are sisters

I’m so on board for Wayward Sisters.

Arguments from fans against the show have been, at worst, flagrantly sexist and, at best, nonsensical.

I’ve heard cries of “You can’t do Supernatural without Sam and Dean!!!!!”  Well, I agree (with the condition that you can’t do Supernatural without Cas either.  Fight me.)  They’re the charisma, the essence, and the heart of the show, and I think we can all agree that nothing’s going to change that.

But Wayward Sisters is not Supernatural.  It’s its own show, with its own premise, its own characters, and its own soul.  As we saw tonight, the cast is full of enticing characters, strong acting skills, and a kickass premise all its own.  It’s diverse (albeit not without problems – Kaia’s death, even in the context of her “resurrection,” is something I would personally have avoided in my own writing), promises at least one queer main character, and broadens the SPN universe to something much more inclusive than it might have otherwise been.

When you realize Wayward and Supernatural are, in fact, two completely different shows, and that enjoying one does not in any way detract from enjoying the other, the only arguments left are built on being uncomfortable with the idea of a show that focuses on women.

I fucking loved this episode.  I may actually be in love with several of its characters.  I’ve already headcanoned Claire as queer, and am already struggling to find a suitable ship name for her and Kaia (Cailra?  Kaire?  Caia?) and I love the parallels between plot points and characters (e.g. how Claire is essentially Dean,) just as I love all the ways it’s different (like the bigger family dynamic.)

If this show gets picked up (which it looks like it will, from the press it’s getting alone) I’m gonna fangirl the hell out of it.  Be warned, all. 

I would like to personally thank Andrew Dabb and Bobo Berens for choosing me specifically as an individual as the target audience for this show, and then writing a pilot perfectly tailored to my own personal tastes. The only thing it needed to be 89430284230% perfect was Cas running around eating lizards with samndean, but other than that, spot on, absolute great job, many a thank, it’s a great honour :D

Wayward Sisters

I was actually able to watch this episode as it aired for once, and am definitely planning on buying a digital copy as soon as it’s up, because oh my god (or rather, goddesses!) what a spectacular episode! If this doesn’t go to series after this pilot, there is no justice in the world.

- I love every one of these women so damn much! I want to be a part of their family.

-Jody just about killed me when she said she couldn’t lose another kid. Absolutely devastated me.

- The dynamic between Claire and Kaia, and comparing the scars, and Claire promising to protect her, and the handholding! It was so immediately intimate, and of course I ship them already, and am dying to see what comes of Claire’s grief and whichever version of Kaia that was at the end.

- I need like 100 episodes of Kaia’s backstory and the version of her who came through the portal but also I need the real Kaia back stat.

- And I could watch Donna be herself all day every day. I know it was already in the preview, but her “I’m from Minnesota” line cracked me right up.

- Also wasn’t Claire such a badass in her intro scene?

- And Alex being supportive and knowing there are many ways to help people, and obviously being awesome as a nurse!

- I can’t wait to see Patience gain confidence in herself and her abilities outside of her tidy civilian world.

- Really, I’m all about the women here, but I’ve also got to give a shout-out to Dean and his lizard. Perfect comic moment.

In conclusion, I need Wayward Sisters to go to series the way I need oxygen.