ideas. It’s not that the girls care less about Sana, why would they? Didn’t you see how they immediately tried to help Noora when they found out about William? They support each other and they don’t do it (in this case) because it’s Noora. They would do the Same for Sana, this is 100% assured. They just should pay more attention to what’s around them and notice how Sana is feeling at the moment. They should link that to the “even if to Sana her faith is more important than those things, she’s a human, she can be interested in someone, maybe we should talk to her and find out why she isolates herself”. I think the girls love each other all in the same way. They feel so hyped in these situations that can’t keep an eye on Sana because they think she’s always the same. Also I know that if Noora knew about Sana’s interest for Yousef she would IMMEDIATELY take distances from him. So yeah, I hope the girls will notice the looks Sana and Yousef give to each other. And also I hope Sana opens herself to them and tries to talk about this thing. I want the girls to be together and supportive with one another as we saw in the previous seasons.

I’m really hurting for sana because I was sana so many times, the realness sana brings it brings me to tears. As someone who has been bullied to the point i wanted everything to end. To the point I didn’t have any social media until this schoolyear because I was so scared someone of my old school would find me.

Sana is so strong because she tried to make friends starting season where as I literally took any chance to skip school. Like sana TRIES and wants to be accepted but right now she feels like no matter what she won’t be accepted that she has to put on her war paint. I feel like sana is putting up her walls she was putting down for the girls. 

Like I remember season 1 and Eva being so happy she has the girls squad just imagine what it felt like for sana. She found “her people” you know. Eva told her to trust people and she did trust them and started to open up to them and now sana is just giving up and letting go because sana can’t handle getting hurt anymore.

She is done and tired 

Imagine seeing Chris for the first time in months. He’s been filming on-location and, according to his co-stars, talking about you incessantly. He’s finally home for a break, and the moment he sees you, he sweeps you off your feet and says he has a surprise for you. He hands you a first class ticket for a flight with him back to New Zealand - he can’t imagine spending any more time away from his favorite girl.

Imagine going to an aquarium with Chris.

A/N: So this was an idea that came after I went to an aquarium in Japan, I’ve just been putting it off ‘cause I’m lazy and I’ve been busy with other one shots, and the mini-series. But no more, I shall get to it before I completely forget how excited the jelly fishes and penguins made me feel.

You browsed the exhibit guide while your boyfriend, Chris, paid for the tickets into The Aquarium of he Pacific. It was his idea for this week’s 'Fri-Date’ after the two of you watched a documentary about Magellanic Penguins. You didn’t stop talking about them once, from the second the documentary finished to the moment he brought you to the aquarium; you talked about how cute they were, how much you liked penguins, how you wished you could have a penguin as a pet like in the movie 'Mr. Popper’s Penguins’. You were lucky you’d been dating Chris for a while now, any other guy would’ve left you at the aquarium and drove away in fear of your incessant penguin talk. But then again, Chris wasn’t any other guy and you weren’t any other girl; you were the girl he found incredibly adorable, as well as the girl he planned to marry someday.

“Oh my God,” you practically squealed when you turned to the page about the Magellanic Penguins. Chris chuckled as he joined your side, wrapping an arm around you so he could steer you towards the entrance. “Look how cute they are,” you pointed at the page and Chris nodded, smiling at how cute you were instead. “I can’t wait to see the penguins, you just know they’re going to be awesome.”

“You know we’re not here to just see the penguins, right?”

“Well, duh,” you retorted and he chuckled because it was not a 'duh’ moment for him.

Chris took his arm off you so he could pass your tickets to the admission officer. When he turned back to you, he found himself shaking his head with a wide smile. You were seriously adorable to him with your head buried in that little booklet, reading all the facts about the creatures you were most excited to see: penguins, jelly fishes, sea horses, sea lions, seals, sea otters, and lorikeets. Funnily enough, fish weren’t your thing; you weren’t here to see the fishes at all. But Chris knew he could make a day of the aquarium anyway because you could spend an hour alone on each of the creatures that you did want to see, the penguins especially.

“Oh my God,” Chris chuckled and grabbed your elbow when he saw that you were still nose-deep in your booklet. “C'mon, nerd,” he teased and pulled you alongside him into the fairly crowded aquarium. “Ow,” he laughed as you closed your booklet, slapping his chest playfully.

“You deserve it, you jerk,” you bit back your smile and slipped your hand into his; that smile escaped when he locked his fingers with yours and gave you one of his signature, pearly white grins. “God, you just know you’ve got me wrapped around your finger, don’t you?”

“If it’s any consolation,” he began as he leaned in to whisper into your ear, “you’ve got me wrapped around yours too.” You giggled and lifted your joint hands over your shoulder, leaning into his now open arm. “Oh definitely, without a doubt,” he kissed your hair, breathing you in, “my candy scented darling.”

“Mm…” You pressed your nose into his shirt and he laughed, squeezing your hand. “You smell nice too,” he raised an eyebrow, asking for an elaboration, “like everything good in the world.” You answered and he laughed louder; you tipped your head and kissed his bearded jawline, smiling.

“Everything good in the world, huh?” He chuckled and you nodded, grinning. “That’s not a scent I thought existed,” he said, only to have you wink in response. “God, you’re such a dork sometimes.” You just giggled, which made his smile reach his eyes. “But you know what, I just love you more with each passing day.”

“Enough to buy me a penguin?”

He laughed, “I don’t think buying you a penguin is the best idea. What would you even do with a penguin?” Before you could answer, he interrupted. “How about we compromise and we get another dog to keep Dodger company, and you name the pup 'Penguin’?”

“A pup named 'Penguin’?!” You gasped; so much excitement filled your eyes, Chris felt as though he’d just told a kid she could have any candy she wanted. “Can you imagine- Oh my God! Yes yes yes, yes to that compromise and yes to a dog named 'Penguin’.” Chris honestly could not contain his laughter, he had no idea how he got so lucky with you. “We need to find like a black and white one, a husky maybe? Or- oh oh, I know-”

“Shh,” he laughed and pulled his hand out of yours to press it against your mouth. “How about you breathe before you pass out?” He chuckled into your ear and you nodded, pressing your lips together. “We’ll go check out the shelter tomorrow, see if we can find a dog that suits you and that adorably ridiculous name.”

“Do you know what I wanted to name my first self-owned dog when I was younger?”

“Yes, because we’ve been dating for four years and I know every story you can possibly tell.” He reminded you and you chuckled, challenging him with your facials though you knew what he said was true. “Okay, you wanted to name your first dog 'Monkey’ because you like Squirrel Monkeys and there was a cute little mixed pug in your neighborhood named 'Monkey’ whom you loved.”

“Well I’ll be damned, Christopher Evans,” you pretended to be shocked and he laughed, wrapping an arm around you as the two of you continued to walk through the first floor. You both gave glances to the exhibits you passed, but seeing as they were fishes- there wasn’t much interest showed. “Do you really know everything about me?”

“Yes I do,” he nodded and pulled away from you, pointing at the Pacific Seahorse exhibit that you were yet to notice. You turned and your eyes widened at the 'Pacific Seahorse’ sign. “Which means I know you’re about to run off to join the other sea nerds and admire those seahorses.”

“You’re very right,” you nodded excitedly. “Bye, baby.” You ran ahead like a little kid, squeezing yourself into a small space between other patrons so you could get closer to the glass. “Wow, you’re huge compared to other seahorses. But it’s okay, you’re still cute.”

You spoke to the seahorses under your breath as Chris watched from a distance, chuckling. He could see your lips moving and even though he couldn’t hear what you were saying, he knew you well enough to guess. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and snapped a quick photo because he wanted to remember this moment, and honestly- every moment with you. His phone was filled with a lot of candid shots of you; some you’d seen and knew about, some you didn’t. He was saving those for your birthday present which was in August, he had a pretty special gift planned; a scrapbook of all your greatest memories together. That was the kind of thoughtful gift you’d usually give him which was why he was excited; there was no way you were going to see it coming and he was sure it was going to blow your mind.

“Babe!” You called out to Chris as he put his phone back in his back pocket. He started walking over, but you reached him before he could reach you. “Jelly fishes!” You pointed to the sign behind him. “Moon Jellies! They’re the ones you can touch because their stings are too weak to hurt humans. Come on,” you grabbed his hand and dragged him with you; he chuckled, speeding up so you didn’t have to. “Are you going to touch them?”

“There are a ton of things I’d rather touch,” he whispered suggestively into your ear and you laughed, feeling your cheeks heat up. He chuckled softly at your reaction, loving how he easily he can turn you on. “But yes, I’ll touch them. I just have a feeling that if I don’t, I’ll hear you talk about how I should’ve and that’ll be insufferable,” he teased you and you playfully shoved him.

“You’re really lucky Moon Jellies can’t hurt people.”

“You going to toss me into the tank?” He nudged you, grinning.

“Don’t tempt me, Christopher,” you giggled. “'Cause I will.”

“Maybe you should,” he leaned in and whispered into your ear again, with that same suggestive tone that you never could resist. “Then you won’t be the only wet human being in the aquarium.” You scoffed and he laughed, grabbing his left pec as you shoved him.

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Ready or Not-Chris Schistad Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Some sensuality and it may be kind of awkward

Originally posted by hermantommeraasitaliansource

 Relationships have a lot of firsts: first kiss, first date, first time meeting parents, first fight, first time making up, first trip. However, the one first that everyone seems to care about is that first time because it’s supposed to tell everyone involved in the relationship whether or not they have chemistry or supposedly if they have a chance at all since what is conversational chemistry without chemistry in the bedroom? Plus, it doesn’t help that after a couple’s first time, friends from both people in the relationship demand to know every single detail—-well, at least the girls do, which was why Y/N felt extremely uncomfortable when Noora, Vilde, Eva, Sana, and Girl Chris cornered her during break.

   “So?” Vilde asked suggestively.

   “So what?” Y/N murmured as she started nibbling on her blueberry muffin.

   “How was it?” Vilde asked, nudging Y/N’s shoulder.

   “How was what?” Y/N responded, completely and utterly confused.

   Vilde groaned and rolled her eyes, but Noora answered. “It’s not really any of our business, but Vilde—-and the rest of us—-want to know how good Chris is in the sack.”

   Noora’s blunt tone mixed with the subject matter nearly made Y/N choke on her food. She coughed for a moment, nearly slapping herself in the chest, as she tried to think of a response.

   “What?” she sputtered out.

   “Well, Chris did pull you out of the party last night early and you text me at three AM that you were sleeping over at his,” Vilde said. “We were just connecting the dots.”

   Y/N shook her head and groaned. “Well, you connected the wrong dots. I slept over at Chris’ because I was too drunk and lazy to go home—-I’m lucky he didn’t kick me out.”

   “That would make him a terrible boyfriend,” Girl Chris mused.

   “Wait, so you’re telling us that you and Chris still haven’t done it?” Sana asked.

   Y/N hesitated before shrugging and continuing to pick at her muffin. She knew that it was kind of ridiculous to be dating Chris Schistad of all boys for three months without giving it up. The fact that she had a relationship with Chris Schistad confused her still since she did think he asked her out as some sort of cruel joke or a way to win a bet. Actually, Chris asked her out three times and she turned him down all three since Y/N not only knew of his reputation, but also never liked putting herself out there. There was a reason Y/N’s only other serious relationship was when she was in kindergarten and it was only serious by kindergartner definitions. Anyway, if it weren’t for Eva, Vilde, Sana, and Girl Chris encouraging Y/N to put herself out there—-Noora was stubborn in her belief that Chris was like any other player—-Y/N wouldn’t have told Chris that she would be open to going to a movie together the next time she saw him. Quickly after that, Y/N was no longer the shy, quiet girl in the bus but now Chris’ first-year girlfriend. Y/N was also surprised how Chris didn’t mind only fooling around before Y/N made up some excuse to stop or leave. However, he did seem irritated occasionally about it and that gave Y/N anxiety since Chris could literally have any girl he wanted in Oslo who was willing to sleep with him. In fact, why hadn’t Chris broken up with her already.

   “Why not?” Vilde asked. “Do you…not like him like that?”

   Y/N rolled her eyes. “Of course I do, Vilde, I’m not blind! Plus, he can be really sweet and caring when it’s just the two of us.”

   “Then why haven’t you banged him yet?” Girl Chris dead panned quietly.

  “Because…because I—”

   “Because you’re a virgin,” Eva whispered.

   Fear filled every part of Y/N’s body and it seemed to freeze her. Fortunately, only Girl Chris and Vilde looked surprised out of her friends. 

   “You are?” Vilde asked.

   “You’re lying.”

   Y/N huffed and ran a hand through her y/h/c locks. “I’m so sorry for not liking any guy enough to pin him down and ride him like a horse, but I haven’t.”

   “Why did you think she was lying?” Eva asked Girl Chris.

   Girl Chris shrugged. “In my experience, the quiet ones are always the freaks.”
   “Maybe Y/N is a freak.” Noora playfully nudged Y/N, making the girl smile a little.

   Y/N buried her face in her manicured hands. “I am but just a different kind. Ugh, I’m too old to still be a virgin.” 

  Noora wrapped her arm around Y/N’s shoulders. “Hey, don’t let anyone, not even us, try to talk you into something you don’t want to—-but especially not Chris.”

   Y/N smiled at her blonde friend. “Thanks, Noora.”
  “But maybe you should talk to Chris about it,” Noora said. “He might like to know why he always has blue balls.”

   Y/N groaned. “I thought you were the mature one.”

  “I’m just stating facts—-he should know how you feel and if he isn’t cool with it, forget about him, there are millions of boys all around the world who would kill to be with you.”

   “Thanks and you’re right, I will talk to him about it.” 

    However, there was a sinking feeling of dread in Y/N’s chest. She absolutely hated talking about anything remotely sexual since she was so inexperienced and though she tried to educate herself on the subject, she found herself cringing instead of actually listening. Therefore, she wanted to avoid Chris for the rest of the day, but she couldn’t since he knew her schedule and always insisted on walking her outside from her last class. Y/N didn’t even pay attention to the proper conjugation of German since she was so anxious about walking with Chris and talking to him. She didn’t even know how to bring the subject up: “Yeah, that new X Men movie was crazy. By the way, I keep running away from sleeping with you because I’m an awkward virgin. Wanna get pizza?”

    Ugh, how was Y/N not still single?

    The final bell jarred Y/N from her thoughts but she took her time gathering up her homework and putting it in her bag. She was one of the last people to leave the classroom and her heart actually skipped a beat when she saw Chris leaning against the wall across from the classroom. Only her boyfriend could make a simple hoodie and jeans look so amazing. Plus, he had that smoldering gaze set on Y/N that made her entire body feel both jittery and like jello. Slowly, Y/N walked over to Chris and let him kiss her.

   “What took you so long? I could’ve grown a beard while waiting for you,” he teased.

   Y/N playfully slapped his chest. “Patience is a virtue, you know.”

   “Don’t make me wait too long next time or I might have to drag you out.” Though Chris was technically threatening her, his hot breath against the side of her neck and his sultry tone gave Y/N goosebumps everywhere. 

   She gulped as they continued walking down the hallway with most of the school staring at them as they went. Chris was so used to the attention that he ignored them but Y/N still felt extremely self conscious knowing that all the much better looking girls were wondering how someone like her got someone like him.

    “…and then milk came out of his nose!” Chris burst into laughter at his story while Y/N blinked and managed to fake a laugh.

   “Wow, that sucks.”


   Y/N tightened the belt of her wool coat as they stepped into the cool late afternoon air and let Chris hold her hand as they furthered into the front school yard.

    “So, my parents are going to Athens this weekend and as punishment, I have to stay here so I can think about what I’ve done,” Chris said.

    “Does that mean there’s going to be insane parties at your house?”

   Chris paused and looked down at their joined hands. “Actually, I was hoping for some one on one time with you. We always go to parties and we rarely hang out—just the two of us.” 

   Just the two of us?

   By the suggestive look in his eye, Chris seemed to have less than innocent plans for their weekend together but Y/N still had to talk to him about why they haven’t gone all the way.

   “Oh? I don’t know—-my parents were pretty upset that I came home early this morning,” Y/N said.

   Actually, Y/N’s parents weren’t even home when she got there: her dad was in Paris for a work conference and her mother barely noticed Y/N’s existence since she was so busy as the assistant head of some big Norwegian PR firm. Y/N bit her bottom lip, hoping Chris wouldn’t see through the lie, but the smirk on his mouth seemed to say otherwise.

   “Come on, Y/N, I’m pretty sure that even if you murdered someone and got caught on camera doing it, your parents would kiss the floor you walk on,” Chris said. “Unless, of course, you don’t want to hang out with me all weekend.”

    The sad puppy dog face Chris pulled tugged on Y/N’s heartstrings. Though it was the cheapest attempt to make her feel bad, Chris’ attempts to be adorable got to Y/N.

   “No, not at all! I just, I don’t know, thought you might think I’m annoying after being around me for more than a few hours.”

   Chris laughed and cupped Y/N’s face in his hands. “You’re so cute.”

   “Stop it.”

 “You’re right…you’re actually beautiful.” 

  Y/N hesitated for a moment, feeling herself actually melt on the inside. She kind of hated how cheesy it was, but it was the truth. Chris made her feel all giggly and weird like a schoolgirl or something. “What time should I come over?”


   “I’ll see you then.” Y/N kissed him once more before heading home.

    “You have to look good,” Eva said.

    “Are you saying I don’t look good now?” Y/N teased as she pulled at her black sweatpants.

    Almost immediately after she accepted Chris’ invitation to stay over at his place for the weekend, Y/N called the girls over to her house to help her prepare. Now, Chris calling her beautiful didn’t magically compel Y/N to want to give up her V card but it did encourage her to be more forthright about her feelings. However, that didn’t mean that Y/N couldn’t look as much of a bombshell as possible which was why Noora, Eva, and Vilde were pulling clothes from Y/N’s closet while Sana, Y/N, and Girl Chris sat on Y/N’s bed to help her decide.

    “What about black? It’s dark and sultry,” Vilde offered, holding a black halter dress against herself.

    “I forgot I even owned that,” Y/N said.

    “Besides, you wear too much black,” Noora said.


    “She’s right,” Sana said with a shrug. “Besides, you don’t want to make Chris think you’re giving it up, unless you want to.”

    “I haven’t decided yet.”

    “How about this?” Eva grabbed a pretty white romper. “It’s really cute.”

    “And easy to stain,” San said.

    Of course, it was Noora who grabbed the perfect outfit: a red t-shirt dress that landed in the middle of Y/N’s thighs. It was loose enough to be comfortable but fitted enough to give her a shape. “Psychological studies have proven that women who wear red attract more men, plus, you’ll stay comfortable.”

    “It’s perfect! Thanks, Noora.”

    “Don’t thank her just yet, we still have to do your hair,” Sana said.

   “And makeup!” Girl Chris added.

   A couple hours later, Y/N was trying not to tremble as she knocked on Chris’ door. Almost immediately after, he answered it. He was wearing a white t-shirt and sweatpants, making Y/N feel super overdressed.

   “Hi,” she said.

   “Hey, you look amazing. Are you hitting a party after this or something?” Chris asked.

   “No, just hanging out with you.”

   You can do this, Y/N, just tell Chris that you’re uncomfortable with sex.

   “You hungry?” Chris asked.


   That’s okay, you can just tell him after you eat.

   By offering Y/N food, Chris meant that he had ordered a huge pizza with all of Y/N’s favorite toppings along with mozzarella sticks. So, of course, Y/N couldn’t eat and talk about her feelings at the same time.

   “I love that you know how much I love cheese,” Y/N said after swallowing another slice of pizza.

    “Oh, so you don’t love me?” Chris teased.

    “What?” Y/N straightened up. “I never said that.”

    “You never didn’t not say it.”

     Y/N playfully rolled her eyes and reached for the plate of mozzarella sticks only to have Chris snatch them away. He cocked an eyebrow as though challenging her.

    “Haha, very funny, now hand them over.”

   “Not until you tell me the truth.”

   “I’ll tell you the truth when you give me my mozzarella sticks.”

   “Nice try.”



   She calmly stood and walked over to Chris’ side of the table only for Chris to quickly back away. “Chris, I want mozzarella sticks.”

   “And I want my girlfriend to tell me she loves me.”

   Then, they quickly began chasing each other around Chris’ dining room. Of course, Chris was much swifter than Y/N but that didn’t stop Y/N from trying. She didn’t know how long she had been running, but she had a single goal in mind: to eat some mozzarella sticks. Plus, she was having far too much fun chasing Chris around. Finally, she had him cornered, her heart was pounding and there was some sweat beading on her forehead. Chris raised the plate above his head, keeping it out of Y/N’s reach and the girl groaned as she got in his face.

    “Give me the mozzarella sticks,” Y/N muttered, feigning viciousness.

    “Tell me what I want to hear.”

     Y/N groaned. “You already know I love you so this is just mean!”
    Y/N was partially joking and it wasn’t until she stopped chuckling and realize the serious look in Chris’ eyes. She’s only seen him look at her that way a couple of times and all those times was right before they started fooling around. Whenever Chris gave her that look, he made her feel completely exposed—-not in a he caught her naked kind of way but in a he could see her soul kind of way. It was the most nerve wracking thing ever but before she could really dwell on it, he would kiss her and then she would get so caught up in the moment that she would forget about her anxiety. Slowly, Chris lowered the plate of mozzarella sticks, eyes still glued to Y/N’s.

    “Uh, thanks?” But Y/N couldn’t bring herself to reach for one.

    Suddenly, Y/N didn’t see the mozzarella sticks. She didn’t notice Chris set them down or put them away, but all she knew was that in a single second she was chest to chest with Chris. She inhaled his spicy cologne before looking up into his eyes. He leaned further towards her, brushing his nose against hers—-a gesture which usually made her laugh but this time didn’t—-as he pressed his mouth against hers. Almost immediately, Y/N tangled her hands in his silky short locks while he grabbed at her waist pulling her closer. It always amazed Y/N how Chris and she managed to kiss with open mouths without spit getting every where. Then, Chris picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as they continued making out. She felt the smooth wood of the dining table on her back as they continued making out when Chris pulled away.

    “I love you so much—-you actually drive me insane.”

    “Is that a good thing?” Y/N breathed.

    “Always.” Chris began trailing kisses from her jawline down to her neck.

    Y/N’s breath hitched in her throat as she leaned back, relaxing against the table. However, when she felt Chris’ hand begin to climb under her skirt, she began to get nervous.

    You have to do this, it’s now or never, Noora seemed to say in Y/N’s mind.

    She told herself to breathe as she slowly sat up and gently pushed Chris away. “Chris—”

    “What?” Chris seemed surprised at Y/N’s actions as he paused and looked up at her.

   “I need to tell you something.”

    Chris pulled his hand from under her skirt and placed his hands on either side of her hips, raising an eyebrow in expectation. Y/N took another deep breath.

    “Ican’thavesexwithyoubecauseI’mavirgin.Well,notjustbecauseofthat—-I’msuperawkwardaboutsexandyou’rereallyexperiencedfromwhatIhear—-notthatthat’sabadthing—andI’mafraidofgettinghurtbecauseIgottooclosetosomeonesoyoushouldprobablygofindsomeothergirltomesswithbecauseI’mjustnotreadyyet.” Y/N sat still and stared at Chris, who only looked confused.


   “Please don’t make me say it again. I’m a super awkward virgin and I’m afraid of getting too close and getting hurt so you should just go find some other girl who is…experienced at this kind of thing.”

   “But I don’t want some other girl, I want you—I meant what I said when I told you I love you.” Chris played with the hem of Y/N’s skirt. “Plus, I already knew you’re a virgin.”

    Y/N opened her mouth to ask why but Chris interrupted, “Like you said, you’re always awkward but that’s because you’re in your head too much. And I get the fear of getting hurt when you get close to people, but doesn’t everyone? Besides, I would never, ever hurt you so if you need to wait, then I’m okay with waiting.”

   “Yeah, I’m not the complete jerk that everyone seems to think that I am.”Chris pulled away and held his hand out to her. “Come on, let’s eat some mozzarella sticks.”

   It felt like a giant weight had been lifted off of Y/N’s shoulders—Chris knew about her insecurities and he was okay with that. It only made her love him more and convinced her that maybe this relationship was the real deal. Even though they only ate pizza, watched movies, and played games that weekend, Y/N was a lot more comfortable about sleeping with Chris.

Injuries Pt. 2 (Chris Motionless)

Here it is:) Gif not mine.  Part 1

     The boys walked off of the stage after their performance, laughing and patting each other on the back. So far, this show had been the craziest one of the entire tour. Adrenaline still pounded through Chris’ blood as he walked over to his tour manager to grab a towel to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

     “Great shows guys! That was awesome. You have an interview in a few hours, but until then you’re free to do whatever you want.” Their tour manager said, handing each member a towel and water bottle. “Just be sure you’re all back at the bus before then.”

     They all nodded their heads and turned to hand their equipment to the techs. Once they had finished putting their instruments away, they walked down the stairs at the back of the stage.

     “I don’t know about all of you, but I’m going to go back to the bus and change. I wreak.” Vinny pulled his shirt away from his body and scrunched up his nose once he got a whiff of himself. The rest of the guys nodded in agreement and began to walk in the direction of their tour bus.

     “Actually I’m going to head over to the table and see if the girls need any help,” Chris pointed towards their merch table where he could see a huge crowd gathering.

     The rest of the guys looked at each other with smirks, trying to hold in their laughter. “And by see if they need help, you mean see if (Y/N) needs help… with anything.” Ryan winked at Chris which caused all of the guys to start laughing.

     “Haha. Funny,” Chris rolled his eyes at his friends. “You guys know how busy it gets at the table. Plus, I saw the crew unloading huge boxes from the trailer, and the girls probably need help unpacking all of them.”

     “Well let’s go then,” Ricky turned to walk towards their merch table with the rest of the guys following.

     “Wait… what?” Chris looked at Ricky with wide eyes. “I thought you were going back to the bus.”

     “Well we wouldn’t want our girls to be overwhelmed, would we? So we’re going to go help them out.” Ricky turned back to look at Chris, who had a dumbfounded look on his face. “Relax. We aren’t going to try to steal away your girl… Maybe.” The guys burst into fits of laughter, and continued to make their way to the table.

     Chris stared after his friends in shock. They wouldn’t really try anything with (Y/N). Would they? Shaking himself from his shock, Chris began to follow his friends to the table, grumbling something about putting bleach in shampoo bottles.

     When they got to the table, the band was met with the many cheers of their fans. This immediately brightened Chris’ mood, but what really put a smile on his face was when he caught sight of (Y/N), selling merch and taking pictures with some fans. He started to make his way over to say hi, but before he could reach her, Ricky, Vinny, and Ryan tackled her in a hug.

     “Hey guys,” the smaller girl laughed, hugging her three friends back, “What’s up?”

     “Oh you know. Playing shows, Meeting fans. Hugging pretty girls,” Vinny squeezed (Y/N) tighter, and smirked at Chris over her shoulder.

     “Shut up,” (Y/N) pushed the guys off of her and smiled up at them. When the guys feigned hurt looks for being pushed away, she laughed and said, “You know I love all of you, but you all need a shower.” They all laughed and made kissy faces at her before turning to hug Jessie, who had been watching Chris’ less-than pleased expression, and talking to Ghost.

     When she saw the boys walking towards her she said, “Oh hell no. I’m with (Y/N). You guys stink.” The three guys ignored her and started to chase her around the tent.

     With Vinny, Ricky, and Ryan chasing Jessie, Chris walked up behind (Y/N) and leaned forward to talk into her ear. “Hey.”

     (Y/N) spun around to look at Chris, “Hey.”

     “Do I have to take a shower before I hug you?”

     “Hmm… for you I guess I can make an exception.”

     Laughing, Chris stepped towards (Y/N), wrapping his arms around the smaller girl’s waist, while she wrapped her arms around his neck. They stayed like that for a few seconds before awkwardly pulling away from each other.

     Chris rubbed the back of his neck before offering to help (Y/N) with the growing line of people, which she agreed to. While they walked back to the line, they didn’t notice the five pairs of eyes watching their little moment.

     “We have to do something. This is getting ridiculous.” Jessie gestured towards Chris and (Y/N).

     “I know. They just need to get together already. Or at least go on a date.” Ryan took a bracelet from on of the merch boxes and started tossing it around. He threw it at Vinny, who wasn’t paying attention, which caused the drummer to stumble into a huge stack of boxes that had been haphazardly piled into the tent, and almost knocked them over.

     “Careful dude. If you make those boxes fall, it could really hurt someone.” Once the pile had stopped swaying, Ghost walked over to Vinny to move him away from the tower of merch and equipment boxes.

     “Maybe if one of them landed on their heads, it’d knock some sense into them.” Ryan nodded his head towards Chris and (Y/N), who had just finished taking a picture together for a fan.

     “ Are you nuts? If one of those things landed on (Y/N), it’d crush her. And I don’t know about you guys, but I prefer my friends to be, oh I don’t know, breathing,” Ricky inched away from the unstable pile, eyeing it wearily.

     “Guys, forget about the stupid boxes. There’s a more important matter to deal with. It’s obvious that those two are crazy about each other, but they’re too oblivious to even realize it.” Jessie rubbed her temples in exasperation “I think that it’s about time that they had a little outside help.” She looked up at the, hopefully, soon to be couple, and grinned.

     “I know that look. That’s your meddling look. What are you thinking?” Ghost turned to look at Jessie curiously.

     She looked over at Chris and (Y/N) to make sure that they weren’t paying attention, and motioned for the guys to form a circle. “We all know that Chris is really protective right?” Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, remembering all of the times that Chris had intervened when a guy was making (Y/N) uncomfortable. “But he also gets jealous pretty easily.” when the boys looked at her in confusion, she said, “oh come on guys. You can’t honestly tell me that you haven’t noticed that every time one of you hugs (Y/N), he practically rips you apart with his eyes.”

     They all turned to look at (Y/N), who happened to be hugging a fan, with Chris standing off to the side. At first glance his expression was blank, but the guys could see the fire that was burning in his eyes.

     “Ok. Point taken. So what’s your plan?” Ricky, and the rest of the guys, leaned closer to hear Jessie.

     “We play a little game of jealousy my friends.” The wide grin that Jessie had on her face made all of the guys extremely nervous.

     “Are you trying to get us killed?” Vinny looked at her with wide eyes.

     “Don’t be so dramatic. I’m not saying that you have to go make out with her. The object of the game is to get him jealous, not murderous. Just, you know, flirt a little. It shouldn’t really take all that long to get a reaction out of Chris. Piece of cake.”

     “With Chris, jealous and murderous might as well be the same thing,” Ricky mumbled, and after receiving a glare from Jessie he said, “I mean I guess. Whatever helps right?”

     “I call using the ‘Are you from Tennessee’ line.” Vinny raised his hands to call dibs on the cheesy pickup line.

     “What? No way dude. that’s my line. Use another one,” Ryan pushed Vinny’s hand down and the two began to argue about who’s pickup line it was.

     (Y/N) was walking towards the stack of boxes to get more shirts out when she saw Ryan grab Vinny in a headlock. Suddenly, Vinny pushed Ryan off of him and into the pile of boxes that (Y/N) was standing in front of. She watched with wide eyes as multiple, heavy boxes came falling directly on top of her, and she collapsed under the weight with a scream of pain, and surprise.

     She heard various voices scream, “(Y/N)!” before her head collided with the ground, and everything went black.

Finally! Part two. I’m so so sorry that this took so long. School has seriously been kicking my butt, and I barely have time to sleep, let alone write. So to make up for it, I tried to make this part a little longer than the last. ANYWAYS, as always, constructive criticism is always welcome:) I honestly have no idea when the next part will be up, but hopefully it’ll be soon. Thank you for reading.~Salem


Jonas and Eva.

Truthfully, you think that Eva would’ve learned the first time around that Jonas was a toxic ex and that she deserved so so much better.

But she didn’t. That’s was pisses me off. All of Eva’s character development and all of that time that she spent being independent and being stronger and knowing that she had her own opinions, was completely thrown in the trash, because in the end she got back with HIM.

Yes Jonas, could’ve changed and could be a different person, but we truly don’t know that. We haven’t gotten to know Jonas in THREE SEASONS. He could be the exact same person as he was in season one.

So this whole Eva and Jonas thing getting back together makes absolutely no sense. Eva was a better person without with him, and she seemed so very happy with Chris. Although the one thing that Eva pisses me off about is the fact that she had the audacity to say that Chris was still a fuckboy, which is still stereotypical because she has slept with guys, and she hasn’t officially been together with any of them, just how Chris slept with girls and was never anything more with them.

I love Julie, I do, for making this series. In all honesty, she is encouraging people to get together with toxic people and hope for the best that they’ve changed.

Julie glorified getting back with exes. Toxic exes.

I’m so disappointed.

anonymous asked:

You know what sucks the most, though? Even from Eva's season we saw that great friendship Isak and Jonas had and it remained the same throughout the seasons, even in last season where the dynamic changes (to us) from 2 to 4 people with Magnus and Madhi. Similarly in the last three seasons the girl squad seemed this empowering group of friends that are close and love each other and now we have what we have, the utterly shitty utterly way they treat Sana and I'm just so disappointed?? Like why??

I didn’t see Sana have any friendship as close as Jonas and Isak had with any of the girls. She could have had one with Chris but that was never developed.
I don’t remember the girls ever asking about Sana much outside of her faith or when it didn’t relate to them in some way. The only time Noora has a heart to heart with Sana in s2 it’s to ask about herself and Dickhelm.

Sana has always been this kinda badass supporting rock in the girl squad…without any background, any girls asking her about her life. She was a rock, not a three dimensional being. Sure she was cool. But not complex.

So now we see her struggles and we see how alienated she is and how little the girls actually know her and people are surprised? Don’t get me wrong: I want Sana to get supportive friends. I’d like for the girl squad to wake up and finally care for Sana. But yeah, I’m personally not that surprised?