are the tigers literally the only good thing happening in that city

Dark Souls’ Kings And Lords

Gwyn: I will raise this son as a daughter and in general take a whole diarrhea on him regardless of his merits and accomplishments because he was born aligned to a different aspect than me. I will also disown my other son and erase any records of his identity and history. I embarked on genocide of dragons for possibly very shady reasons, and was fully on board with a dangerous project to recreate that which cannot be replicated, resulting in a catastrophic failure that mutated a wise and peaceful civilization into murderous beast. You are supposed to feel bad about having to kill me, as the sad piano that plays while we duke it out suggests.

King of Oolacile: Dude, what if we totally dabbled in the forbidden arts with our golden sorceries (read: utility spells) as our only back-up and tortured this ancient conglomeration of twisted existences that we revived just to satisfy our sick curiosity? That’d be RAD, I hope nothing about this bites us in the ass down the lane, am I right.

The Four Kings: Man, it was really a challenge, but we finally got this whole New Londo jimjam going strong and steady! *phone rings* GUYS, THIS SNAKE THAT ANTAGONIZES EVERYTHING WE STAND FOR PROMISES TO TEACH US THE 120% ILLEGAL ART OF LIFEDRAIN, LET’S ROLL, I MEAN, WHAT’S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN?

King Vendrick: *playing the harmonica off-note in his shitty crypt* I married this really hot chick but she turned out to be, like, a literal aspect of darkness hell-bent on the obliteration of civilization, so, hey, whatevs, man, you gotta compromise in marriage, right? *takes a swig of a black label Johnnie Walker* she then was like “honey, you gotta murderize that entire civilization of peaceful giants”, so we did! It was GREAT, we lost over half of our population, I redefined the concept of “war crime”, it was mad cool, man, well, except for the part where I realized what I had done, engaged full pussy mode, and locked myself in a crypt, where I took to wandering naked and afraid while my bodyguard protects me, despite the fact that I am insanely strong and immortal and wise. WHATCHA GONNA DO *LIFTS ARMS IN MOCK SURRENDER* *LAUGH TRACK PLAYS*

Duke Tseldora: SPIDERS

The Sunken King: Whew! That took a LOT of time, but we finally did it! We built a whole city around this slumbering dragon, our object of worship! This is, in no way, a dangerous idea at all. You know what is also not dangerous? Why, those famed Dragonslayers coming over by yonder, the Drakeblood Knights, led by Sir Yorgh, famed Dragonslayer! Let’s see what they want!

Old Iron King: LOOK AT ALL THIS METAL, HOMIE. LOOK AT MY COOL ASS SAMURAI MAN TEACHING MY KNIGHTS TO BE SAMURAI, HOMIE. LOOK AT THIS BITCHIN’ FUCKIN’ FORMER DRANGLEIC KNIGHT, RAIME, WHO CAME TO SERVE ME, HOMIE. YEAH BABY, WE GOT IT ALL IN THE IRON KINGDOM, WE GOT THESE CROSS-CULTURAL SAMURAI KNIGHTS PIMPING UP THE PLACE WITH PLATE ARMOR AND IAI, MAN, AND WE– H-hold on, Alonne, baby? Where you going, man? Baby, no, I can change, I swear, please come back, baby, NO, BABY, ALONNE *SHANKS ALONNE* aw fiddlesticks well I guess my kingdom goes to fuck now ‘cause I will throw the biggest, meanest tantrum in the history of big diaper pissbabies LET’S GO

Ivory King: Hello! I love you! Yes, you! Whoever is reading this, I love you! I really do! And while I love you a lot, there’s someone I love even more, and that’s my beautiful wife, Alsanna! God, I love my wife, she’s so beautiful and kind and smart, I just want her to be happy forever. I know, she’s a literal aspect of darkness who came with evil intentions and zealous desire to raze my lands, but, I know that anyone, anyone, is capable of redemption, and my love has confirmed that. I love my wife, and I love my kingdom Eleum Loyce, my capable knights, my beautiful tigers, my kingdom of snow and peace! Wanna know a secret? I built my kingdom right on top of the Old Chaos to contain it, to keep it in check, so it wouldn’t rampage across the world. Ah, I’m really sad to have to cut this short, but my soul, well, it wavers. After so many years of fighting it, my very fabric is yielding to the overwhelming chaos. As an ultimate act of sacrifice, I will give myself to the Flame, contain the whole essence of the Old Chaos within my body, and keep it wrested to the ground, so it can never harm anyone evermore. I am glad to have met you, but I must go now. Please live a wonderful life! Shout out to my beautiful wife!


Oceiros, the Consumed King: *spams your Facebook feed with photos of his invisible baby*

Nameless King: Funny story, but I am actually not a king. Anyways, check out these delayed attacks and these FPS drops.

Prince Lothric: What If Stay Home Instead

anonymous asked:

Daddyvans do you still live in washington? I was thinking of moving there to live with my boyfriend while he goes to uni, but i dont know if i should go or just stay in nc with my family? if you do, can you tell me about it?

i do live in washington!! i live in tacoma, and have spent quality time here, seattle, the peninsula, and down the coast.  here are some fun western washington facts:

  1. we only get about one mild snowstorm every winter for two days - a week, where everyone freaks the fuck out and pretends like they’ve never seen snow before.  in the summer, sometimes it can get up to 100, but with zero humidity.  you will never step out of the shower and wonder whether you are sweating or just wet. 
  2. it is kind of super stupid gorgeous all the time forever.  what most people call mountains, we call hills.  we have real mountains!  mt. rainier is our terrifying overlord watching us at all times, and lahar danger zone funding just ran out, but it’s fine because we probably won’t make it to the next eruption anyway.  so as long as you’re going to be trapped in nightmare hellscape america, do it somewhere that has NEARBY RAINFORESTS (the hoh!), BADASS HIKES AND CLIMBS AND SKI RESORTS (mt. si! tiger mountain! crystal mountain!), FUCKIN’ LAKES AND OCEANS AND SHIT! (rattlesnake ledge! green lake IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY, the fucking PUGET SOUND) to get out of seattle and climb away into the forgiving bosom of mother nature on a good day takes under a half hour.  
  3. if you like culture, there is a lot of it.  check out the alternative newspaper THE STRANGER to see what kind of amazing hijinks are going on all the time.  seattle hosts things like HUMP! (amateur adult film competition), SIFF, and a bunch of other bananas fun shit too.  i’m honestly a big hermit these days, but the sense of community surrounding literally anything you are passionate about is thriving and alive in western washington somewhere.  many somethings are always happening. 
  4. we have the best beer in the country, the best wine in the country, and if you’re over 21, you can walk into a store and buy weed over the counter at street prices.  no more pretending you care about that weird guy who plays you trip hop in his bedroom while weighing out things in a scale in his closet and asking if you want to hang out and watch planet earth.  the middle man is gone.  ALSO: state-sanctioned edibles.  no more guessing how fucked up you’re going to get and drowning in your couch for seven hours.  
  5. everything is fresh forever and the foodie culture here is amazing.  it’s not as good as portland’s, but it’ll do for now.  
  6. portland is very close by!! and portland is the cooler sibling of seattle and tacoma.  (tacoma is the dirty little brother, and i love him, i love tacoma, tacoma doesn’t give a fuck and it doesn’t pretend to.  seattle tries a little bit harder.)
  7. the people here are by and large very fucking chill.  i work in an industry that has a very conservative corporate heart, and deals with a lot of blue collar industry, and have witnessed nothing but open-minded kindness and desire to accommodate people regardless of identity, race or disability.  that doesn’t mean that those things don’t exist here–like, seattle is pretty fucking white.  portland is INCREDIBLY white.  some people from snohomish county for some inexplicable reason speak with a southern dialect despite living in washington their entire lives.  but there is an innate kindness to the people in this state that i’ve heard a lot of transplants comment on.  
  8. DOWNSIDES: high sales tax and the PNW has a serial killer history that rivals the midwest.  also, bigass volcano.  

like, literally, just do it.  move here.  have an adventure.  bring rain boots and a big heart.  

Book 7: The Stranger, Chapters 24-25

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Chapter 24

Everyone’s in Cassie’s barn and it’s 3:47 a.m., and we know that because Marco makes a point of stating that it is 3:47 a.m. and his sleep was interrupted by two birds come to drag him out of bed for an emergency meeting and what the shit, Rachel and Tobias.  I feel Marco on this.  Maybe - maybe - I could get my act together and be brave and try to save the world if the circumstances required, but only if I could do that during waking hours.  Superheroics that cut into my precious sleep time would be unacceptable.

Rachel tells everyone that between her dream and her earlier conversation with Cassie trying to figure the Ellimist out, she finally thinks she understands - the Ellimist is, for whatever reason, trapped by his own limitations and trying to do the best he can within them.  He wants to save Earth, not just humans but Earth, given how much he loves its jungles and cities and whatnot, but he’s not allowed to interfere directly to do that.  (Why? Hell if I know or Rachel knows, I assume we’ll get to that in a future book.)  

All he can do is tell them the truth - that humanity is doomed but a small number of them can be saved - and then try very hard to manipulate them into not choosing to do exactly that.  He staged his talk with them in the Yeerk pool cavern at a spot where they would notice the dropshaft and be able to escape. He hasn’t acted on their agreement to go to the Ellimist Zoo. Instead, he took them to that vision of the future and Rachel is pretty sure that he planned his intervention to passively give them the information they needed.  

She’s back to thinking about “why the fuck is the Yeerk pool in the middle of the goddamn city in the future” and “why did they also notice that one of the big downtown towers has a glass dome on it in the future”, and Ax saying earlier that the Yeerk pools are basically religious shrines for Yeerks.  All put together, she thinks she’s got it: The top of that tower is where the Yeerks put their first Kandrona when they came to earth, and they built the giant Yeerk pool to be near and worship that spot.  And the Ellimist really, really wants them to go fuck that shit up and try to change the future he showed them.

Jake points out that even if she’s right there’s no way to know that destroying the Kandrona would change anything; they could just rebuild it and the future could end up exactly where they saw it.  But Cassie and Rachel are fully on board with the butterfly effect and are just: sure, maybe nothing changes, but let’s go flap our little metaphorical or possibly literal butterfly wings as hard as we can and see what happens.  Flap, flap, motherfuckers.  

Chapter 25

Ooooh, boy, y’all, this whole chapter is a masterpiece of Animorphs: Giving No Fucks and it is very entertaining.

The kids show up at the tower at 5 a.m. and start just flat-out morphing into wild animals publicly in front of the building.  A random passerby shows up so Cassie goes full wolf and growls to scare him away, and Marco smashes his gorilla way through the front door and punches out the security guard.  Everyone heads for the elevators.  In my head, this is definitely one of those Slow Mo Full Team Powerwalks With Dramatic Music.

Rachel, Jake, and Marco squish their large bear-tiger-gorilla selves into a freight elevator and head slowly up for the top floor.  Muzak plays.  They ponder how the twenty-person weight maximum translates to wild animals. They make nervous small talk about Keanu Reeves. I am delighted.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, so this wonderful elevator ride ends as it must, with the kids arriving at the top floor and immediately getting into a fight with Hork-Bajir guards.  They get cut up some but dispatch the guards right around the time the second elevator arrives with Cassie and Ax.

Rachel leads the charge onward, bear instincts riled up and boiling mad, popping open a giant heavy steel door like it’s no big thing, because of course she does.  And then she goes barrelling into eight Hork-Bajir raring for a fight even though the Animorphs are clearly outnumbered and already injured, because of course she does.

But she tells us rather ominously in narration that although afterwards everyone told her how brave she was, it was actually a gigantic mistake.  With her crappy bear eyesight, she thought they were humans, not Hork-Bajir, and she accidentally charged into the fight she had no hope of winning.  She was blind, not brave.

(Hannibal fans in the blog audience, just picture me squeaking a little at that particular phrasing, because I rewatched Mizumono last weekend and I have some feelings about being brave vs. blind.)

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Bungou Stray Dogs Ending Analysis

So, since most of the current airing shows will be airing for a few more weeks yet, I thought I’d start doing some analyses of some opening and ending themes from this season that have intrigued me! Beginning with the lovely ending for Bungou Stray Dogs, my personal favourite :)

There won’t really be any spoilers of note here other then theories and events that have happened up to the current point in the anime (as I haven’t read the manga and have only watched up to episode 6 as of this moment)

This is going to be a long post everyone, so buckle in!

The ending can be watched here: 

First off, the lovely song by Luck Life, called Namae wo Yobu yo, sounds so calming and almost nostalgic, it really gives you good feeling at the end of each episode. It really resonates with me, personally, and I know many others do really like it as well.

The ED opens to Atsushi Nakajima, the main character, holding a book loosely, with the pages blowing in the wind. It then pans to show that he is looking at the book with a kind of melancholic expression as the pages start to blow away behind him, yet he continues to look at the book.

In the next, wider shot, both Dazai and Akutagawa fade in, looking at their own books as well. What’s interesting here is that Atsushi’s book is the only one that has it’s pages blowing away, possibly signifying the drastic change that has taken place in his life (joining the detective agency). 

The fact that they are all engrossed in their own books probably alludes to them all having specific goals they need to carry out, each different from the next. Yet, they are still connected, here by the literal bridge that is shown in the background. Also of note, the pages from Atsushi’s book are blowing over Dazai and Akutagawa, maybe showing his influence over them.

In the next shot, we have Atsushi looking at Dazai (most likely Dazai anyway do to the clothes) with a concerned expression as they both lie on what is probably the same bridge from the last shot. He moves his little finger closer to Dazai’s hand, signifying his want to understand and know more about him. (Also making the shippers like myself pretty happy :P) 

Following this shot, we see Atsushi looking out of a broken window at the moon (which is unnaturally large). 

Again, he has a slightly sad expression on his face. This is probably referencing his ability to turn into a tiger by moonlight and all of the bad memories that come with this ability (his being shunned and all). 

Next we have Akutagawa walking away from an ominous red moon (probably referencing the fact that idk he’s a killer and a member of the Port Mafia, the villain group!) 

The city is framed behind him, most likely due to the Port Mafia’s influence over the city. There is also quite ominous smoke swirling around Akutagawa.

Following this, we have a quick flurry of still images, a couple of which I’ll look at in more detail. A couple of them are just some elephant statue and a penguin statue (I couldn’t think of significance for these as of right now). The other two however, have more importance. 

This first one shows Dazai looking up with striking red blood coming out of his mouth (it stands out against the down-toned colours). Yet despite this, he appears to have an almost content look on his face, probably due to his suicidal tendencies in the show. This could also be foreshadowing (though I sincerely hope not :O) 

The other still is Atsushi with a look of determination on his face (and his shirt is open for some reason). 

This one is less significant then the last but still worth noting here. 

The next shot shows Atsushi’s human shadow morphing into that of a tiger’s, directly referencing his ability again. (This one wasn’t that significant but I’ll still mention it) Also the pages continue to fly across the screen, in the same direction that Atsushi’s shadow moves. 

Next, we see a book lying on the ground, it’s pages flipping in the wind again. 

It finally lands on a page which fades to white. This has a possible meaning of “What has been written can change or be erased.” But I’m not so sure about it (please give me suggestions!)

Next we get another couple cool quick stills of the three featured characters. 

This one shows Akutagawa framed in a red, blood like mist, facing away from the camera. Atsushi and Dazai are in the white side, obviously as the “good guys.” Atsushi faces Akutagawa front-on, signifying his opposition to him. While Dazai still looks at him but faces the opposite way, probably due to the fact that he used to be in the Port Mafia, and that these two probably have history together. 

This shot is pretty interesting as well. It shows Atsushi, Dazai, and Akutagawa again, this time closer together. Atsushi and Dazai look directly at the camera with looks of determination (possibly anger and contempt) and Akutagawa looks away yet again. The interesting thing about the colours is that usually blue refers to the hero and red to the villain, such as with Atsushi and Akutagawa here. But Dazai is shown in black and white (only his iris has colour) as a sort of neutral to the conflict. (Maybe also due to his magical ability to neutralize other abilities).

In the next shot, we have Atsushi and Dazai again. Atsushi stands against a wall, with his eyes closed and little emotion on his face. The wind also dies down for a moment. 

Dazai then pats his head, Atsushi smiles and the wind picks up again (the pages continue flying too). Probably symbolizing Atsushi’s need for support from Dazai, to keep moving forward.(Again this is so adorable omg)

After this, there is a longer shot of Akutagawa standing, back to the camera again, and we see his shadow go from black, to blue, lastly to white.  

This is very striking to me, considering all the other colour symbolism in the ending. We know that blue seems to signify good and white as a neutral, so it’s very strange how his shadow changes to both these colours. The shot is still very red saturated though despite this. It seems like he is conflicted within… Maybe he isn’t what he seems? :O

Next we see Akutagawa again, looking very melancholic (strange for his outward villainous appearance) and (most likely) Dazai reaches out for him, his hand fading away before he can be touched by it however. This definitely tells me of their past together (something happened for sure).

Next we see Atsushi falling into water (the city is also beneath the water as well) and slowly sinking down into it.

Even though he is sinking, he does not appear distressed or scared, more so accepting than anything else. 

Then, Dazai, pushes him deeper into the water, the colours changing from blue to white again. What is interesting here is that Dazai is actually able to touch Atsushi (where he couldn’t reach Akutagawa). And again, though he is getting pushed into water, Atsushi almost looks content. Hopefully this doesn’t mean Dazai will betray the Detective Agency, though it is possible… 

Next we see Akutagawa sinking as well (framed in red yet again) though he is not being pushed by anyone.

He shuts his eyes (accepting his fate) and cries a tear of blood (maybe regret for his murderous actions). The tear floats up and breaks the surface, becoming a firework. 

The second last long shot of the ED features Akutagawa again. He is sitting under the same bridge from the beginning, obscured by shadow. 

The shot is framed in red yet again, and the wind is blowing his coat. He looks directly in the camera here as well. 

Finally we see Atsushi again, standing directly in the sunlight, his face hidden by the shadow. 

He is framed by the blue-tinged shadow of a tree, which almost seems to trap him and his shadow. 

The ED then ends with a few quick shots in succession. The first of Akutagawa yet again, looking at the camera, with a red background. (The papers are flying here as well) 

He appears slightly sad here as well. 

Then we have Atsushi holding the same (now closed) book from the beginning of the ED and we can see it says “Stray Dogs” on the cover, alluding to the anime’s title: 

The pages are also all back in the book yet again, and it remains closed, signifying the end to the events of the story. (and just the end of the episode)

The last couple shots just include this cute (but sort of unfitting) fun shot of Atsushi, part tiger:

and then this one to finish it off:

A more serious rendition of Atsushi in beast form with the title. 

In conclusion, This ending theme is chocked full of symbolism for the anime and is just a pleasure to look at. This anime has been pretty solid thus far (I love that the characters are based on writers!) and I hope it continues to be, as it rides out the second half of the season.

Phew, that was longer then expected :P but it was fun! Hope you enjoy!

Fall Anime Watchlist

A new season f anime has started and there’s SO MUCH STUFF. So here’s a quick (or not so quick) run-down of the stuff I sampled and the best and worst premieres of the season. Also I have a lot of feelings about the Drag Race finale but I decided to Kontrol Myself and will post about it later. Worst to best, y’all know the drill.

First quickly, I’m still watching Saiki Kusuo because it’s comedy gold, and I’ve picked up Nobunaga no Shinobi (cute and funny!) Sengoku Chojuu Giga (funny and super obscure!) Bernard Jou Iwaku (funny and too real!) and I’m not sure about Kiitaro Shonen yet (ep 2 was super gross)

Most of the shows I’m dropping I might have been willing to give them a second chance if they came out on a not-so-busy day, but all of them happen to be weekend shows and weekends are fucking packed.  But the best stuff of the season actually comes out during the week which is fucking brilliant since I can watch it as soon as it comes out yesssss.  


(self explanatory. Also no screenshots for the losers)

Bloodivores: Maaan this shit didn’t even manage to be funny bad. It was just incompetently written bad. And boring. The first half is an extended bank-robbery sequence that somehow manages to be a snoozefest. The character designs are uninspired. Everything that happens is so contrived, everything is forced so the plot can get from point A to point B, you can literally see the writers in the background going “how do I justify this absolutely nonsensical turn of events… let’s just have this guy take off his mask for no reason!. They ALMOST had me at the end, at least piqued my interest enough to watch episode two, and then they were so tremendously stupid to ruin that with the worst use of a preview that I’ve ever seen. Apparently, being terrible is about the only thing all of these Anime-for-the-Chinese-market have in common. Really makes me wonder if this kind of things actually hit there (then again, they ate up Transformers 4 and Warcraft, so I guess anything’s possible?). Insta-drop. Also, the main dude’s hacking software is literally called HACK!!! I mean…

Matoi the Sacred Slayer: Very confusing direction and narrative, the episode feels very flat and boring and there are way too many jokes about dudes leering over the blond bombshell girl. I kind of liked Matoi and her dynamics with Yuma, and I also kind of liked the policeman-dad. I was willing to give it an extra episode to grab my interest, but the last few minutes with the “joke” about the dad groping his daughter, and that “hilarious” scene of Matoi detransforming to find herself naked in the woods buried any interest I may have had for it. Another insta-drop.

Occultic;Nine: Look, just call me when the show is over and tell me if underneath those gross booballoons and twenty billion “the main character is a pervert” jokes there’s something good going on, cos it looks like there could be, but I’m not gonna subject myself to that disgusting character design and male gaze framing unless I have a guarantee that it’ll be worth it. Insta-drop. The animation’s pretty swell, but not worth getting those monstrosities smushed in front plane every five minutes.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda: So the first part, where Kae is very fat and has Fat Voice TM (gross Japan, you’re gross) is very annoying to watch. Then after she becomes “beautiful” (you’re really gross Japan) and magically all the boys fall in love with her it’s just eye-roll worthy and terribly boring. The guys are terrible, who’d want to date those assholes that only see her after she loses weight? And they have literally no chemistry? Girls, date a guy (or a gal, or a person) with whom you’re not afraid to share your hobbies. If you think he/she/they will hate you because of your hobbies, don’t waste time on that. Look at this 24 year old virgin giving dating advice, ha ha! Insta-drop and hoping some of Junko’s much superior actual BL stuff gets animated next time.

Trickster: I tried reaaaally hard to like this one but it’s so tryhard and nonsensical it failed to grab me in every possible way. It started bad with that monologue that reminded me of Divine Gate. A million tales have been done about immortals that crave death (including NanaTai’s Ban, and that was a story told in like half an episode and still way more competent and compelling than this. Ban’s story is so understated and yet super tragically beautiful ;—-;). The rest of the characters are walking archetypes that also manage to be insufferable, and the mysteries are super bland and uncreative. I gave it two episodes, but I’m done with it. There’s too many amazing stuff this season to waste time waiting to see if this one gets better Dropped

Long Riders: Give me a Y! Give me an A! Give me a W! Give me a N! What does it say?! YAWN!!! Seriously, this was so terribly boring. The fucking episode just never ended, it felt like it lasted three hours. Also, as someone who bikes every day, there were so many unrealistic details that killed it for me. Like how Ami who’d never ridden a bike before was a master at it from the start –it took me two or three days just to get the hang of it, and maybe a month before I was confident enough to go out to the city with it-. She claimed she was scared of the big bikes because she feared she would fall, but somehow was okay with one that had an equally high seat and just smaller tires? Her massive girl-boner for that butt ugly foldable bike is ridiculous and at times even uncomfortable to watch. And since the one she got is cheapass, there’s no way that’s gonna be good for long distances. Something that really bothered me was that we’re shown the girls going uphill, but novice Ami never comments on the added difficulty. They also set on a 40 Km journey with just one bottle of water for both of them? Good luck with that gals.  But really, the worst part of it was that it bored me to death and I found Ami insufferable. When will I get a decent girl sports show that’s actually about competitive sports-ing and not cute girls doing cute things that happen to be kinda sportsy? Insta-drop


Tiger Mask W: I don’t know what to make of this show. I feel if I could appreciate its brand of camp I would enjoy it more, but as it is it just feels like something that could be pretty fun but doesn’t manage to work for me. It just feels dull, and as predicted, the animation is poop. The characters are super flat so I don’t feel invested. I don’t think I’m gonna keep watching it, I’ll check episode 3, but it’ll have to show the best possible cards to grab my interest. The fact that it’s a weekend show makes its standing in the list even flimsier.

Girlish Number: This one wasn’t even on my radar because the title sounds stupid (I’m serious, I didn’t even watch Tiger & Bunny when it was airing because stupid title and then it turned out to be one of my fave anime ever, I’m super judge-an-animu-by-its-cover), but since I heard surprisingly good things about it I decided to check it out. It wasn’t as cutting and cynical as I wanted it to be, the character designs are suuuuper uninspired, and I didn’t laugh as much as I expected given the type of series, but a show that takes jabs at otaku LNs is a good show in my book, so I’m ready to give it another chance. I just don’t feel like it’s gonna be able to keep me interested and I already have too much on my plate to be waiting for a meh show to realize its full potential.

(totes forgot to take a screenshot cos the day it aired all I was thinking was how I was gonna rewatch the superior Wednesday anime later)

Mahou Shoujou Ikusei Keikaku: I’d give this show the award of “Showing your cards too soon” of the season. It already had enough creepy factor without the edgelord bloodbath opening scene, and I think it would’ve been way more effective –especially with the events of episode 2- if they’d left it as a seemingly cutesy magical girl show for a bit longer. Instead, they were too desperate to make sure the audience know this was a seriously serious dark edgy show ok, no cutesy PreCure no guys, this is serious and dark and edgy etc etc. As far as Madoka ripoffs go, you could do way worse than Ikusei Keikaku (for example, you could do Daybreak Illusion lmao does anyone remember that bullshit), but I doubt it’s really gonna end up shining in the end. I’ll keep watching for now, but can’t say I’m too invested. I’m in fact partially hoping it’ll turn into garbage hatewatch material along the way

DAYS: This is currently the closest I have to hatewatch material, so I’m unlikely to drop it at this point, but who knows, I don’t put it beyond these writers to make me actually dread the act of watching it. But okay writers, you can have your bullshit Tsukushi bullshit (yes, I said bullshit twice), just give me some Mizuki and we’re good, seriously, just give me enough Mizuki loserness and you have me. At least now I understand why MAPPA didn’t put any money into this, and I’m glad they instead decide to focus their resources in the superior sports show of the season (y’all probably already know what I’m talking about :D)

(no screenshot because I’m lazy)


AKA the shows I’m enjoying, but I don’t feel antsy about not watching the new episode the moment it comes out.

Nanbaka: This is a show that’s hard to sell because it’s very dumb and has no substance whatsoever and it’s kinda tryhard with its comedy and style, but it somehow works? I think this show is the embodiment of something that’s hard to recommend because even if it works for me, I’ve a feeling that wouldn’t be the case for most people. But I like it! I think the jailbreak sequence at the start of the episode was great! And I’m growing to like the characters very fast, especially Hajime no of course it’s unrelated to my crush on iwa-chan the perfect man, what are you talking about. I hope it stays funny and fresh, but I’m not very confident that they’ll pull it off tbh.

Magic-Kyun Renaissance: This is actually way better than it has any right to be? I was very positively surprised by that? It’s probably one of the best UtaPri ripoffs we’ve gotten in a while tbh. At least so far, it’s definitely shaping up to be more KamiAso than it is Amnesia, so that’s a bonus. Visually it’s also very beautiful, and I am particularly in love with the Spanish architecture references (I was in Seville and Barcelone in April and suddenly BAM Seville and Barcelone were in my animu). There’s the super ridiculous fact that “magic art” is basically plain ole’ art but with kira kiras, which is a little disappointing but also kinda histerical. And of course, because you gotta sell those character CDs, they have the calligraphy dude sing a song for no reason, which is terrible and also funny, you can literally taste the production committee wondering how to market terrible seiyuu songs and it was great.

Shuumatsu no Izetta: Two episodes in this still has massive potential to be great, but also massive potential to be 100% certified garbage. Finé is a great protagonist and a strong heroine, so I’d be willing to go on the journey with her, but the male-gazey camera is putting me off. The animation is great and I’m not entirely opposed to the yuribait (which won’t amount to jack because Japan), but the fact that as soon as episode 2 Finé is already out of commission is worrying. I’m not even that bothered by the very obvious phallic witch-flying-on-a-bazooka but there’s that nagging feeling that it’s gonna go to shitland eventually. Hoping it won’t be the case.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Tekketsu Orphans: So I was very lukewarm to this show by the time S1 ended because it felt like all of its promise had gone off the window, but they seem to be going back to that in this season premiere, with the issues of child soldiers and whatnot. I won’t lie, I actually felt a chill when the narration explained that part. We’re 26 episodes in and I’m still not sure of what’s the purpose of Gjallarhorn and I’ve had the ugly feeling that Orga’s gonna die eventually, but for some reason these two episodes got me excited all over again, so for the time being I’ll let Mari Okada fool me for at least five episodes or more. I feel the show doesn’t have a clear direction on where it’s going now, but I’m hoping it’ll figure itself out or make OrgaMika canon, whichever works.

Flip Flappers: This show has so much potential! The animation and visual style is so beautiful and unique! It has that special fairy-tail quality that makes it feel innocent, but with a teeny hint of something more. It doesn’t abuse exposition which is great! The reason it’s relatively low on my list is the unsettling focus on Papika’s torn clothes, and that gross molestation robot, like really show, you’re already fine, you don’t need that garbage, please stop it and focus on your artistic potential thanks


These are shows that I find super entertaining but just not super outstanding. Let’s call them high quality popcorn entertainment (is that eve an actual expression in English, I’m honestly not sure)

Uta no Prince-sama Legend Star: I was falling out of love with UtaPri during S3, but the final episode had renewed my hopes for the franchise and this new season premiere (and the Quartet Night episode) didn’t disappoint! It continues to test the limits of permissible stupidity and still comes out on top, which I find commendable. Also one of my life-long UtaPri wishes has finally come true: They’re not giving away the final performance in the ending!! Now I just hope they decide to go back to 2D animation for the dancing, the 4tet Night and HEAVENS choreographies show they still have it in them. Also I love the twist of the collab between STARISH and HEAVENS, since I was worried about how they were gonna make those boys likable characters (something they already somewhat achieved with 4tet  Night). The new songs so far have been pretty okay compared to S3, so I’m hopeful, though I doubt we’ll ever get something as good as Orange Rhapsody.

3-gatsu no Lion: Okay, maybe this is the exact opposite of popcorn entertainment, but hear me out. I didn’t even know what it was gonna be about going in, so learning it’s about shogi was very exciting since I love shows about this kind of things (Hikaru no Go and Rakugo Shinjuu are both shows I adore). Visually it’s stunning, maybe a bit overstated at times and I think there’s like so much potential here for a powerful emotional story about depression. But I’m also reserving my excitement because both Simbo and the mangaka are creators I’m not a big fan of, so the chances of getting tired of it fast are high. Also, there was something about the female characters that sorta kinda didn’t work for me so I’m… waiting. Hopeful, but cautious (there seems to be a lot of stuff like that in this list)

Classicaloid: I won’t say I’m not slightly disappointed with this show because I kinda am, but it’s not life-crushing disappointment just yet. The show is certainly more childish than I expected it to be, and they’ve already beat the gyoza joke dead, which is sad because the opening half-minute or so is just absolutely brilliant, and the MUSIQUE moment is 100% undiluted fun, but the main girl is a little bit obnoxious and I’m not quite understanding the plot. It is also grating that neither the Classicaloids or the people around them know about their historical counterparts, as if they didn’t exist in this universe, and that’s disappointing because rehashing of historical figures is way more exciting if they connect them to their real life personas. We’ll see where it goes. Who knows maybe it’ll pull a Thunderbolt Fantasy on us and become super ridiculously fun down the way. Just cut it down on the gyoza jokes.

ALL-OUT!: Well, this one’s off to a pretty good start! While I didn’t lovelovelove it, I thought it was fun and cool. The main two guys get a little grating in episode two, but I already like the team dynamics and the diversity of body types. I don’t know a single thing about rugby, so this could become interesting. It definitely has that Yowapeda-ish feel to the whole thing, fun, silly, but with really exciting matches. I feel like they showed their cards to soon with Iwashimizu’s tragic backstory, but I kinda understand why they did it, to give us the cliffhanger in episode 2, so I’ll be looking forward to see his character pull through this one. I also already really like the senpai with the awful hair (this is where you ask: which one because everyone has awful hair lmao). Nothing groundbreaking, but cool enough to keep my interest.

Drifters: I actually wasn’t expecting much from this one ‘cos I’m kinda over Kouta Hirano but it was really cool? It probably won’t work much for anyone who isn’t a worthless Sengoku otaku, because then most of the jokes and drama will fly over your head, but I enjoyed it! It’s a gratuitously violent schlock, but it basically looks like it’s gonna have cool fights and useless historical trivia, so it’s right up my alley. I particularly liked the nuanced portrayal of Nobunaga and this dude from the Genpei wars is super cute lmao (men in ponytails y’all…). So yeah, I’m really into it so far. I’ve no idea where it’s going but so far it hits the right spots for me so I’m excited to tag along.

Bungou Stray Dogs: This one’s on the edge of this section and the top section. These premiere episodes have been so much what I always wanted this show to be that I’m super excited to see where it will go. The twist at the end of episode two was only partially predictable, and while at first I was wondering how they’d connect it to the American writers that are supposed to be the focus of this season, all my concerns have been dissipated. It definitely feels that they’re going in a more serious direction for this second cour and I’m super pumped for it. I’m guessing the flashback will end next week when the fallout of ep 2 probably drives Dazai away from the Port Mafia. So so so excited for this one.

High Priority

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari: Maaaan the Barakamon vibes I’m getting from this. I don’t even know how to explain how much this works for me. I love the visuals, the character designs, the little hints at character and drama that we’ve gotten, everything just works for me perfectly. The melancholic flashbacks to the MC’s childhood and that sense of nostalgia and loss was heart-wrenchingly beautiful. I just want to eat up all of this show and then some, it’s just so far everything I wanted it to be since I first read the synopsis.

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru: I was 100% ready to be horribly disappointed with this one and I’m certain a lot of people were but I loved it? It gave me more than I expected? I think my only grief is that they spend most of the time in the work clothes, and I wish they’d wear their elaborate beautiful costumes more. I wasn’t aware that these swords were supposed to belong to historical characters, and the first two episodes gave me everything a worthless rekijo like me could’ve ever dreamed of. The Oda Nobunaga episode in particular was beautiful, I just love that kind of nuanced reinterpretation of the character and how they portrayed his troubled relationship with his swords. I’m also already shipping the Okita Souji swords OTL. Hope the Date Masamune sword gets any sort of character development because even my friends call me a worthless Date Masamune otaku (one of these days I’m gonna take pictures of all my Date Masamune merch just to prove that point)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable: The last cour of this awesome JoJo is upon us and it continues to be fun, cool, with great animation and striking visuals and just all around hilarious. I’ve not much more to say other than I continue to enjoy it immensely and it’s still one of my favorite shows every week. Loving the development we got for Rohan recently and the very clever (lol) use of Crazy Diamond (fuck your copyright) in the last episode. 

Fune wo Amu: The last show to premiere this season, and it’s a pain to find it because Amazon made that bullshit deal with noitaminA only to sit on those licenses apparently. It was one of my most anticipated shows of the season and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The topic is unique, and hard to sell (a show about dictionaries?!) but I like the idea of subverting the notion about dictionaries being boring and delving into what the process of making one entails –something I’d never really give much thought to-. The character animation is wonderful and it already shows a lot of promise. Also kudos because a show with adult protagonists is a good thing on principle alone (and we have a good handful of those this season). I’m super intrigued to see where they’ll take this one.

Natsume Yuujichou Go: Natsume has been the reigning emperor of iyashikei yokai anime and if any if you had ever forgotten that, it’s finally back to remind you of it. If I understand correctly this will be the final season? (someone who knows better could enlighten me), and if that’s the case then it means we’re on to learn way more about Reiko’s story who even after 4 seasons remains shrouded in mystery. These two episodes take us right back into it, simple, sweet, quiet and heartwrenching, all the things Natsume does best. Excitement isn’t the right word for this kind of show, but I’m definitely happy to have this wonderful show back one last time and to continue to watch Natsume himself grow.

Extremely High Priority

For the first time in a while I had to create a new category  because the amount of love I feel for these shows can’t even begin to be explained. But that won’t be of any surprise for anyone who follows my blog.

Haikyuu!! Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa: Do I even need to explain why I love this show so much? How amazing the characterization is? How cool the animation? How exciting the games? How deeply well executed the emotional beats? I was swooning over Nishinoya for the entirety of these two episodes, and dying for the bits of Tsukki that we’ve gotten, since I know how much he’ll grow during the game. And they’re already doing such a good job at slowly building the Shiratori guys’ personalities. The new OP and ED are SO GOOD. We’re getting Miracle Boy Satori next week and my blood is pumping!

Yuri!!! On ICE: I was so worried about this. I’d been so hyped about it because the PV was so beautiful and the teaser of the opening had sent my heart soaring and I was just so afraid that it wouldn’t live up to my expectation, but it lived up to them and surpassed them and crushed them and seriously I have never been so completely obliterated by a show so quickly. I can’t even describe it. It is gorgeously animated, and it is so emotionally on point, the character animation and body language is so fluid and detailed and there’s just so much even in such a short amount of time I’ve found myself rewatching the episodes over and over. This is sublime and magnificent and I’d sell my soul for this show without hesitation. Is it Wednesday yet.

And that’s the season my friends. I’m so so so excited for all of it! I feel this year has been full of good anime and each season gets progressively better than the previous one (lmao remember winter when we had this one absoutely world-stopping magnificent show and everything else was super meh?)

What are ya’ll watching? Think I’m missing out on something? Any show you expected that disappointed you? Any show that surprised you for good or bad? Anyone willing to answer these questions or am I doomed to eternal silence? Since my Yuri on Ice excitement has garnered me around 50 followers (woah) hopefully y’all are excited to see gay skating take over my blog for the next three months :D

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otayuri as... batcat....

Fam, I am so sorry. I wrote 2k of Otayuri dramatic superhero AU before realizing you requested Batman/Catwoman dynamics. If it helps, picture the Hero of Kazakhstan having no idea how to handle Yuri dressed like Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug. Maybe I should write that next?

Superhero AU 

In which there is very little skating but the universal constants in Yuri Plisetsky’s life are Victor ruining everything and Otabek Altin’s distracting jaw line.

  • Before Yuuri Katsuki, Yuri Plistsky is happy
  • All he has ever wanted is to be a superhero, and his dream is real after years of injuries, training, and trauma.
  • They have a good thing going, a well-oiled machine of badassery and rage. Yakov has been training superheroes for decades, since the 1970s when having a secret identity was still outlawed in Russia. He and Lilia even lead the revolution and protests for heroes to retain separate personas. 
    • (And like everything Lilia involves herself in, she wins.) 
  • Lilia’s elastic bones enabled a terrifyingly electric career as a ballerina. 
  • Yakov’s power of flight and telekinesis made him a masterful hero and a terrible task master of Russia’s secret hero development program and leader of St. Petersburg’s heroes. 
    • Civilians know him as a businessman. A few assume mob connections but Yuri’s hung out in enough malls, alleyways, and schools to know people pretend ignorance of Yakov’s identity. Because it means something to him. Jesus. 
  • Under Yakov and Lilia, Yuri P (20, abnormal flexibility, spite, and ability to communicate with animals) thrives, protecting St. Petersburg with: 
    • Mila (23, controls fire, and makes jokes about having no chill that Yuri would rather kill himself than hear again).
    • Georgi: (27, an actual fucking witch who can’t keep his shit together depending on his heartbreak or the lunar cycle)
      • The lunar cycle thing is bullshit, just an excuse for his really emotional days.
    • And…the ice-man cometh himself.
  • Victor (28) is a dick. Victor is a dick, thinking with his dick. Only that asshole would go to charity dinner celebrating the Sochi Grand Prix and fall in love with a fucking ice skater named Yuuri Katsuki (24) INSTEAD OF GUARDING THE PLACE.
    • The dude was drunk and likely doesn’t remember who Victor is, but did that stop him from rushing home to Yakov’s training space, squeeing about soulmates? No.

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BSD Chapter 28 Translation

Pls reblog if you can! I think a lot of bsd fans don’t know translations are happening lol;;

In this ch of Bungou Stray Dogs… (honestly should i keep this section? i do it to entertain myself)
-(¬ u ¬)
-yokohama wilderness fight (if anyone can think of something more creative, i’d love to hear it!)

This is a heavy ch! Lots of dialogue and sad things ;o; I really liked this chapter tho! As usual, pls let me know if anything is wrong/weird! Enjoy!

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Flash vs. Arrow: The Flash 1x08 Review

Oh my friends. My darling, wonderful friends!!! You’ve seen part one and now I can breathe again. Fear of legal retribution is down 50% and I can talk to my beloved fandom about THIS FUCKING INCREDIBLE EPISODE!!!!

Happily I can hang the literary analysis up for a bit. The Flash likes to play it more on the nose than Arrow and this episode was more of a romp. That being said, we’re going to have to take this scene by scene, line by line because each one was GLORIOUS. Hang in there with me because A TON happened. Ready? Let’s do it.

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This is my follow forever to celebrate the first big milestone for my blog (yaaay)!! While I’ve been in the fandom for a while now, I just joined tumblr a few months ago and have talked to some wonderful wonderful people here that I love and appreciate <3 I also have a lot of mutuals who don’t talk to me but interact with my blog quite often, and I appreciate them just as well! And then there are my other faves that I’ve never interacted with before, but that I love seeing on my dash. You all are brilliant, and this is my thanks to you. Warning: this is going to be long af because I’m full of love and hugs! xx

(Thanks to @dimploux for my awesome follow forever edit of my favorite larry pic!!)

People I Talk To

@dimploux - Nadia!! You will always be at the top of any list I ever make of people in this fandom that I love. You’ve been with me since day 1, and I’m so grateful for all of the crazy times we’ve had on this rollercoaster together! Thank you for taking me under your wise larrie wing when I had no idea what I was doing here lol. You are one of the smartest, funniest, bravest, most talented people I’ve met as a 1D fan and I’m so glad you’re my friend. You know better than anyone that I’ve almost lost it a few times with this 1D shit, but you always talk me off the ledge and I owe the fact that I’m still in this fandom to you. Love you!!

@myownsparknow - Omg?? Who are you and where did you come from and how did you make me love you so quickly? Lol. I feel like I’ve known you for much longer than I have, and I think that’s just a testament to how easy you are to talk to. First of all, thank you (THANK YOU) for giving me a fic prompt and keeping me motivated with my writing (though the struggle is real), and thank you for being an all around wonderful person and helping me through the rough days that we all inevitably have in this fandom. Your positivity is absolutely contagious, and I admire how level headed and rational you always manage to be. So much love for you, C!!

@headbandlouisaf - Okay I am in the middle of writing a fic now (what??), which is something I never thought that I’d actually get around to doing and I owe that to you! You are one of my absolute favorite fic writers in this fandom and have been such an inspiration to me. I will never forget being so in my feelings after reading A Summer Of Us that I had to come straight to tumblr to tell you that lol. You were and have continued to be SO kind and encouraging about my fic writing aspirations, and it truly means so much. I only hope to write something as good as your fics one day! THANK YOU, love you, everyone go read Eventide Intrigue.

@lourryetc - Um where do I even begin??? I love you?? So?? Much??? Honestly, you were one of the first blogs I ever followed on tumblr and you’ve been a favorite blogger and person of mine ever since! I was already checking your blog on a daily basis (stalker alert), but seeing the work you did during MITAM promo season blew me the fuck away and just further cemented my love for you (that and your random all caps meltdowns). You are brilliant and a huge asset to this fandom, but more importantly, you are extremely kind to everyone and that’s what I love most about you. No matter what’s happening with 1D, I’ve never seen you talk down to or get annoyed with or ridicule anyone who comes to you with questions, and that’s the kind of thing I love to see. I HOPE YOU GET TO SEE THE WHITE TIGER AT THE AQUARIUM VERY SOON <3

@undisclosed-desires18 - My very first tumblr buddy!! Thank you for being the first person to ever talk to me or tag me in a challenge on this site and rescuing me from my tumblr isolation! Lol. You are such a lovely, lovely person and I’m so glad to know you. You are one of the strongest larries I know, so hang in there bub!! All of this shit is going to straighten itself out somehow. Love and hugs!

@limalourry - Meryl! Congrats again on your first salty anti anon! You’re doing it right. One time you said something to me and it was absolutely one of the sweetest things anyone’s ever said to me and it was my twitter bio at one point but I don’t know if you ever saw it. You said “I really hope to meet you some day, but the world is so big”. And well fuck. Idk if it gets more adorable than that. I hope to meet you too! Love love love you sweetie <3

@whattarush - We just started talking not too long ago but you are v cool and make awesome edits and we literally live so close to one another and I’m SO pumped for our future shopping excursion!! Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY which should be taking place sometime very soon :D Enjoy your quarter life crisis lol. Woop woop!

This isn’t everyone I’ve ever talked to here but just the people that talk to me the most. In conclusion, thank you to everyone who’s ever messaged me on tumblr and please feel free to do it again so we can be friends!! :)

People I Generally Love and Appreciate <3

(These are in completely random order because I’m lazy af. This might the sloppiest thing I’ve ever done and I’m sorry.)

@larrystylinsonfeelings @whoneedsasociallifeanyways23 @lightupmyworld94 @conf3ttif4lling @lyinginthedark @harryswinterboyfriend @un-boh-lie-vable @ggguiltypleasure @secret-rendezlous @larriefaerie @thewomanwithwolves @platonicallyhomo @magconfreakout @theessenceofawriter @scrufflecake @bethaboolou @daggertattoos @lhrry @oliviastrumpets @beautifuldreamtimemachine @larry-is-my-sunshine @sassafrass123 @bananastagram @alaialolailo @ineversaidwecouldfixthings @iusedtobeabaker @bearmustard @droppingtheveilofmaya @pianolouis @freddiesmyqueen @areyougoodwithyourhands @priceofsalts @donnysoldier @godgavemelou @zenlikejen @jawsandhobama @allegedlymags @birdonahotdog @supportingharrystyles @stylesforstiles @bromanceshmomance @bulletproofhalo @ittybird @saltygoodness @srslycris @jimmytfallon @genuinelybelieve @vansandburberry @too-old-for-this-ship @buscandoelparaiso @twerk-it-larry @diggingandfluff @worshippedlove @anchoredlou @elceeu2morrow @larrie2k16 @larriesvip @tomlinfinitys @larryadaykeepstheantisaway @adidas-and-ysl-9194 @adidastan @cheekylouist @gina-ru @moanystyles @mutualdiscussion @urfookinjob @superwholarrie @leodicapridope @larrysrendevous @goodchampagneandnewtattoos @dont-defend-a-silver-lining @rimfic @daniellerainbow65 @greathend0wski @city-of-lightwood @cityartlouis @cuppa-tea-please @our-perfectinfinity @photoshopstagram @starrynightlou @xoutsidethebox @stylinson-rendezvous @genuinelykink @larriedagger @iloveboylove @lovelustfatelarry @edlovespussy @fireprooflarry17 @nixllspotxtoes @endofthedayiknowplaces @alwaysinmyheartmonpetit @fawnliam @lapelosa @sexatoxbridge @thebritishboyfriends @thesociallarryshipper @riverforasoulreason @samegig @pour-some-sugar-on-me-baby @walkinheaven @ameryth74 @rogerina2012 @isangelouis

Woo! K, I’m stressed because I feel like I left people out but if you’re not on here it doesn’t mean I don’t love you! It probably just means I’m a lazy idiot who didn’t properly organize her follow forever and forgot to add you :( 

Anyway thanks to all of you for making the last few months great!

canyoupopalock requested: “bellarke + modern!AU + “we’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and now you want to stop and feel the rain?”

fun facts: i wrote this while listening to this really great playlist that puts rain sounds in the background of some cool music.

send me a number + a pairing!

Bellamy stares out from underneath the awning of his favorite coffee shop and watches as the rain comes down in droves. Cursing under his breath, he rifles through his bag searching for an umbrella, and sighs when he comes up empty. “Of course,” he mutters to himself, trying to gage how soaked to the bone he’s going to get if he attempts to make the mad dash the six city blocks to his apartment.

Normally, he would use a rainy day as an excuse to stay at Grounders and read or get some work for his thesis done, but his sister Octavia is coming home from a long trip abroad, and he doesn’t want to miss a single minute.

Suddenly, a small body barrels into him from the side, startling him. “Can you watch where you’re–”

“Can you not stand in front of the door when it’s pouring down rain?” The girl fires back, her voice heated, “You’re going to catch your death,” she informs him, before shoving her way inside, a few blonde curls escaping the hood of her sweatshirt as she goes.

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