are the only men

Yes, Cass is the only houseguest who has said she wanted to go after Neda but I still think this is a weak move. 

1. Neda got immunity week one so she has no clue how many other people would target her if they could.

2. Cass sucks at comps and no one trusts her. Why waste a HoH on someone you could get out whenever? Or if you were nominated next to, would ensure you survived eviction?

3. Neda could make a huge move without fear of retaliation. She could get out someone like Kevin or Bruno and spend her next week of safety mending any bad blood created during her HoH.

4. Her logic is that Cass is coming after her and she wants people like Kevin and Bruno in jury to vote for her to win. My issue is, with 5 weeks of immunity, she needs to make huge moves that would compensate for her help from Canada. Nominating Bruno and Dillon (since she’s close to Kevin) and getting one of them out would be better than getting out can’t-win-a-comp Cass or I’m-shaking Jackie.

C: I feel so disconnected. I’m getting more and more numb. I haven’t had my first kiss or a boyfriend and I never have crushes. I’m not attractive to guys. I know I’m not asexual. I’m young, but I’m so used to being alone at uni and not wanted that I fear that when something actually happens I’ll be too numb and won’t care. I can’t even say I love you to my family or friends. I’m only just getting used to being hugged. Men don’t dictate my beauty or worth, but it must be nice to feel wanted by someone.

Confession: OK. I get it if you only want to date black men or women and have black babies. Awesome, amazing. Do you, boo. But it pisses me off when I hear black people say “I don’t want no cream or cut baby,” like, WTF. You say you are pro-black but compare mixed children to food. If I have a child one day, I’m just gonna be happy that it’s healthy. It makes me angry. Black babies are beautiful and mixed babies are beautiful.

batmom scribble because super fun to write and the justice league trailer !! 

It was to be expected, it took all the women she had ever loved from her. Maybe that’s why she didn’t mind that her family consisted of males only now, men that go out every night, have her worried sick, not sure if it’ll be their last or if they’ll be spared another day, but nevertheless they were male and could not get thing she’s lost all her female relatives to; breast cancer.

And while it was to be expected it came suddenly, but she was not dumb, she was not going to burden her boys with these horrible news, besides they were busy with their own things, far more important things like crime, so she kept it to herself. She directly scheduled her doctors appointment herself, didn’t even give them the house number just so Alfred wouldn’t get a whip of her disease, she started wearing shawls and scarfs even though she still had hair. It was so that when she does lose all of it it wouldn’t seem that she was hiding her head out of the blue. She was smart like that.

She’s in the kitchen, early morning as she groans at Damian for being so slow, school is in thirty minutes after all. Dick appears in the room too, seeming to have spent a night in the manor, working on a case with the dark knight, as he yawns greeting the Waynes. Y/N passes him a cup of coffee before she turns to Damian again, glaring at him as he only eats slower noticing her do so.

“Is there a new fashion trend I’m not aware about? It makes you look so much older than you are, mom.” Dick says casually as she gapes at him, his what actually is an innocent comment making her insides turn.

“For your information I happen to like it.”

She hates it.

She swallows it down, hand coming up the scarf wrapped around her head, checking if no hair is peeking out as she gets back to scolding Robin about how he’s going to be late.

A few weeks pass and she’s pulling hair out of the drain, stuffing it down the trash deep down as tears brim in her eyes. She’s looking at herself in the mirror, skin like wet cloth hugging her bones as she sighs, wondering at how the bloody hell shes going to cover this up. For the next few days Bruce is busy, and she’s never been so relieved to be alone in bed, coughing blood and crying her eyes out.

She gets a wing, expensive one too, gluing eyelashes to her bare skin, tainting her cheeks the rosiest red that she can find for the charity ball she has to attend. Bruce is still busy and yet again she’s relieved, hell, she’d never want to be apart from her husband, but here she is, trying her best to smile at the rich folks. She gets in a good hour before she’s completely beat, she’s stumbling over to the bathroom, calling her assistant to help her leave quietly to the hospital.

She wakes up around 5 am, chest aching, tubes and IV’s attached to her, her assistant gone missing. And then she nearly fights the doctor to let her leave, she’ll have surgery the next day and before that she just needs to see her boys. And so when the sun finally rises, a beautiful Sunday morning she’s looking around.

She’s in the kitchen again, not only a scarf but one of Bruce’s old hoodies hiding her head as she prepares breakfast, Alfred out on his own person business. All of the others are here though — her boys. Jason, of course, is bickering with Tim, who’s not really giving him much of a response, Dick stands by Y/N as he informs Damian about one of his times as Robin, the son of Batman rolling his eyes at his brother. Y/N smiles, this is what she wanted to see, yes, there’s a chance the surgery will go good, but if not — this is what she wanted to see before she goes.

She’s spreading jelly on the peanut butter sandwich as her husband enters the kitchen, her smile only widening, it feels like ages since she’s seen him. But he doesn’t return it, he’s clutching a daily planet newspaper in his fist as he looks at his wife; her face is drawn on, to make her look happy and not dead, head hid behind layers of clothing, the skin that he can see, her wrists and hands, are skeleton like, only skin and bones to be exact. And he’s even shaking his head slowly, the boys looking at him confused before he slams the article on the table in front of them.

Y/N catches a glimpse of it and she’s gasping, her name is printed out in bright read, and so is her sickness. And she’s wincing, not only does the actual cancer is aching, but so is her heart — her assistant ratted her out to the press for the money. And now the entire fucking world knows.

“Take it off.” Bruce is in front of her now, Y/N looking at his blue eyes that aren’t blue at all anymore — there’s thunder and lightning, the storm brewing inside them making the woman uneasy.

“Surely this can’t be true, it’s just what papers do, like, click bait and stuff?” Tim says before she can even do anything and now her heart is cracking completely.

So she takes it off, minutes taking hours it seems as she pushes the hood off, unwrapping her scarf to reveal her bald head as she looks down in shame, the room filling with suffocating silence.

“How could you not tell us?” Jason immediately fires, fists balled up.

“I was going to! That’s why I invited you all for breakfast.. I wanted to see my family together one last time.” She murmurs, disappointed at herself, crystal beads filling her eyes as she’s trying her best not to sob.

“H-how long have you been hiding it?” Dick asks.

“A month or so, maybe a little longer.”

“My wife has cancer for over a month and I fail to notice—”

“No! I hid it well, it’s none of your fault, I pick up on your detective things you know, I know how to trick. I just didn’t want you to worry..”

“Worry? Y/N, you can’t go through these things alone, Jesus, I can’t believe I didn’t notice, please tell me you at least have good news, that it’s not all that bad, that you might actually make it—” He cuts himself with a sob and everyone’s eyes are on him as Bruce hugs Y/N, wrapping his so much bigger frame around her so tight as if she could disappear any second.

“I— I don’t know, they’re going to try and remove as many tumors as they can tomorrow, but there’s no promises, don’t get your hopes up.” She says, rubbing her husband’s back as the boys look back at her sadly.

“But you’re going to fight, aren’t you?” Damian says, Y/N squeezing out a smile to the youngest.

“You can count on it.”

C: I matched with this really cute guy on Tinder. We liked each other instantly and have lots in common. Liked his profile and all. But then we met up for drinks and I was astonished at how short and tiny he is. I’m 5'2 and about 110 and he was almost exactly my size and weight if not smaller. I am only attracted to men who are a bigger than me physically. I don’t know how to tell him we can’t go on. He keeps texting me and wanting to set up more dates. I don’t wanna waste his time or hurt him. 😥

I just remembered that a lesbian blocked me because I said that bisexuals experience compulsory heterosexuality as well and told me I was “co-opting the gay and lesbian experience” like okay, whatever, it’s not like I spent years stressing out over if I was actually attracted to men or was only attracted to them because I was taught to be, but two. Just trying to co-opt the homosexual experience.

Romano's characterization for you โ˜†

I hope it will help you with writing imagines with Romano!

So, the thing that is really important about him (and a lot of people forget about it) is the fact that he is mean and rude only towards men. But he is extremally friendly towards women. Fanfic writers forget about it a lot and write stories where Romano is rude to a female reader. Himaruya also mentioned that Romano protects women from the bad guys. It probably comes from the fact that male countries had always wanted to lay their hands on him and they were usually the ones who wanted to get rid of him.

It is also good to mention that he is even more of a coward than his brother, Feliciano. The only times he isn’t like it are the moments where he defends women in trouble. He is really confident when put in this situation.

It may also be surprising but as I read in 2011 Christmas Event, he is shown to be somewhat a hard worker even though he used to be lazier before it. Even Germany and Prussia complimented him.

It is also very surprising that Romano gets along with America very well.

He’s picky about his food (he won’t eat anything foreign, especially cheese or potatoes)

In Just 2 Minutes You Can Grasp the Exterior of the European Economy, Romano is shown to hate his mafia. They really influenced his character and may have ruined his view of the world. And due to him being a coward, he doesn’t usually talks badly about mafia.

He basically acts like “I don’t fucking care what you think.

A very important thing is also the fact that he is jealous of his brother. Because Romano was always in the shadow of Veneziano. It is especially show in strips with Chibi!Romano and Boss Spain. Romano thinks he lacks talent and is much worse than Vene.

Also, Romano’s clumsiness comes from his choreia. He had it as a child but Spain helped him overcome it.

Good luck!

@imaginehetaliadorks I love you, darling that is so perfect! Thank you, I hope that now I can write imagines for Romano

After an Incredible first season, the first ever women’s AFL grand finale was played yesterday. A game that has been only available to men on this level finally has become a reality for every little kid. Never again will we have to be told “footys just for boys” I’m so glad I was able to be there and witness history being made.

List of people not to trust:

- people who call warren graham creepy, a stalker, etc.
- people who scream at you and say you’re bad for believing that max caulfield and chloe price are bisexual
- people who ship jefferson with anything other than BURNING IN HELL
- people who think victoria is innocent and did nothing wrong?? Excuse me??
- people (except like young people who might not understand) who don’t take nathan’s mental issues into account for his actions (not an excuse for them, but an explanation for them)
- people who are like “it was only women who suffered in the game! Men led happy lives!” w h a t

The night turns slowly round,
Swift trains go by in a rush of light;
Slow trains steal past.
This train beats anxiously, outward bound.

But I am not here.
I am away, beyond the scope of this turning;
There, where the pivot is, the axis
Of all this gear.

I, who sit in tears,
I, whose heart is torn with parting;
Who cannot bear to think back to the departure platform;
My spirit hears

Voices of men
Sound of artillery, aeroplanes, presences,
And more than all, the dead-sure silence,
The pivot again.

There, at the axis
Pain, or love, or grief
Sleep on speed; in dead certainty;
Pure relief.

There, at the pivot
Time sleeps again.
No has-been, no here-after; only the perfected
Silence of men.
—  D.H. Lawrence, “Going Back”

⭐️ shoutout to nonbinary people who are only attraced to men

⭐️ shoutout to nonbinary people who are only attracted to women

⭐️ shoutout to nonbinary people who are only attracted to other nonbinary people

⭐️ shoutout to those of you who are struggling with how to label your sexuality because you don’t know if straight, gay, or lesbian are words nonbinary people can use or if they’re the right ones for you

⭐️ shoutout to those of you who do identify as straight, gay, or lesbian even though other people say nonbinary people aren’t allowed to

⭐️ and shoutout to those of you who are creating new words to describe your sexuality and sharing them with other people who could use them

fandomnerd4everandever  asked:

Your posts have helped me a lot & I really appreciate it. So I thought I would ask you for some advice. lol I'm not big into labels but I recently discovered/accepted that I'm attracted to women but I still find men attractive as well. The only thing is I don't want to date guys (tried and didn't like it) & I don't want to have sex w/ guys. So does that mean I'm still bi b/c I find some guys cute or is it okay to say I'm a lesbian? I just don't want to offend anyone. Thanks!

I think it’s totally okay to say you’re a lesbian! 

For one, being able to recognize a man is attractive is mostly a cultural thing and not always the same as being attracted to them. 

Two, lots of lesbians experience some degree of compulsory heterosexuality which makes it hard to identify when you’re experiencing genuine attraction to someone and when you’re just interpreting other feelings as attraction. Check out these posts for help figuring out if that’s what you’re experiencing: [x]  [x]

Three: I think it’s important that all questioning wlw feel comfortable trying on different terms. It’s hard to tell what feels right and fits if you’re too scared to ever try. I think a lot of us tried on a bunch of different identity labels before we settled into one, or we started using one before we were 100% sure and then realized it just made sense and grew more comfortable by the day. 

So I definitely support you identifying as a lesbian! If you find it feels right, then that’s wonderful! And if you end up discovering it doesn’t, then you can find some other word that fits your truth and this still will have been an important step towards self discovery. 

anonymous asked:

I know what you mean! As a nonbinary femme, I think of my femininity as a weapon. It's like a dare for someone to think I'm weak so I can prove them wrong. I feel extremely empowered. I honestly hate thinking of myself as a victim.

I think most people still hold that perception that women are weaklings who need validation from men and only serve to be sexualized objects and I hate that anyone could ever think of me that way too. makes me sick. We aren’t victims

y'all… I thought I was done being confused about my sexuality. Like I thought I was bi?? But I’ve never been attracted to a man irl ???? The only men I’m like somewhat attracted to are famous men.

But I swoon over women all the time.

So I think I’m a lesbian

Headcanon file: Reeve’s apartment —

This ties into other things I have yet to formally write about Reeve’s financial situation, but to cut to the chase I see all of the ShinRa executives as being very well paid. Mostly because who else would be the upper crust of Midgar if not the top tier of ShinRa Inc. ( and the Shinras themselves of course, and whatever other independently wealthy families exist )? And from a more self-interested point of reasoning on President Shinra’s behalf, it would behoove him and his interests to have his right-hand-men not only very well incentivized to stay loyal, but also for them to sympathize with the interests of the rich instead of the poor ( or even the middle class ).

But I’m getting ahead of myself! All this is to say that Reeve enjoys a very nice penthouse in Midgar.

In fact, his penthouse is nicer than he might otherwise be entitled to even by simple virtue of his paycheck because he was involved in designing the building, so he was able to lock in a deal early and designed the penthouse apartment with himself in mind. ( He isn’t always so directly or minutely involved in the design of every building in Midgar that gets constructed by the Urban Development Department, but he was with this one because he knew early on that he wanted to move into it. )

The Stone Building ( named for his predecessor, as it was one of the first major building projects erected by Urban Development after the previous man retired )  is in Sector 8, which is one of the nicer sectors on the plate ( Sectors 1 and 5 being among the other most desirable sectors, but both more residential ), containing the theater district, shops, and nightlife. The building is 24 floors in total, with Reeve’s two-level apartment located on the 23rd floor. From this height, he escapes the noise of the streets below, and also has panoramic views of Midgar’s skyline.

The side of the building that faces toward the center of the city has a clock on it that also serves as a window in his open concept living room/dining area, like this. ( If you can get used to telling time backwards, it works, and it was also pretty much what sold him on wanting to live in this building and specifically in this apartment. )

This main room spans both floors. His furniture is modern, clean, and sparsely used, mostly in neutral tones and maybe some light greens. There’s a nice large screen television and an electric fireplace, but he is rarely home often enough to use these things.

His office/workspace is a lofted area above the kitchen with a balcony railing that looks out into the main room. ( He lives alone, so noise and privacy aren’t really concerns. ) This room is…a mess, and it more or less stays that way all the time because the woman he pays to clean his apartment has been instructed to leave his office as is and not go in there. There are multiple workbenches with parts of half-finished projects, sketches and notebooks strewn everywhere, and his computer on the desk in the middle of the room. If he needed something specific, he’d find it in a matter of moments because he knows exactly where everything is, more or less, but there would be a lot of shuffling things around, checking in maybe 2 or 3 locations first ( this drawer? that one? oh, there it is ), and making even more or a mess. ( By contrast, his office in the ShinRa Building (and later the W.R.O. Headquarters) is immaculate and very professional looking. ) The windows in this room face the center of the city, as the ones in the living room do.

His bedroom is upstairs as well, on the side of the building that faces out of the city rather than into it. This mostly puts his view looking out onto the industrial area on the edge of the plate, but also some greenery and the water beyond it, which is a rare sight for Midgar. His bedroom decor is mostly white oak and gray textiles, and there is a walk-in closet.

There’s a master bathroom ( jacuzzi and stand-up shower ) attached to his bedroom as well as another full bathroom ( combo shower/bathtub ) on the lower level. There’s also a pool in the building ( shared by all residents ) but he never really uses it.

All in all, it’s one of the nicest residences in Midgar and he takes a lot of pride in it, both as something he had a hand in creating personally as well as a symbol of his achievements. He tries to get his parents something just as nice when they decide to move to Midgar to be nearer to him, but his mother insists on something cozier and he sets her up in Sector 5 instead.

anonymous asked:

Any tips for finding shirts, jackets, etc. when you're short but a bigger guy? I'm 5'4 and currently weigh 185 pounds. I'm trying to lose weight, but in the meantime, the only men's shirts that fit me are too big in the shoulders and arms. Thanks!

Zak: Different brands have different fits, and so first I’d recommend going shopping in person and trying on men’s shirts at different stores. With t-shirts, you probably won’t have a whole lot of issues because it isn’t that big of a deal if the sleeves are a little long. However, with dress shirts or suit jackets it might be nearly impossible for you to buy off the rack without at least some tailoring. If you have the skills, its definitely possible to make minor alterations to your clothes (here’s a guide to doing so). If you have the money and you wear a lot of dress clothes, you might want to think about investing in a few made-to-measure dress shirts from a site like Indochino