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Lost In Translation (OT9)

Description: You recently moved in next door to 9 guys. You have befriended Jongin & Yixing but don’t really know the others yet. One morning you wake up in the wrong place and everything starts to change.

Requested: No

Genre: Starts out with fluff, angst and smut to come later

Pairing: Probably everyone x Reader

Author Note: The first couple of chapters set up the background and general storyline, then the pairings and smut will ensue, promise!

Word Count: full fic currently at 38k

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Chapter 1 - A State of Confusion

Chapter 2 - Arrival

Bliss, you were feeling utter bliss. You didn’t remember ever feeling this comfortable, when the hell did your bed become a cloud? You didn’t care and you sure as hell weren’t moving for anyone. There was no possible reason for you to leave the complete and utter comfort you were feeling. You hadn’t been this comfortable in months, not since…well not since you left home. Suddenly your heavenly comfort was interrupted… something was trying to move you. ‘Hmph’ you groaned 'Go away, I’m sooo comfy’ The light shaking got more forceful but you figured if you didn’t yield it would go away. Then the poking started. 'WHAT?!’ You woke up with a start. You sleepily glared at the eyes that were shocked, amused and as usual, confused at your outburst.

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I went back to the store where we found Evies stroller and asked if they had any carseats that could be attached to the stroller frame. The store clerk was so nice, and helped me find a really cute one! I’m so glad we’re finally getting things prepared for her arrival, I’ve been stressing out a bit about it honestly. 

Oh, and yes, I know, I seem to wear this dress all the time, just in different colors. But can you blame me? It’s sooo comfy, and pretty much the only item of clothing that fits me now 😅 I definitely need more maternity clothes… I threw everything away after Aaden was born.

Love, Raegan


Here is my ferret cage set-up!!! it’s pretty much complete though I still need to put some more toys in there. I have a neat little bin feeder thing since Cannoli loves to dig in food bowls and it stops him from doing that so much -_- Oolong and Cannoli like all their different hammocks and sleeping bag things a lot but their favs are probably the turtle, the huge fluffy hammock on the bottom and the top one which they can crawl inside and it’s rlly cozy..I just got them the banana hammock up top which Oolong seems to like a lot already. It looks sooo cute and comfy and im so happy with it, they seem to appreciate it too :^) 

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heeey x can you recommend me some cheap clothes for this spring / next summer? i'm REALLY short on cash but i'm a shop addict like you oops <3

Awww i feel you honey!! I am 100% faithful to this site, that also has free shipping and I’d totally recommend:

UNDER $10 (like WOW right?) :

Whew! That’s enough for now and all under $10!! Oh and by the way, you can get 60% off your first order with this coupon omg!!

Hope I helped <3


you know i never liked my belly but yesterday i did so…