are people seriously judging her

Confessions (Bucky x Reader)

Word Count: 1,500

A/N: kk guys so i have like no ideas at all like whatsoever so ur going to just have to deal w the bs i post until one of ya’ll sends me a request 

                When you finally got together with Bucky, as an official couple, you expected him to tell at least Steve. It had been a couple months now, and when you two were by yourselves, it was amazing. He would treat you like a princess, he never stopped smiling, he would always be touching you, someway, somehow. His hand was glued to either your waist, the small of your back, the back of your neck, or your shoulders. He just loved having the human contact.  

               But when you two were with the team, he barely looked at you. You were lucky if you got a single smile in a whole session. You had tried to sit next to him, but he refused to put his arm close to you or around you, and it was starting to make you angry. You knew that he could do better, but you hadn’t known how ashamed he really was of you. He wouldn’t even let his friends know about you.

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I always tell people, I don’t have to wake up and go work in a normal office. I’m able to be free, and my fans are young too. When I was in school, my mom argued with one of my teachers about me being able to colour my hair. She was like, ‘She wants her hair to be blue, and I’m not going to tell her she can’t have her hair blue, that people will judge her or she can’t be taken seriously if she has blue hair. That’s really important.