are the colors okay

You guys want to hug the kiddos? You can draw a fanart of them as you all hugging one of them, well PJ will not let you touch him. Only to the person he trusted only can hug him.

If you really going to draw a fanart of the kiddos with you on it hugging them submit to me or tag me :)

Here the reference for the kiddos :


1 am doodles


Two of my babies in Naoki’s family on their wedding day. Look at how happy they are! Aspen and Hazelnut. Precious. Especially since Hazelnut can keep Aspen in check, the flirt.
Progress drawings, obviously. :3

Based on the outfit I made a while ago.

So we can take the world back from a heart attack
One maniac at a time we will take it back (x)


Her faith carried him with her.
He didn’t want to disturb the silence as they rested against each other, hurting and relaxed, listening to the hum of machinery and the distant billowing of fires. He stowed thoughts of old missions and thoughts of the future away; decided to focus on what he could see and hear and smell for the last moments of his life on Scarif.
When Cassian Andor died, he would be ready, and he would be content.