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Some doodles I did on the side yesterday night ( @blesstale drew Zunde that there ) including Dreby taking his first steps. I saw this kid screaming “NOOOO!” at some meat in a grocery store before running to his mom, so there we go ✌️

“Plus Ultra!!!!”

Please let my sunshine kid Midoriya brighten up your dash and your day!!!

Painted on PS [2017.05]

Grimmy: You’re choosing the songs today, so what should we have next?

Harry: Let’s do the Julia Michaels song.

Grimmy: Oh Yeah, tell me about this.  

Harry: I just like this song.

Grimmy: Yeah?

Harry: Yeah.

Grimmy: Where’d you first hear this?

Harry: I first heard this umm…in…the…studio…one of the guys from the label…I had been talking to…and I hadn’t heard it at the time, so he played it..and I thought it was really good.

“One of the guys…from the label…”

OTP Idea #768

Person A, the resident punk of the school and Person B, the ultimate goody two shoes get paired together for a class project. Person B reluctantly goes along with the pairing, thinking A won’t do much work. Person A however is head over heels for Person B, and takes every chance they can to work up to A’s standards.

i love you all so much

Chaptered Fic Rec

A Night Together (Going On and On) by forjimin (Angst, Smut)

+ Where Jimin will show up on Jeongguk’s doorstep with pizza takeout, cigarettes and beer, more often than either would like to admit.

Friends? by theARMYduo (Fluff, Light Angst)

“I love you, Jeon Jungkook.”
“As friends, right?”

Shameless by Diddyk (Angst, Fluff, Smut)

Jungkook and Jimin have been friends for a while now, and it takes nothing but Jimin’s break up with his boyfriend for the two of them to grow closer.
He never actually thought of the fact that he could be gay, but it takes not much time for him to start thinking differently, particulary about one certain male with brown hair, who triggers his curiosity, who makes him question himself about his sexuality.

Butterfly by Superbly_Annoyed (Angst, Smut, WARNING: past sexual abuse mentions, sometimes in detail)

Jungkook thought he’d love college…

He ended up falling for sweet Jimin that has a mysterious past and a blinding smile always ready.

Put Out My Senses by Mintsugakookies (immint) (Fluff, Smut)

Jungkook has possibly the worst luck that any college student could have. But it’s not so bad when he has a cute tangerine-head of a boyfriend by his side.

I’m Not Sorry by bananacookies (Fluff, Light Angst)

Jungkook never would’ve expected a text from a stranger to turn out like this.

(A story in which Jungkook’s lonely, Jimin’s a sweetheart, and Yoongi’s the cat)

Nu ABO: A Memoir by Park Jimin by decompositionbooks (Smut, Angst, ABO)

The world didn’t think it was necessary to give him a guide when it shoved all of these omega hormones at him, so here it is, Park Jimin’s handbook on dealing with heats, unrequited love, and Jeon Jungkook.

two sides; same story by namjoone (Fluff, Smut)

Okay, so maybe Jimin thinks his neighbor is hot.

A little.

Okay, maybe a lot.

The Bet by jonghyunslisterine (Fluff, Angst)

Where Jeon Jungkook makes a bet that he can get the notoriously single Park Jimin to sleep with him by the end of the semester.

Needless to say, things don’t go exactly as planned.

Don’t Think, Don’t Speak, Just Smile For Me by Ragi (Angst, WARNING: Physical Abuse)

Jimin’s not entirely certain that he’ll be alive to see his 18th birthday and finally escape from his father’s abuse, but Jungkook’s music keeps him believing that he might actually make it.

On Patrol by Ragi (Fluff, Yoonseok and Namjin included)

Officer Jeon has his eyes on Mr. Adorable.

Officer Min has a strange neighbor he can’t seem to keep out of his life.

Captain Kim finds comfort in his son’s homeroom teacher.

Well, cops need some loving too, right?

A fun little story to go along with tonight’s episode!

When they were filming at the CS house, Eion came out to chat with the few of us fans that were there, and he was telling us that he doesn’t have a motorcycle license so he legally can’t ride the motorcycle August has. So when he rolls up onto a scene, he has to scoot the bike along with his feet LOL. And then they have a stunt double come in to actually ride it for shot that needs it. 

Just thought that was a funny little story you guys might enjoy!