are so gorgeous


I commissioned art from @saizophrenia and isn’t their art just spectacular? Blushy Saizo is best Saizo always~♡♡ and an amazing Kotaro chibi because the poor dear needs more love in his life~♡

Also is it just me or does Saikitty look like he’s up to something? I’d better go hide my yarn…

Thank you so much for the lovely art, Cakey! Please go check them out and support them if you can~ ♡♡♡

Yet again an adorable human being, and a gorgeous artist at that!, drew me some pink-haired!Levi and this time it was @kingjae-ger

Thank you so much for this omg you brought me to tears, this is the loveliest pink!Levi I’ve ever seen, it’s so soft and pretty and lovely and cute and awww Levi looks so nice I want to spoil him!

Y'all give the artist and their pinkheichou art tons of love, they deserve all the appreciation in the world!!! 😭💖💖💖