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The og artist for the reposted nsfw chocobros is actually Maorenc and he's got a insta- kudos to my friend for finding him cause we were all trying to find the artist in our chat cause I can't with people that repost without crediting

Like… artists really need the cash to continue gifting us with their talent. And if you want the good stuff, ya gotta pay for it just like anyone else. I know the fandom can be thirsty asf (and boy those were some nice pictures ITELLYAWHUT), but it doesn’t justify stealing the art to sate it. I wish more people thought of that before uploading someone’s exclusive art.

In some ways I know to a certain extent that artists expect this kind of thing to happen, but I don’t wanna inadvertently perpetuate that with a reblog. It doesn’t erase the fact that someone still has it uploaded but I can do my part to not be that kind of problematic.

I’ll just be other kinds of problematic instead. Like writing trash fics and openly thirsting over a variety of fictional characters, LOL

Glow Up tips

this summer is a great opportunity to glow up on the asses of those who have slept on you. Hope everyone has an amazing come back and that you all get that “ they got hot this summer”

1. drink plenty of water: i know that this is any every “tips post” but it’ll help you maintain a beautiful complexion, fresh breath, help with weight loss, and so so so much more 

2. coconut oil: this is the shit! use it for your hair, your face, your legs ….everything. 

3.exercise: do your squats, eat healthy food. best form of revenge is a super hot body.

4. post so many selfies on social media …. make sure the photos are super dope and look very luxurious and mysterious and fancy and work on getting more followers. i suggest you look through Russian Instagram to find poses and study selfie angles.

5. have a stunning wardrobe: you don’t need lots of money to dress like you’re rich. it’s all about how you combine your clothes together. chose neat, fshionable clothes. velvet is really in this year and so are lace up dresses and t-shirts. Asos has a very wide range of trendy clothes and it’s not too expensive. You also get 10% off if you’re a student. /p> and watch lots of movies: get educated and informed over the summer. feed your soul with sophistication. read philosophical books or whatever kind you like . watch old movies. 

7. step OUT of your comfort zone: don’t go to bed unless you’ve done something each day that you have never done before. it’ll be a great t boost for your self confidence. i promise!

8.go out, have fun, takes lots of pictures and post them. it doesn’t have to cost much, a simple trip to the beach will do .. just flash that hot hot summer body.

9. be humble, but still, let those bitches know. 

10. meet new people and post selfies with them.

11. get a haircut or change your haircut or whatever as long as you change something, have a makeover.

12. do weekly DIY spa days: you can make your own pedi, amni, body scrub, facial masks with ingredients from your kitchen. 

13.take good good care of yourself and make sure you’re stress free and happy.

14.stay away from people who make you feel like shit.

15. avoid seeing your fake friends and stick to the passive agressive braging snapchat/IG routine.

16.gloooooow from the inside out. 

 17. if you have super dry hair and split ends like me, for the love of whatever you believe in just ditch the hair Iron and hair curler and blow dryer…these are the enemy..I know it’s super hard to do especially if you always style your hair with heat but try to find an alternative and only use heat once a week if you must.

 18. You should probably consult with your doctor(don’t do this if you’re pregnant/breastfeeding/allergic) …I take biotin once a day and honestly my fingernails grow like crazy and they are super strong and long so I don’t put on acrylics…it’s also good for your hair and metabolism.

 19. dry hair ? almond oil and jojoba oil itchy scalp/dandruff ? add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo dull hair ? Mayo . and anything can be solved with coco oil.

 20. tea tree oil is a must for clearing ur acne.

 21. soak your feet in baking soda and water and then use a pumic stone to remove dead skin cells. 

 22. for a deep cleansing mask I mix 1 tablespoon with a few drops of tea tree oil and a tablespoon of cold water. If you have dry skin don’t use tea tree oil and add jojoba oil instead of water.

 23.moisturize your face twice a day after cleaning with grapeseed oil.

 24. for #teamnosleep.. if you have dark circles apply a mask from coffee grinds and almond oil twice a day then rinse witb cold water and moisturize with a good (preferably natural) eye cream.

 25. strech marks ? I’ve got the holy grail. if you have a coffee machine you can reuse the capsules/grinded coffee by emptying it to a container, adding brown sugar and a bit of sesame oil/coconut oil and mix …voila …you have your DIY coffee scrub. leave on for 10 minutes in the shower and use everyday and you will notice your skin begining to repair itself.

26. Your fake friends are treating you like crap and are forgetting your worth?

you are a goddess, you do not deserve to be slept on or even minorly disrespected. Don’t you ever forget that. You should not feel like shit when you are champagne in a crystal glass and they are lukewarm piss in a plastic cup.

do not send them messages wondering why they have changed or start a fight or even send them an angry text, they’ll think they have a worth and actually mean something to you. instead, you ignore them so hard they will even begin doubting their own existence and yet keep posting pics of yourself having fun ( or pretending to have fun) abd be all bougie and uninterested.

 send me your glow up pics dolls and send me more tips🖤🖤

So I know we all love those “Humans are weird” posts

What if we were terrifying instead?

has anyone ever given thought to the kinds of things we could do as a hive mind? 

I remember that post with it describing us as space orcs, but picture an entire race who’s abilities revolve around pursuit predation and can survive the kinds of things that we can. Single minded determination could give us the ability to do anything.

The human race would be an unstoppable plague that would either assimilate or destroy everything we come across. 

“Who are you!? What do you want?”

“We are Humanity. We need more space.”

There’s also the possibility of individuality within the hive mind.  Every human knows everything that any human has ever known, but people are still individuals.

“You know, we could help?”

“Help what?”

“Break you away from the overmind and help you be a real person.”

“NO! It would be terribly lonely.”

“You would still have us!”

“We are Humanity. We are never alone, as we are.”

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I'm so confused why Brendon and Ryan couldn't just literally come out and say Ryden was real. I mean, now, Ryan really misses Brendon and acts like he's his ex that he still loves, and Brendon's dodging his name like old timers in fandom drama. I also don't understand how Brendon could pretend he wasn't writing a hundred songs about Ryan and not make it obvious. Come on, I mean, "How I missed yesterday, how I let it fade away", "Being blue is better than being over it", "There's no sunshine, there's no you and me". Brendon and Ryan were so perfect for each other. And how come he only recently came out as sexually fluid? What happened in capetown so many years ago? Why does Brendon pretend like nothing ever happened, when he has totally kissed him, worn his shirts, his ties, his guitar strap the post-split performance, held up a sign that says "Ryden Exists" in big capital letters. There are pictures proving it! Also why Ryan flew to New York to Seattle just to see him so they could celebrate Ryan's birthday, without telling his girlfriend or anyone else. Ryan said "He's my boy. Always will be." In a tweet and never let him completely go. Does Brendon still love Ryan? Will they ever confront each other again? What did Ryan do? Why did they try to cover up the fact that She Had The World, When The Day Met The Night, and Northern Downpour were about their love? Were they scared what their fans would do? Why is Brendon so avoiding of Ryan's name? What could he have possibly done for it to be so terrible even talk about him for that long? Why can't we know what happened in capetown? Ryan told Brendon so much and almost loved him, while Brendon was obviously head over heels for him? Why are we left in the dark, aimlessly wandering, searching for an answer in this dark continuum that we may never find? Did something that wasn't consented both ways happen romantically? I know Ryden was real. I just know it. There's too much proof to not realize it. If you showed someone who had no idea what Ryden was or who they were a picture of them, they would immediately assume they were dating. Also, their Twitters. Ryan and Brendon were very close on Twitter, and they couldn't have done a better job of acting as gay as possible. Brallon, also. Do people think that this is some kind of replacement? I feel like Brendon just wanted to be all cute with Dallon to try and replace what he had with Ryan. This may or may not be true, but it's what I think. I can tell Brendon still misses Ryan and loves him deep down in his heart, and Ryan has the exact same feelings. I feel that I will always wonder as I lay in my bed late at night... "What happened in capetown... And why?"
Telling Them Off

Requested: Hi!!! Maybe an imagine where like y/n is getting a lot of hate from Shawns fans and like one time a fan starts insulting her in front of Shawn and he becomes all protective. P.S. Love your blog! It’s really one of the best ones!!! 💖💖💖


Your name: submit What is this?


You’ve just arrived at the Toronto airport with Shawn to fly to Japan. You happened to have a break from school at the same time he was scheduled to go to Japan, so he asked you to go with him. Since you barely get to see him while you have school because you’re so busy, you didn’t want to miss out on the chance to spend time with him when you were finally on break. In the year that you’ve been dating Shawn, you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed whenever you’re flying with him. You already don’t like airplanes because they freak you out, but it doesn’t help that there are almost always tons of fans waiting at the airport trying to get pictures with Shawn.

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What do I do if someone tries to steal my art?

Do you mean, what do you do if someone tries to take credit for your art, like if they post it on their page and claims they drew it?  Or do you mean, what do you do if someone reposts/uploads it elsewhere?

If they claimed they drew your picture, report them immediately.  They know what they did and they did it anyway.  (Same goes for tracing, IMO.  Traced art should NOT be posted online; that’s plagiarism)  

For reposting (aka. someone else uploading your art onto a different website such as Instagram) you should first decide what your reposting policy will be.  

  • Some artists allow people to post their art on different websites if they ask for permission.  
  • Some artists don’t require people to ask for permission but ask that they credit/link back to their website.  
  • Some artists only allow reposting on certain websites, but not others such as Youtube, which can be used to make money off of others’ artwork.
  • Some artists want their work to stay on their own website only, and don’t want other people to post elsewhere. (aka no reposting, period)  

One thing you will want to do is make sure you write down your reposting policy on your blog, somewhere easy to find, like the front page, or on your About Me/Info, etc.  

Another thing is SIGN YOUR ARTWORK, it is soooo important!  People aren’t always going to follow the rules.  They might have a repost of a repost of a repost they saw on Google somewhere and they won’t know where it originally came from because most people don’t bother to check. 

Large signatures/watermarks can be kind of an eyesore (plus you’ll feel kind of bad you have to “ruin” your artwork), but you have to make sure it’ll still be visible enough even after the quality of the picture is turned to crap because it’s been screenshotted like 20 bajillion times on instagram.  

Also, “unsightly” signatures/watermarks can help protect your picture from people using them in more nefarious ways, such as trying to sell t-shirts with YOUR design, or tote bags, mouse pads, etc.  Yes, they can still try to Photoshop them out, but if you put them somewhere difficult to remove then they probably won’t do a good job and it’ll look ugly.  So it’s worth a shot!

(I actually really love seeing watermarks/signatures because then I know where to go visit the artist and give them love directly)  

Anyway, I hope this helps!

What kind of blogger would the Fates characters be?

Xander: Posts motivational images and Nohrian propaganda. Doesn’t like the topic of parental abuse. Gets into fierce debates with Ryoma but is still mutuals with him.

Ryoma: Also motivational images, but his blog would be Hoshido-themed. Pictures of lobsters tagged as “#me”.  Gets into fierce debates with Xander but is still mutuals with him.

Laslow: A joke blog dedicated to pickup lines, with the occasional genuine positivity. Little do people know, the pickup lines are serious.

Saizo: His blog is themed entirely about how cool ninjas are. Most likely to send anon hate.

Kaze: Traditional art and cooking tips. Posts about Luigi every now and then. Least likely to send anon hate.

Effie: Would post bodybuilding images, muscular girls, nutritional tips, and comics about friendship. Likes to talk about how nice it is to work for your best friend.

Arthur: Superhero/ comic book stuff. Most likely to try comforting mutuals and strangers alike when they receive hate. He isn’t the best at it but his heart’s in the right place.

Peri: Would post gore, then cute pastel things, then gory cute pastel things. 

Odin: Dank memes, rare pepes. Unironically uses “Welcome to my twisted mind” as a blog title. Most likely to have a Vendorverse alt.

Niles: NSFW blog and innuendo-based humor.

Subaki: Self-flattery, not too liked. However, his inspiration/self-improvement posts are enjoyed by many.

Oboro: Would run a fashion-themed blog and offer advice to anyone who submits a picture of themselves/their outfit. Can sound prejudiced at times, but has learned to slowly lose that trait and be more accepting.

In a Town Called Darling

Sad that The Walking Dead is ending for the season next week? Not looking forward to a summer with no Negan, no Daryl, and no Simon? Still missing Merle? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Introducing Darling

Darling was the kind of town that could win competitions for its beauty. Neat rows of shops all freshly painted, lawns trimmed, flower boxes overflowing. Kids went to school, people worked hard, and the local sheriff had been doing the job for over ten years without complaints. But despite its picture-perfect beauty, Darling didn’t get out of town visitors. There were no happy families staying at the motel to take a stroll around the pristine streets because at the edge of this town with its whitewashed churches and a rail line that divided the very rich from the ordinary was a building, all grey concrete with a metal gate and a sign that said, ‘No Trespassing’.

The men that met in the cover of these walls called themselves the Saviors, but they weren’t men of God. They were men of metal, the tarmac of the road, and the freedom of the ride. Saviors MC, Georgia. Ride, Fight, Survive.

Introducing a new multichaptered fic brought to you by @superprincesspea, @ladylorelitany, @lucifers-trash-stash & @vizhi0n

If you like Negan, Daryl, Simon and Merle. If you like drama, angst, fluff, romance and smut. If you like our favourite TWD men in a biker AU world then please follow this new blog and reblog the post. Let us know that you want it; once we reach 200 followers, we’ll start posting prequels that give you a glimpse into the world of Darling! 

More details are to follow. 

My 2017 trip to South Korea

Hello! I went to South Korea from Dec 29-Jan 6 about a week or so! I was so nervous to go even though I’ve seen positive experiences with Black women going, I was still nervous about visiting.

But I won’t talk much but just say my experience was beyond my expectations! I met too many cool people who were genuinely curious about Black people, like how do you do your hair like that? (I had curly/ long natural hair style). How do you stay so fit? How did you learn Korean? How do you say this or that in English? Your lips are so pretty, women would stare at my lips and say how they wish they had lips like mine. People would at times ask to take pictures with us, I was with 2 White girls and 1 Black girl and they were asking my White friends to take the pictures for them, We’re still laughing about that. But it didn’t bother her, she thought it was so nice that they were all over us and giving us a lot of love out of kindness. I had some even tell me they wish they had gorgeous glowing skin like mine instead of being pale, I was so shocked because most of the Korean beauty standards is to have pale skin.

Now I know you all probably wondering about the men right? I was curious about the clubbing scene so we did visit some clubs! Girl when I tell you when we walked up in there me and my other BFF whose Black (the other girls didn’t want to go). It was like in slow motion! Like the movies, a lottttt of staring at us mostly from the men, some of them are so bold! And the other half just stare wanting to come up and talk to us, but they be thirsty too! Some just want to like kiss and dance and some really want you to be his wife, for real! I’ve gotten numbers and I was curious to ask if they wish they had more Black people in Korea and their eyes would get so wide and they would say yes yes yes! Or ask me to move here please so we can hang out aww.

It was a quick trip but I’m hoping we can go back again this year. That’s how much fun we had! If anyone here is planning on going, do it! You’d enjoy it. It’s even prettier in the Spring/Summer time though especially with the food vendors. That’s what I want to do next time.

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Love the Voltron Family AU!! Gets better with every ask! I was wondering if Shiro and Keith have had a big fight? I mean like someone leaves for the night, or crashes at someone else's place? If so, what's the fight about, how do they resolve it? Who stays with the kids and comforts them? Sorry this is angsty.

[The Voltron Family] Keith got another promotion at work + becoming a Best Selling Author, so the company was throwing him a formal gathering to celebrate his success. He told Shiro and the kids about it a few days before the event. Keith went home early to pick up the kids and make sure they all wear their formal attires. All of them were wearing beautiful tuxedos and Keith couldn’t be any prouder of a Dad. “Beautiful, all three of you.”

The four of them arrived at the venue and Keith went out—leaving the kids to eat all the fancy food at the event—to call Shiro.

Keith: Hey, baby. What time will you make it here? It’s about to start.
Shiro: Oh baby. I’ll be home around 10pm so I can’t make it to dinner. You and the kids can just eat without me. A friend had an emergency and I volunteered to cover his shift since no one else was available and I can’t just leave either. *notices that Keith was quiet* Baby?
Keith: You forgot, didn’t you?
Shiro: Forgot what? 
Keith: I cannot believe you. This is the third time you’ve done this.
Shiro: Keith?
Keith: It’s my celebratory event, Takashi. I told you this last Monday and basically the whole week. This was supposed to be an important night of my life and I wanted my whole family to be present so I could thank and celebrate with you four.
Shiro: Oh shit. *eyes widens* It’s tonight?! I fucked up. Oh my god. Keith, I’m—
Keith: I hope you enjoy hospital food. *ends the call*

Keith sighed and he wanted to just punch someone or anything. He ran his hand through his hair and let out another exasperated sigh. Keith had had enough of Shiro forgetting events and sometimes he hated the fact his husband was too nice he’d always try to help his colleagues even if it meant missing the events to celebrate his spouse’ achievements.

Hunk: Daddy? Are you okay? *worried*
Keith: *turns around and sees 13 year old Hunk* Oh, hey, baby. I’m fine.
Hunk: *holds Keith’s hand* *looks around* Is Daddy Shiro coming?
Keith: *shakes head* *sad smile* He isn’t. It’s just us tonight. *pulls Hunk for a hug and kisses his forehead* C’mon let’s go back inside.

As they were walking back inside, Keith heard someone whisper as they passed by. “Adopted kids. Can you believe? Three different races too. Didn’t even adopt someone their own kind. Heard him and his husband earns a lot yet they couldn’t even bother with surrogacy. They’d rather have other people’s children. Wonder what they’re doing with all that money.”

Hunk: *eyes widens and stills* *hand suddenly went cold* *uncomfortable*
Keith: *squeezes Hunk’s hand* Don’t mind them, sweetheart.

The husband isn’t even here. Tells you a lot about their family. Gay families never work out, especially if you mix kids in the picture.” Keith had to grit his teeth before he turned around to face the people talking about them.

As soon as Shiro unlocked the front door, Keith was there to greet him, looking pissed. Keith had a bag and his jacket in one hand, as if he was ready to leave.

Keith: *doesn’t look at Shiro* *busies himself with checking the insides of his bag* Don’t forget Lance’s baseball practice tomorrow at 6, Pidge has soccer at 7 and Hunk’s field trip at 5am, meet up place at their school Gate 4. I’ll take my leave now. *steps forward to the door*
Shiro: *grabs Keith’s arm* Hey, where are you going?
Keith: *turns to look at Shiro in the eye* I don’t think I can handle sleeping beside you tonight after what happened. I want to cool my head off and I honestly don’t want to punch your face, Takashi. So I suggest you let go of my arm right now.
Shiro: *lets go of Keith’s arm* *nods slowly*
Keith: I had some lasagna and cordon bleu taken home from the event for you. Just heat it up in case you’re hungry. I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight. *walks out of the door and closes it*
Shiro: *sighs loudly* I fucked up so bad. Oh god. *buries his face in his hands*
Pidge: *was sitting all along by the stairs* You kinda did.
Shiro: *turns to Pidge* Mind telling me what happened?

They all gathered at the master bedroom and decided to have a sleepover because Shiro felt so miserable. The kids shared what happened that night. The first one was Keith got into a row with some important people because they insulted their little family. How Keith still thanked Shiro for being a supportive husband even though he couldn’t make it to which apparently Keith looked like he was choking up. Shiro felt so guilty. How Keith was all fake smiles throughout the night, how obvious he was forcing himself despite the horrible mood he was in. How much he just wanted Shiro to be there with them.

Keith was about to get in bed in his hotel room when he heard someone knock. He groaned because he was pretty sure he had the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign outside. He opened the door when suddenly he was engulfed into a hug.

Shiro: *buries his face in Keith’s hair* I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry. I’m sorry I forgot. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it and wear that beautiful tux you chose for me. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to clap for you while you deliver your thank you speech. I’m sorry for not being there to punch those people who insulted our kids and our marriage. I’m sorry for missing one of the most important events of your life. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to hold your hand to calm you down because you don’t like public speaking. I’m sorry for being such a workaholic jerk who didn’t seem to notice that his husband worked so hard for their family and just wanted to celebrate together with the kids tonight. I’m so sorry for doing this to you for the third time. I’m so sorry you had to handle everything on your own. I know I cannot go back and change what I’ve done. I’m so sorry, Keith. I really am. *hugs Keith tighter*
Keith: *clutches onto Shiro and hold him tightly* *buries his head into Shiro’s neck* *starts crying* You stupid, stupid, stupid jerk.

They go back home together that night and Shiro made it up to Keith the next day when they were both alone for the whole day, starting with breakfast in bed when Shiro got home after driving the kids to their destinations. Shiro got a morning kiss from Keith and that was a good start.

The Other Side of the Ocean - Chapter 1

Read the prologue here.

He leans back into the seat, trying to stretch his long legs out in front of him. This, unfortunately, is nearly impossible to do. Airplanes are made for people who are five feet tall, and at just over six feet, Joe really has nowhere to put his legs.

He lets his head fall to the left. At least he has a window seat. Something to lean up against, and he can avoid worrying that he’ll fall asleep only to wake up and find that his head accidentally gravitated towards the stranger next to him. He hasn’t flown across the ocean that many times, but it’s been enough to know that middle seats are pure misery for a seven hour flight.

Closing his eyes, he allows his mind to wander. And rest. It’s been a crazy busy week for the movie – but an amazing one - and he hasn’t had even a moment to process it, really. Lights, cameras and more questions. But he enjoyed it and is grateful to have been invited to New York and to have had the entire opportunity to work on this film and help promote it.

Naively, he never realized that doing press for a movie essentially meant answering the same set of questions twenty-five times. After the third interview, his answers started to feel scripted. He longed for a question outside the norm, but then silently cursed himself for that desire when he actually got one, fearing that he’d rambled on too long, or stumbled over his words, or could’ve answered it better.

Don’t worry, Ang had told him, you’ll get more used to this with time. Joe asked him afterwards if he’d sounded like a fool, and the director-and-mentor-now-friend had been nothing but reassuring.

And then there were the photoshoots for all the various magazines and online outlets. He was accustomed to those cameras now, in fact, they almost felt comfortable. He had never been one to shy away from having his picture taken. He didn’t mind doing photoshoots for magazines, in fact, he found them kind of fun. That was in contrast, however, to the paparazzi situation. That was still new. That was still… odd. He didn’t hate it, but didn’t like it either. Maybe he just didn’t really understand the interest, or why people cared whether so-and-so was going to a particular restaurant on a Thursday night. He reserved the right to fully form an opinion about it later.

The plane reaches cruising altitude, and he hears the pilot mumble something on the overhead speakers. Six hours to go. He considers whether he’s going to be able to get any rest or not in such a cramped position. Maybe if I keep my eyes closed I’ll fall asleep, he thinks. Popping in his earbuds, he puts on some mellow music.

But his mind isn’t on the same page as his body; it’s not ready yet to turn off for the night.  He can’t get his mind off of her.

He can’t stop thinking about Taylor.

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Scum... buddy, pal,, you gotta hook me up with the rfa reacting to a police officer mc... I need it

This may be a bit short because I keep becoming at a loss of words for this, since… I often confuse Detectives with Cops…


- When she finds out, she actually likes it a bit.

- It immediately cuts any worries about you doing some things she may not approve of

- She has a lot of respect for you! But there are times when you talk about a dangerous situation or two, that she begins to worry

- If you tell her you’re not going to be getting home til late, because of an issue your department has to work out, she’s quick to bring good coffee for you and your coworkers


- Immediately has high respect for what you do. Not that he didn’t respect you to begin with, but it just upped it even more

- Makes sure to take the time to donate if your station every needs more funds (Jumin…)

- Though, he greatly disapproves of you being in any dangerous situations. It doesn’t matter how many times you promise you’re safe, he will still worry or voice a few small complaints

- But, overall, he’s quietly so proud of you for helping people stay safe, even if what you do is mainly catch speeders.


- Immediately gets stars in his eyes. He thinks you’re so cool!

- (He kind of wishes he did try on that officer uniform and took pictures, though… You might have found him cute.)

- He really likes listening to you talk about your day. Even if it was about catching someone spraying graffiti somewhere- He’ll still coo about how neat you and your job is

- Sometimes you’ll have a bit of a more dangerous situation to tell him about, and he does get extremely worried at times, but he trusts you enough and your team that you’ll remain safe.

- Sometimes he comes along to your department to give you lunch, and really loves talking to you and your coworkers about a few things.


- He’s so impressed!! He thinks its so cool!

- He sometimes wonders if your department ever had issues with his past gang, but he knows most are doing better by now…

- He’s the best person to workout with, so you’re staying in shape often

- He also loves going to your workplace when he has time (and avoiding some cops who may recognize him and his motorcycle)

- Very, very, worried at times, but he knows you got this in the bag! He’s so proud!


- (”Ohoho, arrest me, officer~”)

- He worried a bit because of his job. You know…Hacking being illegal and all that… But you decidedly turn a blind eye to his past, since he’s not really hurting anyone anymore.

- Afterwards there’s so many jokes. SO many. And so many times he wants to prove he can wrangle his way out of handcuffs. 

- But he is very impressed, and very proud of you! He thinks you’re doing so much good work!

- Likes to watch you from security footage at times. 

- Just don’t expect any healthy lunches from him. He’ll just try and give you HBC and Dr. Pepper.


idubbbz is tr@sh and needs to be exposed!! recently he has been including nazi imagery in his videos and it’s  not okay >:( i hope that people like jk rowling will read this and make the situation popular. ok im start

Look closely at this cat he has in his recent samurai unboxing video!!!!! it has hitler on it :oo surely youtube cant support this kind of canc- horrible messages !!!!!!!!!111 i am so enrAGED he can still make videos and not be exposed already >:((( 

but wait

I have more evidence!

look at this picture of the green rat VERY closely, look into his eyes and nazi soul u will see something

do u recognise the swazstiszkzia ?? of course u do bc u may be a nazi too! this RAT man is promoting hitler and im so angery. s0 i have proved this trASH BOI is a nazi, now time to prove he is a rat in human disguise. Other than the fact he looks like an ugly rat cooked chicken ass boy, i have one more piece of evidence.

THIS PICTURE. it is well known by now that these 2 boys are gey for eachother. IDUBBZ REVEALED HIS TRU RAT IDENTITY!! its right there in coloured proof, try to prove me wrong i dar u

HE IS A TRUE RAT, also this shows he is associated with disney which must mean he is even more of a nazi bigoted homophobic racist ableist trump supporter >:(((

ok finally i have the last evidence. In filthy TRASH frank’s recent video about fighting nazi jews or some shit idubz made an appearcnce!

CAN U SEE HIM??????????? this man is worse than pewdiepie!! i am sICK of these shitty youtubers spreading hate, why cant we just promote yotuubers that educate us on the 100000000 genders that EXIST. I am absolutely outraged.

dont believe me thT this man is racist???????? in his recen video he openly dresses as a JAP which ic raci!!! nd he then proceed 2 scare the JAP 

I AM SICK OF WHITE PEOPL DOIGN THIS ITS NO OK!!!!11 this boy FRIGHTENS people like wit tarantula mongooose

anywya i think i hav explain enoughif u want me 2 expose any other youtubers pls comment and i will attack them on anything thank im sorry thsi was rushed i just needed to let out my anger.


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56 with jiyong please? xx

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Kwon Jiyong: “We’ve been dating for years and I still don’t know why you do that.”

Looking through Jiyong’s pictures was a journey, much more when he was right by her side, legs interlocked with hers, one arm sprawled over her waist and his head resting over her shoulder, looking at his phone with sleepy eyes as he commented a few things that explained the story behind every picture. Lately, he had been going to a lot of fashion shows, hanging around with designers, models and so on, even learning a few things of his own. To say she was happy for him would be an absolute truth and she thought that it was adorable that he had another lover apart from music, being it fashion. Her fingers slide over the screen to get to the other picture as her other hand plays with the strands of hair that messily stood over Jiyong’s hand, but a small chuckle left her lips when she swiped to a certain picture and she felt that oh, so familiar sentiment.

His signature pose, it was.

Jiyong was a very good model-like idol, he had different ways of portraying his persona through pictures whilst making it look classy and edgy at the same time, it was something that he was known for, but he had a pose that he always went back to. As he bites his bottom lip, he lifts up one of the corners of his mouth, showing a half smile, his nose is slightly crunched up and one of his eyebrows is raised up to show some kind of bad boy aura and honestly, she thinks he looks hot when he bites his lip, but the giggles that escape her mouth have Jiyong frowning before the two look at each other.

“What is it?” The softness of his voice is something people wouldn’t expect from him while seeing him on stage, voice a little bit higher and expressions that a person could call one of a kind. Jiyong’s frown is the most adorable thing on earth and he purses up his lips in a pout. “Babe…”

“It’s nothing.” She tells him before pecking his cheek, returning her gaze to his phone. “…It’s just that…you always go back to this pose.” Jiyong looks over at the phone, tilting his head to the side as if studying the picture. “We’ve been dating for years and I still don’t know why you do that.

I don’t even know.” Her partner explains before cuddling closer to her. “I suppose it makes my face look cool…or I think it’s just fans like it and therefore I like it as well…” Jiyong is trying to explain himself and he finishes his sentence with a yawn, soon followed by a chuckle. “I didn’t know you didn’t like it.”

“I love it!” She reassures him before locking his phone, placing it over the bedside table before turning to him, hugging him tightly as they looked at one another, his eyes half closed as he looked at her. “It’s just…cute.

“Cute?!” Jiyong quizzes before scoffing. “I thought it made me look sexy.” Maybe she could play around with his mind a bit…

“Well, think again, love.” She jokes and Jiyong sighs, rolling his eyes before closing them completely, still wide awake but too tired to even keep them open.

“I would show you how much of a sexy beast I am if I wasn’t so tired.” Jiyong comments and she can’t help but laugh loudly. Jiyong was so strange sometimes…

“I don’t think that saying you’re a sexy beast is sexy at all.” This time, he pouts.

“Don’t tease me; I’m too tired to think of something to say.” She chuckles before pressing her lips against his, resting her head over his chest to listen to the way his heart beat just for her.

And there wasn’t anything more beautiful than spending a night of sleep with Jiyong.

Mononokean Headcanons

because why the fuck not  (っ'▽’ )╮ =͟͟͞͞ 🍤

  • Ashiya can LIFT - I bet he does most of the heavy lifting at his mother’s flower shop, and since his favorite class is physical education he’s probably pretty fit (imagine Abeno walking into the shop one day and seeing Ashiya at work in an apron with his sleeves rolled up and then WOW dokis)
  • Zenko can find a practical use for anything - she probably wouldn’t even have batted an eyelash if Yahiko had really brought home that skull from the mountains; just stick it in a field and “hey it makes a good scarecrow”
  • Abeno gets cold easily - more of an observation than an actual headcanon but Abeno never seems to wear short sleeves (he was the only one in long sleeves during the training camp, he apparently zips his PE uniform jacket all the way up and he has long pants compared to Ashiya’s shorts…)
  • Ashiya does drink coffee; Abeno is strictly a tea person.
  • Saga still isn’t sure that Ashiya, Abeno, and Zenko aren’t all in some kind of relationship one way or another
  • It’s somehow become Ashiya’s job within the class whenever someone needs something to do with Abeno: ask Abeno a question? Ask Ashiya to ask him. Give/request something from Abeno? Leave it to Ashiya to pass it on! Funnily enough, Ashiya still hasn’t noticed.
  • Ashiya has so, so many pictures of Fuzzy on his phone (and quite a few in the Mononokean); he often wonders what the pictures look like to people who can’t see yokai.
  • Extremely extremely headcanon until/if she appears, but Ashiya’s older sister is his polar opposite and super extremely cool to the point that people will wonder if they’re actually related if they’re next to each other; neither of them find it strange though
  • Abeno isn’t a very big eater, Ashiya’s not a glutton, exactly (closer to normal than not) but Abeno is often incredulous at how much Ashiya can eat in one sitting (Ashiya insists he has a second stomach for his favorite foods and that Abeno’s the weird one for eating way too little)
  • Fuzzy’s favorite spots to nap: on the alcove by the Mononokean’s scroll, Ashiya’s shoulder because Ashiya’s face is in close proximity to nuzzle, Abeno’s lap because Abeno’s good at sitting still for long periods of time (doing work in the Mononokean, etc)
  • Zenko’s family buys their flowers for the temple from Ashiya’s mother’s shop
  • Yahiko is jealous of Ashiya, partly because he feels Abeno as his playmate is being taken away, and partly because he’s envious that as a human, Ashiya’s sense of time/perception of things flows better with Abeno than Yahiko, who’s remained the same for many years
  • Zenko’s warned him against doing anything big, but Yahiko sometimes plays tricks on her father such as toppling things over, or making food “disappear”.
  • Ashiya and Abeno are jealous of each other in different ways (mostly unconsciously): Ashiya admires how Abeno always seems to have everything together and is good at so many things, Abeno envies Ashiya’s straightforwardness and the fact that he can so easily cry and laugh and express things when he needs to (despite Abeno calling it “unstable”)
  • Ashiya is reeeeally salty over Abeno’s 1cm height difference over him and secretly wants to surpass it someday
  • Ashiya hums; Abeno has found himself getting drowsy when he hears it on occasion
  • Ashiya tries to get Abeno to go places with him other than by Mononokean (and the Mononokean is more than happy to oblige, much to Abeno’s annoyance)
  • Abeno’s not concerned about his appearance at school at all (although Ashiya calls it still “irritatingly perfect” and is absolutely sure Abeno’s hair is on purpose); he’s only concerned about appearances when he’s at work in his kimono

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you can't give jeff credit for harry posting 3 white pictures and having a commercial lol. this is stuff that would never work with any kind of artist. it comes down to harry being wonderful and us loving him. harry could fart into a microphone and be successful. jeff literally doesn't have to do anything. icona pop and that luke artist guy both have shit careers and they're managed by him. i mean he still didn't do anything. but harry's harry and it didn't matter lol which is amazing.

Okay but last week people were legit saying that masses of people were unstanning harry and that Jeff was an incompetent manager so…what is the truth? Just give credit where credit is due lol. Harry didn’t build his website and book his appearances all by himself. He has a team and he may have made the big decisions and the artistic direction but Jeff orchestrated the majority of this rollout. I mean I know it’ll hurt but just say “damn, Jeff. We underestimated you…good job so far” lol.

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The boys reacting to Candy being an instagram model. Love your hc!!!

Thank you!!


  • Nathaniel isn’t really on any social media all that much. His instagram only has like 10 pictures on it and they are mostly pictures of White, his cat. He has one of him and his cat but that’s it, no selfies. So chances are he probably wouldn’t even find out about this until way later. He rarely gets on instagram so he doesn’t ask if you have one until it just happened to cross his mind one day.
  • He’d be really confused at first. Like, why do you have 500K follwers??? Who are you?? Tbh he’s kind of drooling over the photos but never mind that, he wants to know how this came to be.
  • He’d ask you a ton of questions like “How long have you been doing this?? Why do you have so many followers?? Are you secretly famous??”
  • He’d much prefer to follow your private account if you have one because it shows the side of you that he knows, but don’t get him wrong, he thinks you look freaking amazing.
  • If you decide to post photos of him on there, he’d be the guy that everyone is asking about all the time because he’s so handsome. “Where’s that blonde guy? Did you guys break up?? He’s so good looking.”
  • He slowly gets a steady stream of followers going after a while because people are lurking, trying to find this cutie’s page.


  • Castiel’s instagram is full of pictures of Demon, a few selfies (all of which Amber comments heart eye emojis), and some pictures from a few concerts. He’s got a fairly decent following simply because of his looks alone, maybe like 1,000.
  • But, when he sees your page he’s just like “What the fuck Y/N?” He’s all wide eyed, scrolling through your photos, which he thinks are HOT by the way.
  • If anything it kind of boosts his ego a bit tbh, to know that he has such a hot girlfriend. He’s hearting all of your photos. He’s still shocked though, like why did he never know this?? Why didn’t you tell him??
  • If you posted him on your page then you’d be that couple that everyone wants to see. He doesn’t like you posting him often just because he hates taking pictures, but when you do post him it’s like the universe has cracked open. Everyone loves him, people would honestly watch you guys make out and be content with that because that’s how instagram worthy he is.
  • He’s got the potential to be insta famous himself but he just could care less.


  • Lysander is never on social media, especially not instagram. In fact, if he even HAS instagram he’s that one guy that follows all of his friends but has absolutely no posts. Before you two were a thing he had freaking zero photos but now he’s got like 4 pictures of you on there, with really cute captions like “My breathtakingly beautiful beloved.” He’s so cheesy.
  • You were probably the first person he asked to follow so when he sees your page he’s just like… What?? “….Why do you have so many followers??”
  • He’s gonna support you no matter what but he just can’t wrap his head around it. He’s shocked when he even gets to 50 followers so for you to have thousands, or maybe even millions is just???
  • He’d much prefer if you had a separate personal account, just because he doesn’t want to see the model side of you all the time. He thinks you look beautiful but your private account shows more of the real you.
  • Tbh he has the potential to be the perfect instagram model, more than Castiel. He’s so freaking handsome. But he just prefers not to be in the spotlight like that. He did however let you post a picture of him on your public page once and omg the thirst was so real. You guys could honestly take over instagram as a power couple but that’s just not his personality


  • I could totally see Armin having a very well-known instagram page tbh. He’s got a few ten thousand, because he’s a bit popular on YouTube from gaming. His instagram is fullllll of photos. Of him, him and Alexy, games, gaming videos, you, everything that he likes. People love his page.
  • So when he sees yours he’s not as shocked as the other guys but he’s definitely surprised. How do you have so many followers just from posing??? And he just wasn’t expecting you to have a page like that to begin with.
  • He thinks it’s absolutely awesome though, like “Damn babe, you’re pretty cool!”
  • He takes pride in it though, he’ll jump on to claim you from any guys trying to flirt with you in the comments. “Back off m8, she’s MINE!!!” He doesn’t actually get angry though. 
  • If you decide to post pics of him you guys are that couple that everyone asks, “WHEN ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED???” Even if you guys are only teens they just ship you so freaking hard.


  • Kentin has maybe a few hundred. People follow him because they either go to school with him, or because of his dog, Cookie. He gets the occasional girl trying to flirt with him, but he never responds to any comments unless it’s from you, Armin or Alexy.
  • When he sees your page he’s just like 0_o????
  • Okay, not gonna lie he does lowkey lurk on all of your social media because he loves looking at photos of you so the fact that he didn’t know about this page kinda blows his mind a bit.
  • He does enjoy the pictures and he screen shots all of the to save to save to his phone, but he is lowkey jealous of the attention you get. He would never ask you to stop posting if that’s what you liked to do but he gets so aggravated when guys comment on your photos. So like Armin, he claims you. But he’s serious about it. “Back off, y/n is mine and mine only!”
  • If you posts pictures of him on there then people are like really interested in him. “Who’s this adorable guy, he’s so cute??” “What’s his insta, he’s hot!” He doesn’t want to be followed by a bunch of people though so he doesn’t let you tag him. But people find him anyway cause like I said, he’s constantly commenting on your photos, trying to mark his territory.

A lot of discourse in mainstream feminist spaces really doesn’t seem to grasp how being excluded from femininity can suck just as much as being expected to perform it.

And, tbh, there’s not as much support.

Like, before anyone knew that I was disabled, I did feel pressured by society to conform to femininity in a bunch of different ways (and I still do when people don’t know that I’m disabled or in certain cases where it’s still expected).

But it was kind of abstract and not really applicable to me and my life.

And I mostly want to talk here about the expectations of relationships and family, but this is not the be all and end all.

I know that this isn’t the case for everyone, but the overwhelming message I received from friends and family was that everyone would support me if I decided not to marry, if I decided to never have kids, if I decided to have kids without a husband in the picture, or any other variation of a non-traditional family.

I have a whole bunch of people to choose from to hold my hand at an abortion clinic without judgement if I ever need it, and I have known that I’ve had that since I was a kid.

And even on a societal level, by the time I was watching TV, women had more roles than just married with kids.

And, tbh, the takeaway I’ve had from shows/films that did end with the female characters married with kids was the criticism those endings produced.

Again, I’m not saying that everyone grows up in these positive, feminist spaces, but the number of girls who are is ever growing.

When I was a kid, I knew that however I wanted my family to look could be how it looked.

Skip forward to age nineteen.

I got diagnosed with autism and suddenly the whole environment shifted.

Assurances that it didn’t matter if I never got married were now assumptions that I never would.

Conversations about children now went with an assumption that I would never have any.

Suddenly, the wide array of choice presented to me by my positive, feminist environment boiled down to just one.

No lasting relationships because no partner would ever stay with me.

No casual relationships because I must be asexual.

No marriage because of the no lasting relationships thing.

And no children because I could never cope with it.

These four assumptions appeared overnight and came from people who had known me my entire life.

That entire life that I had spent autistic, just without the diagnostic label.

And all of these assumptions were shown through the previous support, only twisted.

The choice as to whether or not I got married or had children was made for me as surely as it’s made for abled, neurotypical women who didn’t grow up in the same kinds of spaces I did.

Only now there’s no supporting community in the same way it existed before.

It’s there online, with other disabled women, and I see it in intersectional feminism, but it’s not my day-to-day existence.

Choices when it comes to marriage and family don’t exist for disabled and neurodivergent women in the same way they exist for abled, neurotypical women and mainstream feminist spaces contribute to this lack of choice as much as society at large.

TANIS/RABBITS/The Black Tapes Connection

1. How do people end up in the Order of the Cenaphas? Who is qualified to play the Mysterium? How do the adults teaching kids about demons become a part of that?

2. Why does the Rabbits game exist? Who made it and who controls it?

3. Who/what/where is Tanis; exactly? There still hasn’t been some kind of Atlantis style reveal, so what IS it? WHY does it drive people mad? (Also what’s with the picture in the hotel in the black tapes season two that depicted a scene of intense violence in a forest by animals with the hunter watching?)

Ok, so idk if this has been proposed before (I’m kinda new to the fandom), but what if all three podcasts all have a central conclusion? That they’re all a perspective in the same story? But that story’s peak is the Black Tapes. Why? Ok, so what if the Rabbits game is an elaborate way of recruiting for the Cenaphas peeps and to find people capable of playing the mysterium (apocalyptic music must require some special talent right) and also for getting adults into the demon spreading. We still don’t know who made or controls the game. So Rabbits is the underpinning of how all the events in the Black Tapes unfold, but every movement, even demonic movements, have to have a leader or a headquarter. Enter Tanis. Scriabin didn’t just come up with the mysterium, he heard it in tanis and that’s how he knew to recreate it. Perceval Black did the same. Davitch got close but was killed (upside down face is part of tanis, even takes place in Pacific Northwest). Eld fen/king wurm are demonic.

So Carly Parker is chasing the enforcement mechanisms behind the whole thing. Nic Silver is hunting the headquarters and leaders. Alex Reagen is investigating their incursions on the world. But the only way any of them come to a conclusion is by putting all their pieces together to find the conspiracy.
Ps I wrote this on mobile, sorry for any particularly egregious typos. @meer-katnip @strandrichard @alexreagan-tbtp

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Do you have any general advice for choosing a college major and a career path? I lack mentors, connections, abundant finances, and rare talent to give me a strong start. Others were born with these resources, so they hit the ground running, but I have to do everything from scratch. Is there an ideal process to finding these answers or eliminating dead ends, in an effort to save time?

Ideal process? Perhaps not. When you’re not born into resources, you have to be scrappy and creative and make the best of what you do have, which means being proactive and taking charge of your life. Thanks to the internet, you can research any school/occupation and even talk to people for firsthand accounts. Choosing the right major involves 1) learning about yourself and 2) exploring what is possible. There are a variety of factors to weigh:

Income: Being pragmatic is a concern when you don’t have a safety net or can’t live in mommy’s basement. Do research about jobs that have a good chance of being in high demand after you graduate, jobs that have room for growth or promotion, jobs that are not very affected by economic boom/bust cycles. A lot of people assume that STEM fields are guaranteed but not always, e.g., engineers are usually in higher demand than zoologists. However, higher demand in an occupation also leads to bigger supply and fiercer competition. Think about whether you aim for stability or versatility. If you want stability, go for the more practical or conventional majors. If you want versatility, and the idea of switching career tracks later in life doesn’t bother you, go for the more creative or transferable majors.

Aptitude: What are you good at? If you want to maximize your chance of landing a good job, know your stuff and be good at what you do. Take aptitude tests to discover your natural talents, explore/research the areas where you have potential to excel. E.g. Do you naturally work better with things or people? Are you better at processing data or ideas? What kind of work comes more naturally, e.g., manual/practical, crafts/trades, scientific/technical, creative/theoretical, social/helping, business/management, administrative/data, etc. You don’t have to be the best to make money (every field has its fair share of duds), you only have to be good enough for people to take notice. You may not like all the things you’re good at but it’s still important to have a clear picture of your natural strengths and weaknesses.

Values: What are you interested in and passionate about? How much do you want to express your personal interests/values through your job? What do you want to accomplish in life through your career? How do you want to balance career with the other aspects of your life (different jobs are demanding in different ways)? What things do you want in life that are not necessarily compatible with your career goals (e.g. family)? Explore/research various occupation sectors and see which appeal to you most and reflect on why, ask yourself how compatible the career would be with your other life goals, e.g.: agriculture, transport, or natural resources; architecture or construction; arts or communications; business administration or management; education, training, or coaching; economics or finance; public administration or policy; medicine or health sciences; hospitality or service industry; human services or social work; law or law enforcement; manufacturing, marketing, or sales; STEM or IT; etc.

Experience: Make up for lack of mentors and connections by putting yourself out there whenever you can. Always be on the lookout for networking opportunities: befriend people who are experienced and better connected, broadcast your goals and aspirations to people so that they can help you when they can, seek out people who have similar interests/goals so that you can journey together. Volunteer or work part-time to accumulate résumé experience and make connections. Keep working on the soft skills and transferable skills that will be useful in any career, make a point to tackle your weaknesses, e.g.: reading, writing, numeracy, communication skills, people/teamwork/EQ skills, leadership/management skills, organization and time management skills, analytical or critical thinking skills, computer skills, creativity or adaptability/resourcefulness skills, research skills, life-long learning skills, self-study skills. If the option is available, make good use of your first “general studies” year in college: Narrow down your interests and use your first year to explore them thoroughly (take introductory courses and network with faculty/students), then you can make a firm decision by 2nd year. As a high schooler, you can go to any university bookstore nearby to peruse the intro-level textbooks, or examine open online courses from major universities. Choosing a major is a big decision but not really “life or death”, it’s not a crime to change your mind later on. The best you can do is research enough to make the most informed decision possible.