are people still doing these kinds of pictures

Glow Up tips

this summer is a great opportunity to glow up on the asses of those who have slept on you. Hope everyone has an amazing come back and that you all get that “ they got hot this summer”

1. drink plenty of water: i know that this is any every “tips post” but it’ll help you maintain a beautiful complexion, fresh breath, help with weight loss, and so so so much more 

2. coconut oil: this is the shit! use it for your hair, your face, your legs ….everything. 

3.exercise: do your squats, eat healthy food. best form of revenge is a super hot body.

4. post so many selfies on social media …. make sure the photos are super dope and look very luxurious and mysterious and fancy and work on getting more followers. i suggest you look through Russian Instagram to find poses and study selfie angles.

5. have a stunning wardrobe: you don’t need lots of money to dress like you’re rich. it’s all about how you combine your clothes together. chose neat, fshionable clothes. velvet is really in this year and so are lace up dresses and t-shirts. Asos has a very wide range of trendy clothes and it’s not too expensive. You also get 10% off if you’re a student. /p> and watch lots of movies: get educated and informed over the summer. feed your soul with sophistication. read philosophical books or whatever kind you like . watch old movies. 

7. step OUT of your comfort zone: don’t go to bed unless you’ve done something each day that you have never done before. it’ll be a great t boost for your self confidence. i promise!

8.go out, have fun, takes lots of pictures and post them. it doesn’t have to cost much, a simple trip to the beach will do .. just flash that hot hot summer body.

9. be humble, but still, let those bitches know. 

10. meet new people and post selfies with them.

11. get a haircut or change your haircut or whatever as long as you change something, have a makeover.

12. do weekly DIY spa days: you can make your own pedi, amni, body scrub, facial masks with ingredients from your kitchen. 

13.take good good care of yourself and make sure you’re stress free and happy.

14.stay away from people who make you feel like shit.

15. avoid seeing your fake friends and stick to the passive agressive braging snapchat/IG routine.

16.gloooooow from the inside out. 

 17. if you have super dry hair and split ends like me, for the love of whatever you believe in just ditch the hair Iron and hair curler and blow dryer…these are the enemy..I know it’s super hard to do especially if you always style your hair with heat but try to find an alternative and only use heat once a week if you must.

 18. You should probably consult with your doctor(don’t do this if you’re pregnant/breastfeeding/allergic) …I take biotin once a day and honestly my fingernails grow like crazy and they are super strong and long so I don’t put on acrylics…it’s also good for your hair and metabolism.

 19. dry hair ? almond oil and jojoba oil itchy scalp/dandruff ? add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo dull hair ? Mayo . and anything can be solved with coco oil.

 20. tea tree oil is a must for clearing ur acne.

 21. soak your feet in baking soda and water and then use a pumic stone to remove dead skin cells. 

 22. for a deep cleansing mask I mix 1 tablespoon of clay with a few drops of tea tree oil and a tablespoon of cold water. If you have dry skin don’t use tea tree oil and add jojoba oil instead of water.

 23.moisturize your face twice a day after cleaning with grapeseed oil.

 24. for #teamnosleep.. if you have dark circles apply a mask from coffee grinds and almond oil twice a day then rinse witb cold water and moisturize with a good (preferably natural) eye cream.

 25. strech marks ? I’ve got the holy grail. if you have a coffee machine you can reuse the capsules/grinded coffee by emptying it to a container, adding brown sugar and a bit of sesame oil/coconut oil and mix …voila …you have your DIY coffee scrub. leave on for 10 minutes in the shower and use everyday and you will notice your skin begining to repair itself.

26. Your fake friends are treating you like crap and are forgetting your worth?

you are a goddess, you do not deserve to be slept on or even minorly disrespected. Don’t you ever forget that. You should not feel like shit when you are champagne in a crystal glass and they are lukewarm piss in a plastic cup.

do not send them messages wondering why they have changed or start a fight or even send them an angry text, they’ll think they have a worth and actually mean something to you. instead, you ignore them so hard they will even begin doubting their own existence and yet keep posting pics of yourself having fun ( or pretending to have fun) abd be all bougie and uninterested.

 send me your glow up pics dolls and send me more tips🖤🖤

  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>What she means:</b> I'm so confused why Brendon and Ryan couldn't just literally come out and say Ryden was real. I mean, now, Ryan really misses Brendon and acts like he's his ex that he still loves, and Brendon's dodging his name like old timers in fandom drama. I also don't understand how Brendon could pretend he wasn't writing a hundred songs about Ryan and not make it obvious. Come on, I mean, "How I missed yesterday, how I let it fade away", "Being blue is better than being over it", "There's no sunshine, there's no you and me". Brendon and Ryan were so perfect for each other. And how come he only recently came out as sexually fluid? What happened in capetown so many years ago? Why does Brendon pretend like nothing ever happened, when he has totally kissed him, worn his shirts, his ties, his guitar strap the post-split performance, held up a sign that says "Ryden Exists" in big capital letters. There are pictures proving it! Also why Ryan flew to New York to Seattle just to see him so they could celebrate Ryan's birthday, without telling his girlfriend or anyone else. Ryan said "He's my boy. Always will be." In a tweet and never let him completely go. Does Brendon still love Ryan? Will they ever confront each other again? What did Ryan do? Why did they try to cover up the fact that She Had The World, When The Day Met The Night, and Northern Downpour were about their love? Were they scared what their fans would do? Why is Brendon so avoiding of Ryan's name? What could he have possibly done for it to be so terrible even talk about him for that long? Why can't we know what happened in capetown? Ryan told Brendon so much and almost loved him, while Brendon was obviously head over heels for him? Why are we left in the dark, aimlessly wandering, searching for an answer in this dark continuum that we may never find? Did something that wasn't consented both ways happen romantically? I know Ryden was real. I just know it. There's too much proof to not realize it. If you showed someone who had no idea what Ryden was or who they were a picture of them, they would immediately assume they were dating. Also, their Twitters. Ryan and Brendon were very close on Twitter, and they couldn't have done a better job of acting as gay as possible. Brallon, also. Do people think that this is some kind of replacement? I feel like Brendon just wanted to be all cute with Dallon to try and replace what he had with Ryan. This may or may not be true, but it's what I think. I can tell Brendon still misses Ryan and loves him deep down in his heart, and Ryan has the exact same feelings. I feel that I will always wonder as I lay in my bed late at night... "What happened in capetown... And why?"<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

Hey Haven, I understand you may not want to give “you know who” much thought, but I’d love to hear your opinion on Getaway Car, you’re so eloquent and I can’t process the depth of meanness of that song directed at a very decent, lovely person.

Hey there,

This is one of those messages that I argue with myself over answering for the reason you mention at the beginning, because it has certain effects that I am not in the mood for, such as seeing any nonsense responses in my activity feed.

I am answering it not because of her, but because of him.  

We must begin by assuming two things: 1)the song is indeed about him and 2)it is a factual representation of their time together.

Guided by those two assumptions, I will say that it leaves me in a cocktail of permanently cemented disgust and scratching-my-head bewilderment.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this, so I am just going to mention some highlights that are kind of scattered.

  • She is flat out saying it was a rebound relationship for her, that she didn’t “mean it” and that she lied to him.
  • She is essentially branding him as a fool for not knowing that.
  • She positions herself as being the one in power and ending the relationship, which is extremely important as it relates to the Main Issue below.
  • Does she ever say anything about an ex that isn’t sour grapes?

Let’s think about the things she doesn’t say, shall we?

  • She doesn’t say she genuinely cared about him.  At all. On any level, for any amount of time.
  • She doesn’t say anything that talks about who he is (kind, affectionate, etc.).
  • She doesn’t refute that he was honestly invested in the relationship.

Let’s be real here - she doesn’t have anything positive to say about Tom Hiddleston?  Really?  Tom Hiddleston, who brings hot soup to cold reporters on the red carpet?  Tom Hiddleston, who is universally hailed by his colleagues as being the nicest guy?  Tom Hiddleston, who always seems to be patient and kind and respectful?  Tom Hiddleston, who has never said anything remotely negative about her?  Tom Hiddleston, who gets mad at himself if he isn’t authentic in interviews?  Tom Hiddleston, Captain Pureheart? Seriously?  That Tom Hiddleston?  Talk about hard to process.  

As if those things aren’t enough on their own, the Main Issue for me is that she does not say that he was duplicitous and only using her for selfish reasons (I’m not interpreting the “turned you in” line as indicative of that).  Which is totally against the public narrative that she allowed and has not once contradicted that he was just a fame whore.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Because the idea of “Oh, poor me, this big nasty guy was using me to get famous!” is entirely different from “You were a rebound, I didn’t mean it, I left you, how could you think it was anything real!”

Entirely different.

In the beginning, she was the victim.


She’s trying to pass herself off as the victor, but it’s in a weird way that smacks of victim blaming.

There is something sick and unhealthy about the bigger picture of this whole thing that is very unsettling, not the least of which is that people who support her will still do so without recognizing that a mature person does not publicly flaunt having lied to someone and used them.  

And she is talking about a man who said “Of course it was real.” and “Taylor is an amazing woman. She’s generous and kind and lovely, and we had the best time.”

Now let that sink in.

So, little gray face, I guess maybe don’t worry about processing it.  He was a decent, lovely person in the beginning.  He is a decent, lovely person currently.  He hasn’t let this one short period of his life change that.  He doesn’t need a getaway car. 

scottysmurf  asked:

I always find it kinda weird when I'm scrolling down tumblr and one of the (many) Trek pages I follow posts a picture, like an old publicity photo of you and Gates McFadden, and then right after it is one of your posts about retro scifi book covers and retro-future furniture designs. Do you ever see Trek stuff from the people you follow and it kind of weirds you out?

When I see Trek stuff, I usually love it. I love Star Trek, and I love that it’s part of my life. I love that I got to be part of something that people still love, almost 30 years after we started making it. I love that I got to be part of something that inspires people to do great things, that helped create and maintain bonds between parents and children, and is, on balance, a force for good in this terrible world.

So I know we all love those “Humans are weird” posts

What if we were terrifying instead?

has anyone ever given thought to the kinds of things we could do as a hive mind? 

I remember that post with it describing us as space orcs, but picture an entire race who’s abilities revolve around pursuit predation and can survive the kinds of things that we can. Single minded determination could give us the ability to do anything.

The human race would be an unstoppable plague that would either assimilate or destroy everything we come across. 

“Who are you!? What do you want?”

“We are Humanity. We need more space.”

There’s also the possibility of individuality within the hive mind.  Every human knows everything that any human has ever known, but people are still individuals.

“You know, we could help?”

“Help what?”

“Break you away from the overmind and help you be a real person.”

“NO! It would be terribly lonely.”

“You would still have us!”

“We are Humanity. We are never alone, as we are.”

Things I adore about Monsta X
  • Their genuine friendship and the way they care about each other is so beautiful x x x x x x x x
  • You ask them to take a group picture and they do this x x x
  • Every single one of them are gorgeous, every single one x x x x x
  • I don’t know why Starship keeps allowing them to do self mvs at this point x x x
  • They are literally such dorks it’s hard not to love them x x x x x x x
  • They’re all 100% done with each other x x
  • They will find a way to take everything too far x 
  • Their performances on The Remix were so good x x x
  • LISTEN their cover of Mirotic needs a whole appreciation post of its own they slayed me x
  • So they once played arcade basketball. Shownu got angry. Wonho yelled at himself. Jooheon swore. All this for arcade basketball x
  • Hyungwon didn’t understand a game and they got so frustrated, Minhyuk was on the verge of popping a vein x
  • Apparently to Monsta X, switching their parts in songs means going crazy and Changkyun almost bursting a lung x
  • They make the best facial expressions on rides I swear x x
  • So humble and just great people I mean they do so much for the fans and their relationship with Monbebe is amazing
  • They all take so much bs from each other, regardless of age or whatever and yet they still have a level of respect for each other.
  • Every single time they end a video, either they’re pushing each other or saying random shit I don’t understand x x
  • Safari in Monbebe World. No other explanation needed really. x
  • Once decided that piling on top of a sick and frail Hyungwon was a brilliant idea x
  • They won’t stop climbing Kihyun like he’s a tree :( x
  • The concept they have for The Clan trilogy is incredible they just keep bettering themselves
  • Monsta X when they were babies PLEASE x
  • They’re all talented and contribute so much to the group
  • Claimed to be bad at sports but ended up breaking the ISAC archery record
  • They’ll get impressed if you kill a moth I mean x
  • They get so proud of each other’s accomplishments, months after they still listen to Kihyun’s OST, Hyungwon encouraging Wonho to talk about his song, watching Shownu on Hit The Stage etc x x
  • Such weirdos honestly x x
  • They keep toys and gift given to them by fans in their rooms x
  • They have inside jokes that they still remember and laugh about together x
  • They drew pictures and hand wrote letters for Monbebe to congratulate us on our first year
  • Hoo! Monsta X!
  • They are such hardworking, talented, kind, funny and amazing people. They really work so hard and manage to stay humble and positive; not to be as cheesy as Wonho but honestly stanning them is a great decision, the amount of pure happiness they bring is insane.

Kind of a messy picture, but what the hell, it represents my life right now.
I miss posting! but my schedule is so messed up during the summer, I need to get back on track. :)

- - - Important 
(If anyone’s taking Edexcel A level exams in Jan or June 2018, please please please dm me! I’d like to start a study group for people on study leave, are doing it by themselves or just doing tutoring. if you’re in school still that’s okay too!)

BTS Reaction- You suffering from sleep paralysis


What is sleep paralysis? 
Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or upon waking. (It’s a very terrifying sleep disorder for the sufferer and also others who witness it, like loved ones, roommates, siblings, etc.) 

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Telling Them Off

Requested: Hi!!! Maybe an imagine where like y/n is getting a lot of hate from Shawns fans and like one time a fan starts insulting her in front of Shawn and he becomes all protective. P.S. Love your blog! It’s really one of the best ones!!! 💖💖💖


Your name: submit What is this?


You’ve just arrived at the Toronto airport with Shawn to fly to Japan. You happened to have a break from school at the same time he was scheduled to go to Japan, so he asked you to go with him. Since you barely get to see him while you have school because you’re so busy, you didn’t want to miss out on the chance to spend time with him when you were finally on break. In the year that you’ve been dating Shawn, you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed whenever you’re flying with him. You already don’t like airplanes because they freak you out, but it doesn’t help that there are almost always tons of fans waiting at the airport trying to get pictures with Shawn.

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Treat HIM with Kindness

The inspiration for this imagine is a picture that I’ve seen recently on Instagram but also the newest interview with Cate Blanchett and Ellen Degeneres. Even though I know what they’ve said  is supposed to be a “joke”, it still bothered me! When will people stop objectifiying and sexualizing Harry?! It makes me sad because Harry does not deserve this, absolutely not! And I want to underline that everything that is being said in the story, does not go for every fan. I know there are girls who do think the same as I do! Enjoy! And leave your comment below! Btw, I’m sorry for the very bad ending but I hope you don’t mind! 

(Pictures are not mine!!!!)

“Harry Edward Styles!” I screamed through the entire house and immediately made my way to Harry’s study where he was currently working on some new stuff. As I stormed into his room, I almost knocked him off with the door because he was already in a hurry to get out of the room but he luckily dodged away in time. He wore a confused expression on his face while he examined my body from top to bottom.

“What’s the matter, love? Are you okay?” He asked worriedly.

Instead of giving him an answer, I shoved my smart phone right into his face.

“What’s this, Harry?” I screeched in anger, making him more perplexed about the situation. He examined the screen of my smart phone intently before he gave an answer to my question.

“A picture?”

“What’s on the picture, Harry?” He looked at the photo again.

“Is that my thigh on that picture?”

“Damn yeah, and what the hell is on your thigh?”

“A hand?”

“A fucking hand, yes Harry! What in god’s name is a fucking hand doing on your fucking thigh?!”

Just a few minutes ago when I was peacefully scrolling through Instagram,  I stumbled across this post by coincidence that a Harry fan page had uploaded. It made me beyond mad, no furious even as I saw the content of this picture. It showed Harry on one of his last concerts in the US, bending down to his audience. He was extremely close to the girls standing on the front row and of course one girl took the advantage of the possibility and laid her hand on Harry’s thigh. The worst thing was the area that girl was touching him; she had her hand placed very close to his intimate part and seeing this made me completely cringe the second I saw it. Who the fuck was she and allowed herself to touch Harry in that inappropriate way? Especially if she knew that he was already taken?

“Love, would you calm down?” He laid his both hands on my shoulders to help me get some steam of. However it made me more furious.

“Don’t expect me to calm down, Harry! This is a no go! What the hell?!”

“(Y/N), yes it happened, now what?” He asked, raising his voice slightly, acting like it wasn’t a serious matter.

I shook my head in disbelief and ran my hand through my hair in frustration. How couldn’t he get the message that I tried to transmit?

“You don’t get it do you?”

“What? I didn’t even notice that the girl did what she did!”

“That’s the thing Harry! You almost never notice! And even when you do, you just stay silent and don’t say anything about it! This girl crossed a line where it was too much! Her hand was placed far over your comfort zone and you want me to believe that you didn’t notice? She almost grabbed your dick, Harry! Haven’t you felt anything at all? If you allow them to treat you that way, things will never change and they won’t stop!”

Tears of rage started to develop in my eyes. How many times had I to witness the way Harry was being treated today?

Harry is a good-looking, handsome and very talented young man, I don’t deny it but the way he is being objectified is the way that bothers the shit out of me. It is simply disgusting. No matter how much you adore a person or a celebrity, it never gives you the right to invade their privacy. If this were a man doing this to a woman, it would be called sexual harassment but the same goes for man as well. Nobody is allowed to put their hands onto somebody without their permission. And I doubt that in that moment Harry gave his permission for that girl to touch him that way. All I want is stopping to sexualize Harry! He’s a normal guy just like every other human being on this planet. This goes for any other celebrity as well. Just because he’s the Harry Styles, doesn’t mean he has no private life.

“I hate this.” I sniffled, “I really cannot stand it. People make sexual jokes about you and laugh about it like it means nothing, they are calling you a sex symbol, ruining your image. Fuck!”

He wrapped his arms around me, pressing me against his chest as he soothed me.

“I try to pay more attention, love. I promise. Please, don’t cry.”

“But that’s not enough, Harry.”

“What do you want me to do then?”

“I don’t know, just make them understand this behavior is not okay! And you have a girlfriend, damn it. Even though they know it, they are not afraid. So impolite!”

He gave me gentle kiss on my forehead. “I will see what I can do, love, okay? Don’t be mad anymore.  I’ll promise I’ll be more cautious the next time.”

“I love you, Harry and I adore you but you are too kind to people sometimes and they’re using this for their own advantages. Show them your limits. That’s all I want.”

He is really too kind for this world. I wish Harry would be treated the way he deserves to be treated. Not only by the fans but also the media. Even though Harry does never show his annoyance on some interviews when a not so nice question is asked, especially from his past, you still can notice how much it bothers him. Harry is an angel, why not treat him that way? Is that so difficult?

Harry always respects everybody, says everyone is equal and deserves all the kind of love they can get, he supports communities like the LGBT community and so many other organizations. He has a big heart and this fragile heart needs to be kept safe so it cannot be damaged.

Harry hugged me tightly, promising he would do something against the huge problem. He took my phone out of my hand.

“Come one love, no more tears. Let’s sit down on the couch and watch some movies. What do you think, hmm?”

“Under one condition,” I agreed, “I’m gonna choose the move.”

Harry chuckled. ”That’s fine.”  

We walked down the stairs and while I choose the movie that we were about to watch, Harry prepared some popcorn in the kitchen.

I know this problem will never be out of the world. There will always be people who will treat others that way but as long as we stand together and speak out for things like sexual harassment, this is a big step into a good future.

“Treat people with kindness” –Harry Edward Styles


Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas was first released on October 29, 1993.

In 2001, Walt Disney Pictures began to consider producing a sequel, but rather than using stop motion, Disney wanted to use computer animation. Tim Burton convinced Disney to drop the idea. “I was always very protective of [Nightmare] not to do sequels or things of that kind,” Burton explained. “You know, ‘Jack visits Thanksgiving world’ or other kinds of things just because I felt the movie had a purity to it and the people that like it,” Burton said. (x)

What kind of blogger would the Fates characters be?

Xander: Posts motivational images and Nohrian propaganda. Doesn’t like the topic of parental abuse. Gets into fierce debates with Ryoma but is still mutuals with him.

Ryoma: Also motivational images, but his blog would be Hoshido-themed. Pictures of lobsters tagged as “#me”.  Gets into fierce debates with Xander but is still mutuals with him.

Laslow: A joke blog dedicated to pickup lines, with the occasional genuine positivity. Little do people know, the pickup lines are serious.

Saizo: His blog is themed entirely about how cool ninjas are. Most likely to send anon hate.

Kaze: Traditional art and cooking tips. Posts about Luigi every now and then. Least likely to send anon hate.

Effie: Would post bodybuilding images, muscular girls, nutritional tips, and comics about friendship. Likes to talk about how nice it is to work for your best friend.

Arthur: Superhero/ comic book stuff. Most likely to try comforting mutuals and strangers alike when they receive hate. He isn’t the best at it but his heart’s in the right place.

Peri: Would post gore, then cute pastel things, then gory cute pastel things. 

Odin: Dank memes, rare pepes. Unironically uses “Welcome to my twisted mind” as a blog title. Most likely to have a Vendorverse alt.

Niles: NSFW blog and innuendo-based humor.

Subaki: Self-flattery, not too liked. However, his inspiration/self-improvement posts are enjoyed by many.

Oboro: Would run a fashion-themed blog and offer advice to anyone who submits a picture of themselves/their outfit. Can sound prejudiced at times, but has learned to slowly lose that trait and be more accepting.


Happy Birthday Gregory Peck!!!  |  April 5th 1916–June 12th, 2003 

I don’t think that I had an unbroken record of artistic triumph. But there were enough good pictures. And I think the thing that is gratifying is when they still have some kind of a life, 25 years or more after you made them. And I have a few like that. When they’re seen people still enjoy them, and get something from them. Entertainment, information, a little bit of illumination of human condition. They still find something in value. In a way, it’s an actor’s vanity to imagine that he’ll be remembered or his work will be appreciated in years to come. But in another way, it’s not a bad ambition, to try do to some work that will stand the test of time. 

anonymous asked:

What do I do if someone tries to steal my art?

Do you mean, what do you do if someone tries to take credit for your art, like if they post it on their page and claims they drew it?  Or do you mean, what do you do if someone reposts/uploads it elsewhere?

If they claimed they drew your picture, report them immediately.  They know what they did and they did it anyway.  (Same goes for tracing, IMO.  Traced art should NOT be posted online; that’s plagiarism)  

For reposting (aka. someone else uploading your art onto a different website such as Instagram) you should first decide what your reposting policy will be.  

  • Some artists allow people to post their art on different websites if they ask for permission.  
  • Some artists don’t require people to ask for permission but ask that they credit/link back to their website.  
  • Some artists only allow reposting on certain websites, but not others such as Youtube, which can be used to make money off of others’ artwork.
  • Some artists want their work to stay on their own website only, and don’t want other people to post elsewhere. (aka no reposting, period)  

One thing you will want to do is make sure you write down your reposting policy on your blog, somewhere easy to find, like the front page, or on your About Me/Info, etc.  

Another thing is SIGN YOUR ARTWORK, it is soooo important!  People aren’t always going to follow the rules.  They might have a repost of a repost of a repost they saw on Google somewhere and they won’t know where it originally came from because most people don’t bother to check. 

Large signatures/watermarks can be kind of an eyesore (plus you’ll feel kind of bad you have to “ruin” your artwork), but you have to make sure it’ll still be visible enough even after the quality of the picture is turned to crap because it’s been screenshotted like 20 bajillion times on instagram.  

Also, “unsightly” signatures/watermarks can help protect your picture from people using them in more nefarious ways, such as trying to sell t-shirts with YOUR design, or tote bags, mouse pads, etc.  Yes, they can still try to Photoshop them out, but if you put them somewhere difficult to remove then they probably won’t do a good job and it’ll look ugly.  So it’s worth a shot!

(I actually really love seeing watermarks/signatures because then I know where to go visit the artist and give them love directly)  

Anyway, I hope this helps!

Dating Rapmon/Namjoon

we planned on doing it for every member; we continue with Namjoon since an anon requested it~

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

- you look extremely good together

- people often mistake you for models

- adventure trips to find new location for #KimDaily pictures

- aesthetic af

- Sophisticated Mon on the outside

- Dork Mon on the inside

- pillow talk

- he’s not especially into PDA but he gives the best hugs

- he’s like a big fuzzy blanket of awkwardness

- fails hard at little gestures of affection, but it’s endearing

- “I bought you flowers, but I kind of forgot that you’re allergic to them.”

- but he still loves to spoil you with expensive presents

- you bringing up ‘Expensive Girl’ when you try to talk your way out of things

- “Why didn’t you take out the trash? I asked you this morning!”

- “Well, at least I didn’t write ‘Expensive Girl’!”

- “You swore you would never bring that up again!”

- talking to each other in English to annoy the other members

- you make a joke out of being the boys’ parents

- they end up just going with it

- the other members asking you for advice

- because you’re the mom now

- you’re Dork Mom

- you often eat out because you both can’t cook

- philosophising about what’s going on in the MVs

- “I’m telling you, Jin is the one who’s dead!”

- “Shut up! You know nothing!”


- also: play fights

- him coming home exhausted

- he throws himself on the couch next to you, buries his head in your lap

- falls asleep instantly

- working together in the same room in comfortable silence

- he wants to hear your opinion often (on music, lyrics, fashion or just thoughts he has)

- but sometimes he doesn’t talk at all

- you finding pieces of paper with lyrics dedicated to you around the house/ apartment

- Da female Monster (4Minute reference woopwoop)

- proud boyfriend who shows you off to everyone

- he let’s you wear all his sweaters

- a loyal, protective boyfriend, who will cherish you forever~

-Admin S and Moon

In a Town Called Darling

Sad that The Walking Dead is ending for the season next week? Not looking forward to a summer with no Negan, no Daryl, and no Simon? Still missing Merle? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Introducing Darling

Darling was the kind of town that could win competitions for its beauty. Neat rows of shops all freshly painted, lawns trimmed, flower boxes overflowing. Kids went to school, people worked hard, and the local sheriff had been doing the job for over ten years without complaints. But despite its picture-perfect beauty, Darling didn’t get out of town visitors. There were no happy families staying at the motel to take a stroll around the pristine streets because at the edge of this town with its whitewashed churches and a rail line that divided the very rich from the ordinary was a building, all grey concrete with a metal gate and a sign that said, ‘No Trespassing’.

The men that met in the cover of these walls called themselves the Saviors, but they weren’t men of God. They were men of metal, the tarmac of the road, and the freedom of the ride. Saviors MC, Georgia. Ride, Fight, Survive.

Introducing a new multichaptered fic brought to you by @superprincesspea, @ladylorelitany, @lucifers-trash-stash & @vizhi0n

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anonymous asked:

What are some other things you dont like about how people draw Hamilton? Also, if you have any other pet peeves about characters, what are they?


First i wanna show you a little thing i made, listing what a lot of people draw Lin like and how, from pictures ive seen, he really looks like. 

 So yeah-  im not a master at drawing lin but like… some people draw him and he looks kind of like ….. a jefferson hamilton offspring child with like,,,, hair that isnt quite like jeffersons but is still curly with jeffersons nose buts its still ham? And also BIG LIPs. I just… i dont like the big lips on him bc its just…. not…. right…. 

Then theres Jefferson/Daveeds hair….


Heres an example: 

Im not a master at drawing hair like this, not what so ever, but i do know that his hair is. Not. wavy.

ive seen so many drawings in the jamilton tag like this and i bet theres more in the others. 


okay so this is some kind of big collab? hoping it’ll get big
it’s open to everyone: all you have to do is to put a tiny character somewhere, in his tail, hair or wherever you prefer, make it tiny so more people can fit in
before drawing your part look at the last reblog to see the last update, draw on the latest update, not the original picture (unless nobody still didn’t do a part) 
black lineart and no colors! 

My 2017 trip to South Korea

Hello! I went to South Korea from Dec 29-Jan 6 about a week or so! I was so nervous to go even though I’ve seen positive experiences with Black women going, I was still nervous about visiting.

But I won’t talk much but just say my experience was beyond my expectations! I met too many cool people who were genuinely curious about Black people, like how do you do your hair like that? (I had curly/ long natural hair style). How do you stay so fit? How did you learn Korean? How do you say this or that in English? Your lips are so pretty, women would stare at my lips and say how they wish they had lips like mine. People would at times ask to take pictures with us, I was with 2 White girls and 1 Black girl and they were asking my White friends to take the pictures for them, We’re still laughing about that. But it didn’t bother her, she thought it was so nice that they were all over us and giving us a lot of love out of kindness. I had some even tell me they wish they had gorgeous glowing skin like mine instead of being pale, I was so shocked because most of the Korean beauty standards is to have pale skin.

Now I know you all probably wondering about the men right? I was curious about the clubbing scene so we did visit some clubs! Girl when I tell you when we walked up in there me and my other BFF whose Black (the other girls didn’t want to go). It was like in slow motion! Like the movies, a lottttt of staring at us mostly from the men, some of them are so bold! And the other half just stare wanting to come up and talk to us, but they be thirsty too! Some just want to like kiss and dance and some really want you to be his wife, for real! I’ve gotten numbers and I was curious to ask if they wish they had more Black people in Korea and their eyes would get so wide and they would say yes yes yes! Or ask me to move here please so we can hang out aww.

It was a quick trip but I’m hoping we can go back again this year. That’s how much fun we had! If anyone here is planning on going, do it! You’d enjoy it. It’s even prettier in the Spring/Summer time though especially with the food vendors. That’s what I want to do next time.

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Well, here's my question: Why do you ship ereri? Not trying to sound rude or anything, but as someone who dislikes the ship, I want to try to see it in a shipper's point of view and why they ship this particular ship to gain a better understanding and hopefully changing my aspect a bit (for example even if I still dislike ereri I'll understand why people ship it). Again, I hope you do not perceive this in a rude way :)

Why do I ship it? Because I mean, I like it. Do I honestly need a legit reason to want to ship something? 

It’s because I like the idea of the two interacting with each other in a more romantic way, I like the idea of seeing the two have some kind of chemistry. It makes things more interesting and I mean, it’s cute. With a significant other in the picture, we’d be able to see Levi smile again, we would see a side to him that literally never comes out, and I love the idea of that a lot. 

I mean, seeing this

In an episode really appeals to me and even if it’s far fetched, I still really like it. And I mean, with a love interest knitted into the story, it makes things a lot more interesting than they already are. And I just so happen to be drawn into the one between Levi and Eren.