are people still doing these kinds of pictures

Rumors in the SKAM fandom

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about a rumor going around (namely, Henrik having to quit his job because people were coming up to him asking for selfies).

I do NOT think he had to quit his job because of this. I believe he is still working there. Most celebrities in Norway can go around doing whatever, without being bothered by the public. If it really was an issue, he wouldn’t be allowed to take pictures with fans, to begin with. He even has his workplace info on his Facebook profile.

Some of the international viewers of this show need to understand that Norway is not Hollywood. Also, be aware of those circulating these kinds of rumors. People seem to love having “inside information” about these sorts of things. It makes them feel ‘special’ inside the fandom.

Unless you heard it from Henrik, it’s just that - a rumor.

What kind of blogger would the Fates characters be?

Xander: Posts motivational images and Nohrian propaganda. Doesn’t like the topic of parental abuse. Gets into fierce debates with Ryoma but is still mutuals with him.

Ryoma: Also motivational images, but his blog would be Hoshido-themed. Pictures of lobsters tagged as “#me”.  Gets into fierce debates with Xander but is still mutuals with him.

Laslow: A joke blog dedicated to pickup lines, with the occasional genuine positivity. Little do people know, the pickup lines are serious.

Saizo: His blog is themed entirely about how cool ninjas are. Most likely to send anon hate.

Kaze: Traditional art and cooking tips. Posts about Luigi every now and then. Least likely to send anon hate.

Effie: Would post bodybuilding images, muscular girls, nutritional tips, and comics about friendship. Likes to talk about how nice it is to work for your best friend.

Arthur: Superhero/ comic book stuff. Most likely to try comforting mutuals and strangers alike when they receive hate. He isn’t the best at it but his heart’s in the right place.

Peri: Would post gore, then cute pastel things, then gory cute pastel things. 

Odin: Dank memes, rare pepes. Unironically uses “Welcome to my twisted mind” as a blog title. Most likely to have a Vendorverse alt.

Niles: NSFW blog and innuendo-based humor.

Subaki: Self-flattery, not too liked. However, his inspiration/self-improvement posts are enjoyed by many.

Oboro: Would run a fashion-themed blog and offer advice to anyone who submits a picture of themselves/their outfit. Can sound prejudiced at times, but has learned to slowly lose that trait and be more accepting.

i still don’t understand how they both can be so kind after specifically saying for people not to wait at airports for them. How even after a long and tiring flight still manage to put a smile on their faces and say hello and take pictures. Because even though they were probably annoyed and just done, they would do anything for us, and some people just take advantage of that. 

I absolutely agree that you probably shouldn’t leave 18+ comments on your idols’ social media accounts. However, the amount of people being so stressed about fans simply writing “chanbaek” seriously makes me laugh. Idols aren’t dumb, they are very aware of the activities their fans engage in, including shipping. They have been receiving tons of these kind of comments for years and people still make it sound like it’s a secret that cannot be exposed to them when it already is. Do you really think Baekhyun didn’t know what kind of comments he would receive before posting his greetings for Chanyeol? You think he hasn’t received comments about him and Chanyeol before? The fact that he doesn’t refrain from still posting his greetings in such a cute way shows that he is probably less bothered by it than some of you guys are. Comments do have a limit - I agree with that. But getting so damn worked up about people commenting a ship name under a picture that was obviously meant for one of the people involved in this ship is seriously unnecessary in my opinion. Rather than worrying about shippers, we should worry about those “fans” who considered dropping Baekhyun for his well-meant post just because they found it “too weird”, who told him to “delete” his post for the same reasons. If commenting 18+ stuff is rude then telling Baekhyun what to do is not better. Stop trying to control him. He is an adult who is free to post whatever he likes. Well, this was my attempt at seeing things from another perspective. Hope nobody feels attacked by this.

Proseriotprompt #6: Spread happiness

We are up to #6! I do not believe that the proseriot prompts have ever gone past 5 before (please don’t fact check me people) so to celebrate how about sharing some kindness. This prompt is going to be a little different and you will be doing more searching than actual writing with this one. Soooooo without further ado prompt #6 is the following: Write a kind and/or inspiring short prose anonymously. Then take said prose piece and leave it tucked someplace where someone is bound to find it and make their day. Maybe a coffee shop, a library, be creative people! Post a picture of the piece and where you left it and we will be sure to reblog. Let’s spread some love this week peoples of Tumblr. Let’s show society that we can still smile and have hope no matter what circumstances we face. Please tag with proseriotprompt and please participate if you can. Aaaaaannnnnddd go!

To the people spewing reposted acnl fan art and posts like there’s no tomorrow - if you want notes and popularity in this community so bad work on your town and post pictures of it, share your own shit like the rest of us it’s kind of what the game and fandom is about… when I first joined my posts got like 3 notes… some of my posts still don’t get that many but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna steal someone else’s

Reposting stuff immediately loses you my respect and will also lose you a follower, just saying

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what do you think of people drawing asians darker than they are? because I've seen some fanarts of magnus (for example) where he looks more black than asian (though I know it must be hard to find the right skin tone). I've also seen some people complaining about editors coloring poc darker than they are, but I don't see this as a problem (unlike whitewashing)? what do you think?

It depends on what you mean by “Asians” because Asians come in all kinds of shades and tones and some of us can have dark skin. It doesn’t make us a different race; we’re still Asian. If you’re doing book fanart, it doesn’t matter. Magnus is Indonesian in the books and that picture I linked are of Indonesians.

For Magnus as portrayed by Harry idk…I’ll take too dark over too pale any day, but I do think it’s important to be accurate in general because one of the big problems about people describing or drawing POC is they don’t bother to study the different appearances we can have. They just go off on assumptions and stereotypes and think that’s okay. 

For edits/gifs it’s not problematic the way whitewashing is, but it’s awkward because when you over-correct our skin tone, we turn super orange. And it just looks unnatural. While Harry/Magnus isn’t pale, he also isn’t very dark. He’s about light to mid-range.

*As an additional note, POC with a mid-range to lighter skin tone like Harry or Emeraude are also really sensitive to lighting. But you have to remember that the lighting in the show often doesn’t really wash them out until you start to edit and color the original. It’s the layers of brightness added on top that makes us look so horribly white. So while I know certain lighting can be hard to work with, you have to keep in mind that if the lighting in the original is already pretty bright do not make it even brighter and bluer and then blame the original lighting. Tone it down first and then layer your coloring on top.

Anyway, the best way to see what i mean is to look at pictures where he’s next to people of various skin tones. I’m going to put it under a read more since it’s image heavy. 

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I’ve never actually told anyone this but I’ve always been kind of hyper sexual I guess I don’t know why. When I was 10 and 11 I knew way to much. They took advantage. Older boys. First 15 then 17 then 19. Made me send pictures and do things to myself and when I was 12 I lost my virginity to him. I freaked out a lot and I still don’t like people touching me too much. It’s not like it was really abuse or anything I let them do it. I gave him everything and then on top of all of that he killed himself. It was my fault. And I carry that. I crave being abused now. I don’t know why. I don’t care how. I’ve never told anyone. Not at the hospitals or therapy, not my mom, no one. Everyone would call me disgusting, but I am. I was some kind of toy to them and I still am now. I’ll always be a pathetic toy.

Dating Rapmon/Namjoon

we planned on doing it for every member; we continue with Namjoon since an anon requested it~

- you look extremely good together

- people often mistake you for models

- adventure trips to find new location for #KimDaily pictures

- aesthetic af

- Sophisticated Mon on the outside

- Dork Mon on the inside

- pillow talk

- he’s not especially into PDA but he gives the best hugs

- he’s like a big fuzzy blanket of awkwardness

- fails hard at little gestures of affection, but it’s endearing

- “I bought you flowers, but I kind of forgot that you’re allergic to them.”

- but he still loves to spoil you with expensive presents

- you bringing up ‘Expensive Girl’ when you try to talk your way out of things

- “Why didn’t you take out the trash? I asked you this morning!”

- “Well, at least I didn’t write ‘Expensive Girl’!”

- “You swore you would never bring that up again!”

- talking to each other in English to annoy the other members

- you make a joke out of being the boys’ parents

- they end up just going with it

- the other members asking you for advice

- because you’re the mom now

- you’re Dork Mom

- you often eat out because you both can’t cook

- philosophising about what’s going on in the MVs

- “I’m telling you, Jin is the one who’s dead!”

- “Shut up! You know nothing!”


- also: play fights

- him coming home exhausted

- he throws himself on the couch next to you, buries his head in your lap

- falls asleep instantly

- working together in the same room in comfortable silence

- he wants to hear your opinion often (on music, lyrics, fashion or just thoughts he has)

- but sometimes he doesn’t talk at all

- you finding pieces of paper with lyrics dedicated to you around the house/ apartment

- Da female Monster (4Minute reference woopwoop)

- proud boyfriend who shows you off to everyone

- he let’s you wear all his sweaters

- a loyal, protective boyfriend, who will cherish you forever~

-Admin S and Moon

Day 4, Asexual Awareness Week. Intersectional experiences.

I suppose one of the sucky things about being on the ace-spectrum and a poc coming from a religious household is that people assume you feel the way you do because of some kind of repression or guilt complex. Dude no. There’s a difference between actively fighting against your sexual desires for someone and that desire for them not being there in the first place.

Also, last I checked, most religious households were never entirely against sex. Its usually encouraged after marriage so it’s not like religious people say ‘NEVER DO IT EVER.’ Religious people still think about sex with others. I just don’t because it doesn’t naturally occur to me. Not because I was taught to deny my feelings.

[Picture is of a South Asian woman in a green headscarf and gold earrings, smiling mischievously at something off-picture]

All my gear from Kitten’s Playpen!! (Besides 2 custom and 3 RTS orders that I’m still waiting for :p) Its safe to say that 50% of my paychecks go to them ;3 I can’t even express how amazing the quality of all of it is, and how happy it makes me! The people at KPP are so talented and kind, a big thank you to the people who made these, and customer service, Alina. I have no regrets with any of these purchases, and I completely recommend this shop for petplay gear! I might do a review eventually and take some pictures with some of it on :) Thank you guys 💕

They Still Need You

One of the best parts of this time of year is seeing all the First Day of School pictures posted on social media by proud parents. You know, parents who will drive their kids to school on the first day and drop them off with healthy lunches and forehead kisses.

Because the people in my feeds, they love their kids. They would do anything for them. They read articles on parenting. They agonize over every decision. They help with homework. They provide nurturing experiences. They listen.

Don’t get me started on how much I wish that kind of love on every child. I might cry.

But, in the early grades, there sure are a larger percentage of parents who behave like this. Back to School night is ATTENDED. Apparently, teachers send home lists of supplies, and, like, parents actually buy the stuff on the list? And, at Christmas, teachers receive gifts of appreciation. Parents go through backpacks. They are on it.   

And, of course, so many wonderful parents, my beloved friends included, will maintain this level of attention straight through to graduation. And of course, so many underprivileged children, for a variety of reasons, will sadly never know this kind of attention and support.

But for thousands and thousands of kids, their education starts with this level of parental involvement and over the years, it atrophies. Attitude, independence, convenience take over and somewhere along the line, parents stop being present in their children’s education.

By high school, I am fighting a daily battle just to make sure my students’ parents know my name. Know what their kids are watching and reading and discussing. Because they are just not around anymore.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard a parent say to me, “I just don’t know what to do with him (or her) anymore.” As though giving up is an acceptable response to a child who acts out, who doesn’t attend school, who does not do homework.

I cannot tell you how many students I have known who live with a relative or a friend’s parent or a boyfriend or girlfriend’s family because their parents just moved without them, or gave up on them, or couldn’t find the money, love, or space for them anymore.

I cannot tell you how many times I have sat ALONE in my room on Back to School night. Because, for long chunks of time, there just isn’t anyone there who wants to talk to me about their children’s progress and curriculum.

My school provides a free online gradebook and communication tool, which can be downloaded onto a phone as a free app, or checked online. And fewer than 10% of our parents have signed up. This does not reflect the percentage who are technologically able to do so. I promise.

There are kids who stay in my room until I kick them out every single evening because no one cares where they are or when they get home.

There are kids whose parents have told me they just cannot get them to school on time, most recently because, “I am just a late person.”

I am not talking about the kids with bruises. I am not talking about the kids whose personal narratives get read aloud to CPS.

I am talking about “average” kids: good, sweet, funny kids whose parents just aren’t involved in their school lives anymore.

And it kills me.

Every single kid deserves their parents’ attention, long past puberty. Long past when they’re still “cute.” Yet, many, many parents are clocking out early on the most important job they will ever have.

Right when their kids need their guidance, their understanding, their LOVE, the most.

Me: *sees a picture of dark!Ezra*

Me: *thinks of Escape from the Dark*

My brain: You know it’s not actually for that right? People just like making dark!Ezra things sometimes and-

Me: I know! But…but…it makes me think of it and that makes me happy

My brain: *sighs* alright then…

Me: Yay!

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TWITTER NAME : @ pitchsbitch


WHAT DO THEY POST ABOUT?: personal, rambling thoughts

FACEBOOK NAME : doesn’t use it



INSTAGRAM NAME: Natt doesn’t understand the point of instagram



SNAPCHAT : gets this confused with instagram

TYPE OF PICTURES THEY UPLOAD ON MY STORY : is this still snapchat or



TYPE OF PHONE THEY OWN : he keeps misplacing them, gets whatever’s on sale

5 LATEST PEOPLE THEY CALLED : Jack, Raz, Jack, Willow, Jack

WHO WERE THEIR LAST 5 MISSED CALLS FROM : Willow, Willow, Pitch, Dipper, Raz


LATEST PICTURE THEY TEXTED : something scenic 


TYPE OF PICTURES ON THEIR PHONES : mostly scenic, some selfies, a couple of friends both staged and candid, stuff like his shoes

TYPE OF VIDEOS ON THEIR PHONE : forgets his phone can even do that

ANYTHING ON THEIR PHONE THEY DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO SEE : clearly supernatural shit, seen by humans

5 MOST USED APPS: neko atsume, spider solitaire, pokemon go, internet, pandora



LATEST VOICE MESSAGE AND WHO IT’S FROM: Raz: “Why would you even think to ask me about something like that? Should I worry??”

WEBSITES THEY VISIT MOST OFTEN: tumblr, whatever will stream the movie he wants

BACKGROUND PICTURE ON THEIR PHONE: some hipster bullshit of blurry lights probably

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The first time I saw pictures of the Gorillaz members I thought that they looked inhuman in away (I still kind of do). Before I knew anything about them I assumed they were called the Gorillaz because they looked like a bunch of strange, ape like people.

hey, so...

i really have been trying to post original content bc my notes are on point recently but my phone camera is GARBAGE lmao

i used to take pictures with my old phone but it mysteriously disappeared from my rooM????

and my phone is so weird that whatever i do to edit it, whatever app or software, the edits will not save. like what kind of garbage

so i wont be able to post photos regularly (as “regularly” as i used to) for a bit. 

so, instead, i’ll just do what i do best: writing. all those little rambles and “oh look jul has speak lmfao”s? i should be doing that more often. like my followers are kind of the best people who have ever lived? no offense martin luther king but u dont compete? so i wanna communicate with you lovelies and talk to you and all that <3333333333333 

thanks for everything, beauties, and have the nicest of days!

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You have to think of the bigger picture tho, do you want to support that kind of shit? And when you do it makes people like that feel like it's okay (in reference to Manchester)

It’s not because I’m doing Manchester By The Sea stills that people will instantly support Casey and think that what he did is ok. People are capable to think for themselves. Don’t you think you’re exaggerating a bit? If you knew the story behind every movie, behind every production, every actor you might as well burn them all, because they all have their own shit.

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what about + gladiolus

( what about // open )

Right, Gladio. For the longest time, his flirting actually got on my nerves. It worked out in the end, obviously. I don’t… I don’t… ❞ he stopped himself, breathing in and exhaling with a nervous laugh.  ❝ I don’t love people often. I’m still kind of reluctant to put it like that, but I do. I… love him. He worries me a lot, though, getting so up in arms about me. I can handle myself. I’ve been handling myself for a long time, but in a weird way, it’s endearing. He’s endearing, mainly. ❞ Shiro groaned and rolled his eyes, presumably at himself.  ❝ Right, well, this is embarrassing–saying all of this–but you get the picture, don’t you? No one’s ever made me feel that way Gladio does and I’m leaving it at that. ❞

@dcp1006: Happy birthday @jadeameliabadwi - it’s taken me a while to decide which picture to post, most that I have you certainly wouldn’t approve of as they involve little or no make up, a Disney onesie of some kind and usually a less than pretty expression! But that is what I love about you, you do what you want and don’t care what people think whilst still making sure that everyone you care about is happy and feels loved. Today is your turn to be looked after by ‘wor Norma’ (did I say it right?!) and have the best birthday with your friends and family. Thanks for being a great friend and now an even better house mate - listening to my day to day moaning and our late night catch ups over pizza and a goodie bag 🎁 I owe u a million cups of tea and biscuits 😂 love you my petal, my ultimate TWTH 💘💘💘