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Melissa I love your parents they're so funny but how are you feeling about your chances in the tournament hmmm? Just curious you know.

Melissa “There’s two parts to every tournament, see, there’s a fighting portion, which is what everyone’s concerned over my wellbeing about, and a portion that changes every year. It keeps everyone on their toes and that bit can be a lot of fun even if someone isn’t much of a fighter.”

Melissa “Mom and dad got put against each other, but they serenaded at each other rather than actually going against each other? This got them a tie for second place, you just can’t beat the primarina singers, it seems X).

But yeah, I feel like I could manage to do well in the tournament this year, hmhm -v-”

do you ever feel like… gently taking your favorite character from their creator’s hands, still you do so with deep gratitude that said creator brought them (in)to (your) life, but you feel like you love that chara MORE and just want to protect them from awful misconceptions, also want them to grow further and discover more facets of themselves than the provided canon material allows; and would fight whole ARMIES on your own to defend them? because i do.

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I also love Conan but sometimes I feel like following their story/arc is even harder than even superhero comics :/

The story is going to hit 1000 chapters in 10 chapters and Aoyoma is still trying to tell me that this whole misadventure has happened in less than a year. Not even a full year, less than a year. It’s so insane I can’t even articulate. How many White Days have they had? Valentines Days? They’ve cycled through all the seasons a hundred times. Everyone keeps happily pretending that Conan will turn back into Shinichi any minute when it’s been 20 years and he not only could have aged back into Shinichi but beyond that by now.

I love the story, I love the delicious complexity of it and the characters are fun (even if they all kinda look the same and have to be PERFECT AT EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME) but because I love the series so much I can riff at it and realize it is so unbelievably ridiculous and I have actually cried once or twice because of the plot and wondering dear god when will it end.

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could you rec some blogs?? maybe some of your faves?

ofc anon! sit down, this is going to be a lot :’) i’m assuming you’re asking for aesthetic blogs, so here are some of my faves:

@janeusten @fairydusts @alyxhathaway11 @presleys @softellie @euripidex @julietcapulct @pemberelys @opheila @illuminosity @paintedemons @poethry @jilys @persesphcne @orsteia @pctter @theflightysea

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I know is not right to speculate about someone's personal life but do you ever wonder if the rumors about Jerome and Lena being kept apart are true? For someone who seems like a ordinarily kind hearted guy (to be fair we don't really know if that's the case) I can't imagine what would have had to happen for that rumor to be true? Interesting..

It’s garbage & I’ll tell you why. 

Does anyone really think a professional actor who has been in the business for 20+ years but hasn’t worked in a while would make demands of the plum role he’s just landed? 

Like,” Hi, thank you for hiring me for a smallish part in your huge ensemble marquee show, now let me tell you who I will & won’t be standing next to”. He’s not stupid, it didn’t happen.

 Why does this rumor slant to imply that it’s Jerome who insisted they be kept apart? Wouldn’t she be just as likely in this ridiculous scenario? Also, “kept apart”? Like physically restrained so they don’t bash each other? Come on. He’s an adult. Whatever relationship he had with her happened more than 10 years before he started GoT, to still be that furious at her she would’ve had to have stabbed his mom or something. 

Do I think they’re best buds who hang out on & off the set, trading vegan recipes? No. There’s not many people who would be thrilled to find themselves working with an ex, even if it hadn’t ended in a crash & burn scenario.  Shit happens, awkward, ugly shit happens & you move on. They’re both professionals & know how to get on with it. 

Someone remembered they had had a relationship & started this crap for clickbait. End of. 

Oh and Jerome is a kind hearted guy, there’s ample evidence of that. Not saying he’s perfect, he’s human & we all have our moments. But yeah, good guy. When another of your exes is still friends with your family on Fb and 20 years after you split says you are lovely & always had a heart of gold..well, you’ve got receipts.