are secretly collaborating

Movie Night Headcanons with the TFP Cons

Megatron:  It would probably take a good deal of convincing on your end to get him to sit down and watch something with you.  He’s a busy guy after all.  He’s got an entire planet to conquer.  But, should you ask him nicely enough he will begrudgingly agree to take in an Earth film with you.  The two of you watch an old, award-winning classic together like Patton, or Ben-Hur.  Megatron ends up being pleasantly surprised with the movie selections.  He hates to admit humans are good at anything besides slave labor, but even still he can’t help but admire the grand scale and sheer spectacle of those old Hollywood films.  (Just don’t ever let him watch anything below at 90% Rotten Tomatoes rating.  He’ll probably end up trying to destroy the film studio.)

Starscream:  He’s a bit skeptical of the idea at first (humans just sit and watch these “films” for a couple of hours without doing anything else?  What’s the point?)  He’ll pretend to be really snide and condescending about agreeing to the idea, but secretly he’s a bit intrigued (he’s heard all about movies from Knock Out, and he can’t help but feel a bit curious)  With a knowing smirk, you pop in The Count of Monte Cristo.  “It’s about a super smart and handsome guy that gets wrongfully imprisoned by his totally jealous, less cool buddies and plans elaborate revenge schemes for each of them.”  Starscream sits glued to the screen the entire time with a gleam in his optics. You smile happily and watch his wings flutter whenever one of Dantes’ conspirators meets their timely end.

Soundwave:  He’s totally down for the idea!  In fact, he’s got a whole database worth of films he specifically picked out just for you for just such an occasion.  As soon as he gets off work, the two of you sneak away to his hab suit and settle in for a total binge sesh.  Watching movies with Soundwave is fun, because you can make all the silly comments and jokes you want, and he’ll never complain or tell you to be quiet.  In fact, he’ll often join in as only he can do, replaying a particularly humorous or otherwise noteworthy clip over his visor. You might need to gently remind him that organics do occasionally need to sleep, however (No Soundwave.  You cannot watch all 8 Harry Potter films at 3 in the morning.  They need to sleep!)

Knock Out:  Of course he’s down for the idea!  He loves Earth movies!  He does you one better by taking you out to one of his favorite drive-ins, instead of being stuck in the Nemesis all day.  The two of you get a really good seat up front, since he doesn’t have to worry about sneaking around the back without a human.  Since drive-in theatres have a tendency to play a wide variety of films, Knock Out’s learned to enjoy all different kinds of genres, with horror and racing movies being his favorite.  He asks you all kinds of questions about movies and the movie industry in general, which you’re always happy to answer.  Occasionally, he’ll get very annoyed if a movie sounds too cliché, or the characters aren’t fully fleshed out.  “Come on!  I could do a better job than that!  And I’m not even a human!”  The two of you secretly collaborate on a mind-blowing, Oscar-bait screenplay in your spare time.

Breakdown:  Movie night? Sure!  Anything to get away from commander screechypants for a bit.  He’d be happy to take you to a drive in, but if you’d prefer a night in instead, he’ll help you build a massive pillow fort in his hab suite for you two to hang out in.  He even brought you some of your favorite snacks for you to enjoy while you watch (Thanks, BD!)  He likes a lot of big budget action films with lots of explosions, but also has kind of a soft spot for romantic comedies (the good ones though, like When Harry Met Sally.  He’s not going to watch some 28 Dresses Later scrap or whatever.)  If you two decide to watch a horror film, he’ll let you curl up against him if you get scared.  He gets scared too, but he won’t admit it.  Knock Out thinks you’re both dorks, but will totally come chill in your fort with you if you ask.

Dreadwing:  He thinks the idea is silly at first.  Aren’t there more practical hobbies you could be occupying your time with?  Still, if anyone can convince the big surly banana to sit down for a movie marathon, it’s you.  You appeal to his sense of honor and warrior spirit with films like Gladiator, The Patriot, and Braveheart.  He finds it easy to identify with the strong, dependable protagonists in those movies, and ends up actually enjoying himself a great deal.  If you mention that any of the main characters remind you of him, he’ll flush and cough awkwardly at the unexpected (but greatly appreciated) compliment.  

Airachnid:  At first she’s a bit confused as to the concept of movie nights, but when you explain it to her a bit more she becomes rather excited.  She’s heard so much about your Earth movies and is eager to see some for herself.  You meet up later that night after having selected a number of your favorite movies for you both to watch, only to find out that Airachnid has a selection of her own. She did some research while you where away.  “Why didn’t you ever tell me that humans could be so wonderfully disturbing, my dear?” She pops in one gory, erotic, hard-core torture porn flick after another, totally not even paying attention as to whether you’re actually enjoying yourself or not.  If you find that you’ve had just about as much squick as you can take, you can sneak off to Knock Out and Breakdown’s suite.  They’ll build a pillow fort with you and let you watch all the fluffy Disney movies you want.

Shockwave:  The only way you’re going to get this mech to watch a movie with you is if it’s educational in some way.  If you convince him that learning about humans and Earth in general is beneficial to his research, he’ll watch a documentary series with you like Planet Earth or something about WW2.  Be careful what you let him watch however.  He gets extremely annoyed at the concept of mockumentaries.  Don’t ever let him watch something about cryptids, or anything vaguely supernatural.  “Why would they produce a film in an educational format, when it has absolutely no scientific evidence to back it up?”  “I dunno?  Because it’s fun?”  “It’s not logical.”  “It’s… not really supposed to be, Shockwave…”


i am extremely proud of the work i’ve created in the past month!

it’s been very, very hard for me to get back into taking photos, especially since my specialty years ago was in concert photography and i have (and still am) very dedicated to my academic work, but film has helped a lot. i love love love taking photos with my solid pentax k1000 (thank you to my partner and best friend for secretly collaborating to surprise me with this) but i wanted to still work with digital, so these are some of the images from my nikon d610 that i’ve produced (i really like the colour yellow and i love greenery). 

and a thank you to hani p, bela j, michelle g, nicole b, and jasmine c for letting me take photos of them!!

Portrait of Fryderyk in Shifting Light by Richard Siken

There is something terribly wrong with his face–
empty, restless, one side older than the other.
What is a thing? Sediment. A slow river clogged with
silt. I sussed the gesso into foam and white roses,
stalling. I troubled the shadows and silvered his edges.
What can you know about a person? They shift
in the light. You can’t light up all sides at once. Add
a second light and you get a second darkness, it’s only
fair. He is looking at the wall and I am looking at his
looking. Difficult thing, to be scrutinized so long.
I find parts that overlap with mine and light them
up in clays and creams, yellow music singing pink,
the flicker of his mouth a purple rust. His face
congeals as he settles in. His hair is bronze in here,
not gold: walnut, bark, and cinnamon, chipped brick
tipped in ink. My shadow falls across his face, blue milk
and pistachio, his eyes shine like wedding rings. My
shadow falls across him and it doesn’t go away. Some
hours later the light has shifted, the floorboards
creak. You can’t paint the inside of anything, so why
would you try? Painting the inside of anything is
dangerous. I imagined my wrists broken just enough
to keep the feeling from crawling up my arm.
Dangerous thing: an open arm, an open channel.
All these things, rungs of the ladder. Lovers
do the looking while strangers look away. It isn’t
fair, the depths of my looking, the threat of my
looking. It’s rude to shake a man visible and claim
the results. This side of his face, now this side of his
face. His profile up against the tulips. I put down
the brush and walked around the room. Even when
I look away I am still looking. He is inside his body
and I am inside my body and it matters less and less.
Shared face, shared looking. A collaboration.
He didn’t expect to be handed over, to be delivered. To be
tricked into his own face. Anyone can paint
a mask. It’s boring. And everyone secretly wants
to collaborate with the enemy, to construct a truer
version of the self. How much can you change
and get away with it, before you turn into someone
else, before it’s some kind of murder? Difficult,
to be confronted with the fact of yourself. Opaque
in the sense of finally solid, in the sense of
see me, not through me. The selves, glaze on glaze,
accumulating their moods and minutes. We tremble
and I paint the trembling. I enlarged his mouth
and everything went blurry, a forgery. It might
as well be. And all my fingers turned to twigs. Inside
himself he jumped a little. Why build a room you
can live in? Why build a shed for your fears?
The life of the body is a nightmare. This is my hand
over his face, which isn’t his face anymore, revising.
I made a shape of the shape he made, subtracted
what he shared with anyone else. There wasn’t
much left but it felt like him, wild and scared.
It was too much to bear. I put down the brush and
looked at my hands. I turned off the headlights of
my looking and let the animal get away.

Monopoly ask meme

Send me a fandom and a number and I’ll tell you

  1. Who is the banker
  2. Who is overly protective of a certain game token and refuses to play until they get that token
  3. Who is the person who everybody always suspects of cheating even though “OH MY GOD IT WAS ONE TIME”
  4. who is the person who cheats and gets away with it because no-one suspects them
  5. Who buys everything they land on with a YOLO approach and no strategy
  6. who suggests that they liven it up with alcohol
  7. who has a very stringent strategy and is willing to do strange requests and weird dares in exchange for the properties they want
  8. who INSISTS that they play by the rulebook TO THE LETTER
  9. who throws the rulebook in the other person’s face and makes up new rules to make it better
  10. who has ridiculously good luck with the chance cards to the point of suspicion
  11. who lands on all the taxes and as a result vows to vote for a different candidate in the next election
  12. who goes bankrupt first
  13. which two people get into a screaming match
  14. which two people are secretly collaborating for a joint victory
  15. which two people are openly collaborating for a joint victory
  16. who flips the table
  17. who is the sore winner who in any other circumstance would be the one flipping the table
  18. who anonymously calls in a bomb threat to end the game early
  19. who is the smart person who refuses to play in the first place

Klonnie Week ; Superheroes

Not too many years ago, the telekinetic Control and the super strong Chaos were arch-nemeses. After teaming up to stop The Immortal from destroying the world, the two found that their respective powers–which never worked against the other–and their different, but complimenting, minds worked better together. They secretly began collaborating on missions and were eventually found out by their respective teams. Today, you can find the pair in any part of the world (thanks to Control’s use of telekinesis, to essentially let them fly), fighting side by side or against each other (depending on how content Chaos is feeling). Control and Chaos showed the world that there is no pure goodness or evil–the duo is slowly beginning to realize this from each other as well.

My treat.


Gaku bid the two farewell and was on his way to Dressed to Kill, leaving Ryuu and Ten to their own devices since it was Ten’s night off, and he didn’t quite find a job for himself yet. The night before, the two secretly collaborated on something special, meaning the leader of the group gave him a set amount of money to spend on their center. They wanted nothing more than to ease Ten’s frustrations, whatever they were, since he wouldn’t tell them up front.

     “Thank you for agreeing to come out with me. I know you like your quiet time, but you’ve been with Riku-kun a lot more lately. I hope I’m not being too selfish in stealing you away! There’s a cute little cafe in town that sells smoothies, sweets, and pastries. I thought maybe we could indulge one last time before we throw ourselves back into idol business.”

So obviously, the real Steve Rogers has nothing to do with the Captain America in the comics other than he may have been responsible for secretly collaborating with Joe and Jack about comic Cap’s more ludicrous adventures.

Alas, Steve had never really gotten to punch a Nazi dinosaur. 

And okay, fine - Steve was responsible for the idea of Bucky Bear.  He’ll never admit that to Bucky though. 

And of course, these days they had the movies and there was that ridiculous ongoing thing he had with Nat in which nobody would figure out that he was really present in these films.

Which reminded him - he and Evans had a standing agreement for beers and football, no matter where they happened to be at the moment.  Evans was a good guy - even if he did make Bucky grumpy.

(Steve will not make any comment about idiot, jealous, possessive boyfriends.  No sirree.)

Hawaii, of course, was one of their favorite places in the world and it helped that he and Bucky became friends with little Lilo Pelekai and her “dog” Stitch.  Nani, of course, had all the blackmail pictures of Steve being an epic fail at surfing.

So being in such a place of peace and comfort probably helped when the news broke out that the comics inexplicably turned Steve’s comic character into “a secret HYDRA agent.”

Fucking hell.

Steve knew comics.  Hell, he’d worked in them back in the day.  He knew how they came up with the ideas, wrote the stories and planned out the whole run.  He was still offended, down to his very core, at this insult to the memory of Joe, Jack and every person he’d served with in the war, to say nothing of every victim of that war. 

Obviously, Steve was going on the warpath.

He just didn’t expect to be stopped by Stitch.  Stitch, in his own way, warbled a “Calm down” and gave him proper English tea. 

“Stitch,” Steve said carefully.  “What on earth is going on?”

Stitch made an attempt to look innocent.

Steve, of course, was always quick on the uptake.  “Where’s Bucky and Lilo?”

Eventually, he got the story out of the fuzzy blue alien.  Of course, Lilo Pelekai and the Winter Soldier were incensed at this insult done to Steve.  This was not going to stand.  Lilo had protest signs and was actually being amazingly eloquent on social media - this kid could Tweet and Tumblr like nobody’s business.

Bucky?  Stitch mumbled something about grenades and the nether regions of whoever dumb sonuvabitch came up with the Captain Hydra idea.   Also, Legos.  Lots of them.  Uh-oh. 

Protective, deadly, pissed-off ex-assassin boyfriend.  Check. 

While Steve appreciated the thought, this was NOT the way to go about things. 

He was already out the door, on the phone to his good friend Stan, with Stitch in tow. 

Steve could multitask, of course.


This is MY Cap, a Blanket Fort Headcanon

lead me to the edge of night (’til the dawn, the end of time)

I started writing this for Day 4 of Bellarke Week, the prompt being “songs that you associate with them,” but I couldn’t finish it in time due to work. So, because this is also a prompt fill for @melika-elena (“you’re lying on the floor of the movie theater crying and i’m the employee who has to tell you another movie starts in five minutes so you have to leave and i’m really sorry but im also confused as to why a documentary on lightbugs affected you so much”), I’m submitting this for Day 7 a.k.a free day instead.

Some notes: The song is Hearts Like Ours by The Naked and Famous. Ettore Majorana is a real historical figure, and the title of the “documentary” that Clarke and Bellamy watch is actually a book about his life and disappearance, written by João Magueijo.

Happy premiere day, fam!

lead me to the edge of night (‘til the dawn, the end of time)

“There are several categories of scientists in the world; those of second or third rank do their best but never get very far. Then there is the first rank, those who make important discoveries, fundamental to scientific progress. But then there are the geniuses, like Galilei and Newton… [Ettore] Majorana was one of these.”

- Enrico Fermi, Rome 1938

Clarke is no stranger to different kinds of light. She’s an artist, okay, she’s got this. She knows that Monet broke his own heart trying to capture the shifting soul of light on canvas and, yeah, she can think about nothing but soleil levant when Finn confesses to two-timing her and Raven, the late afternoon tangling red-gold nets into his messy brown hair. She’s squinting at him as apologies stutter from his lips and she’s wondering how come a sunrise painting reminds her of this sunset, perhaps it’s all that blue and the hazy melancholy of Monet’s brushstrokes, and why is she pondering French impressionism as her first love crashes and burns, exactly?

She knows that writers are light-sick, too. Goethe asked for mehr Licht with his dying breath. Siken uses light as a metaphor for everything from war to romance to forgiveness, and, yeah, the night she kisses Lexa in a darkened room at some sketchy party on the other side of town, there’s this little sliver of starlight falling through the other girl’s long lashes and Clarke thinks about Siken’s eponymous Fryderyck, eyes shine like wedding rings, dangerous thing, everyone secretly wants to collaborate with the enemy, to construct a truer version of the self.

Clarke also knows the light of atomic bombs. They watch the Trinity test footage in history class and, as blinding black-and-white heat explodes over New Mexico, she murmurs the Oppenheimer quote and then explains it to her seatmate, who rolls his eyes and snarks “I know who Oppenheimer is” and, yeah, Bellamy’s a real charmer, all right, even if he does happen to be one of her closest friends.

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anonymous asked:

What would GOM's, Hanamiya's and Fukui's significant other give as a gift on their birthday that would make the basketball dorks really happy? Thank you!

no problem, thank you! :3

Kuroko //

A new basketball would be one of his gifts, since he had nearly practiced his down to nothing. They would probably go to the park and play in the snow together with nigou and just watch the scenery and people. As a joke his s/o would get him a trick deck of cards since his specialty is magic. He’d end up really enjoying the cards and impressing not only his s/o but his team-mates who are kinda not really surprised what with his misdirection. Except for Kagami, Kuroko’s tricks would blow him out of the water xD.

Kise //

His so would want to tease him so they would plan a surprise birthday party but make it seem like they had forgotten his birthday all day. This would be another person that would probably enjoy home-made gifts above all else. His s/o would bake his cake and let him enjoy his time with his friends and team-mates during the party. They would wait until the end when everyone had left, to give him his gifts.  As a joke they would give him a new earring plus a scarf or something pratical.

Midorima //

His s/o would prepare a nice dinner ( either home made or out to a nice restaurant) and then they would go to a classical concert together. I don’t really seeing him being the type to celebrate his birthday ( other than with astrology) but his s/o would get him his lucky item for the next day plus a new piano music sheet to play and practice.

Aomine //

Their significant other would get him the newest pair of Air Jordans. Though, the part of the gift that would really make him happy is his s/o telling him the rest of his gift is still “wrapped up” as their eyes signal him to their clothes. They would be wearing a sexy set of Gravure lingerie underneath for him to find.

Murasakibara //

A home made dinner just for him plus a one day candy making class ( but it would turn out his s/o would be doing all the work while he was eating the ingredients and irritating the instructor.)

Akashi //

Akashi could have any material item he wanted so his s/o would want to do something memorable with him. If his s/o was into music they would create music for him to play on his violin. Or they would do research of what his favorite foods were and make a special meal for them. As much as he would refuse them to do anything for him, just seeing them working hard to do something nice for him was a gift enough.

Hanamiya //

As much as his s/o would want to prank him for his birthday they would stray away from that because consequences. They would bake Hanamiya a traditional chocolate and yellow breading cake. I think they would collaborate secretly with his mom to do a little something for him when he would get back from a night with his team. As far as gifts around his mother they would get him a book he had been eying for a while and a new dart board since he had punctured the other one to death. However, spending his birthday away from his mom they would give him something a bit more risque.

Fukui //

oh man, Fukui xD. He would bug the shit out of his s/o about what they had bought for him for his birthday. They would drop little hints that had nothing to do with his gift to tease and irritate him. On his birthday they would end up surprising him with tickets to a basketball game. They end up on the kiss cam and Fukui, being completely flustered, kisses them on the chin instead of the lips. His s/o would end up surprising them when they got home to a home cooked meal of seafood curry and just hang out and cuddle the rest of the night.