are the bats too pastel goth

A goth Mabel au
  • Half damaged stuffed animals sewn back together (making extra sure there are little hearts sewn with red thread)
  • black isn’t sad it’s just all the colors mixed together, it’s actually the happiest color 
  • And Grey is just pastel black
  • Smiling all the time is edgier than frowning
  • sweaters + leather jackets (plether of course, dont wanna hurt the cute cowsies) 
  • black booty pumps that make you taller than your lame bro
  • goth stickers
  • rawr means “Reasons A Walrus Rolls”
  • Walrus’s are prime goth bc they are pastel black and the rawr and they roll, AND they own buckets
  • tears in leggings mean adventures with friends!!! 
  • Black lipstick shows up better when u kiss boys 
  • Skulls Can Feel Love Too That’s Why They Have Hearts For Eyes!!! 
  • Emergency umbrella in case it suddenly rains at 11am on a 90° day
  • Bat purse, bat sweater, bat backpack with wings! Bat everything! they’re the puppycats of the sky!
  • Winged eyeliner to fly away from growing up

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Nickname:  Lana Del Gay. The Kelsmiester.
Zodiac: Ted Cruz, for sure.
Height: 6′ when I’m in 5′’ heels.
Last thing I googled: Do bats know they’re just goth birds?
Favorite artist: Dali.
Song stuck in my head: Brooklyn Baby by Lana Del Rey.
Last movie I saw: Martyrs. Eesh, is that grim? That’s too grim.
Why did I choose my url: I just listed the physical characteristics I have to hide to pass as a human.
Do I have any other blogs: Mmm not that I’ll share.
What did your last relationship teach you: If you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all, right? 
Religious or spiritual: Spiritual. I am very anti-religion.
Favorite color: Pastels.
Average hours of sleep: As many as I can get.
Lucky number: 7 and 9.
Favorite characters: Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood. Matthew, The Dreamers. Vanessa Ives, Penny Dreadful. Don Draper, Mad Men.
How many blankets I sleep with: Two.
Dream job: Professional witch. Or, y’know, best selling author. As you can see, I’m very practical.
20 friends!! Woo!
I seriously do not know 20 people on this hellsite so I’ll just list a few random lovely people that I’ve followed for a really damn long time.

chibichise  asked:

So I totally already spent my budget on clothes/accessories today, but I just realized you have tshirts, AND I CAN'T HELP MYSELF I HAVE TO BUY TOO KAWAII. MY HEART. HOW COULD YOU? -touch touch-

hahaha aww I’m sorry but thank you so much Im happy you like my shirts  <3
There’s actually a sale for them on the site! I’m celebrating hitting 13k followers on instagram !!