are so going to kills us

Maggie is at the prison!! Is she going to be the one to bust him out? Or going to be the oneto confront him “bad cop” style to figure out where is his son and Alex?!

So many thoughts!! 2x19 is gonna kill us all

Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble.

(  Prompt: We’re in between classes, and we both hear a fourth year calling a first year a mudblood, and neither of us are having any of that prejudiced bullshit. unfortunately, my impulse was to hex them, and yours was to punch them in the face, and my jelly-legs curse hit you instead, i’m really sorry, and we both are probably getting detention now, but hey, plus side, you’re kind of cute )

A/N: I was originally not going to make a sequel because of all the flack I received from several anons who disagreed with me sorting Peter into Hufflepuff, but you guys were too nice, so I caved. And cheated a little by using a prompt and tweaking it. School has also started, so my updates might be sporadic. Year 2 of Child Psychology is already killing me. Send help. And send in requests - Hogwarts related or otherwise.

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You’re walking down the hall with fellow roomie Megan when you hear it.

Taunts and jeers. A familiar voice asking Flash to stop. Curious, a little concerned – you look to see what’s happening. A group of Gryffindors twice your size are surrounding a tall, skinny Hufflepuff with milk pale skin and freckles.

Ice crystalizes in your veins. Oh, help. It’s Peter Parker.

You remember him well enough. Whenever the two of you had passed each other in the halls ( him with a rotound giant of a Hufflepuff and a wild, curly haired Ravenclaw, and you with your roommates ), he would send you a sunny, easy smile and a wave, to which you would return with a nod of your own.

“Let’s go,” Megan says. “We’re gonna be late, (Y/n).”

It’s obvious she’s telling you to keep your head down. She wants to stay out of trouble. Your sense of self-preservation battles your conscience. But your conscience wins. You owe Peter.

“Hold my books, Chan!” You say loudly, shoving your books into Megan’s hands. She jumps. In the short week that she’s known you, you’ve been soft-spoken and well mannered. She’s never heard you raise your voice before – or sound so ticked off. You might as well have danced around naked in the halls from the way she’s staring at you.

You stomp over and, to a chorus of “Hey” and “Watch it”, shove the Gryffindors out of the way. Glaring, you pull your wand out from your robes and say, “You have five seconds to leave. Then I get mad.

“Whatcha gonna do about it?” The ringleader asks, his voice a high falsetto. “Ooh, I’m so scared, the ickle firstie’s gonna hurt me!” To a chorus of laughter now directed at you, he leans in closer, eyes darkening, voice a taunting whisper. “Slither back to your dungeons, you little mudblood.”

You face pales, and you jerk back as though you’ve been slapped. But before you can hex him into oblivion, there’s an outraged yell, and the Gryffindor goes down in a tangle of limbs.

It’s not you whaling on the Gryffindor.

It’s Peter Parker.

Predictably, the two of you end up in the Hospital Wing.

The only bright side to this whole mess is that the Gryffindors go too. You’d gotten Flash pretty good; his face is a mass of bruises and boils, and the Bat Bogey Hex that you’d hit him with had yet to wear off. The bats still surround him in a great, dark cloud, making you feel a twinge of pride all over again.

The school nurse, Mr Wilson, takes one look at the motely group that’s been deposited inside, and instantly bursts out laughing. Flash and his cronies are wheeled into another room for Mr. Wilson to patch up, so it’s just you and Peter until the teachers arrive.

You’d escaped unscathed, Peter not so much. He’d been on the receiving end of the Jelly-Legs curse, and was currently strapped down to a bed, his legs still jiggling away. And, as luck would have it, the brute from Gryffindor knew how to fight. The brute’s left a fresh bruise on Peter’s cheek, and Peter’s knuckles are raw and bloody. The only first aid you’ve been able to provide consists of wetting your handkerchief and wrapping it around Peter’s hand.

The door to the hospital flies open; in sails Professor Romanoff, assistant Head of Slytherin. Professor Rogers from Hufflepuff is hot on her heels. You glare defiantly at Professor Romanoff, but she doesn’t seem mad; merely amused. She’s actually happy, cherry red lips curved up in a smile.

Professor Rogers is a different story altogether. He never raises his voice, just sounds infinitely disappointed. “Peter, would you like to explain why you got into a fight with Thompson?”

“It wasn’t his fault,” You interject hastily, knowing that Peter would never let slip he was being bullied until upon pain of death. “Peter was getting picked on by that loser!”

Professor Roger’s eyes darken. You hope this isn’t because he’s mad at the two of you. “And then Flash got mad, hexed Peter.”

You wince. You’d hoped the subject wouldn’t come up, but it looks like it’s no dice. “No, erm, that was me,” You admit sheepishly, cheeks glowing pink.

“I tackled Flash, and she –” An amused smile plays across Peter’s lips as he flicks a sideways glance over at you, your cheeks rosy and eyes blazing defiantly. “– She tried to hex Flash. But she missed and hit me instead.”

Professor Romanoff arches a perfectly plucked eyebrow in disbelief. “You missed? Really, (Y/n)?”

“Natasha!” Professor Rogers squawks indignantly. “Miss (L/n)’s missing is hardly the point here –”

“You’re right. What have you been teaching the first-years, Steve?” Professor Romanoff asks mockingly, shaking a headful of scarlet curls. “Not how to aim properly, that’s for sure. (Y/n), they were several meters in front of you, how could you have possibly missed?”

Wait. What? No lecture? No expulsion? “They were flopping about!” You cry out defensively. “Peter was getting in the way! I had it all under control! He should thank me for saving his sorry ass!”

“Language, Miss (L/n)!” Professor Rogers chides, which only falls on deaf ears.

“Well, it’s true! You didn’t hear what Flash and his goons called Peter!” You screw up your face, doing a remarkably accurate Flash impression. “‘Puny Parker’, ‘Pathetic Parker’ –”

“Peter, how long has this been going on?” Professor Rogers asks, a protective edge to his voice.

“A while,” Peter rushes out, as though the quicker he says it, the sooner everyone will forget. He turns to you, eyes wide with disbelief. “Me?! Didn’t you hear what he called you? I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing –”

“I had it covered!”

“Yeah, just like the time you were hopelessly lost and claimed that everything was fine? I don’t think so, (Y/n).”

(Y/n),” Professor Romanoff interrupts, still sounding amused from your bantering with Peter, “What exactly did Thompson call you?”

Dead silence.

You meet Peter’s eyes. He presses his lips together into a thin, white line, and shakes his head. You raise your eyes heavenwards. Fine. If he won’t say it, you will.

“Flash called me a mudblood. Okay?”

The words clump together in your mouth. You really don’t want to repeat it, but it looks like the Professors have gotten the message. The room goes quiet and tense. Professor Romanoff mutters unfamiliar sounding curses under her breath, shooting an angry glance at the room where Flash is. She looks like she’s considering murder on your behalf. Professor Rogers is equally disapproving, handsome face etched into a scowl, but his eyes are aglow with pride as he nods at Peter, clearly approving that he’d tried to stand up for you.

“Well,” Professor Romanoff says silkily, taking care to raise her voice. “I think fifty points apiece from Gryffindor should be fine.”

“Agreed.” Professor Rogers says. “Fury would like to see them too, I think.”

Professor Romanoff nods approvingly. “Fifty points to Hufflepuff and Slytherin.”

You’ll take the points over a detention any day. Professor Romanoff nods at Peter as Professor Rogers leaves, presumably to have a chat with Headmaster Fury. Pulling out her wand, Professor Romanoff fixes Peter’s legs with a wave of her wand.

“Next time, (Y/n), if you want to get into trouble, do try not to get caught.”

Definitely not something that you would have expected a teacher to say. A smile, your first since you’ve stepped foot into the hospital wing, breaks across your face. One nod from you later, Professor Romanoff has ducked into Mr Wilson’s office. You wonder if she’s scaring the living daylights out of Flash and his goons. The thought makes you feel marginally better.

“You’re smiling.”

Peter’s voice breaks you out of your daze. “Wouldn’t you be? Flash is in trouble, and we’ve just scored house points!”

“I’ve just been hit with a Jelly-Legs Jinx.” Peter raises an eyebrow. “How do you think I feel?”

“Professor Romanoff removed it!” You defend yourself. “And I’ll work on my aim next time!”

“Well, at least you managed to nail him with that Bat Bogey Hex. How do you know so many curses, anyway?”

“First thing I practised when I got here.” You intone solemnly.

Peter laughs. It’s delicious sounding thing, bright and happy and full of life.

“Well. If I get picked on again, I guess I know who to call for backup.”

It was a one-time thing, you want to say. I owed you a favour, but now we’re even. But none of those things comes out. “I’ll ambush them,” You say instead. “Don’t get caught and all that.”

“You are such a Slytherin,” Peter says, fondly but not mockingly.

“Don’t I know it.”

The two of you have reached the Great Hall. The sound of laughter, chatter, and shouts compete with the clinking of cutlery. The two of you stand awkwardly outside the wooden doors, until you quickly decide that the situation is getting a little too awkward for your tastes, and quickly make to head inside.

“Er – Wait.” Peter grabs your hand before you can leave. Only when you stop in your tracks does he retract his hands guiltily. “Sorry. Sorry. Um. Thanks.”

“Well, you punched him for me, so I’d say we’re even.” You say non-committedly, trying to ignore the heat still clinging to your skin. “Thanks, too.”

“Um …”

“Spit it out, Parker, or we’ll be here all night.”

“Hogsmeade,” Peter mumbles, so soft that you have to strain your ears to hear. “Would you like to go?”

“Uh, first-years can’t go. Remember?”

“They can if they’re invited.”

You stare. Is he asking you on a date?

“My friends and I were going,” Peter clarifies, and you try to ignore that puzzling stab of disappointment that you feel. “That, and I owe you, so …”

You hardly need to be convinced. “Sure. You can buy me a drink.”

His answering smile is bright, blindingly so.

And if your cheeks heat up the tiniest bit, or if you stumble over your own feet as you navigate your way to your table, well, that’s a problem to be solved at another time.

When one sees what happens in the world between the religions, the different religions - killing each other and murdering each other, it’s disgusting and as far as I am concerned it’s ridiculous. So I thought I might be useful, I believe in God and I believe in religion, but believe religions should belong to you. The extraordinary thing is that the Jews believe that only the Jews can go to paradise, the Christians believe that only a Christian can go to paradise and the Muslims believe that only the Muslims can go to paradise. Now why should God, in his great justice, make somebody born that cannot go to paradise - it is absurd. Please forgive me, I don’t mean to say it’s absurd, people made it absurd.
—  Omar Sharif (عمر الشريف‎‎, 1932-2015), Egyptian actor
AOS 4x19:  Through a Child’s Eyes.

Kiddo is SO ready for this…I hope.

“Mom, why is your email (ask box) blowing up already?”

  • Poor Mace!
  • Yeah May! Blow this place up!
  • Bakshi
    • Ew, he’s like the guys on the TV station you yell at.
    • LIAR
    • LIES
    • Yeah DAISY!
    • OHHH Super Hero music
    • Dudes are going down!
    • Use your powers forget teh gun
    • Quake them!  Quake them…okay that was cool carry on
    • Why with the main entrances again
    • May is awesome!
    • Well poop
    • Shoot her! Save Fitz!
    • Romantic…like he does anything for the woman he loves…AIDA that love is for Jemma not you.
    • YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • No way she survived that! 
  • AIDA
    • Oh she’s plugged in
    • That was kinda creepy
    • AHHHH
    • She was programmed!  Hear that Programmed!
    • NO!
    • Yeah you can’t kill her
    • Yes parameters, oh AIDA she’s messing with it.
    • No, leave Jemma and Daisy alone
    • NO!
    • OH NO! he’s going after them
  • Playground
    • Who made him leader?
    • Listen to Mack
    • Someone needs to take charge here.
    • Go Phil
    • He’s dead for reals
    • Attempt means she didn’t die
    • Yeah it was Daisy
  • May/Daisy
    • Oh May is starting to fight back
    • Sorry Daisy
    • Tell her!  Daisy come on!
  • FItz/AIDA
    • Fitz please wake up, please remember
    • Quite FItz’s dad
    • Shut up dude
    • NOOOOO!!!!!
    • No!
    • I HATE this guy.  Let Fitz go now!  Mom we need to rescue Fitz!
    • Can we get out of the Framework now?   Please! (kiddo same).
  • Hydra HQ
    • Ugh not more of him
    • Yeah that’s not going to happen dude
  • Bakshi
    • Oh no, Daisy!
    • INhumans first…like Humans first ew.
    • Oh no turning the public on them
    • Chill Ward
    • Oh Hope sweet hope…Mack don’t lie
    • Yeah Fake news
  • Ward/Coulson
    • Oh he loves her doesn’t he
    • I’m not sure who is right here
    • Yeah and AIDA made you not
    • OH!  THE HAND!  MOM! On the chest!
    • Yes, you should have and you did
    • IN season 1 you were a traitor, you better not again I swear 
  • May/Daisy
    • You need a disguise
    • Ohhh Car chase is coming, can’t you get a cooler car than that.  Like Robbie’s his car is better.
  • Jemma/Trip
    • Tell him Jemma!
    • Trip I missed you.
    • Darkhold tech! AHHHHHH!
    • That is why she needs Fitz to build the horrible book thing.
    • Oh no they are working together
    • Yes, field trip!
  • May/Daisy
    • Yes Mace is gone it was heroic and we all cried
    • Let them in!
    • Oh poor guy just guarding the door.
    • OH thats a big gun
    • POWERS!!!!
    • Quake them Daisy, QUAKE THEM!
  • Playground
    • Coulson you need to be in charge now
    • Go Mack and Coulson
    • Okay I wanted the Bus back but not like this
    • Aww Mack
    • Yes You help shield
  • May/Daisy
    • Oh May its not your fault, this is AIDA
    • We need them all to wake up
  • Fitz/AIDA
    • There is booing and hissing
    • Can AIDA die
    • AH
    • LIke a horror movie there
    • No not the machine!!!
    • THis body wont’ matter NO!  SHe’s wants out!
    • CRAP!
    • NO! PAPA FITZ!
  • May/Daisy
    • YEAH MACK!
    • Is it the shotgun ax
    • Wait no!  
    • Stop trying to kill each other
    • DO something phil the kids are fighting
    • Of coarse he trusts her, its his May!
  • Jemma/Trip
    • Oh no, its teh lair get away from the lair
    • and underwater lair….mom….i have a bad feeling about this
    • TRIP protect Jemma!
  • Superior
    • Stop! STOP!  LEave coulson alone!  He and May need to kiss for real still
    • OH MOM you were right!
    • AH!
  • Jemma/Trip
    • Oh its being built in the real world?
    • Mommy why are you screaming? 
    • Trip you are the best!
  • Fitz
    • Someone save poor Fitz!
    • Mom I”m scared!
    • Mommy is tumlr screaming with you?  Tell them to calm down!
  • Papa Fitz/Fitz
    • Can we save Fitz now?
    • Oh no Fitz!
    • OH! Get away from him!!!!!!!!!!!
    • LEAVE HIM ALONE!  Get away from Fitz!
  • Playground
    • Oh home sweet home Daisy
    • Ward just wants to give her a hug.
    • Yay Trip!  Daisy needs to see Trip.
    • I have mixed feelings about this mom.
    • Daisy you made him sad…again mixed feelings.
  • Radcliffe
    • Oh not you!
    • Radcliffe do something!
    • Papa Fitz Knows!  NOT GOOD!
    • GO radcliffe!
    • Sick em!  FIght for Fitz!
    • Someone save Dadcliffe!
  • Playground
    • Oh yeah lets get out of here!
    • Yes, come on Daisy.
    • Distraction time…kinda dramatic there phil
  • Bakshi
    • EW!  He’s creepy…its really like that station with the people that say silly things you yell at Mommy.
    • Take it down!
    • AIr the footage!
    • Nice entry Coulson!
    • Quiet Bakshi
    • Yeah Daisy!
  • Fitz
    • Can we rescue Fitz now?
    • Die AIDA!
    • Oh no, its done.  Not good.
    • THere is much screaming.
    • More screaming and flinging things at the TV
  • Philinda
    • KISS!!!!
    • Aw the tie.
  • Daisy/Ward
    • Oh this isn’t ending well.
    • I have mixed feelings about this.
    • You got turned into an evil death monster and blown up in space so you are better here.
    • He just wants his Skye back…mom…its kinda sad.
    • Wait…mom…redemption. 
  • Papa Fitz/Fitz
    • Oh I really hate this guy.
    • Can we rescue Fitz now?
  • TV Station
    • Oh hero music, he’s going to die
    • Speak the truth Couslon
    • Very moving Coulson
    • FURY QUOTE!!!!!
    • YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tag
    • Superior! NO!
    • NO!  Not the girls!

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I feel like i must be the only one not worried about a Bughead breakup by season's end, lol! Idk, it just doesn't make much sense to me narratively, and those bts shots of them looking happy and in love only cement that for me. I have a feeling something bad will happen to Jughead and that's why their relationship is kinda up in the air, either he's badly hurt or abducted or something along those lines. Perhaps the murderer had an accomplice that isn't discovered until the finale (by Jughead)?

i think the likelihood of jughead getting hurt is slim. cheryl is definitely the one who falls through the ice and there’s no way that they’re going to kill her, so she’s the main character whose life hangs in the balance 

i love those candids from the jubilee because they tell us that betty and jughead manage to make it through the hardships and trouble they face in 11 and 12, but it doesn’t guarantee they end the finale happy. it’s just one scene out of a 40 minute episode

but i agree that looking at it specifically from the narratives’ point of view, them breaking up/nearly breaking up doesn’t make sense. they stumble through 10, 11, and 12 to get to a bit of happiness in 13 just to have it yanked away again in the same episode? they’re not tiny scuffles either, they’re facing real problems… clashing personalities, secrets, insecurity, ‘betrayl,’ and solving a murder. it seems like if they can make it through all that, they should be pretty solid for at least the remaining 40 minutes of the season 

i still think betty and jughead are going to be the couple whose fate is up in the air. i just hope that, if they are, it’s because jughead is being forced to move 


I got so freaking stuck on this, so I just… I wunged it… Less than ten minutes to go until midnight, folks. I feel like a journalist or some shit.

This is for @idreamofhazel and @impala-dreamer’s Sammy Says joint Challenge, and my prompts were:
8. “Dude, maybe let’s not touch anything until we figure out if this stuff wants to kill us or not.”
14. “I’ve got genital herpes.”

I’m actually so fucking proud of this… so thanks to these lovely, lovely gals - of whose blogs I roam daily! - for making and accepting me into this challenge!! 😊

Characters: Sam, Reader, Dean, some chicks

Summary: Witches be crazy.

Warnings: So many cusses. And also there may be some dildos, strictly non sexual tho. ;D

*Edit* I felt like I should add this: umbrella loss. if loosing umbrellas triggers you; please! read no further. 

It was almost business as usual - location: backwater hick town; weather condition: rainy, miserable, cold.

It was what brought us here that really had me interested, though.

The bodies were covered in herpes.

Like, no joke - covered in herpes.

Sam called it “cold sores”, but when we got to the morticians at the hospital and had to put on those hazmat suits to see the bodies?

That shit was straight up herpes.
Dean was on my side.

Sam still called ‘em cold sores, though.
Sore loser, I say.

Right off the bat, we suspected witches.

There was a “book club” of about twenty women who were openly ridiculed for their books of preference - witchcraft and old lady book-smut; unsurprisingly.

There was bound to be a little bit of resentment in that little town of Bentfork.

No, I’m not shitting you; that’s the name of the town.
But, I digress.

After learning each of the names of the women in the group - the folk’s in this town were more than happy to throw them under the bus - Sam, Dean and I all split up.

Keep reading

Can you guys just read this?!

Jessica D mentioned in a deleted scene with Ali, that her brother used to be obsessed with an old movie called Niagra. We can assume this brother was Charles and I looked at the plot and here is my shortest summary of it but I swear it has me thinking of so many theories.

Ray and Polly Cutlers go on a belated honeymoon. They find a couple in their cabin but Rose tells them that her husband George has been ill (spent time in a military psychiatric hospital) so they accept a different cabin. 

Rose is having an affair with Ted and they plan to kill George. Ted leaves a note to state a song will be played from the bell tower when he has killed him. As planned a suspicious George follows Rose, but unbeknownst to her George loses her and discovers their plan. George kills Ted leaving him at the shore and plants his own shoes in order to frame his own death. Rose keeps to her plan and a detective is called, she identifies the shoes as George’s - George plays the song.

A body is discovered and Rose must identify it. When the detective reveals the corpse, she is hospitalized and sedated for hysteria (it’s Ted not George.) George wants to disappear and start a new life after he kills Rose. He requests that the bell tower play the song, and when Rose hears it in the hospital, she is so terrified that she flees, despite her drugged state. Rose attempts to reach the American side of the falls, but George follows her, she climbs to the top of the bell tower where George strangles her and tells her body that he truly loved her. 

Ok so, 

  • The cabin - The Lost Woods 
  • The body swap - Ali and Bethany? Jessica and Mary possibly?
  • George was mentally ill and there was a plan to kill him - Bethany? Charlotte? 
  • Rose flees the hospital in a drugged state running from George - Bethany running out of Radley that night?
  • George strangles Rose in a bell tower - Charlotte’s death?! 
  • The bell tower - Ian and Spencer?

Message me if you guys have any theories etc. I just think this movie was too referenced to ignore :)

I don’t know if @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye read this but I’d like to thank these two guys for being there for many people, for their fans.

Thank you for all the sincerity you show, for all fun and joy, for all your thoughts. I’m sitting right now watching how you guys, Bob and Wade play UNO, Prop hunt and many other coop games and right now this is what can save me.

Today I watched the news and learned that my friend, a common Russian girl, was killed in Oregon by her fiance. I spoke with her just a month ago, she was so happy she’s moving to the US and is going to be a married woman. She was just 27, she wanted to have a family. My whole day was like a walk in a foggy forest, I felt nothing, I was emptied.

I talked to our mutual friend today, it was very nice to hear her voice again but it’s so sad that such thing brought us together. After that I thought I want to drink till I feel unconcious, I thought it will make my sorrow easier. But then I started to watch your videos and, Mark and Jack, thank you again. My friends  and you, guys, are the people who support me right now (literally or in a figurative sense). 

I don’t want to escape this world for a moment and just forget about this day as it was just some nightmare, it’s not the reason why I decided to spend some time watching my favourite YouTubers. I just wanted to “be with people” who a real, who really cares about their fans. Maybe you think you can’t help each of us but you do it through your videos.

Thank you.



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So, I really have to ask... How does one deal with parents that try to manipulate you into feeling bad? Just asking because I just had an argument through text about my tone when I told my stepfather to not let my dog outside when there is rotting, moldy bread on the ground, which could make her sick and probably kill her since her stomach is extremely sensitive. My mother calls me disrespectful, and tries to make me seem like the bad guy because "He does so much for us." etc. etc...

ha ha 

BIG FAMILY MOOD. the only way I deal with it is withdrawing. because of family dynamics, older family will never really value your authority over an older family members. it sucks, but eh, its a worldwide cultural thing, not gonna get around it. I know that if I keep thinking about the issue, I’m only going to get angry, and that Never ends well for anyone. so I just….withdraw. just say what I need to say to fulfill obligations. 

(also fyi, I don’t feel fully comfortable talking about family stuff like this because several members of my family actively  monitor my blog) 

Endless Summer Book 2

Seen a few people post about what they want to see in book 2, so I figured I’d add my two cents.

The main thing I want to see is our choices having consequences. Book 1 did something great in that it incorporated a new relationship system, so that potentially towards the end of book 1 some characters like or dislike the MC depending on your actions.

In my story for example, Zahra ran away rather than sticking with us for the final battle. I think it would be amazing if because she abandoned us (due to our choices) we find her later on in a watcher trap, and we could potentially leave her or forgive her, or she might even have got herself killed because she ran away.

Another example would be if we don’t go to save Grace / Raj from the watchers. Then they along with Diego become resentful of us from their time with the watchers and dislike us for abandoning them, essentially driving them to become very different characters. It would add so much to the drama, and we would have to work extra hard through our actions in order to gain their trust back.

Just adding more reactivity to choices, would make the book stand out among the others, as well as add to the replay value as it could lead to different endings etc

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you ever think about how fucked up it is that when Vriska tried to do something unquestionably heroic(going fight Jack, even if it would ultimately get everyone killed if she went threw with it her goal was just to protect her friends) is when she gets killed by her best friend

And people use this against vriska, she was just to stubborn to admit she’d fail. So it was either death for her or everyone. When she came back and saw her friends dead she tried to avenge them.

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I'm seeing shit about how "big larries" are saying shit about Louis not thanking us enough??? This is so stupid I see nobody saying that

I was offline for the bigger part of the day so I have no idea why everyone’s fighting now and I think my headache is going to kill me soon so lol I’m really like completely out of the loop here 

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Ok I'm calling it Iris is savatar. Killer frost was immediately loyal to her because she's all evilll and the idea that Iris kills some form of herself is so juicy she couldn't resist 😂.. I'm laughing but I'm dead serious 😑. I'm losing my mind I wish they'd tell us already

LOL, why not? Let Iris be Savitar!

I’ve never heard of a instagram glitch that accidentally puts your profile on private. Maybe it was an accident or only a temporary thing? Weird for her to post something about the show then go private soon after, that doesn’t add up.

Very odd, yes. Maybe she just wants to post things for her followers and not her haters? I haven’t noticed any undue hate on her insta, but I haven’t been checking.


When I started reading this shit of a manga I was not expecting romance. I was not expecting anything at all. (Well, maybe smut and some murder which I got so I’m a bit happy) For fucks sake, the title of it is “Killing Staling” itS NOT LOVING CUDDLING SO I CANT EXPECT SOME SWEET ASS FLUFF YA KNOW. But I still read it cause its awesome and there’s some stuff that just wants you to call the police for hELP CUZ BABY BUM IS SOOOO “IN LOVE” WITH SANGWOO THAT HE DOESNT KNOW THAT FUCK IS GOING ON WITH HIM. We all know that baby Bum’s not mentally healthy and he has trauma with what happened to him in the past, everyone of us knows that. We also know that Sangwoo isn’t some kinda saint (jfc he killed his parents) But still a small part of me is, now was, praying that maybe JUST MAYBE they can help each other out in their hellhole of a life but CHAPTER 20 just killed that. I DONT KNOW ANYMORE. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO FEEL rn. Btw, thanks for the update Koogi-sama.

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the latest gayo was amazing!!!!!!! godgiven gift seriously!!!! can we please talk about NAmjoon and how he freaking just ROLLED HIS EYES at hobi when he was dancing?? starting after 12:25 a loled so hard

it wAS I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! WE CAN we can talk about everything tbh the entire ep was fantastic

and I KNOW!! that eye roll says so much…. lmao he’s used to hoseok always being extra af and going full out as soon as the girl group dances start…… he was just like ‘oh man here we go again’ it was hilarious

(but then again so was seokjin’s ‘handsome’ pun, yoongi’s attempts at cheating, jimin yelling “handsome!!!!” over and over again, jeongguk getting ‘ah choo’ correctly, tae having the worst luck nd making the smallest mistakes that kept him from gaining points, and just hoseok killing the girl group dances while smiling so much)

they all laughed so much…… i loved it

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*inhales deeply* *beGINS SCREAMING*

Anonymous said:Such a tease. Chapter 5 huh ? Uhuh… I see you

Anonymous said:Transference kills me in so many ways god bless you


Anonymous said:What a great excuse to peer into mary poppins’ bag!

This was tame compared to what else is in the chapter…

Chris Pratt, attractive rich heterosexual white man, says he doesn't feel represented in Hollywood.

America’s favorite Average White Man has an interview with People magazine ahead of the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy.  

“I don’t see personal stories that necessarily resonate with me, because they’re not my stories,” Pratt, 37, told the magazine. “I think there’s room for me to tell mine, and probably an audience that would be hungry for them. The voice of the average, blue-collar American isn’t necessarily represented in Hollywood.”

I’m actually amused by how earnest he is.  Has he ever even been to the movies?

I’m pretty sure there’s a whole genre of movies based on average, blue-collar American white men literally saving some brown person’s country or the entire planet or whole other planets.  

I’m pretty sure there’s a whole genre of movies where average, blue-collar American white men pine after some woman who is probably too good for them and then a whole lot of stuff happens in the middle where she realizes whoever she’s with is a dick and she should be with the protagonist instead so the average guy can get the girl.

I’m pretty sure there’s a whole genre of movies where average, blue-collar American white men – who are usually from Chicago or Boston – go into a life of crime for some noble reason (or not) and we sit for 90 minutes rooting for a “hero” who is literally breaking the law in every frame and/or killing people.

Chris Pratt sounds like someone strapped him in to a chair and made him watch Moonlight for 17 days so now he forgot that Hollywood is literally founded on white mediocrity.  But wait!  There’s more:

“I really feel there’s common ground out there that’s missed because we focus on the things that separate us,” he said. “You’re either the red state or the blue state, the left or the right. Not everything is politics. And maybe that’s something I’d want to help bridge, because I don’t feel represented by either side.”

I actually do think there’s common ground out there, and the common ground is the provable fact that the vast majority of Americans are a lot less prosperous than they realize, especially in comparison to the corporations they work for where all of the money is being hoarded.  Our common ground as Americans would be redistributing the enormous wealth of this country so that we all could experience a higher standard of living.  Unfortunately, that’s not possible because the things that separate us (mostly race, class, education, and location) are effectively used by our political system to keep an Us vs Them society among average Americans.  This ensures that we don’t turn the country into a Haves vs HaveNots society where the overwhelming majority of Americans would define themselves as the HaveNots if they were thinking clearly and less concerned with how much they have in comparison to a neighbor who doesn’t look and/or think like they do.

But that’s not where Chris Pratt is.  Chris Pratt is one of those Everybody Is So Upset, Can’t We All Just Get Along? yokels who doesn’t want to deal with conflict.  He doesn’t have to deal with the day to day consequences of politics so to him, not everything is politics.  I’d love to see what kind of bridge he is planning to make with his everyman blue-collar American heterosexual movie that speaks to him and has never been done before repeatedly.  Let me know how it is.  I’ll go spend my HaveNot money on something else.

Stuff My Mom Has Told Me During Hamilton (Act 2)
  • What'd I Miss: "Where'd his accent go?"
  • "That's Thomas Jefferson mom."
  • "No that's Lafayette."
  • "Same actor. Different character."
  • Cabinet Battle #1: "Why can't the debates be like this?"
  • Take A Break: "....where the fuck is Peggy?!"
  • Say No To This: "That God damn note what in the shit?!"
  • The Room Where It Happens: "So is Burr like, the person who tries too hard to be cool? Also there was three so what does he mean he arranged the seating?"
  • Schuyler Defeated: "Why do half these songs start the same?"
  • Cabinet Battle #2: "Fourth wall break!"
  • "What?"
  • "They mentioned Lafeyette! Fourth wall break!"
  • "Mom, same actor, different character. Lafayette and Thomas knew each other."
  • "Not important."
  • Washington On Your Side: "I've never been so ready to drop kick someone."
  • *Casually scoots away*
  • One Last Time: "Alex has such daddy issues..."
  • I Know Him: "I had actually forgotten about the King..."
  • "How?"
  • "I don't know! I thought he died!"
  • The Adams Administration: "This song is so short."
  • "It's not the full bit."
  • "What?"
  • *plays full one*
  • "Alex has a lot of anger issues."
  • We Know: "Wait - why do Jefferson and Alex hate each other so much? Is that sexual tension?"
  • "Mom..."
  • Hurricane: "You know I was in a hurricane once..."
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: "Wait why do the three sound shocked? They already knew! They read it as if they hadn't!"
  • Burn: "Hello tears I forgot about you..."
  • Blow Us All Away: "I forgot they had kids...wait wasn't he just nine?"
  • Stay Alive (Reprise): "My ever try and take a gun to fight someone and I may just kill you."
  • "That is /not/ the point of this song."
  • It's Quiet Uptown: *she just refuses to stop hugging me*
  • "Mom...please..."
  • "Shhh let me show my love..."
  • "Mom your tears are in my hair!"
  • The Election Of 1800: "What the shit?! Stop having depressing songs then a fun one!"
  • "Please let go of me..."
  • Your Obedient Servant: "This is so passive aggressive..."
  • Best Of Wives And Best Of Women: "This sounds so cute's so sad?"
  • "Have you learned nothing throughout this?"
  • "...I want to hate it. I can't."
  • The World Was Wide Enough: "He...does know when people get older they need glasses right? Glasses don't mean murder. Otherwise you and your four eyes would be killing every day!"
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: "That's Washington! I recognize that voice! It's so deep and sexy!"
  • "Mom this is an emotional song."
  • "I know! That voice deserves more action!"
  • "Mom..."