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klaus opening up to caroline

If the 2Ps were dads with teenage sons
  • 2P!China: If you're going to a girl's house always bring 3 condoms just in case
  • 2P!England: *Joker voice* WHY... SO... SERIOUS? *pretends to carve smile on his face with his fingers*
  • 2P!France: ...How old are you again?
  • 2P!Russia: How dare you call me a nerd... I'm your father so you're a 'nerd' as well
  • 2P!Italy: You better quit with your shit or else I'm gonna sell your birth certificate to the black market
  • 2P!Germany: You got in a fight at school? Tell me you kicked their ass??????
  • 2P!Japan: Always handle situations maturely and with grace. Show everyone you're better than them
  • 2P!Canada: Son I will wrestle you for the remote if I have to
  • 2P!Romano: I bought you a new cologne because I love you! ...Also because you need to take a hint like damn son
  • 2P!Austria: *tears of joy* I'm so glad I never decided to sacrifice you to Satan
  • 2P!Prussia: I'm not kidding if I ever cramp your style please let me know and I will leave the room

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Was it the taste of her cherry chapstick?

funny bc she did wear that chapstick and the song “I kissed a girl” was actually the song that played as I kissed a girl for the very first time lmao you’d think no way that’s true, but I took that opportunity and I was thinking, well that’s my queue I’m gonna kiss u now (I hope this is the gayest thing you read today)

And what business is it of yours if I am only a girl? Aravis Tarkheena.

Guess who’s alive!

This girl!!!

I’ve kind of been MIA on tumblr for the last couple months. (You might not have noticed because of the massive queue I had amassed.) But, after a bit of time away and what not, I’m back! And here’s what I’ve been up to in the meantime.

  • Bonding with the gatito
  • Deciding to move to Korea
  • Attempting to learn Korean
  • Realizing I’m probably not gonna move to Korea
  • Making resolutions to be less embarrassed and find balance
  • Kicking my butt and attempting to be healthy
  • Finally seeing my doctor
  • Finding out I’m vitamin D deficient
  • Being awesome at work and getting a raise
  • Making an instagram for my cat
  • Signing up for online dating
  • Sewing ugly Christmas skirts
  • Learning to appreciate where I am vs. where I want to be

So yeah. How’ve you guys been? What’d I miss?

a Kurapika for the sweetest real life fairy @schwanendreher‘s birthday, who is hopefully up to schwan™ aesthetic standards <3



oops oops oops i forgot posy’s anniversary last week  …  and yes i know there’s been lots of reboots and changes but daMn i’ve been developing this baby girl for 3 years guys  !  anyways, i’ll be making a returning to uni post this weekend, but for now i’m gonna try and throw some things into the queue. uvu

SaM - College is Hard

Fandom: Satan and Me (Property of @orange-plum, comic at @thisiskindagross)
Pairing: Natan (Sorta)
Author: Daubentonia
Totally SFW
Word Count: ~1000
Summary: Natalie graudated from high school and took Satan with her for her freshman year, but she’s having trouble studying for her exam
A/N: I dunno, just take it lol. It’s 5 AM and I haven’t slept in almost 40 hours and I think I proofread it? Just gonna throw it in my queue

“Ughhhhh…” Natalie groaned, face buried in the textbook on the table. She sounded pathetic.
Satan was seated across from her, thumbing through a book he’d picked up when they arrived at the campus library. He didn’t look up. “What is it now, girl?”
She tiIted her head just enough to peek at him above the pages. “Is it time for the end of days yet? I’d really like an excuse to miss this exam…”
He scoffed, rolling his eyes at her. “You know you did this to yourself.”
She narrowed her eyes at him before disappearing back into the book. “I know…” she mumbled. “I just didn’t think college would be so hard!”
They had been at the library for hours, and had repeated the same process in the days beforehand. Now it was the night before the exam, and the outcome was not looking very promising.
Now Satan folded his book shut and laid it on the table, eyeing her. “Your classes aren’t hard. You’re just too stupid.”
He waited for a retort, but when it didn’t come he looked at her more closely. Her shoulders were trembling, and slight sobs could be heard.
“Girl?” He asked. She inhaled sharply, then held her breath to stop the shaking.
Satan waited for her to breathe again, and when it didn’t seem she was going to he stood up and went to her side of the table.
“Natalie?” He touched her shoulder, and she looked up at him. Her eyes were red and puffy, and not only had she wet her cheeks but also the pages of her textbook. The places where her tears had fallen were darker and wrinkled. She hiccupped, and it seemed to release all of the emotions that she had been trying to repress because she was suddenly wracked with sobs, tears streaming down her cheeks.
“Satan…” she managed to get out. He stiffened, glancing around quickly to see if anybody was around to hear that. She noticed and corrected herself. “‘St-Stan…”
Satan sighed and tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “Is this what you humans refer to as a meltdown?”
Natalie shrugged, wiping her face with her sweatshirt sleeve. It left large black smudges across her face from her makeup, and he had to stop himself from laughing.
“Well then. In that case…” He turned from her and started gathering her study materials into her bookbag.
“What are you doing?” she squeaked. “I need to study, I’m gonna fail!”
He zipped the bag closed and threw it over his shoulder. “We’re going home. You’re going to sleep.”
“I can’t!” She stood and reached to grab her materials, but he caught her wrist.
“Damn it, girl, listen to me for once. You’re much less tolerable when you’re leaking everywhere.
“But I have to-”
“No,” he interrupted, pulling her away from the table. She struggled at first, but he was infinitely stronger than she was so she pouted silently as he weaved them through the maze of tables and bookshelves.
As they neared the exit, she began to realize how tired she actually was. Her eyelids felt like they were full of lead, and her footsteps turned into a slow shuffle.
He turned to chastise her for dawdling, but stopped when his eyes met hers. She looked like she was going to collapse on the spot, and his features seemed to soften.
“Alright then…” He readjusted the straps of her bag on his shoulders before scooping her effortlessly into his arms.
She squealed. “What are you doing? Put me down!”
He tightened his hold as she squirmed. “You’re too slow,” he told her. “I have better things to do than wait for you.”
She glared at him, but could already feel fatigue overtaking her muscles. The swing of his step was relaxing, and he was warm. Gosh, had he always been this warm? She decided to go with it, resting her head on his shoulder as she relaxed.
He knew exactly when she fell asleep. He sat next to her as she did it every night. Her breathing evened out and her heart rate slowed. When she wasn’t fighting him, carrying her was like carrying nothing at all. He’d done it a few times before - when she’d hurt herself, or to put her in bed when she fell asleep on the couch. Or when she jumped off a bridge…
He winced. That was a day he’d tried to forget, unfortunately to no avail.
The trip back to her apartment was relatively uneventful, and he had to readjust her in his arms to reach the key in his pocket. She groaned from being disturbed, but wrapped her arms around his neck tightly.
“I swear, if I weren’t the Devil you’d be strangling me,” he muttered, unlocking the door and shoving his way inside. Then again, he thought, if he weren’t the devil he wouldn’t even be here
He made his way to the bedroom and tried to lay her down, but her grip on his neck only tightened.
“Don’t leave me…” she mumbled, obviously still sleeping.
He pursed his lips. “I’ll be right over there,” he assured her, motioning toward his beanbag chair. That answer seemed adequate to dream-Natalie, because she loosened her grip enough for him to pry her off of him.
He turned to take his seat, but she said something that caused him to stiffen.
“Lucifer,” she whispered, breathy. He heard her move on the mattress, and turned to see that she had stretched out, still fully asleep.
His name sounded different coming from her lips. Like it wasn’t a curse.
She took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. “Luce-…-love you…”
He was silent for a moment, but when it seemed she had finished talking for good he finally slumped into the beanbag chair that they had brought with them from her father’s home.
“Yeah,” he answered. “I know.” She looked peaceful now, in stark contrast to how she had looked at the library. She was so human. So full of emotions. And he was still the Devil. “I Know, Kid.”

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Happy holidays! My ask is Takao setting up a girl in his class with Midorima and then spying in on the date to see how it goes [lets say Midorima has a small crush on the girl]

(This is hella late but happy holidays to you too, sweetheart!)

Oh man I love this request already this is gonna be fun.

Used female pronouns as requested.


He is a genius.

And he also deserves the Friend of the Year award, though he’ll settle for simply (finally) seeing Shin-chan with a girlfriend.

As he adjusts his body to fit better in the small space between the bushes right in front of the cafe the couple is at, he thinks back on everything’s led to this moment, mentally giving himself a pat in the back.

______ was nice enough, was his first thought on the beginning of his first year of high school. She had a nice smile, and was kind and smart. She gave off this calming aura, and her whole demeanor screamed ‘elegant and cool’. 

Then they got paired up for a project, and he saw the real ____ at the end of two weeks.

Contrary to popular belief, she wasn’t always poised and gracious. Whenever she was anxious or nervous, she tended to fumble with her fingers and become extremely clumsy, which led her to being embarassed and to blush. She had a great sense of humor, joking around with him and laughing at his jokes.

Yet, it was clear to them both that they did not like each other in the romantic sense.

Then, one fateful day after basketball practice, Midorima and him had been walking to the school gates when she passes by them, giving a smile and a small wave. Takao, being the sunshine child he is, grins and waves back, though he pauses when he notices his green haired companion isn’t beside him anymore. He turns back, a question already on his lips when the sight that greets him makes his mouth go slack.

Midorima Shintarou, the stoic first year and basketball prodigy, is blushing from his ears to his neck, left hand twitching as if it had it’s own free will.

A wicked grin came across his features, and he let the gears in his mind turn and twist as the most genius plan on existence slowly came to exist.

…though he should’ve given Shin-chan a pep talk beforehand, he muses.

Through his limited vision, he can just see that ____-chan is saying something, a small smile playing on her lips as the shooting guard sitting across from her sips his coffee stiffly, occasionally nodding.

This can’t go on like this, he decides.

Taking out a small object from his pocket, Takao aims carefully and gives the object a small push; just enough to roll gently and stop right in front of their table. The couple is quick to notice the small intruder on their date, and ____ smiles brightly and bends down to pick it up.

“Ah, lucky!” She straightens up in the chair and holds the little ball in her hands proudly, lightly angling it so the green haired teenager can see it as well. “This is the limited edition of a master pokeball! I brought it yesterday because it was supposed to be my lucky item for today, but earlier I thought I’d lost it!”

Midorima’s still too nervous to fully pay attention to what she’s saying, but two special words catch his attention and are enough to make him forget his shyness.

“Lucky item?” He asks, and they spend the rest of the afternoon talking about horoscopes and the difficulty of finding some specific lucky items. 

As he watches his friend ask for another date (only stuttering slightly, to his credit), he gives himself not one, but two mental pats in the back.

Violet looks down at her aching hand as she tries to move it, only causing her to wince at the pain. Letting out a soft sigh, she didn’t know what she was gonna do about it, she had no idea why she thought punching the boy would of been a good idea, she was clearly small and fragile and it clearly showed it since her hand was basically broken. Everything about the night before with troubling the girl and she just wanted to curl in her room and do nothing.