are the best

I want to take this time to thank all the fanfiction writers out there.

If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t sob into the hours of the morning, I wouldn’t be an insomnia ridden maniac, and lastly I wouldn’t have all the beautiful fluff, smut, and angst ridden story lines that won’t ever happen in my ships life.
So seriously, thank you.

  • (@takemeflying here hullo)
  • Professor McGonagall:James you were supposed to turn the toad into a button not a firecracker
  • James:But then my Transfiguration skills wouldn't be explosively good
  • Professor McGonagall:
  • James:
  • Professor McGonagall:
  • James:
  • Professor McGonagall:get out

i’m laughing so hard because wade scans this huge mansion and the only two people in it are drakken and shego and ligit drakken’s just yelling and shego’s ignoring him and its perfect

and by the time ron gets up there drakkens yelling about shego sleeping around the lab (implying she does it often) and she’s just freakin tanning in the corner


SCREAMS my dad fixed my scanner he’s good for something after all HA

bad thing happen when im alone with a sketchbook…… it’s been so long since i drew on paper im still getting used to it… .

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