are some of these considered cheating or

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why don't you like new x-men scott? ive heard very mixed things about that comic, including that its what made scott interesting. (im neutral, ive read a bit of it but not enough to say either way, and i also just dont know as much about scott's history as you so i'm very curious what you think!)

what people mean when they say “interesting” is tht scott became the most annoying fucking thing this side of the multiverse. new x-men multiplied every single one of his flaws tenfold in a way that made him unlikeable and unappealing.

like a few examples. pre-2000s scott has some jokes about scott and jean being into bdsm. new x-men makes that into a plot point. scott wants dark, kinky sex his wife apparently can no longer provide. this conflicts with the fact scott also DOESNT want sex because after apocalypse he felt violated and used and sex was too much, this apparently upsets jean and she considers scott “weak” bcs of it. scott cheats on her as a form of “embracing his inner darkness”

pre-2000s scott finds other women attractive sometimes but only in the jokey ‘oh jeez psylocke please stop flashing me your boobs’ sense and he loves his wife more than he could ever be attracted to another woman. psyche! new x-men scott is tired of jean. theyve only been with each other for so long obviously they must be unhappy. true love doesnt exist and soulmates are a lie. jean is a bitch for some reason.

im not saying new x-men isnt entertaining. im not saying it isnt a must on any reading list. im just saying NO ONE IN THIS STUPID COMIC IS REMOTELY LIKEABLE. THIS SHOULD NOT BE MAINVERSE CONTINUITY. 

As a Slytherin, I have quite a few thoughts on the whole “Slytherins are inherently evil” bias.

Slyrherins are not evil, many of our actions just fit in the more gray areas of the scale. Don’t get me wrong, there are some fucked up Slytherins, but there’s fucked up and twisted wizards from other houses too, BCJ and Pettigrew being some examples.

Slytherins are goal oriented and driven, unafraid to do what it takes to achieve their goals, often leading to the degradation of both mental and physical health. But at the same time, Slytherins have a personal set of rules that they create for themselves that they will not cross or break for any reason. Rules set by others are simply suggestions and will be easily tossed aside if they hinder progress, but breaking our own rules is out of the question. Sacrificing personal morals, beliefs, and personalities for any reason is not who a Slytherin is.

We’re also unafraid to admit who we are. Other houses have created horrible, twisted wizards like I’ve mentioned before, but unlike the other houses, Slytherin house isn’t afraid to claim it. Just because Slytherin openly admits to producing evil wizards doesn’t mean all Slytherins are evil does it?

Speaking of evil, what really is it anyways? Yes, murder, abuse of any sort whether mental or physical, sexual abuse, torture- all of that is shit. Cruel to the core. But putting the obvious aside, what is evil? Going against what is preordained? Forging your own path against the wishes and wills of others? Going against the normal and trying to achieve personal goals no matter what has to be done in the process? Take out the comic book concept of evil and destruction and chaos and think of some of the Slytherins considered evil. Narcissa didn’t murder, didn’t cheat, didn’t torture. Hell, she wasn’t wven branded with the Dark Mark! She sides with Voldemort and her husband in order to protect her son, her family, as we as keep peace with Lucius. She sided with Voldemort because it was the way she saw that was the easiest to achieve her goals- she was provided protection and her family was safe and protected. As soon as she realized Voldemort did not care for Lucius or herself, not did he care about the life of Draco and intended him to be murdered, she went against him and stopped fighting for him to keep her family safe. Hell she even lied about the death of Harry, the boy her family swore against, all to keep them safe and alive! She knew it was the only way to reach her son and ensure his safety!

And look at Regulus, Sirius’s brother. He didn’t want to be scorned, be mistreated like Sirius was, so he adopted the views of his family for self preservation. He followed Voldemort and even joined his ranks to ensure he would be treated the way he wanted to be. It would bring pride from his family, he wouldn’t have to suffer like he watched Sirius suffer. But as soon as he realized what Voldemort was doing was against his beliefs, his moral code, his set of rules he set for himself, Regulus revolted and even went a step further to try and stop Voldemort. As soon as he realized that Voldemort was as willing to treat others like scum, like slaves, and abuse and torture them like his parents did Sirius, the future he wanted to escape, he went against it and fought against it, even sacrificing himself to achieve his own ends. Yet he still told Kreacher not to tell his family what he’d done so they would not view him as they did Sirius.

There are much more Slytherin wizards like these two than like Vdemort, yet they’re considered evil because of the house they were sorted into. Remove the veil of evil and really analyze Slytherins. Slytherins aren’t evil, they’re self serving and goal oriented and often dont follow the same rules as others. They can definitely be assholes at some points though.

And the pure blood bias thing? Think about when Hogwarts was founded. Witch trial, witch hunts, an anti-magic mania was all happening. Slytherin wasn’t an ass, he just wanted to keep wizard kind safe from Muggles and didn’t trust Muggle Borns because regardless of possessing magic, they were still raised in a Muggle society with muggle beliefs and bias and could pose a threat to wizards and the wizarding community. They were a possible danger and Slytherin wanted to protect his own kind. Once the prejudice disappeared and the trials stopped, however, more selfish and cruel Slytherins manipulated that view of Slytherin into racist bigotry to justify their own unfounded hatred.

Although, ya know, putting a giant fucking unpredictable snake hidden in a secret chamber of the castle, regardless if your heir could control it or not, to stand guardian over the wizards of non Muggle descent to protect them from any Muggle threat, was a dumbass idea. Of course it’s bound to backfire, especially if the heir is a complete and utter bloodthirsty raving lunatic.

So yeah, ramble over. One about Hufflepuff is probably coming soon I have a lot to say about them


every westallen scene ever (124/?)


while this blog loves to ship and explore dynamics of ongoing relationships, i am also interested in exploring past relationships ; relationships that have failed ; on-and-off again relationships ; relationships that are destined to end in a nasty breakup ; relationships that end in a mutual break up ; relationships that are strained because of cheating ; ect, ect. on top of not every relationship being perfect or healthy, not every relationship lasts ! not every relationship has a happy ending! some relationships are stepping stones. and some are ‘perfect’ over all, but not perfect right now for the people who are involved.  and that’s ok!  and i am completely open, and eager, to explore those types of dynamics that challenge my character, that add another layer to my character ( and yours ) in different ways 

Hopping out of the cabbie you breathed in London’s air. It had been a while since you last visited the city; let alone Baker Street. Surely Ms. Hudson would be surprised that you decided to visit her or be upset that you don’t see her enough. Work had taken you all over the world, but most recently the States. It was fun in New York, but you missed that dear old woman whom you grew to know as your aunt. You pushed the buzzer and waited anxiously. The door opened revealing an overly ecstatic Ms. Hudson.

“Oh Y/N love, I can’t believe you’re here! Come in, come in! I’ll put the kettle on, make you a cuppa.” 

“Thank you Aunt Louise, I’ll take it as you’re happy to see me?” You asked her laughing.

“Oh my dear love, always! I hadn’t got groceries yet. You know, I’ll do that now. Make you a nice breakfast. Up the stairs and to the left, you can see if there are any biscuits. Probably not, but worth a try.”

“No it is fine, don’t put yourself through the trouble. I had something to eat on the plane.” 

“Ohh I bet it was no good. I’ll be right back love.” Before you could intervene again, Ms. Hudson was out the door.  She was right, airplane food was never good. You thought biscuits would be great with tea, so you made your way up the stairs and into the dusty kitchen. “Never heard of a dusting rag I suppose.” You thought to yourself. You rummaged through the cabinets until you found what you were seeking.

“Here we go.” You pulled them out of the drawer and before you could place them down you heard someone walk in. “Well that was quick, I found the bis-.“ You stopped talking when you turned around. Two men were standing there stunned.

“Who exactly are you?” The smaller man asked.

“A guest visiting family. My Aunt Louise, I’m sure you know her as Ms. Hudson.”

“Ms. Hudson? She has family?” The man asked his friend who was staring intensively at you.

“Well yes.” You cut in. “She and my grandmother are friends. I grew up with Ms. Hudson as my Aunt.“ You answered looking at the two.

“How was the flight?” The taller man asked finally releasing his intense stare at you.

“It was fine, thanks for asking.” You replied proceeding to get a biscuit.

“New York was it? 6:30 flight non-stop?”

“Yup, that is right.”

“And your dog, I’m assuming you put him in a kennel while you’re away?”

She’s with some friends.” You said correcting him.

“Oh well common mistake.” He replied rolling his eyes.

“It would appear so.”

“Aren’t you at all surprised that he can do this?”

“Oh please John, no need.”

“No really Sherlock.”

“Do you guys always do this?” You asked laughing.

“Do what?” Sherlock cut in.

“Talk to each other like no one is listening?”

They both looked at one another for a second before back at you.

“To answer your question John; no I’m not. Anyone is readable if you pay attention.” You replied before grabbing your things and heading for the door.

“Then read me.” Sherlock answered. You took in a breath and turned around.

“Serious?” Instead of speaking he just raised an eyebrow. “Ok then.” You put your things down and got a quick all over glance at him.

“I see a man who is estranged from his family; someone who prefers be alone. You do visit them on holidays, like it or not. You have an older brother whom you like to compete with. You claim to not have friends, although many people consider you theirs. You may have been in love once, but it didn’t work out. Let’s not get too much into that seeing that you don’t care for it. You’re a detective, very good one at that. This could be the reason why you get on people’s nerves. Some might even say you’re a psychopath – no a high-functioning sociopath. I mean the way you guys were bickering downstairs before you came up here says so. That not cheating by the way, that’s listening. You also smoke cigarettes, which is a nasty habit might I add. Even though you don’t do it every day, it’s still bad for you… You see anyone is readable Sherlock. As long as you pay close attention, you could tell a lot about a person.” Both of the men stood there shocked with their mouths slightly open.

“I’m going to say that I was pretty accurate, yeah?” You said nodding your head.

“Y-you got that from John’s blogs didn’t you?”

“Ahhh, there it is!” You said throwing your head back.

“What?” Sherlock asked furrowing his eyebrows.

“There’s a blog; confirmation of yours and John’s relationship.”

“We’re not gay!” John said throwing his hands in the air.

“I didn’t say that. Just that there is a very strong relationship between the two of you; virtually indestructible. You guys are each other’s’ best friend, am I right?”

“You got that from me mentioning a blog? Sherlock look at you weird.

“Well you didn’t need to say that the blog was about the two of you for me to guess that. You kind of said it yourself.” You replied smiling. They were both standing there speechless when you grabbed your things once more. “It was nice meeting the two of you, really it was. Maybe we can go out for dinner, the five of us.”

“Five?…” John asked confused.

“Well you’re married and expecting aren’t you John?!” You yelled going down the stairs. When John turned to look at Sherlock, he saw him smiling.

“I like her; she actually makes very good use of her head.” Sherlock said keeping his eyes forward.

“Remember my middle name is Hamish.” John laughed quietly heading for his chair.

Venus in Scorpio

This is my personal breakdown of Venus in Scorpio based on myself and other Venus in Scorpios I’ve known over the years. A lot of this could also apply to people who are very Scorpionic in general, or those with Venus/Pluto aspects. Warning: In true Scorpionic fashion I don’t sugarcoat anything so do try and take it with a grain of salt.


  • POWER: Someone with influence, someone who pulls the strings, could have formidable social standing, typically confident and/or gives off an intoxicating vibe, could even have an air of danger or something destructive about them.
  • MYSTERY: Someone hard to pin down, someone who’s private, elusive, keeps you guessing. Someone to play detective with. Doesn’t open up easily. Takes effort and patience to really get to know them.
  • DEPTH: Someone who has a quiet intensity that lurks beneath their surface. Is the psychologist, the loner, the criminal, the tortured artist, someone with a dark past and a lot of baggage.
  • SUBTLETY: It’s all in the eyes. Lingering looks, suggestive wordplay, touches that may or may not mean something more. Won’t always tell you they’re interested so much as hint at it.
  • PASSION: Someone who doesn’t shy away from emotionally charged situations. Someone who loves and hates with their entire being. Someone in touch with their desires, someone who cleverly goes after what they want. Someone who likes sex, uses it to express themselves or considers sex a large part of their identity.
  • FORBIDDEN FRUIT: Someone who’s emotionally unavailable or unstable, someone who’s already in a relationship. Subconsciously or consciously drawn to relationships that are turbulent or inappropriate in some way.

Venus in Scorpios themselves will possess some or even all of the above traits.


  • CHEATING: A need for intensity can result in a wandering eye. Once a relationship settles into a kind of monotony they can start to crave the emotional high that they experienced during the “honeymoon” phase. It’s important for Venus in Scorpios to remember what fascinated them about their partner in the first place before betraying that person’s trust and potentially losing them. On the other hand (despite how it may feel) not every relationship is meant to last forever. If you’re honest with yourself you know when a relationship is over for you. Try to end it properly before looking elsewhere.

  • ABUSIVE SITUATIONS: Associating love with pain is a Venus in Scorpio hallmark. Even in a happy, healthy relationship there will always be an underlying ache, a twinge in the chest whenever they think of their partner. This is simply how they experience love. That in itself isn’t problematic. The issue arises when a Venus in Scorpio lacks the self awareness to discern “good pain” from “bad pain.” They can easily latch onto a partner who doesn’t have their best interest in mind, or chase after someone who only wants to string them along. Generally “good pain” soothes a Venus in Scorpio and has a positive effect. It’s that “wow, I love you so much it hurts” feeling you get all while knowing your love is being reciprocated in a healthy way. “Bad pain” can have a similar flavor at first but inevitably leaves you feeling hopeless and sends you spiraling into a depression. Not to say you’re always the victim, you’re not. Sometimes you’re the perpetrator. You’re capable of being manipulative, possessive, playing power games and projecting your issues onto other people. It’s important to stay aware of these tendencies, as they could easily get out of control under the right circumstances. Be honest with yourself about it. Turn that perception inward and ask yourself why you feel the need to do certain things. Don’t allow your fears to consume you and taint your relationships, but more importantly don’t allow yourself to become someone you can’t respect.

  • OBSESSION: Every Venus in Scorpio will experience obsession with another person at some point in their lives, usually when they’re young. They want to talk to that person, know everything about them, fantasize about them, go over everything they’ve ever said with a fine-tooth comb looking for double meanings and hidden clues. They’ll probably stalk their social media and quietly (or openly) resent anyone in their lives who’s a little too close to them. Scorpio is polarizing in ways that make it easy for things to go too far too quickly. When you like someone you really like them. Being passionate in love isn’t a bad thing, but when your life starts to revolve entirely around another person and their actions, it might be time to pull back and look at the situation objectively. A mature Venus in Scorpio will take no for an answer and move on (after privately sulking and writing poetry about it of course), but someone less evolved might hold on longer than is necessary or appropriate. The creepy stalker stereotype is connected to Scorpio for a reason, so it’s crucial to recognize that unrequited love is a scenario you may find yourself in again and again because it’s pretty much the perfect drug to fuel your lust for suffering. If the Scorpio passion is handled poorly it can become a viscous cycle that ultimately leaves you feeling empty and frustrated until you can break out of it.

  • PARANOIA: Venus in Scorpios always seem to possess this knowing that every relationship has an expiration date. This is mainly because Scorpio/Pluto itself never allows things to thrive that no longer serve a purpose, and so a lot of relationships are cut short or end on less than favorable terms. The “death” of so many close relationships can result in a feeling of impending doom whenever they enter a new one. There’s a huge fear of abandonment and loss, but also a fear of betrayal that either comes from having their trust violated in traumatic ways or simply being able to see other people’s intentions a little too clearly. To combat this Venus in Scorpios are usually very private with their feelings, figuring the less people know the less chance there is for someone else to use it against them. This is of course a double-edged sword, as the preoccupation with protecting themselves can make them overly suspicious of loved ones. On the other hand they could place so much trust in a loved one that the thought of them ever leaving causes them to panic. They can get so wrapped up in these feelings to the point of actual paranoia, which of course can drive people away, making their fears of abandonment a self-fulfilling prophecy. And it’s true, some things will end. You don’t always know how and you don’t know when it will happen, which is scary, but this is a fact of life no one can avoid. You don’t need to potentially speed up the process by accusing or smothering others and risk ruining something good. The sooner you can learn to enjoy what a relationship has to offer without always trying to control the outcome, the better off you’ll be.


  • LOYALTY: Saying Venus in Scorpios are fiercely loyal might seem strange after calling out their penchant for infidelity, but 1) Not all Venus in Scorpios cheat, and 2) Even if they do mess up in that regard, they’ll usually still have your back when it matters most. They take relationships of all kind very seriously. If you mean something to them, they’re in it for the long haul and aren’t about to let anything get in the way of that. They can also be really protective, making them hostile towards your enemies. They’ll probably remember every slight they’ve ever made against you better than you can. Definitely not the flaky types to associate with those you have good reason not to like. If someone’s wronged you then they no longer exist.

  • DISCRETION: They will take your secrets to the grave. They know what is and isn’t acceptable to say in front of other people. (Unless of course you betray them or they’re air dominant, but that’s another story…) Can also be useful to have around when you need to get information out of someone without giving too much away.

  • PERCEPTIVE: If they know you well enough they’ll probably know what you’re thinking and feeling in any given situation without you having to say a word. They make excellent therapists and can probably give you some truly amazing insights about yourself and the people around you.

  • GOOD SEX: This one’s a bit of a cliché and probably applies more to Mars in Scorpio, but it is true that most Venus in Scorpios are generally… knowledgeable in this area. Sex is best when there’s a deep connection going on as that’s when they’ll really want to give it their all, but either way they’re bound to pleasantly surprise you.

  • ACCEPTING: These people will love you, warts and all. Their philosophy is everyone has flaws and those flaws are what make a person uniquely them. Someone with baggage is someone worth knowing, since baggage usually comes with a deeper understanding of the world learned the hard way, and that’s something they can always appreciate as well as relate to. 

  • EMPATHETIC: They may not always know how to express it, but these people really do care and are way more sensitive than they let on. They may not be as easily prone to tears as some (at least not in front of you), but tell them about a time you were deeply hurt and they’ll feel it like a stab to the chest. They understand trauma on a profound level and the struggle that comes with healing from it. This type of person can actually become a powerful healer to those closest to them, which makes them some of the most valuable companions you could ever hope to have.

  • TRANSFORMATIVE: Venus in Scorpio love isn’t for everyone. They can be melodramatic in ways that give Venus in Leo a run for their money, but that’s because these people have a tremendous amount of passion lurking within themselves just biding its time waiting for them to find “the one” so it can fully express itself. This is definitely overwhelming for some, but for others it’s downright intoxicating, and most likely karmic. Venus in Scorpios are slowly learning the ins and outs of their very own nature and transforming themselves through their relationships with others. Chances are if you’ve fallen for one you’ll be undergoing some type of change as well. For better or worse, this experience is meant to teach you both something about yourselves, and at the end of the day, whether you’re romantically drawn to a Venus in Scorpio or not, a close encounter with one will nearly always have a lasting impact.
Not Okay- Jeff

Request: could you do a imagine where the reader is a new student and try’s to find a class instead of finding it she gets lost and goes in to the gymnasium where she finds Zach(or Jeff) crying because his girlfriend broke up with them and she tries to comfort him and they end up together.

I can do a part two if you like it and want me to continue. I ended up going with Jeff since I have a lot of Zach imagines right now.

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Not Okay- Jeff

Being the new student was never easy. Being the new student at a big ass school was even harder. It was the third class of your second day; which also meant that would be the third class of the day you’d be late to. You walked down another hall pretty sure you were just walking in circles. Theoretically room 108 should be between 107 and 109 but apparently that wasn’t how this school rolls. Thinking you finally found the room you opened the cracked open door to see a large gymnasium with most of the lights off; completely empty other than one student sitting on the bleachers.  

“Hey can you help,” you stopped when you realized the guy’s eyes were puffy and he was wiping away his tears, “are you okay? Actually that’s a really stupid question you’re obviously not okay. Do you want to talk?”

He nodded and you sat next to him on the bleachers completely abandoning the idea of going to class.

“I’m Y/N, any particular reason you’re sitting in the dark gym by yourself? Because that’s setting off many red flags in my mind right now.” You joked hoping to calm him down.

“I’m Jeff,” He started pausing to regain his composure, you tried not to notice that he was really attractive, “and this is my Tuesday ritual. You know cry my eyes out in the gym, scare the new girl, it’s really fun you should try it.”

You laughed and tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, “Look I may be a stranger and if you don’t want to talk about it that’s cool but I’ve been told I’m a great listener.”

“My girlfriend, well ex-girlfriend now, cheated on me.” He admitted casting his eyes downward. You took a moment to gather your thoughts. Most of them consisted of wondering how a girl could cheat on someone as beautiful as him, and as much as you hated the insensitivity of it you were also considering the fact that he was very single.

“Well for one that girl is insanely stupid because I’ve known you for like two minutes and I already know that you are an incredibly sweet guy. I know this is the most useless piece of advice ever, but you can’t let some girl who doesn’t even realize how amazing you are get to you.” You rambled completely unsure of how to help. All you knew was that you needed to find the right words, because he deserved reassurance.

“I know you’re right. I just don’t know how to just ignore her. I don’t know how to not let her get to me.” He admitted.

“Let’s skip,” you responded without thinking, “get out of here and do something fun. You need a distraction.”

“Isn’t it like your second day? You shouldn’t miss it.” He said sniffling slightly.

“I got the gist of it yesterday. It’s not like it’s my first day. C’mon we’re going anywhere but here.” You told him and stood up offering your hand to him which he took gratefully.

FP Jones/Riverdale imagines - The Whyte Wyrm

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AN: I strung a few requests from you guys together to come up with this. A lot of you requested smut so here we go.  Also if you like this make sure to go check out my FP series ‘Oh Dear’ if you haven’t already, 

PS. I will have a better smuttier fic than this one coming up next weekend but this is just until then ;)

Summary: FP walks into the Whyte Wyrm one night and things escalate pretty quickly

Pairing: FP Jones x reader, Sister!Reader x Betty Cooper

Word count: 1,168

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex (wrap it up kids), some strong language, FP being older than reader

You had come back to town about a month ago. It was a shock to everyone considering you were the Cooper daughter with the most promise to do something great with your life, especially after graduating Harvard last year.

You had been living in New York with your long term college boyfriend and you had a fancy new job with very good pay but after finding out your boyfriend was cheating on you, you realised that whole life was not what you wanted. It was what your parents conditioned you to want.

You had no idea what you wanted to do anymore, so you thought you might as well start from the beginning and move back home.

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7 Hocruxes for 7 Deadly Sins

Diary = Pride

The Diary-Horcrux was made during a time of Tom Riddle sitting upon his high horse in pride over his Slytherin heritage. He did things in Slytheirn’s name. While certain aspects of the issue do not make sense,or are not detailed enough to know what fully happened, the one thing that is clear here is that Tom ‘s making of the first Horcrux was due to a matter of pride.

Pride in his own magical ability, and pride in his famous heritage.

Pride can also been the feeling that one is better than those around them, and Tom Riddle held himself in higher regard than the people he was forced to keep space with. Pride is being unable to see your own faults, which Tom suffers from as well.

Frankly, Pride was the Diary hands down.

Ring = Wrath

We know that Tom actually went to see Morfin who then lead him to the Riddle House. He was turned away and in a fit of rage, murdered 3 people. He then blamed their deaths on his uncle, and made a new Horcrux soon after.

The situation made his hatred for muggles grow. Hatred and anger are the main components of wrath.

Cup = Gluttony

This deals in sort of overindulgence in a way. There is no time line for when either the Locket of the Cup became Horcruxes, but I chose the Cup as Gluttony because cups are used for consumption usually.

Either Locket or Cup could represent Voldemort overindulging himself in Dark Magic and becoming even more insane, but the whole consumption aspect was what made me choose the Cup for Gluttony.

Selfishness is considered a gluttonous trait. Tom Riddle proved his selfishness by thinking of only his own desires his entire life. Never once did he actually care for the things he said he did. He merely needed foot soldiers to do the dirty work for him.

Locket = Envy

The Locket was a family heirloom, but it belonged to another who had purchased it in Knockturn Alley. I chose Envy for this because it has various applications throughout history, and can be linked to many fictional and factual happenings.

((According to St. Thomas Aquinas, the struggle aroused by envy has three stages: during the first stage, the envious person attempts to lower another’s reputation; in the middle stage, the envious person receives either “joy at another’s misfortune” (if he succeeds in defaming the other person) or “grief at another’s prosperity” (if he fails); the third stage is hatred because “sorrow causes hatred”))

Envy, Lust, Greed, and Gluttony all have similar meanings, but nuance is what separates them.

The fact is, Tom did a lot of manipulating in order to get his hands on the Locket, because he wanted it. He was envious of another owning something he thought should belong to him. He then planned the downfall of that person and enjoyed every minute of it.

Diadem = Greed

Many actions can be called ‘greedy’ such as theft and manipulation as well as a desire for something that isn’t yours. Tom manipulated Helena in order to get the location of the diadem. Many people were covetous of the item over the years, because of the powers it was said to have.

The Diadem of Ravenclaw could enhance the wisdom of the wearer. Tom Riddle wanted it because it belonged to a Hogwarts Founder while everyone else wanted it for what it could do. The object itself is a symbol of humanity’s greed. Helena had even stolen it away to herself once upon a time.

Tom was pushing the envelope with adding another unnecessary Horcrux to his list, which is another form of greed. He had some already, but decided that he wanted to not only cheat death further, but he wanted to prove his superiority while doing it.

Nagini = Sloth

One of the many things that can be considered Slothful, is the complete disregard for the life of others, as well as apathy toward the suffering of others.

Nagini is a creature with an animal’s instincts, who is linked to Voldemort through a soul piece, and possibly any other bonds. Voldemort does not care for humanity in general as shown by his lack of regard for anyone and willingness to murder whomever he wants. Nagini has also been shown to be apathetic toward others and only seems to be kind to her master.

Animals in general, are apparently not known to have an understanding of human life or emotions, so Nagini being Slothfulness, in the sense of Voldemort being uncaring toward humanity as a whole, seems spot on for me.

Harry = Lust

Lust is a desire for something, so in this instance, a desire for power. Voldemort wanted all the power there was, and when the prophesy he partially heard, said ‘the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord’, he was in a rush to kill Harry so he couldn’t gain any sort of power over Voldemort. Thereby keeping Voldemort at the top of the power tier.

Harry also represents something Voldemort lacks, which is love. The abilities to understand it, give it, or accept it. A ‘power the Dark Lord knows not’.

Their whole relationship started because it was prophesied that Harry would have power Voldemort didn’t. Power is the foundation of what links to two in the first place.

(*NOTE* These are just my opinions of course.)

The Excuse [1/1]

A/N: I honest to God have no idea what this is. This article came across my newsfeed and my brain did that thing (every writer in this fandom knows what I mean) and with enabling from one @xpumpkindumplingx, this came about even though I haven’t updated TMTC since October (still working on that, btw). Again, no idea what this is. It is teacher/student so if that’s not your jam feel free to give it a hard pass. The events that happen would not happy in real life but… fiction, right? Many thanks to @spartanguard for looking over this for me!

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Killian Jones had seen many excuses for late assignments in his short teaching career but the one currently sitting in his inbox was by far the most extensive he had ever seen.

Killian Jones had seen many excuses for late assignments in his short teaching career.

A death in the family (a viable one, of course, except that one student whose grandmother died eight times in one semester) or the fact they were in a family member’s wedding and completely forgot about the assignment, even though every assignment he gave was on the course syllabus his students received on the first day of class. There was the one where they thought it was due another week (again, his course syllabus had the dates for all assignments) and the trickster excuse that it was showing in their sent email but not his inbox - like he was the seventy-year-old Mrs. Lucas who didn’t know how e-mail worked. Sickness of some sort was another one, although he doubted the one student had really had walking pneumonia but been able to drink his fellow classmates under the table that same night at the football game. His personal favorites were the dog had eaten their ten-page research essay and a tv show had left them emotionally compromised. He watched Doctor Who as well and while he could sympathize with their pain after the Doomsday episode, it still wasn’t a practical excuse.

But the one currently sitting in his inbox was by far the most extensive he had ever seen.

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Ephemeral || 01

(adj) lasting for a very short time

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pairing: Jimin | reader 

genre: slight angst, not too much

word count: 2.4k

summary: six months ago, Park Jimin broke your heart, though getting over him isn’t quite as easy if you’re still in love with him

warnings: none

a/n: I don’t hate any of the people who are portrayed as dislikeable characters in this story!

prologue ; next chapter

You stared out your bedroom window as the sun started to rise and illuminate the previously nightly black sky with warm tones of yellow, orange and pink. After Jimin had called you, you couldn’t get a hold of any more sleep that night, but still there was a feeling of proudness lingering in your chest. Despite not being able to fully ignore his call, you still managed to say ‘No’ to coming over to his dorm.

It’s something he’d frequently do, call you at random times of the day, more in the early hours of the morning than when it was actually mundane. You guessed that he probably had no other mindless toy, that would willingly get up and come over at 4am when it was class the next morning. But what can you say, you’d already lost count over how many times you sneaked out of your dorm, trying not to wake your roommates, who were already hating the fact that you were still wasting your time on someone like Jimin, and quickly ran across the campus just to see him.


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XXX (Jimin Fic)

• Prologue •

Genre: angst, dark, supernatural, smut (later on)

Series Rating: M

Chapter Rating: PG-13

AU?: demon!Jimin, supernatural!Jimin 

Word Count: 1,307

Summary: To make a deal with the devil is like selling your soul. In fact, that’s exactly what it is. Little did you know that the demon who held the deal, had bigger and better plans in store for you. 

A/N: This is a short part, but it’s establishing some of the story and I feel like the ending fit well. So yes, there will be a part 2!! I plan on having the other parts be longer. Also low-key considering this as a teaser as well so enjoy!! :))

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Part One ]

Sign with the devil, they say. Make a deal with the devil and you’ll come out the loser. You can cheat death, but cheat the devil and your soul be damned. To Hell with you, forever and for all eternity.

Palms sweaty, hands shaking in the pockets of your jacket, fingers gripped tightly around the tiny wooden box in the right one. You’d never done something like this before. This wasn’t you. You’d never considered the thought of actually making a deal with a demon. Hell, you weren’t certain it would work anyway. But anything would be sacrifice enough if it meant your love would live. You had to try.

The gravel crunched under the lightweight of your boots, crumbling and shifting and cracking, almost a similar sound to crushing bone as you approached the abandoned dirt crossroads of Mackay Ln. and Blade Dr. The full moon engulfed the event in a silver hue, one that would’ve been pitch black without its assistance.

Approaching the center of the crossroads, your breath caught in your throat, a throbbing ache in your chest as you withdrew the wooden box from your pocket and knelt down. First brushing aside the surface dirt, you began to dig, a small hole about 8 inches deep and about 10 inches wide, so the box would fit. You lowered the box into the dirt, hesitating whether or not to cover it up and seal your fate, or to turn and run without ever looking back.

You thought about your love lying in the hospital bed, the heart monitor next to him beeping slower and duller as the seconds passed before flat lining. You squeezed your eyes shut to prevent the tears from falling before you began to shove the excess dirt back into the hole, the box disappearing in a matter of seconds before it was completely buried. 

You stood up, taking a step back from the burial before waiting a minute. Nothing felt different, and you were still alone. You sighed, running a hand through your hair and muttering how much of an idiot you were for believing in such a thing as demons and black magic. You shook your head, disappointment evident in your eyes as you turned to leave before you suddenly ran into what felt like a brick wall.

“Fuck-!” you exclaimed, stumbling back a little before you looked up and your entire body ran cold.

Before you stood a man dressed entirely in black. His hands were in his pockets, and he had this subtle smirk on his lips as his dark eyes watched you, a brow raised in amusement. You gulped, your hand curled into a fist over your rapidly beating heart. There was an aura about him, one that you immediately knew was dangerous and you knew you’d regretted ever coming here. The two of you stood in silence as each of you watched the other, expecting the other to speak or make a move first. The silence was deafening and suffocating. You couldn’t take anymore.

“W-Who are you?” Your voice nearly gave out on you, initializing the fear in your body, and he smiled devilishly.

“You summoned me without knowing who I am? How stupid are you, girl?” he belittled, another wicked grin spreading across his face. You frowned, both offended and hurt. The man chuckled darkly before he continued. “You can call me Jimin, sweetheart.” Your frown hardened in anger.

“Don’t call me ‘sweetheart,’” you spat, internally surprised by your sudden sense of bravery, even the demon before you rose a brow in amused surprise.

“Hm fiery! I’m intrigued,” Jimin cooed with a chuckle. You grimaced in disgust. 

“Can we just get this over with?” you pressed, jaw tightened with impatience. Jimin tried his best to hide his growing amusement from your attitude. You were an interesting specimen, something he hadn’t witnessed before. There was a sense of blind determination behind your aura, an intense aura, one that he couldn’t ignore, despite how idiotic it just might be.

“Well, you’ve pulled me from the fire, it’s time you tell me your deepest desire,” he mused. It took all you could not to scoff at how corny and bizarre his words were but you shook them off anyway.

“My fiancè is dying,” you began, however you felt awkward telling this to a random stranger, one that just so happened to be a demon. Although, before you could continue, a deep chuckle cut you off.

“The hell are you laughing for?” you growled but the demon continued to find amusement over your predicament.

“This is the most classic tale any crossroads demon has ever heard,” he hooted, wiping a nonexistent tear for effect. You frowned.

“Let me guess,” he began, stepping aside as he began to encircle you, speaking slowly and clearly as he did so. “Your fiancè is dying, currently in a hospital bed, the heart monitor slowing, pulse barely readable, and yet you’re here, making a deal with a demon? And you expect it to go according to plan, right? Or are you really just that stupid?” He chuckled again; a low, rumbling chuckle that resembled that of a growling beast before coming to a halt behind you, forcing you to turn around in order to face him. He glanced downward as he laughed before his eyes met yours again, their once dark irises glimmering like the embers of a burning flame.

“You’re taking a leap of faith, sweetheart. And with a demon of all things. Faith really isn’t my fortè. I suggest you go back to your fiancè and spend what little time you have left with him.” He turned away as his words hit you like a 10 ton truck. All you were capable of doing was stare at him, wide-eyed and mouth agape as he started to walk off, fading into the shadows.

“W-wait please! I’m begging you!” You had lost total control over your own body as your voice betrayed you, calling out to him as you fell to your knees. He froze, his form only a misty figure among the shadows before he turned, eyebrow raised at your position.

“Please Jimin, I’m begging you…” Your words shook over your tongue, your throat becoming dry from the thought of losing your soul mate. “This is the only chance I have..”

Jimin had started to make his way back to you as you spoke, but you didn’t really pay him any mind.

“Please…I will do anything,” you promised, eyes squeezed shut to block out the tears that threatened to fall from your eyes, bottom lip pinched between your teeth to stop the cries that threatened to spill over your lips. “Please…”

You were met with silence for what felt like an eternity before your head was lifted by Jimin’s fingers under your chin, forcing you to look into his smoldering eyes.

“Anything, you say.” It wasn’t exactly a question, nor a demand. You weren’t exactly sure what it could’ve been, but the low chuckle that followed those words seemingly latched onto your heart and you could feel the pressure as though someone was squeezing the life out of you. You looked into his eyes as a gentle, but equally sinful smirk spread across his plump lips. Yours quivered as you responded, your voice barely above a whisper.


Jimin’s smirk turned into a devious grin before he pulled you closer by your chin as he suddenly brushed his lips over yours.

“Well then, L/N Y/N, it looks like we have a deal,” he whispered, chuckling darkly. Your terror-stricken heartbeat picked up from your realization; but before you could ask him how he knew your name, considering you hadn’t told him, his lips locked with yours, sealing your deal with the devil, and the future Fate had in store for you.

A/N: Let me know if you like it so far and I’ll get working on part 2!! (I’ll be working on it anyway, but still) Anyway, thanks babes!! I’ll see you in the next update!! 


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Don't you feel like Cas is getting smaller? I mean, I was sure before that he and Dean where almost the same heigh but Dean was a little taller than him, and last episode when I saw them standing in front of each Dean looked a lot more taller than Cas

That’s an interesting question. IRL, Misha is a strapping lad [183 cm], only 3 cm shorter than Jensen [186 cm] (and, well, much shorter than Jared [193 cm], but then again, isn’t everyone?), but the show has a habit of framing him so he looks a bit smaller than that.

Like, this is them IRL -

- and here is a normal shot from S12.

There are, of course, a number of reasons to cheat with how tall or short actors are, and some have to do with the general framing of the scene, not with the narrative itself. That said, you’re right - this SPN 12x19 thing was almost ridiculously out of proportion.

And the thing is, this is deliberate and meaningful, especially if we consider how carefully arranged other shots in this episode were - from Kelly’s face disappearing into the dark mirror (making her a identity-less baby bump) from Dean and Cas isolated inside that circle, Amanda Tapping has been super attentive and done a wonderful job. In this case, what is most apparent is the symmetry (two groups, isolated down the middle), the white light between Dean and Cas (which draws the attention of the viewer, is in the dead centre of the scene and also a perfect symbol of that distance forming between them), and the almost perfect descent in height of the characters themselves.

This creates a very neat visual effect and it messes with our psychology, because traditionally in Western visual arts the winners go left to right (it’s possible this has to do with our writing system, since in Etruscan art, it’s the opposite way around), as you can see on every Greek vase ever painted -

- but here, even though Cas has just defeated Dagon, we know something is not right and we know Sam and Dean are the ones being reasonable, so our brains instantly go, Wait, what? and this straight line from Sam to Kelly makes things even worse, because it’s a strong indication that there’s some kind of falling down and degeneration involved, and it makes Cas and Kelly look like they’re wrong BUT THEY’RE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE FRAME (*siren blaring*) and there’s an office inside your brain that’s busy busy busy trying to unscramble wtf is going on.

But - and here is where the magic happens - if you frame this shot in the ‘right’ way, the meaning changes and the thing becomes much less effective.

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Eleanor will be back by the end of February, heads up

Honestly, with how prevalent her name has been as of late, I am not surprised. They are as subtle as a brick to the face. However, I have some thoughts:

a) they’d only consider it if babygate is minutes from being over… imagine El popping up and saying “you want me to me this babies mama, get a pap test.”

b) she’d be absolutely fucking stupid to get herself involved in this because it makes her look like an idiot doormat, and it would be the shittest most duct-tape repair job of a fractured closet ever, so I doubt any of them would be dumb enough to do it. Think about it, if this is true then Louis has cheated on El with pool girl but also with Bri, then partied all the time with randoms, then got Bri pregnant, then cheated on Bri with Tamara, then the pregnancy came to light, then dated another girl (Danielle) for a year, and now two years later…what?! Louis has realized El is the girl of his dreams all along?

c) if this does become a thing, can’t wait to see who all becomes entwined with this “love story” through the ages (will Oli the Uber driver return?)

Either way, stay tuned.

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How would Pakkun and the rest of Kakashi's ninken react to and deal with Kakashi suddenly having a s/o?

Ninkin Reacting to Kakashi’s S/O

Originally posted by kulfoncozciebiewyrosnie

• Pakkun would be like a gruff yet proud grandpa. He would say ‘it’s about time’, admonishing Kakashi for taking this long to find a relationship in a good-natured way. He’d also suss out the S/O, following their trails and making sure they’re the loyal partner Kakashi deserves (although I’m sure all the hounds would do this). With Kakashi vouching for them, it would not take Pakkun long to warm up to the S/O. Rest of the pack (Pakkun included) 

• They’d be sniffing Kakashi’s s/o all over, intent on sussing them out completely. If there’s even the tiniest chance this person might ‘join into the pack’ (aka marry Kakashi), they need to make sure they’re a good person. It would be like gathering enemy intelligence, but even more thorough. Wherever the s/o went, the dogs would follow their scent and see if they could sniff up anything potentially troubling.

• We’ve seen that Kakashi’s hounds aren’t exactly the friendliest bunch at first glance. They might making stinging comments on the s/o’s appearance, scent, etc, but that’s only because they’re a giant pack of sass and fur. They’d remain cautious though, because they don’t want to push Kakashi’s patience too far. Kakashi gets that the nin-hounds have attitude, but he wouldn’t stand for his s/o being insulted or hurt, and the nin-hounds know that. It would be a delicate of backhanded uncomfortable-family comments (think Thanksgiving) mixed in with blatant interrogation (“you’re not allergic to dogs, are you?” “You’d never cheat on Kakashi, right?”). 

• Once reassured that Kakashi’s s/o was a good person and a good match for him, the nin-hounds would accept them congenially. They’d be friendlier and open to conversation, maybe tagging along with Kakashi and his s/o for the occasional walk. Some might even let the s/o scratch behind their ears, which is considered a big honour, since nin-dogs are more intelligent than regular dogs and therefore touch is a bigger deal to them. To let themselves be that vulnerable around the s/o is a massive step. 

• If the s/o thanked them for making sure Kakashi was always safe, they would win BIG brownie points with the pack. If the s/o acknowledged their respect for the pack and didn’t treat them like ‘cute lil’ puppies’, the pack would quickly build up respect for the s/o in return. Mutual respect is probably the greatest bond the s/o could build with the pack, and it’s no small feat to achieve. However, the pack would take Kakashi’s regards into account, which would lead them to think more highly of the s/o in a shorter period of time.

I Wouldn’t Do That

Request: an archie one shot where the reader and archie are dating for 6 months or something, but she thinks he’s cheating on her with veronica. she’s always been in the group, and in the start she likes ronnie, but when she notices some things and people starts talking about veronica and archie she gets anxious. BUT THEY AREN’T CHEATING thank you

a/n; I feel like Archie is that super caring boyfriend, but at the same time he could have a temper about certain things?

Word Count: 830

Pairing: Archie Andrews X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

The day felt like it was never going to end as I was surrounded by people carelessly talking about my boyfriend being in a closet with Veronica Lodge. We used to pretty close considering she just moved here, but I’m starting to doubt that now, factoring in the rumors going around. I’m trying to give Archie the benefit of the doubt here, but it’s difficult because he’s been distant lately, which only strengthens the doubt in my mind. 

“Hey, Juggie.” I teased when he came up next to me, his dark eyebrows shot up. “Why so glum?” His monotone voice rang through my ears as I saw Archie talking with Veronica and Betty. I looked down at my shoes, watching the dingy white laces shake with every step I took. “Ask the red head.” Is all I said, veering off towards the girls bathroom, the door swung shut behind me, echoing through the empty stalls. I glanced in the mirror, not recognizing myself through all the pain expressed on my face, how has he not noticed?

“Y/N?” Betty asked, sticking her head in, our eyes met in the mirror. I closed mine instantly, trying to force back the tears, except they didn’t go back, they came out. “What happened?” She rushed over, placing a hand on my shoulder, “did you and Archie have a fight?” Her tone was gentle as I looked up at her. A new line of tears forming at the mention of his name, my head shook at the same time that my shoulders shrugged. 

Hesitantly Betty opened her mouth to say something, “he sent me in here to get you, he’s worried about you. Jug told him something, I just don’t know what it was.” She spoke softly, in her typical Betty Cooper fashion. “Veronica–she went in the closet with Archie at Cheryl’s. How do I know they didn’t do anything? Everyone says they did.” I cried out, lightly tugging on the roots of my hair. Betty shook her head, “they didn’t do anything.” She tried to explain, but I just wouldn’t have it. “I need to hear that from Archie, and he needs to mean it. Otherwise I think I’ll go insane, Betty.” I tried to be polite, but my voice came out harsher than I intended, she understood though, she didn’t seem angry with me, which was a relief. 

“Y/N?” Archie breathed out as I walked by with Betty, I saw her give him a look out of the corner of my eyes as we continued out of the school. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Archie sounded upset as he followed us through the front lawn of the high school, I couldn’t muster up the courage to look at him, knowing the look that was most likely on his face, I could hear it in his voice, he’s worried, hurt, anything and everything that goes with having your love upset. 

“You can go, Betty.” I breathed out, once we were a fair distance from the school, much closer to Pop’s now. “I wanna talk to him.” I assured her, knowing he could hear me, since he wasn’t very subtle with his techniques in following us. “Baby, what’s wrong?” Archie practically ran over to me once Betty was gone. He reached out to touch me, knowing how easily he is able to comfort me, but not this time. I stepped out of his reach, finally meeting his eyes, which looked just as pained as I was, just from the sight of me, tear stains dried on my cheeks, without a doubt the tip of my nose was red from wiping at it so much. My eyes felt dry and puffy now, most likely looking that way too. 

“What happened at Cheryl’s party?” I asked, not moving my eyes from him, his protective demeanor faltered at my words, “that’s what this is about?” He sounded a little surprised. “Did you kiss her, just like everyone is saying?” I paused, not being able to keep the words from tumbling out of my mouth, “do you even love me, arch? Because you haven’t seemed to care much about me until Jughead pointed it out to you.” I explained, dreading his answer. Instantly I could tell his protectiveness over my emotions was back. 

“Of course I love you, Y/N. I wouldn’t do that to you, never, nothing happened between Veronica and I.” He stepped closer to me, I didn’t back away this time. “I was too afraid to face you after everyone had started to say those things, but when Jug told me how upset you were, I couldn’t stand not being with you.” He hesitantly cupped my cheek, the tips of his fingers touching my hair. “I’m sorry.” I breathed out, leaning forward, my forehead resting against his chest, my figure slightly slouched. “You don’t have anything to be sorry for.” He assured me, moving his hand so his arms could both wrap around me, holding me tightly against him. 

lmao seriously it makes me laugh so hard that they are pushing this victim “Robert is so mean to her” narrative with Rebecca 😂

I’ve said this before but she has gone into every situation with Robert with open fucking eyes. She has always known exactly what he is like?? She knew exactly what she was doing and what he was doing???

So it’s so funny that we are supposed to feel bad for her cause he’s ~so mean and that’s supposed to excuse her own actions? Lol what?

You know who was actually mistreated and deserved some slack about the decisions she made after that mistreatment?

Chrissie fucking White.

She had little to no idea what Robert was like. She didn’t know he was a lying cheat. She didn’t know the lengths he would go to get what he wanted. She had an idea and suspicions but she ignored them cause she was soft and chose to love and trust him (and of course she did!). He said and did horrible things to her and her actions thereafter are more understandable considering the amount of betrayal she suffered at his hands.

Robert even admitted it himself. He pushed her to some of the shit she did.

But Rebecca? Nah bro. She knew he was a lying cheat. She knows what he is capable of and what he is willing to do. She keeps pursuing.

When Chrissie found out, she kicked him to the curb and never went back. And you bet your ass she still loved him. She was married to him ffs. But once her eyes were opened she did not go there again.

This victim narrative for Rebecca is so unbelievable and boring.

Chrissie deserved how they want us to feel about Rebecca. When you compare the two situations it’s hilarious.

Yeah sorry ED and IM, no one is falling for it.

Mafumafu Tweets ー 02.17.17

Mafumafu: “That moment when someone said to me, “I heard that apparently turtles’ genders are determined when they hatch out of their eggs, so they become male if the surrounding temperature is less than 28℃ and female if the surrounding temperature is above 30℃. If you head over to a warm beach, there might just be a lot of female turtles there. I just caught onto something great, didn’t I?”, and I realized that at some point in time people had started to consider turtles as part of my love interest. The pain is overflowing.”

Mafumafu: “I’m at home almost all the time because of my projects, I’m working to my death at my job, I don’t really have any friends so I don’t go out to play much, there’s no way I’d cheat with someone based off of my personality, I wait around like a dog, and on top of that I think I’m the type that makes gloomy little cries of “woof, woof” while getting emotionally attached to someone, but when I think about how I’ll spend my life and die alone as a video uploader who never became popular and never received any chocolate, I want to cry”

Mafumafu: “However, though it’s only because it’s now that I can say this, I’ve (always) thought that surely a life of immersing yourself into music and your hobbies must be blissful. I’ve devoted a ton of time into my music activities, but I am so content with how each single day has both its fun and painful moments that I think I’d choose this life again if I had a chance to be reborn. Therefore, I thought I might even say that I will give up on romance wait what screw that I want to be blessed I want to be bles”

BTS REACTIONS: The aftermath of you pranking them by fake cheating.

JIN would be very upset, he’d make you pay by making you hear him complain about everything for a week. He’d also try to make you feel bad by telling you all the nice things he does for you. He’d get over it, but he might bring it up during future arguments.

RAP MONSTER would yell in relief when you told him it was a prank. He’d probably be balling his eyes out if you didn’t end it as soon as you did, because he really loves you. He’d forgive you for the prank, but he would definitely need some time alone to bring himself back to normal.

Originally posted by baebsaes

SUGA would not appreciate your prank at all. He wouldn’t get why you would joke about something like that. He would get really sad and distance himself from you for a while. Its not that he doesn’t like you, but the prank went too far. Especially since he considers you a big priority in his life. Even though you didn’t actually cheat, he’d prefer you didn’t joke like that.

Originally posted by baepsaeboyss

J-HOPE’s heart would be beating fast and his hand trembling. He takes you guy’s relationship very serious and loves you a bunch. So to think that you might of cheated on him broke him for a second. After a while though he’d come around and actually find the prank funny. As long as you promise to never cheat on him…no hard feelings.

JIMIN would insist that he already knew from the beginning and was playing along. He wouldn’t want to admit that he was heart broken for a second. Inside he was very relieved that you didn’t actually cheat, but now his wheels are turning. He’d probably be extra touchy with you and show you lots of love for the rest of the day so that you know he loves you.

Originally posted by prkjimi

V would take it to a whole new level. Even though you told him, he’d continue pretending like he was super upset. To the point where he would almost forget he was just acting and not actually upset. After he got you back he’d tell you the your prank was good and give you a big hug. He wouldn’t take it too harshly, but be prepared for the prank war you just started.

Originally posted by jitamin

JUNGKOOK would choose his words wisely. He’d still be heated from the prank, so he would go silent for a few to calm down. He also wants to tell you that the prank was stupid, but doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. He’d realize it wasn’t that serious and forgive you, but he’d need time to recover from the shock of the prank.

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