are the last people he wants to hurt

Needing you

Prompt :Go on then, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”

Summary : Dean x reader - After a hard case Dean pushes you away  and you leave trying to  put your broken heart back together

   You watched as dean took another shot of whisky and down it like it was water.  That was his 5th shot tonight and  he still hadn’t spoken a word to you or Sam.  Sam had finally given up and left him alone.
  But you couldn’t leave him like this he was hurting and you wanted to know why .. Dean had been acting very weird ever since  your last hunt . Where you guys had Tracked down a couple rouge demons that were killing people..
   That case had been kind of rough.. Dean had gotten captured by the demons and it took you and Sam about 24 hours  to get him back and every since than he had been acting very strange.
 Of course he wouldn’t tell you anything about what happen to him.  He just try to act like everything was fine but you knew it wasn’t.
   "Dean don’t you think that you had a enough “ you asked walking up to him as he pour himself another shot.  He glared at you and you step back  surprised by the look.  "Dean please tell me what is wrong ?” you asked
  He looked away and down the shot . “Go away ” he finally said …his voice cold and hard.. Your frown.  " you need to talk..  Something is brothering you “  you said reaching out and touching his shoulder.
  He jerked away  pushing away from the table.. "Just leave me alone is that to hard for you to understand "he said yelling now..  ” I am worried about you that is all “ you said .. He spun around towards you but stay where he was
 ” Just don’t ok I don’t need your worry or pity I don’t just don’t need you..“ he said and you felt your heart break into a million pieces.  You blinked back the tears.  You would saved those for later.
    "Well than if that what you really feel .. ” you said .. “then look at me and tell me .. Tell me you don’t love me ” you said . He lifted his head and for a second you saw the raw  emotions in his eyes but then it was replaced by ice.
  “ I don’t .. Love you  ” he said and turned away and walked out of the room.  Leaving you broken and  numb.  You wonder if  someone could die from too much pain. You had to get out of here you had to think..
  You grab keys to the spare car you guys kept and left not sure where you were going but  when you saw the bar you decided this was good as any place and headed inside.


  You pulled back up to the bunker  and sat in the car just thinking .. You had been lucky when you walked into the bar that night looking to get drunk but instead   you found an old friend . James  was another hunter you had worked  with for a while .. Before you met Dean and decided to go with him
    The last couple hours were just talking and catching up .. You told James about Dean and what he said.. That when he gave you the offer.. “Come hunt with me for a while.. It sounds like  you need a break.. ” he said
   You admitted it was tempting  knowing Dean didn’t love you anymore you didn’t think you could face him anymore.  You still loved him with every breath that you took. And you fear that it would always be like that.  That you would never get over him.
  “So you told James to give you till tomrrower and you let him know and got his phone number. You climbed out of the car and walked inside .. It was quite and dark  it was  2 in the morning and you suppose everyone was asleep .
  You walked down the hallway and towards your and Dean’s room. You pushed open the door and found he was stretched out on his side of the bed asleep . There was three or four beer bottles on the table beside him.
   You walked over to the bed  looking down at the man who held your heart and then broke it . He was laying on his back one hand laying on his stomach  the other stretched out   where you normally slept he was waiting for you to come back ..
 you sigh remembering his words..   He didn’t need you  he didn’t love you..  You swallowed the tears and made your decision.   You leaned down and kissed him softly.. But he  stir but kept on sleeping snoring softly..  
  You quietly packed your bags and left a note and then  you left  trying not to cry ..but once back in the car and have driven a  couple miles down the road  . You pulled over and  let the tears come.


   "WOW that all I can say "James said as you two walked into the hotel room.  Both covered in blood. ” I don’t think I have ever seen someone take down two Vampires like that in just one move “ he said
  You shrugged  taking off your jacket wincing a little. You may have taken down vampires but that wasn’t before one of them had thrown you against the wall. ” You ok?“ you want me to look at you ” James asked  
 " no it ok let me take a shower and hit the bed and I will be fine “ you said grabbing your clothes and disappearing into the bathroom. You felt like crying.. You felt like that a lot lately.. 2 months and you still couldn’t stop thinking of Dean.
  It still hurt and you wished it would stop.. Sam was texting you every day or so to check on you.. You never asked about Dean .. You couldn’t.. And Sam seem to understand .
  But you still wonder how he was doing .. Was he ok..  Did he feel better now you were gone. You thought all of this while you took your time in the shower.  The warm water washing away the evidence of the night hunt.
  When you finally came out dressed in sweats and plaid  button up t-shirt that used to belong to Dean.  It helps you sleep it like having him in bed with you . You weren’t paying attention  when you walked out throwing your stuff on the floor  
   ” I was wondering where that shirt went ?“ You spun around at voice behind you. You froze to the spot ..Sitting on your bed was Dean ..You heart fell into the pit of your stomach.
  "What…what are you doing here ?” you asked ..“ how did you find me ?”  you asked trying to figure out why dean was just sitting there looking at you like that.
  He stood up and took a step towards you but you back up and you saw the hurt in his eyes .. “ I know I screw up.. I really shouldn’t be surprise really I  seemed to do that to everything I love ” he said with a sigh.
   You watched as he ran a hand though his hair. “ But I am sorry I know I should have just come out and told you what was brothering me but instead I pushed you away . ”  Hurting you is the last thing  I want to do “
   "Well you did hurt me  Dean .. You broke my heart ” you said blinking back the tears.  He looked liked he wanted to reach out to you. But despite just wanting to run into his arms . You knew the moment he touched you it would be all over .
   " talk to me please “ you said ."Why did you say those things.. I was worried about you ..”  you said.  He sigh and started pacing the room.
  “When those demons had me .. They did something to me into my head” he said . “Normally I can handle stuff they throw at me .. ” but “ he stop and looked at you . "they started showing me all the people I couldn’t save.. Bobby , Ellen , Jo .. Mom, dad.. Sam”  he choked on his words
  “then they showed you  dying and I couldn’t stop ..they kept saying if I couldn’t say  the others how do I except to keep you safe and protected. ” he said  " I guess  they said it enough it started to make sense “ he said
   "But Dean I can take care of myself ” you said .. “ you don’t have to worry about me so much ” you replied.  He nodded I know but I feel like it my job to keep you safe.. “ I felt that if you weren’t in my life  maybe you be safe.. So I push  you away with those lies. ” he said.
  “ I do love you .. I do need you ” he said step closer to you.. You stay where you were letting him get closer to you .“ I was trying to protect you and I went about it the wrong way  ”  I am so sorry “    
   He was close now  so close and you had missed him so much .” I missed you “ you said softly ..   He reached up and wipe tears  off your cheek. He  let his hand linger .. You melted in his touch..
     ” I missed you too sweetheart .. So much “ he said step one more step and he wrap his hand around the back of your neck pulling you into a kiss.  It started out slow but neither one of you wanted to rush this.
   You wrap your arms around his neck as the kiss slowly deepened . He had you pinned up against the wall . His hands wandering down your body slipping underneath your shirt..
 You gasp "Dean.. "What baby ?” he asked as his mouth moved down your neck.. “ where did  James go?”  you asked you desperately started tugging on his shirt. “ out getting some drinks  "he replied as he pulled you off the wall and spun  you around backing you up until you hit the bed
  Then you were on your back with his body covering yours. . ” I love you  " he said softly nipping at your ear.  " I need you .. “ he said  you looked up  at him catching his gaze.. ” you have me “ you said as his mouth found yours again.

Back when it all started with Naughty Boy last year, people were EXCITED for Zayn. Everyone wanted him to record some solo stuff or guest on other people’s records as a side project.  We side-eyed some of NB’s tweets and comments, but mostly we just let him be.

None of this anger and frustration is about Zayn doing what he wants, it’s about HOW it’s being handled and how Naughty Boy is behaving towards some really hurt and disappointed fans.

Don’t re-write history as if we weren’t all psyched as hell for Zayn to get some recognition outside 1D. 

And while I’m on the subject, I do agree on one point with the people I disagree with on pretty much everything else - the attacks on Naughty Boy’s looks have got to stop. None of this is about his ethnicity or his weight or his religion - this is about him acting like an asshole. Let’s stick to that please.

I just wanted to say, if any people are thinking of hating/taliking shit on Lay for crying on that tv show because his fellow contestants betrayed him, think before you hate. Lay is always so peaceful, but I have a feeling he has grown used to people turning their backs on him, and it is hurting him. Now do not twist my words I am not saying Luhan and Kris, maybe Tao, did, Luhan is still close will Lay, but I think Lay has been having it hard lately. He (may) is the the last Chinese member, he’s been getting a lot of shit for that, fans don’t believe in him and think he will betray us. He’s probably missing his ex-members too, and this whole comeback is probably tiring. So if people say things like, “He’s just doing it so we feel bad for him,” “He’s doing it for the cameras,” “Lol weakling, he shouldn’t do that,” just think again, because that is horrid, and he is probably emotionally hurting right now.

Harry's Boots

To those questioning why so many people are excited over Harry wearing pink boots…it’s really quite simple. Harry is comfortable being himself unapologetically when a few short years ago, he was filmed admitting that other people’s opinions were hurtful to him (he cared too much). Remember last year during tour when (disgusting) people brought signs telling him to cut his hair and use shampoo? Remember how he flicked his hair back and said “long hair, don’t care?”
Well, that’s just it. He’s gained tremendous confidence and learned not to let others affect him. He wears his hair how he wants and chooses the clothes that he wants…he is choosing to make himself happy first.
I think that’s courageous and beautiful given the hate I know he receives. I’ve always thought he was a beautiful person both inside and out, but seeing his confidence grow makes him even more so. I’m happy for him that he’s choosing to ignore the hate to be himself…unapologetically.
Bonus: the boots are killer so there’s that as well.

The 100 3x05 - BeLLARKEEeeeee

Okay. Let’s do this.

Quick note: Some people are still mad that the writers have taken Bellamy down this road, and that’s your prerogative. I’m cool with it, and I’m not going to repeat all of my reasoning because I wrote about it last week with my feelings on 3x04.


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Just bringing this back in light of Ski Lodge. People can argue about costuming all they want, but the intentionality of the necklace in this scene seems abundantly clear to me, even more so now given recent happenings. The necklace that Topanga wore when she revisited her “true inner self” (*cough* the part of her that Cory first fell in love with *cough*), is the same one Maya wears when she admits that she likes Lucas, in part because he’s such a good guy, and stresses just how much him getting hurt would have impacted her. It’s the same one Maya wears when Lucas almost kisses her.

There’s a group of people who want to believe that all this time, Maya was “pretending” and I just want to direct them to the moment above. If you can honestly look at Maya in that last gif, and say “Yep, looks like she’s pretending to me”, then your understanding of the Maya character is incredibly flawed. Maya fought so hard to keep the truth about her feelings quiet. She fought so hard because she knew it would change everything and she wanted nothing more than to keep the status quo alive. It’s why she tried so hard to deny her feelings for Lucas when he confronted her, making up lame excuses about how she just didn’t want Lucas to ride in the rodeo because she didn’t want him to win and get conceited.

If Maya was pretending to like Lucas all along, she could have come out and “outed” her own feelings (instead of Riley & Lucas having to do that for her). And more importantly, when she saw how much the triangle was hurting Riley, all the way back in New Years, she could have stopped it. She would have stopped it, because Riley is one of the most important people in the world to Maya. 

She could have ended it right then in there, revealed her schtick and pushed Lucas right back into Riley’s arms (as she does). 

But she didn’t, because she wasn’t pretending or testing or confused or any other excuse, despite what she or anyone else might currently believe.

And if you’re someone who falls under the belief that she was just confused, I have a question for you. Which Maya seems like they’d be more reliable in their understanding of her feelings? A more trustworthy narrator, if you will?

A Maya who’s lost hope or a Maya who’s allowing herself to hope, just a little?

We know who Maya is inside. A girl who genuinely likes Lucas because he’s a good guy and who she would never want to see hurt. We know who Maya is when she allows herself to hope for things, even just a little. 

And we know who Maya hopes for when she does. 

one of the victims named in the last hour or so was eddie justice

one of the last texts he sent was to tell his mother he loved her. it made national news. and now he’s dead.

i don’t know how to process any of this. i keep posting about it because more information is coming out and i think we all need to stay updated as much as we can, emotionally, and understand the depth of the situation – but it’s becoming difficult. this was so heinous. this attack so viciously hurt LGBT people – black and latinx LGBT people ESP – and seeing the reality of it is disgusting.

i just want to make sure people know. i want to make sure, even after the sensationalism of it all dies down, that we mourn the dead in our community.

cupcakegdragon  asked:

Ok lets talk Moon lovers ... the recent episode was so so sad I teared up when Eun wife died and then more when Eun asked So to kill him so he could be with his wife, so sad but tragically romantic. He did really love her in the end and I just wish they would have had a happy ending. :(

Why it hurts so much when it’s not freaking real? These people and the story is fictional but I felt absolutely destroyed after this scene. 

Originally posted by baekhyunssi

Such and amazing character development from a silly boy who plays with toys and puppets to a real man who died just to follow his wife.

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

You know what also killed me? How So looked at Soon Deok’s body, I think, it was the moment when he decided to fulfill Eun’s last wish. He put himself on Eun’s place and realized that he would want the same, to end his life if Soo died. foreshadowing

Tragically romantic - we need to prepare our poor souls for something even more tragic. Why tragedy escalates so fast in this show, why?


A Very Sam Christmas Special, PART NINE.

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I think what really upsets me the most about the elounor breakup is the fact that really El was the only person that reminded me of the old One Direction. The funny, charismatic and foolish group, she was the only reminder, for me, that 2011 was really good start for them to now. But in a another way I’m glad they did break up, El is finally free of being called a beard, backpack, gold digger, and many other disgusting names that people clearly don’t measure how much it hurts. I’m proud that El lasted so many years hearing and reading those awful comments, I guess that’s one of the reasons I like to consider her my role model. Whatever the real deal was, I wish for Eleanor to have success on her path and for Louis to be happy doing whatever he wants.

You know what was a criticism that didn’t hurt my feelings, it more confused me and worried me, was when we had diagnosed Oliver [Conrad Ricamora] with HIV at the end of last season. Yes, there were a lot of people who gave us compliments, but there was a lot of criticism with how we handled that. That more stuck with me and made me want to make sure we weren’t going to do whatever people thought was poorly written. It stuck with me because I felt like it was just a short moment at the end of the finale where Oliver said he’s positive, and people found that troublesome, and that doing a story line like this would be troublesome and we wouldn’t represent him fairly. That’s a criticism I took to heart and was like, ‘Let’s make sure that we write this story line in a way that’s real to Oliver.’
—  HTGAWM Creator Pete Nowalk on the biggest criticism faced in 2015 | (x)

Here we go again…stop hurting people’s feelings Sasuke!

 Although Naruto is really afraid of being alone, unlike Sasuke. Beside his clones, Naruto has put a lot effort in making friends and he definitely don’t want Sasuke to be alone because he knows how terrible loneliness is. It reminds me of the last Kishimoto interview.

Have we seen a chapter where Sasuke smiles in three or more panels before? I mean he so excited about the fight. I dont know Sasuke… Do you really know what you are doing by killing your only friend?


Does it hurts your feelings, Sasuke?

*Naruto it was about fucking time to defend yourself with words! Jesus…agy gfaj*

Evolution Of Bill Cipher In The Fandom

Dreamscapers: Funny new villain with anger issues. Plus he is really cute omg. I hope to see him back, he seems important.

Sock Opera: Still Funny Cute Bill! Though he is getting a little more serious but he still is kind of playing around with Dipper. We also now know he can posses people, LIKE BIPPER IS THE BEST!! I WANT MORE BILL AND BIPPER!!

The Last Mabelcorn: Woah wtf he is actually evil? Wow he actually got serious, was not expecting that! Though he is still the cute and funny Bill we know even if he wants to end our world! Plus Billford is adorable!


“‘I don’t want a perfectly safe weapon. I want a dangerous weapon that hurts people.’ 
He took the stick from her, rapped it against her head. She howled and he nodded. 
‘See? It hurts people.’ 
She grabbed it off him, smacked it against his skull. 
‘Ow,’ he said. 
‘Not so funny now, is it?’ 
‘Of course not. It’s only funny when it happens to other people. I’d have thought that was obvious.’” 

- Derek Landy, Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men


Real pain is emotional pain — that is the kind of pain that lasts. If you want to cause Stilinski that devastating, soul-crushing, emotional pain, go after someone he loves.

You don’t care about getting hurt. But you know how I’ll feel? I’ll be devastated. And if you die, I will literally go out of my freacking mind. You see, death doesn’t happen to you, it happens to everyone around. To all the people left standing at your funeral, trying to figure out how they are gonna live the rest of their lives without you in it.

Hurt Rp Starters | bobblestheninja (Ask RP Continued)


“Rules are made to be broken, that is what I have been told more times than I can count. I do not intend on interfering more, I just did tonight because I was in the area not because I knew any of those involved. His brother can handle him, I do not clean up other people’s messes.”

His friend rolled his eyes at her words. “God you sound so mean by saying those last words.” He said before Douji just walked away from the both of them. “Please get to know him a bit better by talking to his brother, next time you talk to Douji.” He said with a sigh. “Oh please forgive me, I didn’t give my name, my name is Tsuna." Tsuna said.

Another post about Kylo Ren

I see people underestimating Kylo’s sheer badassery because of his whiny personality but I think I have a pretty compelling list of reasons why you shouldn’t laugh at him.

-He can stop people and shots from blasters right in their tracks. He can literally freeze everything around him if he wants to. That gives him complete control of any situation.

-His freaky mind-meld interrogation, he can literally invade your mind and take your most precious, private thoughts away from you (and it hurts a lot while he does it).

-This one is kind of a piggy back off that last one but he can make you pass out with a wave of his hand.

-Those last three things? Yeah, we haven’t seen a single Jedi, Sith or any kind of force user use those abilities, ever. Let that sink in. He’s doing things with the force no one has ever seen or heard of before.

-He doesn’t listen to anyone but Snoke. He literally doesn’t give a shit about any of the leaders in the First Order except Snoke and will not follow their orders unless it suits him. Here’s why that’s freaky: Darth Vader was obedient to not only the Emperor, but also characters like Grand Moff Tarkin.

-He has a cause. He’s fighting for Vader, he’s avenging him and completing what he started. Vader’s cause was to keep Padmé safe, and once she died, he really didn’t have one. When people have a reason for doing what they do, they will go to more extreme lengths to achieve their goal.

-He’s absolutely ruthless. He doesn’t care who he kills or hurts as long as he’s getting what he wants.

-He’s literally the leader of the Knights of Ren. That means he has a bunch of guys, solely loyal to him, ready to jump in at any moment, and I bet you every single one of them are incredibly powerful.

-He gets shot by Chewbacca’s crossbow and not only walks it off but also continues to fight??? This is the crossbow that has killed every single storm trooper on impact, and sent them flying a couple feet in the air. Kylo doesn’t have any armor, and the shot merely brings him to his knees. The amount of force power that was going into keeping his body together had to be immense. Then he goes off and fights Finn and Rey, and he actually holds his own while also using the force to keep his insides from spilling out.

-His temper. The reason why you laugh at him is also a reason why you should run away. He’s extremely volatile, and you never know what’s gonna set him off. Not only that but he uses the Dark Side of the force, meaning he increases his power through anger and rage. More rage=more power and we already know how powerful he is.

-HE’S EXTREMELY SKILLED WITH HIS LIGHTSABER?? HOW DOES EVERYONE MISS THAT. It doesn’t even look like he thinks about it when he fights, his saber is practically an extension of his body.

-He’s smart. It doesn’t seem like he’s smart but he really is. The last part of Jedi training is learning to make your own lightsaber, and we all know he skipped out before that, and he hasn’t completed his training with Snoke. That means he figured out how to build a working lightsaber all by himself. Yes, the lightsaber was flawed but one of those flaws gave him those two side saber things, which turned out to be a huge advantage.

-He killed is father, you have to be pretty messed up to do that.

So yeah. Long story short, Kylo is a badass.

let’s talk about my brother’s keeper let’s talk about sam cowering on the floor because his brother has beaten him bloody let’s talk about how sam still refuses to see “the real dean” as anything but good let’s talk about sam still understanding this dean is bad let’s talk about sam willing to sacrifice his own life because this dean won’t stop hurting people let’s talk about the one tear that he allows himself before dying let’s talk about the panic turning to resolve on his face let’s talk about how he won’t close his eyes how he wants dean to be the last thing he sees let’s talk about how he knows dean will find his way back with those pictures how dean will follow his family his love for sam back let’s talk about how it was death threatening to take sam himself that made dean snap and literally kill death let’s talk about “forgive me” how sam thought until the last second his own brother was going to kill him let’s!!! talk!!! about!!! 10x23!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s not that I don’t want to get married. It’s the childhood of hearing my parents have “discussions”.
It’s when I was in 4th grade and my mother wrote “stupid” on my forehead, because that’s how my father made her feel. It’s the time when I was in 7th grade and my mom told me she married my dad for me, and that she knew he wasn’t the one. It’s the years of seeing how my father hurt my mother and let her down. It’s the amount of people I see getting divorced. It’s the way people talk about divorce like its normal, but it’s not. It’s the fear of having a child and hurting that child because my relationship doesn’t last till death. It’s not that I don’t want to get married, it’s that I’m to afraid of what will happen.
-I’m afraid it will be like my parents marriage
Sehun & Chen Fans Start to Turn Their Back Against Baekhyun

Posted Today, 04:26 PM

Looking Back at Baekhyun Hitting Sehun’s Focus Cut
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He was joking, but it looks really hurt.

[+47 -0] Fuck
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[+40 -0] Well, his light-fingered habit since highschool is still remainㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋHey puppy, dont touch EXO

[+39 -3] Don’t shield himㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even not for this incident too, it’s obviously his fault. I fucking hate Baekhyun ㅡㅡ

[+22 -0] Whose face did you touch? CrazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋPlease act like your age if you want to live longer and hear people call you ‘hyung’

[+21 -0] Even though it’s a joke, you’re so fucked up. Why were you being like that on stage when all fans can see it. Your true personality finally appears. It reminds me of last time when Jongin hurt his ankle. Right after the stage ended, Jongdae worried about Jongin who collapsed and he kept grabbing Jongin’s ankle

[+20 -0] If my bias were Sehun, right now I will be in a commotion and cuss all swearing words.

[+17 -0] It seems his neck going to break. To my kid, what the hell was that. Hun-ahㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠTry grab your neck. Joking should have limit. It’s non-sense to joke like that on stage… is stage a joke to you? I no longer can shiel you, Byun Baek

[+17 -28] Baekhyun often jokes like this. Last time, before the dating news exploded, he grabbed other members neck and people dont say anything
Jongdae leaves SM Building
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Nowadays, Jongdae come and go frequently alone to SM Building. What does he prepare for? What does he practice for?
By the way, it seems Jongdae doesnt care about what clothes he wears so I’m not worried of him dating.

[+41 -0] I also think like thatㅋㅋㅋㅋSeeing how Jongdae works hard come and go to the company there must be somethingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+32 -0] Whatever Jongdae prepared for, my bankbook is ready
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[+25 -0] Jongdae also trained for 7 months but how could their mental so different……

[+19 -0] So curious. What could it be? Pit-a-pat. By the way, even tho he just wore plain white shirt like that, because he has good body, he looks like a man who well dressed~

[+14 -1] I hope Jongdae doesnt create SNS

[+11 -0] Nice, Jongdae-ya♥♥
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[+9 -3] Originally, Singin’ in the Rain should be Jongdae who does it, why that #Taengkyung instead

[+8 -0] It’s not because of his clothes that we’re worried about him dating, but because he works hard come and go to practice thats why we’re not worriedㅋㅋㅋ

translated by AYOSHIARI


*) i should remind you about this post from netizenbuzz

[LOL] How to tell if an idol is dating

Level ★ [bigger chance of it being something else]
- Lives on their cellphone
- Has three different cellphones (lover/business/regular)

Level ★★ [grounds for suspicion]
- Highly emotional in interviews
- Often talks about wanting to rest or go on vacation
- Clothing style changes (or begins to pay more attention to style)
- Spotted often with other celebrities

Level ★★★ [suspicious]
- Ideal person suddenly changes
- Ideal person becomes more detailed (previously: as long as she’s pretty, as long as she’s nice, as long as he matches me -> now: I like personalities like ***, fashion style like ***, someone with pretty ankles, etc)
- Spotted making a unique physical gesture repeatedly on TV
- Wears certain accessories for long periods of time (aside from fan gifts)

Level ★★★★ [warning]
- Gets a driver’s license
- Spotted out and about late and night/early morning

Level ★★★★★ [pretty much confirmed]
- Buys a car