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More Stark/Martell comparisons

“This is what I have to do. For Dorne. For my father. For Cletus and Will and Maester Kedry.”

“They’re dead,” said Gerris. “They won’t care.”

“All dead,” Quentyn agreed. “For what? To bring me here, so I might wed the dragon queen. A grand adventure, Cletus called it. Demon roads and stormy seas, and at the end of it the most beautiful woman in the world. A tale to tell our grandchildren. But Cletus will never father a child, unless he left a bastard in the belly of that tavern wench he liked. Will will never have his wedding. Their deaths should have some meaning.”

A Dance With Dragons, The Spurned Suitor

“Peace,” said her uncle Brynden. “Peace is sweet, my lady … but on what terms? It is no good hammering your sword into a plowshare if you must forge it again on the morrow.”

“What did Torrhen and my Eddard die for, if I am to return to Karhold with nothing but their bones?” asked Rickard Karstark.

“Aye,” said Lord Bracken. “Gregor Clegane laid waste to my fields, slaughtered my smallfolk, and left Stone Hedge a smoking ruin. Am I now to bend the knee to the ones who sent him? What have we fought for, if we are to put all back as it was before?”

A Game of Thrones, Catelyn XI

“Are you hungry, my prince?”

“I have hungered for a long time. Though not for food. Pray tell me, when will the justice be served?”

A Storm of Swords, Tyrion V

The yellow skull was melting too, and the kindliest old man that she had ever seen was smiling down at her. “No one has ever tried to eat my worm before,” he said. “Are you hungry, child?”

Yes, she thought, but not for food.

A Feast for Crows, Arya I

Of course we have Ellaria and Catelyn’s famous monologues, but I also like the comparison of Catelyn and Doran, both who have a strong desire for justice to be served, but their need for vengeance is tempered by their duty to those they feel responsible for. For Catelyn, she does seem concerned with all the deaths war would cause,

“Robb, if that sword could bring him back, I should never let you sheathe it until Ned stood at my side once more … but he is gone, and a hundred Whispering Woods will not change that. Ned is gone, and Daryn Hornwood, and Lord Karstark’s valiant sons, and many other good men besides, and none of them will return to us. Must we have more deaths still?”

A Game of Thrones, Catelyn XI

but her family’s livelihood takes far greater precedence to her than the potential innocent lives lost in a conflict. Her chapters are full of these two conflicting desires: to take vengeance (killing Jaime, for example), or protect the lives of her children. And she chooses her love for and duty to her children every time…until she no longer has children.

“If I could wish the Kingslayer back in chains I would. You freed him without my knowledge or consent … but what you did, I know you did for love. For Arya and Sansa, and out of grief for Bran and Rickon. Love’s not always wise, I’ve learned. It can lead us to great folly, but we follow our hearts … wherever they take us. Don’t we, Mother?" 

A Storm of Swords, Catelyn II

"She wants her son alive, or the men who killed him dead,” said the big man. “She wants to feed the crows, like they did at the Red Wedding. Freys and Boltons, aye.

A Feast for Crows, Brienne VIII

Doran is very similar to Catelyn in this: grief fueling his vengeance, and the only thing that stays his hand is the innocent lives he is responsible for: not just his own children, but all the people of Dorne.

As the children splashed in the pools, Daenerys watched from amongst the orange trees, and a realization came to her. She could not tell the highborn from the low. Naked, they were only children. All innocent, all vulnerable, all deserving of long life, love, protection. ‘There is your realm,’ she told her son and heir, 'remember them, in everything you do.’ My own mother said those same words to me when I was old enough to leave the pools. It is an easy thing for a prince to call the spears, but in the end the children pay the price. For their sake, the wise prince will wage no war without good cause, nor any war he cannot hope to win.

A Dance with Dragons, The Watcher

The biggest difference between the two is that Catelyn commits to vengeance when she thinks she has no more children, and therefore nothing to temper her and nothing to lose, while Doran commits to his vengeance when he thinks his irreconcilable desires are now reconcilable: that he can have his vengeance with minimal bloodshed thanks to Daenerys and her dragons. 

The board is set going into TWOW, and Doran has a lot to lose. Will he react to Quentyn’s death like Catelyn would, and hold his other children closer, or will he react as Robb, to fight not just for justice, but to give Quentyn’s death meaning? 

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Bollywood + Dancing at Other People’s Weddings


i’m laughing so hard because wade scans this huge mansion and the only two people in it are drakken and shego and ligit drakken’s just yelling and shego’s ignoring him and its perfect

and by the time ron gets up there drakkens yelling about shego sleeping around the lab (implying she does it often) and she’s just freakin tanning in the corner

A random tag appreciation post

This has very little to do with anything, but good god, I love all the silly yet witty tags people use. Is it weird I really enjoy reading them? I mean there are the obvious ones, the ones that actually help you find stuff, but then there are the amazing ones that are absolutely useless for search tools, but are so entertaining to read. So, thank you, tags and taggers, for being so amazing! You brighten my life! :)