are the last people he wants to hurt

*Warning: smut* RFA+V+saeran react to MC dancing sexily and them acting upon it *Wink wink*

 This was requested by @trustxfundxkid-jumin ^^ YAY lol

Oh right, ‘nother huge disclaimer is that Jumin’s had a ddlg kink ok? Ok, I don’t want any more negative feedback about it ‘cause it really hurt me when people criticised on my last post ^^ Anyway, yeah, I warned ‘ya!


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Me and my mother were discussing this last night, but I don't think Toffee would be able to hurt marco that much? Mainly because he's human, and I don't think that humans inherently have magic, so Toffee couldn't take his magic. I want marco to bring everyone from school to fight him. I predict that'll be what happens in season 3.

It’s still such a big mystery…is he able to drain life source or magic out of people? Either way, it’s very concerning. But that’s a very interesting prediction! :D That’d give Marco and his friends an advantage for sure to help take Toffee down if it occurs in the next season. 

Okay but can we talk about how when this kiss happened Even had already heard Isak say that he doesn’t want mentally ill people in his life? And he must have been so hurt right then but he didn’t show it at all, he was just so tender with Isak and kissed him. And he probably thought that this was going to be their last kiss because Isak didn’t want someone like him in his life.

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(image from chapter 40 pg. 12)

so i just wanted to point out that Luffy is such a chaotic neutral that he would’ve let an entire village of innocent people get attacked by pirates if Usopp hadn’t done something about it

Luffy is not a chaotic good, he’s a chaotic neutral, and if he didn’t befriend everyone along his journey, the whole world of One Piece would be burning. the only reason he stops the arc villains is b/c someone he made friends with is suffering by their hands, and Luffy abslutely hates it when his friends are hurt or sad

I think it’s important to admit the fact that we don’t always want to choose God. We walk through seasons when God is the last thing we want to choose. Seasons where our minds are muddled and our inspiration cracking and our faith sometimes feels paper thin. We are not perfect. We hurt and we are slow to trust and we put our all into people and let our worlds shatter when they leave. We’re human. It’s a catastrophic mess but this is where we meet God. So yes, there are times when we don’t want to choose Him, but we choose Him still because there is not a single moment when He doesn’t choose us.

Percy probably never ever drinks and particularly never near Annabeth. Ever since he was young, he’s seen how alcohol can mess with people. He’s seen how much worse Gabe was with his mom when he was drunk. And he would always have this tiny fear that drinking, even a small amount would make him like Gabe, would make him hurt the people he loves. And accidentally or otherwise, that’s the last thing he would ever want.

okay guys lemme talk for a sec.

as a writer and a queer person, bury your gays is shit. it’s cheap and hurtful.

that said, matt, as much as he loves narrative, is beholden to the dice and the characters as people.

allura was too close to the lair, and kima followed her even tho she knew something was wrong, because something was wrong, because that’s what kima does.

gilmore in the thordak fight just didn’t have the dice power to keep up, didn’t have the hp to survive the way vm does.

matt does not want to kill any of his characters.

he is trying. he is trying. making gilmore so much more than just flamboyant, making kima a paladin not just a bitch lesbian, making allura one of the most powerful arcane casters in the world instead of just the femme bisexual, trying to make sure he remembered they pronouns for jamon saord, making sure that raishan was recognised as a woman despite her form as a man at the time.

they might seem like little things but as a writer, as someone critical of media, as a queer person, he is trying, and dear god do i love him for it.

he doesn’t want to kill any of his pcs, but if it happens it happens. if he kills vex or vax or scanlan or grog or any other pc or npc, it’s because they failed the rolls.


Our Ninomi was seen to be in pain yesterday during their second half performance on FNS. Probably hurt his back again after that leg move :( praying for a fast recovery! People on Twitter are saying he can just sit in a chair throughout the rest of the tour dates because he’s cute anyway and we won’t mind one bit. Health is the greatest wealth after all ~

(Last two photos are not related to this topic. Just wanted to show his angel face to the Internet)


Requested: could you do one where you’re 4 years younger than Shawn and you’re worried what people will say so you try to end things with him even though you dont want to and but he won’t let you and promises not to let people hurt you? Thanks ily

Note: I made y/n 18 in this and Shawn 22. I just didn’t feel comfortable with Shawn at 18 dating a 14 year old for personal reasons.  



These last three months with your boyfriend have been absolutely amazing. He’s everything you could have asked for. Not everything has been perfect in your relationship, it has its ups and downs like any, but Shawn has shown you what it really means to love someone. Something that, in eighteen years, you’d never really experienced before.

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Michael Clifford Imagine

Prompt: 7. “Can you calm down, I can’t concentrate.” (Michael)

*Imagine you having troubles confiding in people which leads to a fight between you and Michael because you won’t talk to him.

“Stop pretending like nothing hurts you.” Mikey stood over you, while you sat at your desk, your eyes glued to your text book. He had just barged into your room, yelling about what someone had said.

Can you calm down, I can’t concentrate.” The last thing you wanted to do was talk about your feelings. It made you feel weak and it was easier for you to pretend like nothing hurts you.

“No Y/N.” He reaches over you and closes your textbook. “I’m worried about you. You always do this.”

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Not Letting Go - fic

Characters: Jon Kent, Damian Wayne, Ra’s al Ghul, bits of everybody else.
Pairing: jondami
Summary: Jon didn’t care that Ra’s was family. That the situation was complicated. He would not let that bastard hurt Damian again.
A/N: Jon’s like, 27 and Damian’s around 30. I love making people save Damian. Love IT. Jon literally starts wedding planning on the jet on the way back to Gotham. He’s also sappy as hell and like, reproposes every day, and likes to tell the story that he proposed in the midst of battle and saving his lover etc. Damian thinks he’s a huge loser (but he’s thrilled that Jon is his huge loser).


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Lost-Credence Barebone Imagine

Requested from anon: Please please please when you get the chance write a lost child thing for Credence Q_Q The Graves one either broke me or saved me!!!

Originally posted by credencesbarebone

  • He shouldn’t have gone into the heart of New York during the Christmas season
    • But his baby girl had wanted to see the lights and like his wife would tell him (and even he would admit it), she had him wrapped around her pinky
    • It was so crowded there, people bustling about to get last minute presents and they kept being jostled back and forth as they struggled forward. A part of him wanted to just carry her, but he didn’t want her to get annoyed with being unable to walk, and besides, what if he hurts her?
      • One hard hit from a hurrying bystander however, and her hand is wrenched from his and she vanishes before he can even turn around
  • Panic crawls into his throat and he struggles to even breathe as for the first time since he could remember he fights against the crowd, calling out to her desperately, his voice lost to the din of the crowd
    • Not her, not his baby girl
      • She’s lost and it’s all his fault
  • Every horrible scenario plays through his mind
    • She could wander into the streets and be hit by a vehicle and he wouldn’t be there to save her or comfort her
    • Here it would be easy to snatch a child and no one would even notice
      • There are children crying everywhere, why would another bystander think that someone carrying his miracle away wasn’t just a father with an upset child?
        • And the image of another person like Mary Lou telling his baby girl take off a belt to be punished for something sends fear through his veins as the shadows could claim her as the shadows had done to him, leaving him nothing more than a ball of hatred, anger, and grief
          • ‘Not again…please God, not again.’
  • And then he hears the loud crying. A wailing he recognized in an instant and chills him to the bone
    • He will never excel in magic, Tina can only teach him so much but the moment he hears the loud scream, it’s as though he let out a locator spell, and before he even realizes it, he’s rushing towards the sound, calling out to his daughter.
  • He breaks through the crowd, almost parting it like Moses parted the Red Sea and sees his daughter being comforted by a homely couple in front of a glittering nativity scene in a window, the Star of Bethlehem directly above her.
    • If he wasn’t at his wits end, he’d have probably found the scene almost ironic.
  • He hurries over to the two, calling out to his baby girl frantically, who swings around at his voice and bolts to him, sobbing all the way and colliding into him with all her weight. He stumbles back for a moment, but heaves her up, and clutches her tightly to him, kissing her temple repeatedly.
    • He mumbles a ‘thank you’ to the couple, who merely smiles fondly. Whether or not they were going to say anything he doesn’t know, more content in comforting his daughter.
      • ‘You’re not in trouble, this is Pa’s fault. This is Pa’s f-fault and he’s so sorry little miracle. He’s so sorry.’
  • He gets her hot chocolate and after walking a little bit gets her a pastry shaped like Mr. Scamander’s niffler from Kowalski Quality Baked Goods which ultimately dries his daughter’s eyes and he smiles as she offers him a paw and he takes it, nibbling on it
  • But he doesn’t let her go, clutching her tightly to him as they continue their little walk back towards home
    • The shadows had taken him once, he’s not about to let his daughter vanish there as well

Jackson gives his fans all love atention and heart, and he recaived from them nothing mayby except traubles ….first this article about him begging for space , ok mayby someone spread rumors that he need beg on his knees them to give him this space but its not the point , most important is that they still crowded him like freaking animal in the zoo, second is his last comercial midea was leaked and there mayby posibility that they will not air this cm because this, and that makes me angry the most because he freaking work so hard on this cm, flying from korea and the morning to china, and despite some tiredness he smiled and act like pro , and now mayby his all effort will put in vain. and I will not even start about about some shitty rumors about his nudes because some people just wanted play on his fame and there they found some naivy or more stupid ones who belived in this. jackson lately is attackted from every side and this hurts me a lot because honestly he is ONE REALLY KIND AND FRIENDLY GUY AND HE ( NO ONE ) BUT ESPECIALLY HIM DOESN’T DESERVE THIS

Hi all, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all the kind messages regarding my father. I miss him so fucking much, but distractions are helping a bit. Also, good vibes and incredible people are helping me pull through. We buried him last week and man it hurt. It really fucking hurt and I’ve been spending a lot of time feeling angry that this had to happen. That he suffered the way he did. I’m hoping I can properly grieve soon, but at the moment everything just feels really weird. 

Bare with me, my mind is all over the place. Can barely keep a coherent thought together. Anyway, yeah thanks. <3

jeneelestrange replied to your post “spaci1701 replied to your post “spaci1701 replied to your post “Just…”

HOLY SHIT, this dude sounds AMAZING

I want this to work so much. I need this to work because I honestly can’t go on like this.

He had previously told me after our first brief consult (I went to see him over my old root canal hurting a few months back) that I should think about braces and here were some people to look into.

When I came back in today and he saw what had been done to my mouth since he last saw me (my back teeth have been ground down to stubs to try and stop them hitting off each other, which just means all the pressure is now going on my right side/front teeth for chewing which is causing the muscles to seize and has in no way alleviated the pain in my left side) he pulled out a business card from his actual wallet and said “this is the only ortho I let near my children, we’re going to get you an appointment”.

It was just really, really nice.

And now I’m crying again. God dammit.

anonymous asked:

How do you think Barry should own up to his mistakes? Like specifically?

i think it’s a matter of not expecting people to forgive you. because i’ve honestly fucked up, like big time, and i’ve hurt people i really care about. i’ve never altered a timeline but i am working on it. and i get it. but he’s not the victim here, and i think what frustrates me the most is that the narrative wants us to think he is.

barry is a lot of things- quick-tempered, passionate, and desperate for affection. but that last point is like. i dont think barry acts out of a place of mean spiritedness. i don’t. i don’t think his intentions are bad. but they are his intentions, and no one else’s. and the narrative needs to stop saying that barry’s personal choices are the Right Ones when every single piece of evidence points to the contrary. 

i mean, i know this will never happen and i’ll grow to resent barry more and more so whatever, i’m getting cheese fries

John out of character in season 4? Let’s think about this for a moment.

Ok, so. Why did he not care that Sherlock was about to shoot himself in TFP? Why did he punch the shit out of Sherlock? Why did he shut Sherlock out on so many occasions? Why did he not care when Sherlock wanted another hit at the hospital?

Because, as Sherlock pointed out, even John is human. And he is experiencing a great amount of grief.

Let’s just think about what this poor man has been through in the last few years.

War. People he cared about, dying because of this war. His best friend (who he was prolly in love with) dying. His wife turning out to be an assassin. His wife dying. 

Any single one of these things could push even a strong person over the edge. 

He has shut down his emotions as a coping mechanism.  

He needs someone to blame for all of the hurt he has experienced, and he blames Sherlock, because he doesn’t know how to handle his grief. 

If you need another example of this… just look at his daughter. His own daughter, who he basically pawns off on Molly because he can’t be there for her emotionally. He barely mentions her throughout the series, and not once during the times he’s faced with death, does it even seem to occur to him that he has a daughter. 

And if any of you have dealt with depression, you know that nothing matters when it consumes you. Not even a hot gay detective. 

And I think that, if season 5 comes, once he has had more time to grieve, I imagine he will have come around a little more. 

It will be interesting to see, that, with all of the emotional maturing Sherlock has done in the past two seasons, John may even learn a thing or two from him about being “human.”

One last thing on why they’re filming 6.20 right now.

Did anyone ever consider they also have other people to work around now too? They got Hoechlin, Charlie Carver, Adelaide Kane, and probably others that we don’t know about.

So yes, Dylan is available right now, but he could be available longer and they’re working around the other actors.

We don’t know.

Let people be optimistic if they want to.

It doesn’t hurt you at all to let them be positive.