are the colors okay

okay. I continued practising with colors (i know that’s still bad, but I am trying). And there is the first fanfiction I’ve read.

Please, if someone will reblog that, don’t tag it like lapidot, author asks about it in the beginning! Thanks for understanding! 

Dear author, thanks for this amazing trilling story and happy end of this story! I think I couldn’t live if these pretty children will die.

things my youngsters did today at work

  • one ten year old boy who was standing on two different scooters was being all sassy and told me that he wouldn’t get off and i couldn’t make him so then i lifted him off of it and he just said oh
  • “christmas is girly” said by a seven year old boy
  • that same seven year old boy saying “pink is my favorite color okay it’s manly” 
  • a six year old boy with a lisp said “god damn it” twice and i’m just like child…. CHILD
  • a fourth grade boy actually stole a golf ball from the bowling alley that we had to take back later
  • “dirt is made of plants” “no dirt is made of dirt” 
  • “people can drink beer at 18, right?” 
  • one little girl going to the bathroom like 17 times and after the first 3 i’d make a joke every time and she got all smiley 

okay but godric gryffindor’s house colors are red and gold and the house animal is a lion and like ,,, red, gold, and lions are all rlly like significant & important parts of traditional chinese culture ,,, coincidence ? i think the fuck not

Milo Murphy's Law Color Theory

*Deep Breath*

Okay, so. Follow me on this. The color scheme in this show ties heavily with characters personalities.

On the warm end of the color wheel we’ve got yellow orange, and red, those are the colors Vinnie Dakota and Milo tie closely to. Red and a mild yellow (bordering on off white) for Milo, all three for Dakota. Orange for Melissa (her hair)

Thus Red= child like glee
Yellow=world-wise [cynicism/sarcasm at the far end of the scale]
Orange= an almost paradoxical laziness/ selective memory where in the subject spends an exorbitant amount of energy on things that are not necessarily important but interesting to them.

On the other end of the scale we have Balthazar Cavendish who is firmly in a green color pallet, albeit of varying shades.

Green= Analytical, black and white morality (you’re either for him or against him), controlling, and not very social.

His pink tie betrays a soft side underneath all his defensiveness- saying that there’s more to him than how he outwardly portrays himself.

Blue, Black, Whites, and Pink are modifying colors that help in complementing some colors or nullifying others.

Blue= the main color for average citizenry and resembles a sort of uniform for normal [Blue jeans]

Black/White= These function as a inner/outer emotion modifier, black indicates a tendency to hide, and white a tendency to show. [Melissa’s black shirt indicates hidden inner emotion, while her white jacket hints at a purposefully showing her outer emotion. While Zacks’ White undershirt would suggest he’s open with his inner emotion but still filters it with his yellow overshirt].


—Also Hair Color—
Brown Hair=Hope [Milo, Dakota, Mr. Murpy]
Blonde Hair=Determination bordering on obsession [Sara, Veronica]
Red hair= See above notes on red.

—The School—

The school, interestingly, has a bit of a personality all its’ own.

Green and Yellow Marquee: Has a sense of humor that’s almost sarcastic in how biting it is.

The school colors are a Yellowish tan and a lime green. The school seems to have an irresponsible spending policy that allows the board to buy big flashy things (the yacht S.S Indulgence for example) but defunds its basic educational stuff, and has way out of date technology.

The school’s compulsive spending seems to indicate an impulse control and skewed priorities.


There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥


I’m well acquainted with v i l l a i n s that live in my bed
They beg me to write them so they’ll never die when I’m d e a d

Me: Can I borrow a pencil

Student artists: A pencil✏️😩 Sorry I only have🙅🏻‍♂️🤚 A superstick color maker👏🌈 They cost 700 dollars each 💸💰 Its okay though 💪 Someday my Steven Universe fanart ⚡️ Will be in MOMA💫 Van Gogh 🌛 Frida Kahlo 💡 Claude Monet 💐🌿 Starry Night is actually called ❌ MY DEPRESSION 🚨💫 I work every day every night 🌙🌞 But passion lasts forever ❤