are the top two reasons i love this show so much

One of the most interesting thing I think I’ve seen so far in the Voltron fandom is our interpretation of Matt. Here is this character who has had less than two minutes of screen time, yet if you ask any Voltron blogger, they could probably chug out a list of Matt headcanons off the top of their head. Some of our most popular ships, theories, headcanons, fanarts, fanfics all involve Matt, even though we know next to nothing about him. 

In fact, I think that’s the reason why the fandom enjoys producing content with Matt. We know next to nothing  about him, leaving tons and tons of room to experiment. Matt gives us the opportunity to create the type of brother we think Pidge deserves, to play with how the round characters in the show handle whatever personality we stick onto Matt. Matt truly is the fandoms playground, a character with which there are no rules.

I know that’s why I, at least, love Matt so much. Because Matt is made up almost entirely of blanks that I get to fill in, and it’s incredibly fun. So while I can’t wait to find out more about Matt in season 2, for now, I’m just loving this time of fandom experimentation, where there are a thousand different verisons of Matt, each of them unique and reflective of the individual producing the content. Matt gives fans an opportunity to project their creativity into a canon character in the Voltron universe, and I think it’s fascinating.

things that are wrong with game of thrones:

  • is run by two misogynistic assholes
  • the plot makes no fucking sense
  • treats women like shit
  • rape for no reason
  • child abuse for no reason
  • “we love sansa stark so much we gave her the worst plotline in the history of plotlines :))))”
  • shock value is more important than idk continuity, decency and other things…
  • varys just fucking swings from tyrion’s plot like a goddamn tooth fairy
  • did i mention it is written for the team d audience??
  • daenerys fake wig

So, I write random stuff. *shrugs* I love these two too much, help me.

Eric was going to be here in the next ten minutes and Jack had to be sure that everything was in tip top shape. This was Eric’s first time visiting him here in Providence so he really wanted to make a good first impression. 

That included making sure that his apartment wasn’t in such a mess. 

It didn’t take him that long to clean up as when he had a goal he wanted to achieve, he worked and worked until he got there. There could be one of the reasons as to why he was a talented hockey player but he always liked to think there was a bit of natural skill thrown in there as well. 

The place was tidied up in almost no time and all the things on Jack’s small list were ticked off to show their completion. It was nice to have the apartment looking spotless as he wasn’t going to lie, it was a bit of a mess before. 

Who could blame him?

He had practices almost everyday of the week so when he arrived home in the evenings, he was completely exhausted. And on the days that he did have off, he either spent them sleeping or going out to run necessary errands. So he really didn’t have the time to make sure that his living space was neat and clean at all times. 

But with the news that Eric was coming over after several months of discussion, Jack thought that he deserved to come to a place that didn’t have clothing and kit thrown all over the place. 

But it was finally happening. 

Eric was finally coming over to see him after all this time and the excitement ran through him as he had been dreaming of this day for a long time. They had talked and talked about it for ages and whenever they made plans, something kept on coming up that got in the way. It was beginning to become frustrating as Jack hadn’t seen his boyfriend for a long time. He hadn’t had the chance to caress those smooth cheeks, to hold him in a tight embrace or kiss those red lips that were so soft and tempting…

Jack couldn’t hold back the sappy grin that curled at his lips even he tried. He couldn’t hold back the happiness that filled him at this very moment. 

Was he nervous?

Of course he was.

Was he anxious?

Anxious as hell. 

But he was willing to feel all of those emotions again and again if he meant that he got to see Bitty.

And with time, those feelings of anxiousness and insecurity would dim and hopefully vanish. 

There were suddenly three knocks on the door followed by a ‘Hello?’ and Jack instantly knew that Bitty was now softly singing that song by Adele. With a soft smile, he moved towards the door in order to open it and be given the biggest hug that he had ever received.