are the last people he wants to hurt

Can we talk about the fact that Rose Quartz was included in the illusions of people Steven believed he had wronged in this most recent episode “Mindful Education”, as evidenced by the fact that she appeared last out of all of the illusions and had the most impact on him and the fact that Steven said “I didn’t want to hurt anyone” after Stevonnie unfused. That just goes to show that no matter how much everyone tells Steven that Rose loved him and she did what she did for him, he still feels guilty for taking her away from everyone. That is heavy man. 

He did end up calling shortly after. He had told me that after 7 months of dating he could not see being with me “long term”. He said at one point that the love just wasn’t enough for him and because of it he wanted to leave.

I fought so hard to keep him around, told him I could change and we would make this work because our love is so strong. But by the end of the phone call he was begging to be let go and at that moment I realized I couldn’t force someone to stay no matter how much I wanted them to.

That wasn’t the last time we spoke, we thought we could be friends right away, but naturally it started getting rocky when we were starting to be with other people sexually. Because of that and all the hurt we decided best to cut ourselves out of the picture for now.

It’s been 2 weeks and we agreed that when he came back to school we would try to talk again. I’m doing much better and finally standing on my own two feet again. I’m not going in with any expectations, but I’m afraid that when I look at him my heart will flutter just like the first time we met. We have a connection that I can’t just throw to the side and walk away from like I have in the past. He’s a special one so I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep him around even if it means not in my arms.

LOVING YOU {last part; Jungkook}

I jumped out of bed. WHAT THE FUCK?! Jungkook’s eyes sprung open as he looked at me with a shocked expression. What’s wrong with you? … What do you mean?! You’re in my bed! … Well yea? I stared at him in disbelief as he opened and closed his mouth. 

Jungkook had confessed last night. He remembered it clear as day. But now he was looking at you with a complete fearful expression. It’s a lot easier to confess when you’re sleeping … That sounds so creepy. Your eyes were practically bugging out of your head as he grabbed your hand. Pulling you closer to the bed, he sat up and swung his legs over the side. He looked you in the eye and began speaking. 

I love you. It scares me. I don’t let people in because the people I love hurt me or they die. I don’t want you to do either. But when you said you loved me, god, my heart jumped out of my chest. I wanted to run up to you, but I didn’t want the guys thinking you were whoring around with me, so I stopped being your bodyguard. I just, I suck at words and I don’t know how else to put it, but I love you. 

I smiled as I watched Jungkook’s shy expression grow more confident as he continued to speak. He was telling me how he felt and my heart fluttered. Draping my arms around his neck, I leaned my forehead against his. He looked up into my eyes as I continued to smile. I love you, but it’s still creepy that you broke into my house. He laughed and shrugged as he moved his face up to yours. 

The kiss was gentle and loving. Not passionate or lustful, but reassuring and careful. It was almost as if both of us were worried the other would disappear if we were too rough. Soon the kiss became more feverish, his hands began to roam as mine moved to his hair. Growling into my mouth as I pulled at his scalp, I reveled in the feeling. 

Soon shirts and pants were being flung across the room. Jungkook made note to kiss every scar and every mark. He told me he loved me. Whispered sweet nothings in my ear. All while falling into a complete air of desire. My breathing became more erratic and I felt myself reach cloud nine. 

As we laid in the aftermath of our loving morning, my fingers traced the various scars that were etched onto his skin. Can I tell you one more thing? … Sure? … I love your scars. Jungkook stopped my hand and looked down at me. You do? … Of course, they are part of what makes you, you. I smiled up at him as his grin grew wider. Kissing my forehead, he wrapped his arms around me tighter. Thank you for making me see that I should love every part of me, too. I kissed his chest as I cuddled up to him. 

It was the perfect way to begin the rest of our lives. 

so i thought of a destiel au last night that’s both angsty and beautiful @superkittycas @cascountshisfreckles @singingwithsherlock @ryokogirle

i love jock!dean and nerd!cas. what if cas is real quiet and has religious parents? the popular kids tend to pick on him cause they found out pretty quickly that cas is a pacifist. then one day, dean happens to be around and he defends cas. 

they soon start hanging out and dean decides he wants to protect this kid and that maybe he’s kinda cute. 

eventually they start dating but dean doesnt want people to know but somehow the word got out that cas was gay he ends up hurting himself. dean is pissed to no end and one day when cas returns to school, everyone was snickering at him and dean just looses and starts yelling. “EVERYONE STOP PICKING ON CAS! YOU WANT SOMEONE TO PICK ON, PICK ON ME! LEAVE MY BOYFRIEND ALONE!” and its just dead quiet because “dean winchester????? gay???? what?????” and he goes “YEAH THAT’S RIGHT! CAS IS MY BOYFRIEND! ANYONE GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?” and he doesnt realize that cas is more stunned than all the eyes staring at them. dean smiles at him and decides to kiss him. 

they soon become the most popular couple in the entire school.

yeah i need to write this…

The arsonist theory part 3: Lie until you aren’t lying anymore

part 1 here!

part 2 here!

In the last post I talked about how there was a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that Bill isn’t happy doing what he’s doing. Everything we know about his personality is a lie. It all led up to a piece of evidence that proved that Bill didn’t truly want to destroy his dimension- the weight of that evidence could only be conveyed properly if the backstory was known.

But then I mentioned, why would Bill destroy our dimension with Weirdmageddon? It’s kind of simple.

He thinks he’s helping us. (The 9th+10th lines in the scrapped song and one of the ciphers from journal 3 (at the bottom) )

But if he thinks he’s helping us, why hurt us? In the last post, there’s proof that Bill isn’t happy hurting people, but WHY would he pretend that he is?

Well, to understand the why, first we need to know exactly how Bill lies.

(NOTE: no spoilers in this post, but you do need to read at least part 2 to understand this one.)

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“Oh ~ look what the fucking cat dragged in and I was beginning to suspect that you’d just decided to ignore me forever”. To say he wasn’t pissed off or hurt would be a lie but Bakura of course had to hide how he truly felt behind a mask of fake grins and sarcastic comments. Perhaps it was impossible for Atem to see why he’d done what he had. He’d wanted this darn war to end, this darn game to stop - for his people’s souls to be freed but also for some type of peaceful ending for the stupid King who had fucked up everything in the first place. Oh well. The man he’d loved was long dead now and the one that now stood before him just servered to annoy him more than anything else. It was like talking to a wall - nothing seemed to get through his thick skull and if Bakura was to be honest with himself then perhaps that was for the better. However…

“…look before you slam the door in my fucking face or go back to pretending I’m a ghost again or something ~ I need to ask for a tiny tiny favour”. After all he had promised Ryou - and why the kid couldn’t come here and ask himself was a question he’d get an answer to later one way or another. His host was always doing annoying things lately - as though trying to force him to make peace with those whose lives he’d fucked up. Like that was even possible. He didn’t care though. Not really. The war was over at least. That’s all that truly mattered right?

Defending Leafy?

Its hard watching leafy blogs go one by one. Especially since they were here ever since I joined Tumblr and have been through the hard times and the calm times. I love every leafy blog (aside from two particular ones) and i honestly want everything to go back to how it used to be where we watched his videos and make cute edits n shit but now, its not the same.

I honestly think something is wrong with Calvin and he’s unintentionally hurting people. I honestly believe he’s going through tough times and I think in his next video he will be addressing it. That or making another FouseyTube rant cuz more shit came out about fouseytube since his last one and he said he didn’t want to rush the video.

As for me: I’m not someone who’s soft about trans/etc people cuz its a new concept to me that i don’t fully understand what it is and its not something someone can just explain to you and you get it. its more of something that through personal experience and getting to know someone who is trans/non-binary that helps make it make since. I don’t think anyone will understand what being trans/no binary/etc without getting to know someone that is or being trans/non-binary I think the ppl who are adding asexual, panisexual,gay,lesbian,bisexual are going a bit over board. he called Trans/non-binary people, creatures and said that their…”feelings” i guess would be the right term (sorry I’m not very knowledgeable about it) were invalid because he saw it simply as “u have a stick or a hole” and that there would be no in between…What does that have to do with wither or not u prefer to have sex with a man or a female? I think wanting men over women or women over men is different than having a dick yet you should have had a vagina. Do you get what I’m saying? I think the gay/lesbian/panisexual/bisexual/asexual community should be left out of this and simply defending the trans/non-binary community if they feel he has wronged them.

My thoughts on what he said: Calvin fucked up. So badly. I think he just doesn’t understand or have ever meant anyone that was trans/non-binary. I’ve never been friends with a person that identifies as trans in real life nor has anyone in real life ever complained about which pronouns i used. I honestly didn’t know being non-binary was a thing until his video and people on tumblr explained it. So him not knowing i don’t blame him for. However i think calling her a “creature” was going too far, not to mention eh claimed he watched some f her video but never looked int he about section to see which pronouns she preferred. Like really dude.

In all honesty I think his mind was just clouded because of what she said before that “all cis ppl are trans-phobic and all members of the majority are biased against the minority” that he kinda tossed her feelings to the side and plus leafy isn’t one to spare ppl’s feelings. not to mention as of lately he’s been on edge and yelling out of no where and getting so easily angry that maybe his hatred for her clouded his thinking.

Either way I still think he owes the trans/non-binary community an apology and he should try to compensate for it. Yet I think we should give him a chance to fix it. I will stay loyal to the fandom wither he does or does not.

Disclaimer: I don’t really need to put one tbh but i’d feel bad if i didn’t. Sorry if I offended anyone from the trans/non-binary community, I’m not very knowable about it. Knowing more about it won’t really change any thing you are people and should be treated as such, that’s all I need to know :L 

Side note: Don’t write me an essay explaining what something is. If I really wanted to know more, there’s google. . _. 

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There’s a lot that I want to say right now. A lot that doesn’t matter. A lot that other people will say.

I’m so proud of Finn for doing what he did last night. I’m so fucking heartbroken right now, and to be honest I might not watch Raw tonight because I’m allowed to be a big petty baby every once in a while in my life. But I’m still so proud of him.

I don’t have the energy to bring you guys fluff or comfort. I’m sorry. My fav wrassle dude is hurt and…I’m just gonna mope and be sad for a while.

charlyoddsox  asked:

People change. Kirb is a changed man. I know him. I don't doubt you when you say he did some bad stuff in the past, but I talked to him about it. He really, really is sorry. He wants to move on. I know when people are lying. He is not lying. He knows what he did was shit, he knows he hurt you, and he's ashamed. If he really is how you described him in your post, he would have had it removed. Please please, I know it's hard, but please consider the fact that he's changed. I hate this discourse...

I still don’t want to address dissenters, but I keep seeing you everywhere and you’re irritating me.

The last email he sent to me was October 2015.

The incident where he told Liz he could not be his friend unless they were dating/fucking was a couple of weeks ago.

Kirb has not changed in the 10 years I have known him. Sorry that YOU hate the discourse, but I hate being abused, so, looks like we’re at a bit of an impasse here. As a fan, your opinion is irrelevant vs the people who have known him for 10+ years, or have dated him, or have seen him in real life for more than just a con meetup.

If he’s truly sorry, he knows my email. Oh wait, he filtered my mails to the garbage bin. Whoops!

thestaticstalker  asked:

Static@Maren: I'm going to be blunt here, krzzt. I saw this whole "Maren kills people" blog, and I don't think you're capable of even hurting a fly. The nervous stutter and your stressed expression suggest that even if you wanted to kill someone, you couldn't, because you'd wimp out at the last second. The teal deer ((he means tl;dr)) here, is that I think you're innocent, and I want to help clear your name. Even if it means i have to snuff out the guy who started this malignant rumor.

Maren: Thanks, I guess? Well, looking weak is better than looking like a killer, so yeah, thanks. More and more people t-think I’m innocent, it’s really helping me. I want my name cleared more than anything. And if you do find him, I hope you use those cool powers of yours and shock him for me. He deserves it, that’s for sure.

“The difference was... she loved me.”

The difference was she lied.
He never said anything.

I bet you can remember every last detail about her
down to the way she likes her coffee
I can’t remember a single thing about him
I shudder at the thought
there on the other side of black glass
he prods
nothing ever happened

Who are these people?
Was it better when I believed it too?

Tied in a chain for five years
never loving again
I once loved you and now
it’s nothing but a sick pity

He never chose to hurt me
I was lucky.

I wanted to tell you she lied
I thought it would break us apart
I was probably right

Pitiful brother
that’s just the love you chose
I don’t know which one of us is better off.

- quietmynx
Restraint - Chapter 19/19
By Organization for Transformative Works

The last chapter is up!! Omg it’s done, what a ride!

Draco raised himself onto his elbows and gave him an intense look. “I would follow you anywhere, Harry. I’d let them say whatever they wanted about me. It’s what they will say about you that I’m concerned with. And I’m worried how I will react to it.”

Harry gave him a sharp look. “What do you mean by that?”

“I won’t stand by and let people hurt you, and you won’t like the ways in which I’ll retaliate,” he said seriously. “I am not a nice person when I, or someone I love, is threatened. You go walking into the woods to die for people. If someone threatens my loved ones, I will destroy everything they care about until they have nothing left.”

A shiver of something dark passed through Harry. He shouldn’t like hearing that, but he did. Draco’s eyes were cold and hard, and Harry realised he was completely serious.

“Except when they’re more powerful than you,” Harry said softly, remembering the way Draco had reacted when ordered to kill Dumbledore.

Draco’s expression hardened further. “I will never bow down to someone like that again. I will never let my loved ones be used against me like that again, and I will kill anyone who tries.”

Harry shivered. Their conversation had gone to a dark place and he didn’t know how to turn it around. Even though he was horrified by the knowledge that Draco was serious, he was also pleased by what he was hearing. Knowing that someone would fight for him like that was comforting, even though it was wrong.

also u can’t fucking tell people that they’re allowed to headcanon whatever they want

and then turn around and shit on people for their headcanons!! 

in the same fucking post!!

if you’re telling me i’m a bad person and hurting girls by using he/him pronouns for pidge

you better take a step of your high horse before i knock u the fuck down bc guess what you’re doing

it’s certainly not making the fandom a safer place for trans people

(and yes, this applies to ppl who headcanon pidge as a trans girl too) 

errantgoat  asked:

Dude, I actually heard the opposite reasoning for the end of Bleach as it is - the SJ making Kubo just end it because it wasn't making the kind of profit they were happy with - thus everything got rushed. Don't know what to think of the "Kubo sticking it to the man by choosing the wrong pairing" explanation, sounds kind of suspicious to me.

Yeah, that’s what I heard started it. That Bleach had been dragging on and hadn’t been bringing in the kind of profit they wanted, so they told Kubo he had x amount of chapters to wrap things up (and apparently that they were also firing him after the last chapter was published?). So that plus all the issues he’s had with them over the years made him decide that he’d write a lackluster ending to supposedly hurt their sales (meaning not that he chose the wrong pairing, though many people are taking it that way of course, but that it would leave most fans unsatisfied enough to not support SJ by buying the issue).

According to what I’ve heard that Japanese fans are saying (if they are to be believed), it’s working, because most of his Japan fanbase is pissed off enough, either at him or at SJ, to not buy this issue.

I don’t know if I believe that he did it specifically for revenge or sticking it to the man or whatever, but I definitely can see him, after everything that’s happened, feeling like he doesn’t owe SJ anything and being all like, whatever, here’s an ending for you, take it, and just washing his hands of the whole thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just wants out at this point; trying to work creatively under so much pressure and with so many restrictions as to what he can/can’t do would suck the joy out of any project :/

I’ve also heard that he doesn’t have any rights to Bleach, those are held by his editor at SJ which, if true, really stings and would be even more reason why he’d rush the ending without any effort to sort of mitigate the abruptness.

All of this is unconfirmed, of course, so I doubt we’ll really know how true any of it is, unless he gives an interview at some point down the line.

It seems it just kind of sucks for everyone all around, honestly :(

Sometimes I honestly wonder why people still ship zer.vis… Especially after the last few chapters. Like???? I saw several high note posts with some cutesy caption about how “Z@ref still cares!” because he doesn’t want to watch his buddies torture M@vis, but??? he’s still letting her be tortured??? he’s not stopping them and is making the situation more about him than her??? because he has “no desire to watch” her be hurt??? and that’s fucked up??? and shouldn’t be romanticized???

Do you ever have a day that’s so awesome, so great, you just feel like everything is in sync and you’re killing it. You’re finally feeling like it all just make sense and clicks. That was yesterday. My boss and I clicked on a whole new level. Our work relationship is shifting and it felt so nice. Then there was today. She was grumpy off the bat but I took it in stride. Afterall, we both had coffee and it was early. Then I called a new client that we were seeing today because he didn’t complete the behavior form clearly enough. Your dog is fighting other dogs in the home but you don’t describe the fight. Was anyone hurt? How long did the fight last? How was the fight ended? If the dog is aggressive to dogs outside the home or toward people. So when I called the owner he jumped down my throat. How dare I not read his form, apparently I can’t read and just wanted to waste his time. How dare I ask him questions; he thought we were the best and now he has his doubts. He made it perfectly clear he had nothing to add and wasn’t happy with me specifically for calling him before he promptly hung up. My boss swiveled around in her chair with both eyebrows raised as I tried to control my racing heart and shaking hands. It took everything I had to calm down so I could walk into an appointment with a very aggressive German Shepherd. Then come to find out one of our pateints was put down because the owners didn’t want to train or deal with his unruliness anymore. It just set the tone for the whole day. By the time we saw this client for his appointment I wish I could spit in his eye. But his dog was the sweetest little Boxer I’d ever met and she was deaf; something he thought was irrelevant to her dog aggression….the appointment was painful. He doesn’t want to train just tell him how to make her like dogs and stop fighting them…right! By the end of the appointment we watch as the client drove away and my boss leans over and says, “fuck I need a margarita”. I don’t think we’ve ever agreed on something more. Today was shit, the clients were shit, but that little Boxer and my boss kind of give me hope that my future in this buisness isn’t a complete joke.

You could say that Teen Jade and Adult Jade are drastically different because they are in some ways. After her father died, Jade became lost - he was her anchor, the one she’d run to for anything, especially a shoulder to cry on and a hug to comfort her. It didn’t help the girl that her mother grew obsessed with trying to turn her into the Darkcaster, push her into giving in to the curse. All throughout Jade’s teenage years, she was rebellious against her mother - she didn’t want to be like her, she didn’t want to hurt people. 

This rebellious streak lasted until she met her boyfriend and the future father of her daughter, Joshua McMahon. Jade began to straighten up, acting like a good girl because of Josh’s influence. And despite the heartbreak she suffered after Josh abandoned her when he discovered she was pregnant, Jade did not go back to being that little rebel. She had a responsibility now, as a mother. She never wanted Ellie to grow up like she did, and only wanted the best for her.